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Ultra Pro Resealable Current Size Comic Bags 2-Mil Polypropylene 6-7/8 X 10½ Inches (100-Count)
Ultra Clear, Archival-Safe Protective Bags For Comic Books And Other MemorabiliaSized To Fit Current Size 6-7/8" X 10-1/2" Comic BooksMade From Pvc And Acid-Free MaterialsResealable Strip Keeps Contents Secure And Provides Extra ProtectionStores current (modern) comics - Bags measure approximately - 6-7/8-Inch x 10-1/2-Inch PLUSResealable tape closure on flapMade from 2mil Ultra Clear Polypropylene - Acid-free, archival quality, safe for long-term storageSold in packs of 100 - Ultra-PRO stock number: 82225
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13 Reddit comments about Ultra Pro Resealable Current Size Comic Bags 2-Mil Polypropylene 6-7/8 X 10½ Inches (100-Count):

u/DATBEARD · 5 pointsr/comicbooks

That's awesome you want to get into comics for him. Good on you. For protection you should get bags and boards. Basically the bags are well, bags, and the boards and a cardboard like backer you put behind the comic inside the bag.
You can pick them up online (they usually go for around the Amazon price on any site) or your local comic shop should have them. You'll want to put the comics inside what's called a longbox. My local comic shop sells them for $5 a piece.

As far as Deadpool, I'd highly suggest reading the Deadpool Classic trades. You'll learn his origin and it has literally classic stories. They're hilarious. Here's the first volume. I believe there's six in total. Then there's the current series which I'm sure he's reading. If you like those pick up other Deadpool trades. I'm pretty sure you'll like him, he's not your average super "hero".

For "essential comic basics" check out the FAQ. Has everything you need to know including reading suggestions on all types of books. Find something you might be interested in and/or what he's into and get reading.

u/frogmire · 4 pointsr/comicbooks

Most comics made now are called current, so correct.

I've bought these for the past year and I love them:

They have the adhesive strip so you don't need to use your own tape.

For boards I've used these:

The price seems to fluctuate on them, on Amazon anyways, but I normally pick them up for around 10 bucks.

u/housecatspeaks · 3 pointsr/comiccon

I want to second your decision to go with this BCW comics box. I have not used specifically this protective carry box, but I absolutely can vouch for the quality of most BCW products. I think you can see for yourself how well this box works for precisely what you need to do when visiting C2E2 as you read the reviews for this product on Amazon. I use BCW top loaders, and I will usually only buy and use BCW top loaders. They're an excellent quality. I recommend their products, and if I was going to do what you want to do with comics at C2E2 I would own and carry this box too.

I also wanted to point out 2 more things at Amazon. You can go Full Protection Mode and get the BCW white boards to back all of your comics, both the ones you own and the ones you will by. 100 BCW comic boards are under $13.

And you can bag and board using the add-on priced Ultra-Pro bags of 100 for $7.50

Or stick with BCW comic bags of 100 for $10

It's an investment right now. But with your box for transporting comics, combined with the bagging and boarding for protection during travel or storage at home, you will be set for quite a while.

u/rxsheepxr · 3 pointsr/comicbooks
u/GlowStickEmpire · 3 pointsr/kpop

I use the UltraPro comic bags. They come in a few different sizes (I use the current size but that's because I do have a small comic collection as well), but they're acid free and archive safe. For signed albums, since I don't actually look through them that often, I end up "folding" them in the bags similar to what this person does. Keeping them tight like that helps prevent rubbing and wear.

u/BoolaBoola2008 · 3 pointsr/funkopop

You can buy comic bags and boards online fairly cheaply, or you can go to your comic shop. This is what I use for bags and boards.

u/OneGorilla · 2 pointsr/Manga_Collection

There two thing that I know of to protect mangas one is getting the contact paper that protects the cover only leaving the paper to yellow and edges to be wearer down and two using the manga bags that have a reseable flap. The owns I use and for most viz mangas are these.
Although they cost like 12 buck now I'm sure if you wait or even if you contact the company Ultimate Guard you should be able to ding them cheaper for like 9 buck what I got them for. If your collection is gonna be as big as it was in the past you can't go wron with these. There's something similar to these but those don't have the reseable flap. Also for larger volumes like Real Tokyo ghoul Black lagoon etc. and some old Tokyo pop volumes I use these they may be a big tall for mangas and are technically made for American comics so if you could live with that they are going to serve you great. If the extra 2 in on top give you a headache you could always fold the told and tape it down.
Overall these protect them from dust and accidental spills and stuff. They work great for me.

u/nfeese511 · 2 pointsr/DCcomics

As others have said, bad and board them then store in a comic box. I would highly suggest these resealable bags from Amazon. They are good quality and most importantly the resealable sticky part is on the back and not on the flap.

u/Rebelpunk13 · 1 pointr/comicbooks

I use modern resealable bags. They're the best imo for current comics and you don't have to use tape

u/SirLaxer · 1 pointr/comicbooks

I'm not sure about resealable mylar bags, none of my comics are old/worth anything so I never looked into it. The adhesive hasn't lost its stickiness at all on the comics I've reopened numerous times.

Ultra Pro Resealable Current Size Comic Bags (Pack of 100)

u/asdfweskr · 1 pointr/manga
u/oblivious247 · 1 pointr/comicbooks

Mylar is pricier and really not necessary for your average book which isn't worth anything. Go with standard poly bags. Modern size.

Here's a link to resealable bags. If you scroll down you'll find a bundle with the corresponding modern size backing boards. $31 CAD. If I got my conversion right ($23 USD) it's only a few dollars more than what I would normally pay here in the States. You can save a few bucks by going with non resealable bags, which are resealable, you just need your own tape as they don't have an adhesive strip.

Mylar is great for pricy books that you wanna keep safe. It's more archival. But like I said, it's pricer. My preferred brand of mylar bags are the mylite2s but they're double the price of poly bags.