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UPTIME Energy Maximum Blend Tablets - 60ct. Bottle
Developed with premium ingredients, 110mg of caffeine per tablet, and zero caloriesDesigned with a more potent energy blend with ginseng, guarana, and coenzyme Q10 to produce an elevated boostIncludes the benefits of ingredients like calcium, magnesium, and zinc to help support overall nutritionPerfect for active individuals who need a more elevated energy boost during hard work or playDissolves gradually to deliver steady and lasting energy
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u/ddubbAUDIO ยท 1 pointr/afinil

This may not be what you're looking for. But I pretty much work 7 days a week. I initially started taking my moda on very busy days, but that transitioned into daily use. After about 3 weeks I decided it wasn't a great idea, although oddly enough I wasn't increasing tolerance. The tolerance did build quickly after starting daily use, but seemed to plateau around 200mg. Early on 50mg was enough, now 200 seems to get the same effect, but never more than that. Regardless, taking anything on a daily basis is not a good idea (at least not for me). So I decided to only dose once or twice MAX Mon-thru Thurs, then dose Fri Sat & Sun (since those are my insane work days). On my off days, I take half of an "Up Time Maximum Strenght" supplement. Sometimes I take the other half a few hours later if I'm having a long day. These little fuckers are pretty powerful! And have nothing in them even slightly related to Moda, so it's a good way to work your tolerance down without needing to be "off the ball" on days you cant take mods.

I'm honestly not big on "energy suppliments". I had a bad experience with Stacker II's back in the day lol. And most of them just make you feel really strange and jittery. Some have tons of Niacin that turns my skin bright red and itchy lol. But this stuff has worked really well for me. And it's pretty damn cheap too. It's not a moda replacement by any means. The two are not even close in terms of effects. But I found it a pretty good supplement for my off days.

Here it is on Amazon: Up Time Max