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Urbanears Medis Earphones with Microphone and Remote (Black)
EarClick construction for ultimate comfort and fit.Interchangeable pads in four sizes enclosed, guaranteeing a perfect fit.15.4mm handmade drivers, 120cm/ 47 fabric cord.Microphone and remote compatible with most devices from Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, and iPhones using 3.5mm standard inputOne year premium replacement manufacturer warranty
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2 Reddit comments about Urbanears Medis Earphones with Microphone and Remote (Black):

u/mmmsoap · 1 pointr/audiobooks

I don't have a good lead on the over-ear style, but here are two I like.

Set one -- slightly more comfortable, but less durable.

Set two -- a bit less comfortable for extended wearing, but better build quality, and the fabric cable doesn't get tangled.

I'm with you, in that I don't like the in-canal style of earbuds. These are both safe enough to wear when walking/biking, as they are not noise isolating. They both use a fin type apparatus that fits in the folds of your ears to hold them in place, and they're basically cemented into you ears (especially the second set!) and don't come out when running/being active.

u/imatschoolyo · 1 pointr/audiobooks

The two I switch between are the iLuv fit active and the Medis UrbanEars. I like earbud style that do not go into the ear canal, which limits the choices. I imagine I'd like the apple Earpods, but I don't have a pair.

The UrbanEars are slightly less comfortable, but the cord is wrapped in fabric, which makes it tangle....never. They're a bit more durable, and they are basically glued to your ears, so they never fall out even when doing something active like jogging.

The iLuvs are more comfortable, but have a much lower overall quality/durability in terms of construction (sound is good). The rubbery cable gets tangled more. The joints are more delicate, and I've had a pair conk out on me pretty quick (my second pair is still going strong, though). The "fins" keep them in my ear when walking around, but I do have to readjust them periodically. I don't think they'd stay in for something as active as jogging, but I can walk to the store without a problem.