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Us Army Molle Desert Camo Molded Waist Belt
Genuine US Military SurplusMolle II adaptableCamouflage Molded WaistbeltEasily adaptable to military ALICE packs and many other packs
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6 Reddit comments about Us Army Molle Desert Camo Molded Waist Belt:

u/minikin · 3 pointsr/Goruck

I attached a Molle waist belt to a Rush 24 and it has worked out great. I believe it has the same attachment points as the 12.

This is the one I use:

u/BatteryLicker · 3 pointsr/myog

I used 3/4" blue sleeping pad as the foam in shoulder straps and a hip belt. If you don't need a lot of padding, it'd be easier to sew through/around 3D mesh (possible ventilation) or thinner 1/4" foam or a yoga mat. 500D Cordura is extremely durable and affordable fabric, 250D would be lighter and thinner. Using ripstop nylon would be another option (Joann's fabrics has some) and lighter weight, but not as tough as Cordura. Note that Cordura and different nylons aren't 'breathable' but I prefer not having them soak up sweat.

Check and

How I made straps (two cordura layers around blue foam)

  1. Sew your webbing and buckles to the outer piece of fabric (cordura).

  2. Sew the front and back fabric together. Either sew the fabric panels inside out and stuff foam into sleeve OR sew the fabric around the padding and bind the edges.

  3. Sew a few bars through the foam to hold it in place.

    3D Mesh Belt (cordura outside, 3D mesh inside)

  4. Sew webbing and buckles to fabric outer layer

  5. Sew 3D mesh to fabric outer and bind edges

  6. Sew bars to keep the two pieces from separating


    Look at these for inspiration (or buy one) this, this, this, etc. You can also search for 'removable hip belt' patterns. Make sure you leave enough space in the front to cinch the belt (so foam only covers back and hips)
u/Classic_rock_fan · 2 pointsr/longrange

I don't have a waist belt on mine, just cause I'm only using it for school and life. To find the waist belt I would go back to where you found the molle attachments, I found one on amazon so this might help.

u/glenwiley · 2 pointsr/CampingGear

6'4" tall, 250lbs male: I really like my US GI Alice pack (large). If you replace the issue hip belt with one of the newer MOLLE molded hip belts you will find that it is a great pack and very light on the budget.

It doesn't have a front panel but it does have 6 external pockets that give you good access and organization.

As an external frame pack the air flow is better than any of the internal frame packs.