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US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching Shovel
Steel Blade with Aluminum handleGenuine US Military IssueBlack powder-coat finishTri-fold Design Collapses for Easy Carry/StorageSharpened Axe Edge, Serrated Saw Edge
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18 Reddit comments about US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching Shovel:

u/gbrenneriv · 24 pointsr/DIY

For a dose of irony, here's the less functional American knockoff.

PS I have genuine respect for our honorable military forces, and am sure I'll be corrected about how our shovel is superior.

u/francis_hunter_brosh · 10 pointsr/Survival
u/adifferentmike · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Do you mean for getting snow off the car? Or if you get stuck? If the latter, an e-tool is for you!

I mean, I guess it'll get snow off your car if you don't care about your paint...

Edit... I just now saw the part about the walking path. Well shoot, get an e-tool anyways!

u/Twisky · 4 pointsr/VEDC

All of this is stored in the trunk of my Jeep strapped down in the black tote pictured. I didn't get all of these things at Amazon, but tried to find a link to purchase everything.

Not pictured is a rollbar mounted fire extinguisher

This isn't specifically for camping, just what I have on me at all times.

Starting at the top right:

u/binary · 3 pointsr/preppers

The Wirecutter just did an in-depth review on (full-sized) shovels which I would recommend over a small folding one if you have the space. If you really don't have the space, this one on Amazon comes well reviewed and is military issue

u/AmishRockstar · 3 pointsr/Bushcraft
u/Gullex · 3 pointsr/Bushcraft

Back when I was trying to choose a good shovel it was a debate between the Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel and the Chinese Military Issue shovel.

I ended up going with the Cold Steel version for a couple reasons: one, price. I just can't justify spending almost $100 on a shovel. Two, complexity. The Cold Steel version is simple, extremely rugged, lightweight, and just works. It's tough as hell, does the job it's supposed to do, and I really have no complaints. It's based off the Russian Spetsnaz shovel. The Chinese version just looks like it's too complex for its own good.

I'd really recommend the Cold Steel one unless you have a lot of disposable income and don't mind the problem inherent to more moving parts.

Other options include the Glock entrenching tool,the popular SOG entrenching tool and the US Military entrenching tool.

I'd still recommend Cold Steel's offering over all of these.

u/dasqoot · 3 pointsr/gadgets

I know your comment is in jest, but the American one actually you use as a sit down toilet. It has a hole to poop through while sitting down and doing everything else except opening cans. Or pulling nails. Or hammering. But you can poop. And fold it into a small backpack size.

u/RanTheRedCedar · 2 pointsr/OkCupid

I'm like 3 miles away.

And I could use the money for my house fund. That would be very helpful for refurbishing all these 1920s houses I'm looking at...

Unfortunately the only thing I have in my car that can put you out of your misery is this.

You game?

u/apoc2050 · 2 pointsr/Jeep

Why not just get one of these and stuff it under a seat or something?

u/Letcherouss · 2 pointsr/preppers

When you said tactical shovel my first thought was the good ol' E-Tool. That thing is tough to open sometimes but I don't think I've ever seen someone say that theirs broke. But it doesn't fall into

>plenty of tools and is longer than 3 feet or 91.44 cm I'm tall and short shovels are awkward

It's the only one I've ever used so I can't offer any other first hand suggestion :(

u/Silverlight42 · 2 pointsr/Survival

Entrenching shovel

not bad, but it isn't gonna really help you with many things like field skinning game...and clumsy for many other things.

u/grimjr50 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I know I'm a bit late so you won't see this until you get back (I hope XD). But best of luck! Here's my item:

u/XxNoFilterxX · -1 pointsr/mallninjashit

Why not just get the real thing?