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Utopia Towels Cotton White Washcloths Set - Pack of 24 - 100% Ring Spun Cotton, Premium Quality Flannel Face Cloths, Highly Absorbent and Soft Feel Fingertip Towels
Set includes 24 highly absorbent washcloths in white measures 12 by 12 inchesMachine washable, tumble dry on lowFor best results, wash separately on first use to minimize lintMade from natural materials and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials, safe for you & your family
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5 Reddit comments about Utopia Towels Cotton White Washcloths Set - Pack of 24 - 100% Ring Spun Cotton, Premium Quality Flannel Face Cloths, Highly Absorbent and Soft Feel Fingertip Towels:

u/cmagnuson · 16 pointsr/boostedboards

After riding 2,500 miles between my two boards, here are the accessories I bring with me on every ride:

GoPro Hero Session camera: On two occasions I have been assaulted by people in cars while commuting home. They threw an egg and some water at me. After the first incident, I purchased this camera and started riding with it facing behind me. When the second assault occurred, I was able to grab the license plate # from the video footage and got the culprits in trouble with the police.

Fingerless gloves: When you fall off your board, which you surely will if you ride any significant distance, the first part of your body to hit the pavement will probably be the palms of your hands as you catch yourself. Removing the skin from your hands feels terrible, even on small falls. Wearing these gloves provides an extra layer to rub off when you hit the pavement. Make sure you wear fingerless gloves though because full-fingered gloves make it extremely difficult to operate the remote control.

Flatland 3D bash guard and remote ring: These two accessories changed my boarding life completely. Definitely put a bash guard on the tail of your board to prevent the ground from chewing up the tail every time you bring your board vertical. Don't waste your time putting on a nose guard because they don't serve a purpose. The nose of my board never touches anything except my hands and having a guard there makes it more uncomfortable/difficult to handle the nose of the board. When it comes to the remote ring, I cannot recommend this accessory highly enough. Sure, putting a Nintendo Wii remote strap on your Boosted remote will keep it from dropping to the ground. On the other hand, the Flatland 3D remote ring keeps the remote snugly embedded in the palm of your hand even if you fully open your hand and spread all of your fingers. I've even completely fallen off my board and hit the ground without losing grip of my remote. The remote ring is a true game-changer.

A headlamp: A headlamp??? Yes, a headlamp. Why? Well, riding a skateboard at night is one of the most terrifying activities known to man. Any unexpected bumps, cracks, or rocks can send you flying. With a headlamp, you can wear it like a garter around your thigh. This gives the light a perfect vantage point to light up the pavement in front of you. I've used this light in particular to commute at night for a couple years and it works excellently. Light & Motion makes the best lights I've ever used. The build quality is unmatched and their customer service is top notch.

Clear biking glasses: Riding without something over my eyes is very difficult. Dust from the road and insects from the air frequently fly into my eyes unless I am wearing some form of protection. During the day, any pair of sunglasses work fine. However, at night a pair of shades is not a good idea. Instead, I purchased some biking glasses from Smith Optics. This model comes with several lenses: smoke, rose, and clear.

Small towels: If you ride your board any farther than a mile in a single ride, especially if you commute in a city, you will find the bottom of your board covered in dust, muck, and liquids at the end of your ride. Folding a small towel and sticking it in my back pocket has saved me from countless headaches. Instead of getting to my destination with a board dripping with garbage truck juice or covered in mud, I am able to quickly wipe down the bottom of my board so I don't get my hands and clothing dirty. In addition, if I spill anything else on myself while I'm out, I have a handy rag I can quickly utilize. These towels are so cheap that I don't feel bad throwing them away if I trash them.

LED waist belt: When riding at night, being visible is one of the keys to safety. While your garter headband works great to light the path in front of you, this LED waist band makes you much more visible to vehicles approaching you from behind.

A helmet: These protect your noggin. I haven't found a helmet I love yet, but this one does have the best chinstrap I've ever seen. It's magnetic, which means it's impossible to pinch the skin under your chin when putting on the helmet!

u/designgoddess · 3 pointsr/DogCare

My boy was too terrified to go outside for a year and half. I put down cheap bath mats. They have a rubber backing so nothing leaks through and they are easily washed. I also bought a ton of cheap bar towels. I'd use them to blot and then I'd soak the area with Natures Miracle and use more of the bar towels to blot up. For my 45 pound dog it's about 10 bar towels each time. There is no good way to get around doing a load of laundry a day unless you want everything disposable. Which gets expensive quickly. For your bed I'd get a rubber sheet to put under your sheets or a couple good mattress covers to rotate. I'm not sure one mattress cover is enough to stop it from soaking through. Put the bath mats on your bed cover and don't let your dog sleep between the seats if you can. Maybe get an x-pen or two so you can keep him contained to an area that's easy to clean.

You might want to wash them before using so they are more absorbable. I found it much easier to use a bunch of smaller towels than a few big ones. I washed everything used to clean up after him separately. Towels and mats would be their own loads. FYI, my boy hated the belly band so that option didn't really work, but it's worth a shot. You'll have to bathe him more to cut down on the stink factor.


Rubber sheet. I fully expect my Facebook page to be loaded with advertisements for rubber sheets now. You're welcome. ;)

I hope he's feeling better soon.

u/samsterk911 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Your'e gonna want some awesome new knives.

this to keep all your cords in place.

this so you don't have trouble plugging in all your stuff.

this can be used to keep track of all the tiny pieces (e.g. batteries, screws, etc.).

I personally use this everyday, it's the best.

these to keep you clean.

everyone needs one of these.

gotta put all the shoes somewhere.

something like this will come in handy.

It's the small details that count.

this could help when moving everything in.

And then get one of these bad boys for you!

okay I think I put enough for now, hope it helps.

u/fight_fly_crow · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

[Is this how I link on mobile? I hope it works... You mean small face towel/washcloth thing like these?] (

Edit because linking on mobile is hard and I got it wrong the first time...

u/MartinSchou · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals