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Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor and Anti-Fog/Hard Coat (S8510)
Full shield design provides built-in chin protection and extended top-of-head coverage; protects against falling or flying objects, impacts, chemical splashes and airborne debris; black matte colorExcellent optics provide increased visibility; clear polycarbonate visor with anti-fog/hard coat; comfortable rear cell foam and lightweight, balanced, ergonomic design for extended useEasy-to-set, ratcheting headgear assures comfortable, secure fit; highly adjustable headgear tilts visor nearer or farther from face for preference and application; 2,784 total possible positionsEasily replaceable visor available in the following options: Clear Uncoated, Clear Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch, Shade 3.0 and Shade 5.0.; breathable, removable, washable headbandMust be worn with safety eyewear or goggles; fits comfortably with most goggles and respirators; 100% dielectric (no metal parts); meets ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 standards
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24 Reddit comments about Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor and Anti-Fog/Hard Coat (S8510):

u/ShawnS4363 · 25 pointsr/OSHA

Posts like this have made me so paranoid to use a grinder/cutoff that I ordered one of THESE to go over my ballistic safety glasses.

u/t2231 · 18 pointsr/woodworking


Check out the wiki over at r/turning...

Be aware that those tools will need sharpening - both initial sharpening and maintenance sharpening.

EDIT - Also, you're going to want a good face shield. The Uvex Bionic Face Shield is very popular.

u/jclark58 · 10 pointsr/turning

I like and use the uVex bionic.

Unlike many of the cheaper faceshields this one has a full wrap around frame to support the faceshield around the entire perimeter. Too many cheap ones only have a frame at the top of the head and the rest of the shield is unsupported and likely won’t do much to deflect a blow.

u/vikingcode1 · 6 pointsr/turning bionic face shield is the best short of the powered ones, as far as I'm aware. I have one, find it doesn't fog easily, and when cleaned is crystal clear.

Edit: Depending on where you are in the world, this is still probably sold, but under different brands. Honeywell is the parent company I believe, so its sold under 'Uvex', 'Sperian', 'Honeywell' and probably others. If you're in Australia, RSEA have these shields, though you may have to special order the non-fog coating.

u/schmuber · 5 pointsr/uberdrivers

A few more tips for bio cleaning:

0. Gloves, mask, eye protection. Apron if you have one. Personally, I use a full facial shield (for no other reason than I happened to own one, hehe).

  1. I don't put cleaning solution into water tank, just hot tap water to the top mark.
  2. Use a pump sprayer to saturate bio mess with Simple Green (spot check on your upholstery in advance to make sure it won't ruin it).
  3. Liberally spray Lysol air sanitizer in a salon of your car and close the doors.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes.
  5. Use a spot cleaner to remove the mess, using 3-8" strokes.
  6. First stroke is a non-contact pass to spray hot water (pull that trigger); then you vacuum up this same spot until no more liquid is seeing coming up the hose.
  7. Repeat until clean.
  8. Spray some Lysol air sanitizer again; you can even spray it directly on upholstery (spot check first, of course).
  9. Leave the doors or windows open until acceptably dry.
u/givemehellll · 5 pointsr/turning

this is the most popular shield amung turners.

u/Seventytvvo · 5 pointsr/ebola

Check it out... Went on Amazon and totally one-upped your stuff

The suit

The Gloves

The Mask

The hood (extra neck protection)

The centerpiece...

You can be Ebola-free for the low, low price of $70!

u/Silound · 4 pointsr/turning
u/tigermaple · 3 pointsr/turning

I'll be able to let you know soon, I've got one of the bionic ones on the way that says it's anti-fog. Sure hope it lives up to the way /u/Uglulyx is describing it, that would be fantastic!

u/oRandyyo · 3 pointsr/airsoft

For a cheaper alternative you could pick this up for the mask.

u/Richie311 · 3 pointsr/woodworking

You need this.

You look ridiculous in it and your friends will make fun of you but it works.

u/BillsBayou · 3 pointsr/Bonsai

That's the plan! I want to work on THIS TREE this weekend. Most of that is deadwood up front. I want to remove the bark, do some carving and such, and then come in with the freeze technique. All of this with a couple of cameras looking on. Oh, and I just got a Uvex face shield and mounted a Sony ActionCam to it.

Edit: Fixed the link to this weekend's project tree.

u/MakerofThingsProps · 2 pointsr/DIY

Well on that note, look into a better face shield/goggles. The ones you're wearing won't actually stop more than some grinding dust.

I highly recommend that one, trust... Blades break and they seek skin and bones.

Let me know if there is anything else you're curious about :)

u/hammmmmmmmertime · 2 pointsr/Blacksmith

If you're given the choice between eye blood and eye sweat, then yes, we agree. Go with eye sweat. I use PPE.

these when forging:

as well as this, when grinding:

u/Neutral_Positron · 2 pointsr/turning

I checked that as well, and it also specifically says that safety glasses must be worn with it. Link :

Also, out of curiosity,what respirator do you use?

u/cablecore · 2 pointsr/turning

this. i don't want my safety gear made by the lowest bidder. get yourself a bionic face shield.

u/ADH-Kydex · 2 pointsr/turning

Close call.

I like the bionic because it has some chin coverage and seems pretty solid but I am sure there ate some great cheaper options. Make sure you get something with anti-fog, it makes a big difference. With the ionic s8510 is the coated, 8500 uncoated.

u/SometimesLinkingNSFW · 1 pointr/videos

Better get your face shield now then

u/KiltedCajun · 1 pointr/turning

Ok, here's my list for you.

Lathe: I like this one at Ford Machinery - $500

Chuck: Go with the Nova. I've got two and they work great. - $135

Carbide: Can't go wrong with Easy Wood Tools. Start with the Mini tools. When you need cutters, contact me and I'll hook you up. - $120 each, $360 for the set of 3.

Face shield: I just ordered this one the other day. - $35

You're looking at just over $1000 for that setup.

u/Cruiser_man · 1 pointr/turning

I have this one and I like it.

Uvex S8510 Bionic Shield, Black Matte Face Shield, Clear Polycarbonate Anti-Fog/Hardcoat Lens

There are many more expensive ones, but this one works well for me. Comfy and as it turns out safe :)

u/nahreddit · 1 pointr/metalworking


It is a really comfortable mask that directs your breath downward. I promise once you wear this you will never want to put on a shitty disposable dusk mask again.

You should really wear a face shield as well when cutting. I finally got around to buying one and the first week I was wearing it I had a 3 inch cutoff wheel explode and half the disk hit the shield (right in front of my nose/ mouth) and then bounced off the work bench and hit the opposite wall of the shop about 30 feet away. I'm pretty sure it would have fucked my face up permanently.

This is the shield if you were wondering, I'm glad I sprung for the polycarbonate one:

u/ZachTheKing · 1 pointr/airsoft

Not bad. I did some research and it looks like uvex has a Polycarb face shield. Could be modified for a closer fit.