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VANQUEST Hydra Bottle Holder (Black)
Lightweight bottle holder (only 3.7 oz), adjustable for size.Can fit small to large 64oz bottlesMade from ultra-tough 1000-D Cordura and grippy Hypalon rubber compositeIncludes built-in MOLLE straps for quick attachment or belt carry.
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2 Reddit comments about VANQUEST Hydra Bottle Holder (Black):

u/skywalker505 · 8 pointsr/Goruck

I think the GR water bottle holder is just too large and bulky. I have been using this for a few years: It's light, sturdy, will adjust to easily hold the 32 oz. Nalgene bottle (which I carry), and folds almost flat when not in use.

Recently, I purchased this one, just to check it out: Same idea, different materials. It can hold up to a 64 oz. bottle, but I have not tried that as I don't use anything over 32 oz.

u/mordecaidrake · 7 pointsr/Goruck

I use the Vanquest HYRDA pouch because it'll hold a full 32oz Nalgene