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Venom Arcade Stick for Sony Playstation 3 and 4 - Joystick for PS3 and PS4 - Fightstick
Exclusive dual format design for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3Steel shaft micro switched joystick for arcade quality responsivenessEasy to use 8 button arcade layout with turbo functionsPremium quality components - 4 metre USB cableCustomize the faceplate - decal sheet supplied
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41 Reddit comments about Venom Arcade Stick for Sony Playstation 3 and 4 - Joystick for PS3 and PS4 - Fightstick:

u/olbaze · 7 pointsr/fightsticks

Qanba Drone if you're on PS4 and do not care about artwork swapping. Venom Arcade Stick if you're on PS4 and want artwork swapping. Mayflash F300 if you're on Xbox or Switch and do not care about artwork swapping. Mayflash F500 if you're on Xbox or Switch and want artwork swapping. Qanba Carbon if you're PC-only and care about artwork swapping.

All of these sticks can be easily modified with higher quality levers or buttons at a later date. Personally, I went with the Venom Arcade Stick, upgraded it with Sanwa parts, used it for a few years and then switched to a full custom.

u/deificperfection · 5 pointsr/StreetFighter

I got this from a recommendation when I asked reddit, it's a great stick. I haven't had a single issue with it; it's worked perfectly.

u/WTFProoF · 5 pointsr/StreetFighter

Both of them are rather poor choices. The Mini even more than the Alpha (its buttons have absolutely no resemblance to actual arcade-buttons they just feel like over-sized controller buttons and the stick is also not good). If you want an arcade stick there is usually not much else to do than to bite the bullet and shell out some cash up front. I don't mean going for something ultra high-tier like the T.E.2+, the VLX Kuro or similar, but you'll have to invest at least 100 USD into something halfway decent.
I can recommend the "HORI R.A.P. V"-Line especially since the new Hayabusa buttons feel a lot closer to SANWAs than the old Kuro's did.
Other than that there's the Eightarc/Qanba Drone if you live in the US and are on PS4, or the Eightarc/Qanba Carbon if you're on PC (seems to be a rerelease of the Q1).
If you are in the EU there's the Venom Arcade Stick which is a very affordable and easily customizable stick (both buttons, stick and artwork are easy to replace).
All of those three are good choices for a player new to fight-sticks, but after some time you probably will want to replace the stick-unit and buttons with high-quality SANWA/Seimitsu/HORI parts at this point you probably will have spend the same amount of money on the initial stick+parts you would spend on one of the higher-tier sticks (8x2.50 USD for buttons + 20-25 USD for stick-unit will bump up the price of the Drone to roughly 135 USD and the Venom to 98 GBP) so you might as well go for a good one from the get go.

u/DontPoke · 4 pointsr/Fighters should be right for you

My recommendation: Venom fightstick with initial low budget, later upgraded with Sanwa parts from Arcadeworlduk

u/BubbScrubbWooWoo · 4 pointsr/Fighters

Try this:

Only £65, works with PS3/PS4/PC and is easily moddable. I bought one to test whether or not I could get used to a stick and ended up dropping in some Sanwa parts later once I'd adapted (which was super-easy to do).

Have a read of the reviews, people really seem to like them.

u/commiekaze · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

You can just purchase a cheaper stick and mod it in the future. The Mayflash Stick is $40 and can be modded with Sanwa parts. The Venom Stick can be had for like $70 if you can find it and actually can be modded to be VERY good looking and with all the good parts. As mentioned in the other replies, the Hori sticks are constantly on sale as well both at stores and locally I'm sure. I always see them on Kijiji.

Yet ANOTHER alternative is a converter. The Brooke PS3 to PS4 Converter is restocked very frequently. Focus attack should be getting them soon as their stocks are likely just depleted from their holiday sale. This thing costs you $35 bucks and should have no lag issues from everything written about them on Shoryuken.

You can even buy a new PCB and dual mod your stick to work on whatever you want. Lots of solutions for you. You dont need to spend $200, especially if you already have a stick.

u/LikeTheMango · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

Officially Licensed Playstation Arcade Stick (PS4/PS3)

Granted it's very basic but it's a great stick to start with that will last you a long time till you move onto something else.

u/vertigo90 · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

This is a decent budget stick if you want to buy new. It's also worth checking eBay for 2nd hands ones though.

u/Anakaris7 · 3 pointsr/StreetFighter

I also got this and fitted a full Sanwa mod for an extra £40. There are plenty of guides and YouTube videos etc to help you out.

Works out £80-£100 cheaper than a TE. Personally I'm very happy with it.

u/MrFlemz · 3 pointsr/Gamingcirclejerk

I have a couple of friends that play a lot of fighting games. I can ask them.

Edit: They only recommended a stick and it was this one

u/syph0 · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter
u/MySoulStillBurns · 2 pointsr/Fighters

If you live in Europe get the PS4 Venom arcade stick. It's very moddable and works natively with the PS4. You wont have to pay the inflated prices either because it's made for Europe and not the USA-

I'm American and I have one of these and I love it. It's very easy to swap the buttons and joystick to a different brand. I have Sanwas in mine, and you can upgrade it similarly while staying close to $100 for overall cost.

u/Hiruandan · 2 pointsr/Fighters

This is the only sub-100 bucks stick I played with that didnt suck:

And building your own stick is barely cheaper if you are not living in the US cause of all that shipping if you want quality parts.

u/Butter_Is_Life · 2 pointsr/StreetFighter

The Mayflash V2 is literally the exact same stick, but half the price (or $25 less if you get it from the Amazon UK site through BaconGlock's method) and minus the PS4 compatibility. Feels great as is, and is super easy to mod. Shipping is cheap, too, cause Amazon is awesome.

Although, it is 360/PS3 compatible, so if all you need it for is Street Fighter, it should work just as fine on SFV on PC (because it has X-Input support) or PS4 (because I'm sure PS3 sticks are backwards compatible with SFV, right?).

EDIT: Also heads up, /r/Fighters or the FAQ/General Hardware Topic on this sub are probably better places to ask stick questions, since mods tend to delete general hardware question topics.

u/Chemist_God · 2 pointsr/Tekken

You're going to be upset when you get it and it's the size of a Lunchable snack pack and your hands barley sit on the case and it slides around from being so light.

Those 2 sticks parts will end up messing up as quick as a few weeks and you'll be spending more money replacing them than spending few extra bucks to get a nice size stick with quality parts.

You'll be stuck with good parts after you spend $60 to replace them in a tiny stick case.

You'll see how awful it is, then you will go to youtube and look at madcatz tournament edition 2 sticks and see how big they are on peoples laps and wish you bought a standard size stick.

read reviews at the bottom, he had to replace his joystick and buttons on it.

u/bloodipeich · 2 pointsr/Kappa

Depends on how custom you want it to be, if you really want to try your hands on stick and want an easily modable one, get a venom

Its like 70 bucks and you can change almost everyting from it.

u/Libelldra98 · 1 pointr/Tekken

That's not the same stick my dude.. i mean this one

A few friends (that play with stick aswell) actually recommended me this stick for my 100€ budget. My budget is pretty limited due to the fact that im a student.

u/nayte23 · 1 pointr/Fighters

This fightstick is ps4, doesn't mention pc but I'm sure you'll find out if you google it. Apparently its a decent one... not incredible but a decent starter

u/Bionic2307 · 1 pointr/fightsticks

I got a Venom Fightstick, very nice, easy on the pockets. Even Desk uses it. Best part is that it is highly moddable. I replaced both my buttons and stick with sanwa parts. Highly reccomended.

It is available here:

u/dodge-and-burn · 1 pointr/PS4

Ah I see. That's tough, hopefully you can get an arcade style joystick at some point. It will be easier to grip.

This is ridiculously expensive but something like this: Officially Licensed Playstation Arcade Stick (PS4/PS3) by Venom

u/F3STUS · 1 pointr/Tekken

I also switched from pad to stick recently and I can say it's been an enjoyable challenge, the first day was definitely the hardest but it's so addictive.

As my first stick I picked up

I got this one because I didn't want to make too big of an investment in case I didn't like it. The stick is also easily moddable.

u/gongfuren · 1 pointr/fightsticks

Qanba Q1:

Venom Arcade Stick:

Both of these have low-quality buttons and joystick. You will probably want to replace them. Between these two, I would recommend the Venom. Its case is larger and stronger.

Qanba Q4 comes with high-quality parts, so you don't have to worry about replacing them. You can get one here:

u/UltimateUnknown · 1 pointr/dragonballfighterz

I have two fightsticks. The first one I bought was a cheap Hori one, which wasn't particularly that good. Then I got this bad boy and have never looked back:

It's not the flashiest fight stick with lots of extra buttons/functionalities, but it's rock solid and incredibly comfortable/responsive to play with. Plus it's pretty reasonably priced as well.

But yeah, I would suggest doing some research before you invest. See what others recommend and make a budget for how much you're willing to invest.

u/GjonoG · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

this is the stick I have. It's just standard and has had no changes and I don't think the parts are sanwa on it so if they are an upgrade I think I may as well do it :)


u/MLB_Selena · 1 pointr/fightsticks

A good cheap stick for option 3, would be the Venom Arcade Stick. No soldering required to mod it, just buy the buttons and stick you want, and plug them in. Although you'll need this cable for your stick.

u/juniorv376 · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

This is the same case as a Venom.

With shipping to the us it comes out about 100.00$ and it is Wired for PS4. I would rather just go for this.

u/Hehe_EkssDEee · 1 pointr/Guiltygear

I got this one a year ago it came into around a 100 dolars. Its lasted a year and its in perfect condition, for a budget stick its of excellent quality and is insanely easy to customise. I'd definitely recommend this stick to any beginner or anyone on a budget.
The buttons are good but definitely not of Sanwa quality but if you really want higher quality buttons its fairly cheap and easy to switch.
It's compatible with pc and ps4/ps3.

u/Ladybirdkiller · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

No man, its toooo old. you want to buy a new stick and not waste money on converters that will add input latency to your setup, there are loads of cheap PS4 sticks on amazon that can be upgraded with Sanwa parts or you can just buy a PS4 stick like Hori. All PS4 sticks work on PC

alot of people get Hori or just buy a Madcatz

(this the cheapest one, but needs to be upgraded with Sanwa parts as the stock ones are shite)
You could easily put artwork on this stick and change the buttons and it would look cool...

u/Clauwra · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I have no idea on that one. But if it doesnt ship there and you're in the UK I heard this stick is good for the price point:

Its actually got pretty great reviwes, 4.5 stars

u/Denkka_ · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

και εγω τα περασα αυτα ειχα αυτο αλλα μετα το γυρισα στο dualshock 4

u/Banned_From_HLTV · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

The best and cheapest solution is a Dualshock 4 controller, give it a try i personally went from fightsticks back to controllers. If you really wanna get into fightsticks then choose one of these:



  3. default buttons and joystick suck so i suggest replacing them with sanwa or seimitsu ( will cost you an extra 35 euros from ebay )
u/GoingIntoOverdrive · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

I think everyone's pretty united on this: you don't need a stick to be good at fighting games or to get the whole experience. I'm a kb/m guy who's been playing PC for over 20 years so controllers feel weird to me. I got a stick the day after I picked up SFV and decided to get serious about it. No handheld controller was going to work for me. I also remember having issues with blisters on my thumb and the like that I didn't want to get into again (this was back in Alpha 3). Hence the choice for a stick.

The first stick I got was this one:

I don't know where you're from but either this brand (Mayflash) or an equivalent will be available. It's moddable, easily, and the construction is very good. Quality stuff. Art is replaceable as the plexiglass top is only held in by some magnets. This thing was built as an awesome first stick with great customization options. The alternative one is this:

They're the same thing but I don't know if the bottom one works on PC. The Mayflash one definitely does. Same chassis, much the same internals but compatibility might be slightly different.

I have since moved on to a Hori RAP4 Kai:

Again, using that on PC with no issues. Just need to drop x360ce into the SFV folder and run it once to detect the stick. Works like a dream from that point forward. If I ever buy a PS4 I know it'll work fine as well.

Hope this was helpful :)

u/SkeptikalAnus · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

right now the Mad catz TES+ is on sale for 150

The Hori Rap4 Kai ussually goes for around 150, the Rap5 usually goes for the same amount or 160

The Mad catz Alpha is decent i still recommend you get the "big boy sticks"

The sony Venom if you buy it from amazon uk it should be around 86$ US if my conversion is right please check.

I dont recommend doing this but you could buy a razor atrox on sale for cheap right now for $80 and buy a brooks converter to play on ps4 here

out of everything i think the Mad Catz TES+ and the Hori Rap4 are the two best out of all the options here.

Here is a review on the Rap4 Kai the video is solid but these guys are hori fan boys

Here is a review for a TES+ i may be biased because i like mad catz

All honesty They are both good sticks. The main differences is the parts. The Hori has a very fast and responsive stick that everyone likes and the buttons are not arcade standard but people have grown to like them for their feel after they are broken in. The Mad catz stick uses Japanese Standard Sanwa parts so they both the stick and buttons feel great, the Mad catz stick is a little easier on moding for aesthetics i've heard but all in all they are the same. and for now the same price pick witch ever fits your needs or witch ever looks cooler to you.

u/PsynaptikUK · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

Cheapest and quickest answer I can think of is to get a Venom stick.

The stock stick and buttons are surprisingly good for the price (although I did change them out for Sanwa parts that I already had in another stick for old formats).

This allows you to play on PS4, PC and PS3 out of the box. No messing, and easy to mod.

u/lews0r · 1 pointr/StreetFighter

A great starter stick is the Venom although it probably depends where you live as to whether its cheap or not (i live in the UK so it works out about £70).

Still a big commitment financially but not the £200+ of the Madcatz sticks. Its a good quality stick and very easy to mod. Recebtly changed the buttons with ease and id never modded a stick before. The artwork on top of the stick is just paper that can be replaced so over time you can make changes to it if thats what you want.