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High quality cottonStrategical reinforcement insuring more protectionVelcro closure for a customized no-slip fitMachine washable
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5 Reddit comments about Venum "Kontact" Shin and Instep Guards, Black:

u/YoungLeonidas · 4 pointsr/MuayThai
u/HighestHand · 2 pointsr/martialarts

I own about 3 pairs of these "cloth shin guards" and they really don't offer much protection. These shin guards are for light contact sparring like taekwondo or karate where they tell you to not go hard. If you throw it hard and hit someone's bones, you'll feel it. If you want to throw hard kicks, just get the full shin guards like TKB, Twins, Fairtex, etc.

As for the sizing for the cloth ones, S, M, L all are the same length and the difference is how much wider they are. I'm 6'0" 150 lbs, and I can wear a small all the way to a large. If you want to be safe, get a large since it should be quite snug once you wash and dry them.

Additional advice:
They usually aren't branded,and even if they are, don't get it branded because it's such a crap shinguard that you shouldn't spend 20 more dollars just because it has the words VENUM or something on them.

Generic (Pro Force):


u/wakeytom · 1 pointr/MuayThai

Late on this but to be honest I wouldn't go with the sports direct ones. Hopefully your budget stretches to these which I like: also I am sure some will disagree but for cheap shins I think as a beginner cotton work well and I used these for my first year and still do now at times

u/GrandmasterM · 1 pointr/kravmaga

I think they're great shin guards and very comfortable. They don't have the slipping issue because they go over your leg almost like a sock, but because of this there's no way to wear shoes at the same time. They aren't very similar to what I've seen others use in class, which have more of a hard shell. These are moreso pads.