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ViaAqua 50-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat
High quality quartz glassFully-submersibleVisible temperature settingFor use in fresh or saltwater aquariums
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19 Reddit comments about ViaAqua 50-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat:

u/Jadis4742 · 417 pointsr/interestingasfuck

Another betta picture hits /r/all! And no one else has already said it, so I guess it's my turn.

  • As others have pointed out, yes, this is photoshopped. I prefer the original myself.

  • Bettas are great pets, ESPECIALLY when housed correctly. That shitty tiny bowl at the pet store? Not a proper tank for a betta. Pet stores LIE TO YOU so people will keep buying shitty, tiny tanks and bettas when their current betta dies. It's not in their interest for you to be smart, do research, and invest in a decent setup, because then you'll have a healthy fish for several years and won't be spending money replacing everything.

  • Bettas really do best in at least a 5-gallon tank, but 2.5 gallons is considered the minimum.

  • Bettas are tropical fish. THEY MUST HAVE A HEATER. Problem is, heaters for tanks that small are notoriously fickle. You don't want fish soup, after all. I used this heater for my boys and their 5-gallon tanks.

  • All fish tanks need a filter, otherwise you have to commit to changing AND treating 50%-100% of the water in the tank EVERY DAY. It's a pain, trust me.

  • You MUST dechlorinate water before adding it to the tank, otherwise your fish will die. It'll be a bottle called dechlorinator or water conditioner.

  • Get a water test kit. Don't bitch about it, just do it. It's kind of fun, actually. Test your water levels once or twice a week. If your fish get sick, this is the first thing /r/bettas and /r/aquariums will ask about. People will judge you if you don't have this already.

  • Bettas are best kept as solitary fish. If you want to keep a betta in a tank with other fish, you'll need at least a 20-gallon tank and probably the advice of /r/aquriums for stocking.

  • Yes, you or your friend has/had a betta that was playful and active for four years in a shitty, 3oz vase with a bamboo plant on top that you stuck in a cabinet and only fed once a week and never changed the water. I don't care. You were doing it wrong and you should feel bad. People get mad if you stick a dog in a closet, never let it out, and never clean up the shit that accumluates in there, but somehow if it's a fish it's ok. It's not. Fish aren't as smart as dogs, but they are still living creatures that deserve to be treated well.

  • Yes, the pet stores keep bettas in cups and overstock their fishtanks, but those are temporary situations, and every morning I promise you they have to throw away a bunch of dead fish. Corporate doesn't care.

  • While I'm here, goldfish are meant to grow up and be huge, gorgeous poop machines. They need a 30-gallon tank MINIMUM with appropriate filtration. Your goldfish died from a combination of suffocating in its own shit and internal organ failure from stunted growth. Sorry.
u/Mocha_Shakea_Khan · 6 pointsr/bettafish

Buy tank separately, filters, heaters, and lights that come with tanks tend to be low quality so buy separately. I'd say go with 10 gallon for two reasons.

  1. A 10 gallon is $15 while a 5 gallon is $13. Two dollars for 5 more gallons seems worth it to me and if petco is doing a $1 dollar per gallon sale than the 10g tank becomes $10.

  2. You could also add other fish in the 10g like a small school of neon tetras, a couple of guppies and or mollies. A 5 gallon is too small for any other fish because most other fishes small enough to live in a 5g like space to move around so they won't be comfortable.

    I buy all my supplies on amazon cause i have prime and it's cheaper, i'm a college student so cheapness is everything. This is a good cheap filter and this is a good heater i also recommend a digital thermostat cause it's easier to read the temp rather than squinting your eyes to see the tab thermostats.
u/gertzz · 4 pointsr/bettafish

I use this sponge filter with this heater in my own 5.5 gallon - they work great and are pretty cheap!

u/ghostretch · 3 pointsr/bettafish

I'm currently using this one in my 3 gallon cylindrical and it works beautifully. I set it at a nice 80 degrees back in June and it's never let me down.

u/dicksellinthrowaway · 3 pointsr/bettafish

I’ve really never liked buying kits and I always have bad luck with them — you almost always get stuck with shitty tanks, heaters & filters while paying way more than what they’re worth. Most cheapy HOBs also don’t provide any real biological filter media either — just charcoal (which is useless & potentially harmful over time) and filter floss that they want you to buy replacements for.

If I were you, I’d invest in a 10g tank (14 usd at petco & 10 usd during the dollar per gallon sale), this heater or a similarly priced one, and a cheap sponge filter like this. Same cost for a bigger, better tank with a reliable filtrarion that you won’t have to suppress the flow on. You can also go with a 5g, but that’s a minimum and if she’s an active fish, she’ll definitely appreciate the 10g. it’ll also be easier for you as a new fishkeeper to keep the water parameters steady in a larger tank.

You may need to buy a light or lid, but you do have the option of buying a light that will grow plants or the cheapest LED you can find.

u/spookyspooks · 3 pointsr/bettafish

This one looks like people've been using it for both ~5g and 20g tanks, so it should be versatile enough for you to grab it for your tank now.

u/wongowoman · 2 pointsr/shrimptank

I live in Southern California where it gets slightly colder over the winter and even though we keep the house warm I got a tank heater with a thermostat just in case. My main concern was the temp fluctuation since most shrimps like it consistent.

The heater rarely cuts on but keeps my mind at peace! I have this one for a teeny tiny 5gal:

u/beautiful-betta · 2 pointsr/bettafish

This looks good! I have to say though, 100 watts for a 10 gallon tank is too much. It'll cause the temperature to fluctuate, which could be stressful or harmful to your betta. This one:
Is a good option, or you can go up to 75 watts if you want to keep it on the warm side (thats what I did)

u/Kaleb_epic · 2 pointsr/bettafish

I know this might sound like bum advice but what about a nice sized plastic container? Here is a 16 gallon one for 6 dollars. It'd be ugly but hey it's better than a vase. For filter and heater though that's a bit more difficult.

I suggest this for how cheap it is and it does a fine job (if not a little strong).

For a heater this one works okay. You have to keep an eye on it but it's also cheap and I have some that have lasted me a great while.

u/nyquill81 · 2 pointsr/bettafish

I use this exact Via Aqua heater for my 5 gallon. Works great and completely adjustable.

u/element515 · 2 pointsr/Aquariums

Alright, it actually went down in price since I bought it... of course haha, it's this one in case you're wondering. Good luck with your tank!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/homestead

Sorry for the delay, I was traveling.

I found a cheap, low watt version from Amazon.

Keep it turned way down or the water gets too warm. Nice thing about this one is suctions cups keep it in place. Mine was about half the price at the time, says something either about the economy, the dollar, or Amazon. You choose.

You could probably just go into any pet store and get something off the shelf that would work nicely.

u/JxC0112 · 1 pointr/bettafish

Look around the major pet stores and online to see if they have any holiday deals going on.

  • 5 gallon tank with light + filter is around $25-$30 (They had a deal at petsmart a couple weeks ago with a 5 gallon tank + light and filter for $20)

  • heater is around $15-$20 (I got this one off amazon for my 5 gallon ,no problems so far)

  • I'm assuming your parents already have water dechlorinator but if you need to buy more, I suggest Seachem Prime. Its kind of smelly but a bottle will last you a couple years (you only need a couple drops for a 5 gallon tank)

  • Lastly decorations are optional but you generally want covering/hiding spot for your betta. You can use a solid colored mug/pot etc laid on its side as a makeshift cave
u/praisethesun98 · 1 pointr/Aquariums

Damn :/ really? I was going to buy this one

u/happuning · 1 pointr/bettafish

What country are you located in?

Petco has the dollar per gallon sale every so often. So, you could get a 10 gal for $10


Sponge filter

Air pump tubing



Edit: this is just basics. Other things you'd need: a hood, a liquid test kit, Food- this one is just okay, cheaper in store to get Omega one pellets, absolutely need water conditioner- this one is very concentrated

u/Dalaniel19 · 1 pointr/bettafish

Some bettas do fine with a filter like that and some don't. I have a sponge filter in my betta tanks, but previously used a Top Fin Power 10 (the recalled one actually) in a 10 for a different betta than the ones that I have now, and he didnt seem to mind it at all.

50 Watt ViaAqua. The price is right and I have had 0 issues. Adjustable and submersible.

I got all 3 of mine at PetSmart. Fish are delivered on Fridays, so that would probably be the best bet for getting a healthy one. Less time in the cup often helps, and they are sent in heavily treated water for stress and illness (although admittedly, it does in fact happen) If you have a LFS that is not a chain, that might be worth checking out.

u/onehotsummernight · 1 pointr/Aquariums

You don't want to keep male and female bettas together, they'll fight and he'll kill them I suggest starting with a 5-10 gallon tank for scales and getting it set up nice a proper for him, then if you want you can set up a 20 gallon sorority after scales is all settled in, petco is having a dolor a gallon sale right now it only for like the next week though so you can get a 10 gallon tank for $10, I recommend the 10 gallon because bigger is better and depending on the betta you may be able to keep a school of Cory cats in the tank. For the filter I suggest getting the aquaclear 20, but if you don't have the money there's really nothing wrong with a tetra filter I have a 20 gallon tetra whisper on my 10 gallon and it's a little noisy and not quite as good as my aquaclear but it works fine for a betta, I suggest putting a pre-filter on it though just to be safe all my filter have pre-filters. And for the heater this is the heater brand I use it's not the best but I've personally not had an issue with them, you may have to upgrade eventually but it's a good starting point, good luck and feel free to message me with questions I'm not the most experienced but I can point you in the right direction
(I wrote this on my phone so I apologize for grammar and spelling in advance)