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Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummy Vitamins, 90 ct
Each delicious, sugar-free serving provides 5g of prebiotic fiber.Aids Digestive Health[1]Supports Regularity[1]Contains NO high-fructose corn syrup, NO gluten and NO synthetic (FD&C) dyesRecipient of the 2018 ChefsBest Excellence Award. The ChefsBest Excellence Award is awarded to brands that surpass quality standards established by independent professional chefs.
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12 Reddit comments about Vitafusion Fiber Well Gummy Vitamins, 90 ct:

u/jredmond · 3 pointsr/askgaybros

Fiber gummies. 5g fiber per dose, and rather tasty as well.

u/420greg · 3 pointsr/keto

I take these.

Net 0 carbs. 5 grams - 5 carbs from fiber.

u/b1ackcat · 2 pointsr/keto

What do you mean "slightly been knocked out". You're in or your out. If the stick is any shade of pink, you're in ketosis. The "level" of ketones is irrelevant. Also, many here will say that the high concentrations are an indicator that you're not drinking enough water, as you're not flushing yourself out enough.

I use these for fiber supplements and have never had any issues. They're fantastic as a little mini dessert to round off breakfast.

u/kikimonster · 2 pointsr/keto

5 grams of fiber seems a little low.

I try to get a couple of these every meal. Especially ones that don't have much veggies.

u/Jon-W · 2 pointsr/keto

Vitafusion sugar-free Fiber Gummies. 5g of soluble fiber per serving, and less than 1 gram of sugar alcohols. They seem to work pretty awesome!

u/socphd · 2 pointsr/InfertilityBabies

Razz! You're here, this is excellent.

OK, I have some limited info that might be helpful regarding your questions. First of all, don't force yourself to eat things that are unpalatable. Try to substitute, if you can, with other vegetables, and realize that baby is getting what s/he needs from you, especially if you're taking a prenatal. I really, really enjoyed peanut butter and crackers. Like, in a big way. Two jars a week.

I cry at commercials and maudlin thoughts now. So, no, crying at a meal seems perfectly normal. It'll pass.

When I heard the heartbeat for the first time, I just remember thinking, Thank God! No more IVF for a while! It wasn't until she really looked like a human at 12 weeks that I got more attached. And, frankly, I only really thought of her as a real person when I could start to feel her moving (around 19-21 weeks). Whatever you're feeling is OK. Be patient with your post-infertility PTSD, if you think you might have a little. That's what we're all here for.

Um, regarding the Crinone - yeaaaah, never saw black. BUT, I did some googling, and some other boards that shall remain nameless seem to say that it's old stuff that is a week or two old that is just discharging. So, seems harmless.

Two pieces of unsolicited advice? Take lots of naps and eat lots of Fiber Gummies ( so you stay regular. I swear by those damn sugar-free bears.

u/jiji_wild · 1 pointr/keto

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies:

They are also good when you crave something sweet... 2 little gummy cubes have 5 grams of fiber and no sugar. And if you go overboard on them, you will pay dearly. They are "self limiting" :D

u/omg-onoz · 1 pointr/keto

I don't know what to tell you. I haven't had any real problems with this. If I've had a tad too much meat/cheese sometimes I'll take a few Fiber Gummies before bed. But if the psyllium isn't working for you I can't imagine why these would... I agree with the other posters. Doctor time!

u/aignam · 1 pointr/keto

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies! Nutrition facts here.

For those too lazy to look, a serving is 2 gummies. Each serving has 10 calories and 5 g of total carbohydrates (5g of soluble dietary fiber + <1 gram of sugar alcohols, more specifically, xylitol).

u/Meicyn · 1 pointr/gaybros

Alternative, more expensive, but far tastier option:

I eat the gummy vitamins too. So delicious. I may be spoiling myself.

u/EdithMcrotch · 1 pointr/Fitness
u/silly-hats-only · 1 pointr/keto

These are the gummies.