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Vktech Stainless Steel Flat Chisel Leather Craft Tools Hole Punch Tool Kit DIY
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8 Reddit comments about Vktech Stainless Steel Flat Chisel Leather Craft Tools Hole Punch Tool Kit DIY:

u/DevastatingBlow · 11 pointsr/DIY

Very nice quiver and thanks for my next project. I really love working with leather.
For those who want to get started it's not that expensive of a hobby. As for leather it's actually fairly cheap and most projects don't go over $25 in supplies. It's about $100 to get the tools you'll need and although their not top of the line they will last quite a while.

Tool 1 |
Tool 2 |
Tool 3
Tool 4 |
Tool 5 |
Tool 6 |
Tool 7 |
Tool 8 |
Tool 9 |
Tool 10

u/harmless-mostly · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

Thanks for responding!

I can post pictures when I am home, but basically they kinda overlap and sometimes they go up, sometimes down, it's not neat. The front looks uniform though.

I am using flat chisel hole punches, which I am sure amounts to heresy. These guys:

I used a stitching awl on a trial piece which was even worse. But until I can tweak my budget to work in diamond punches or better awls, those are all I have to work with. So it is quite possible that it's just an artifact of the tools I'm using and not my technique (for instance in cross stitching, how they say the crosses should all be in the same direction, otherwise the piece will look unfinished).

u/chrispian · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

No problem, here is the link to the exact ones we use on Amazon: - they are cheap too.

u/Yeg123abc · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

you want something like this

I just found a random one on amazon. You can get them from china for cheaper but will have to wait quite a while for delivery. That will punch the holes very nicely and the needle should go though without too much effort. It's best to have one with 2 prongs as well to go around corners. Tools are expensive but it really shows in the project. Take your time with the stitching. It's the greatest single way to improve the finished project for people getting into leather work IMO. In my experience there isn't a great way to finish the inside of leather. Most people use pigskin as a liner as far as I know. It is very thin. Either that or design the piece so that no part of the inside is visible. If you haven't checked out this guys youtube demos do it NOW. They are amazing and I use them all the time. Really nice work and great quality of videos too.

u/HopHeadIPA · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

Thanks for the interest. I used 2-3oz economy leather from Tandy Leather. Here's the list of tools I used:

u/CouchWizard · 1 pointr/frugalmalefashion

Oh sweet. That's a tool I'd not heard of in that way (I thought of a different kind of chisel). Are these the ones?

u/HolyHarris · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

Personally i would have punched the holes with something like these. I bought these to do my stitching and they work wonderfully. I then would just miss the second layer with 1 or 2 stiches and continue past the corner and start into it again.

Here is a quick bracelet i did with them
That was my first time stitching ever.