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Wacom Intuos Draw (Old Version)
Perfect for beginning digital artists - draw, paint, and edit with an easy to use pen tablet.Replaces your mouse and turns your computer into a digital drawing canvas.Battery-free, pressure sensitive pen helps you to draw thicker and thinner lines depending on how hard you push on the penComes with a free Draw Pack including: Art Rage Lite sketching and drawing software, online tutorials, and a free 8x10 metal photo printFour customizable Express Keys that put your favorite shortcuts like undo or copy/paste at your fingertipsConnects to Mac (10.8.5 and above) or PC (Windows 7 and above) via USB cable or wirelessSmall: 152 x 95 mm (6.0 x 3.7 in), is perfect for limited desktop areas and can be setup for both left and right handed use
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u/Kerdaloo · 6 pointsr/hardwareswap

The Wacom Drawing Tablet is only $63.90 on Amazon. Good price on everything else though, GLWS!

u/MaximusOfMidnight · 6 pointsr/wacom

For your uses, you should get the Wacom Intuos Draw. It's on average $10 cheaper than the other Wacom Intuos, and works exactly the same way. You can find it as low as $70 new.

u/intsbat · 6 pointsr/learnart

I personally love Draw A Box. As for digital art I suggest getting the wacom intous. Software wise I use clip pain studio pro.

u/rtwpsom2 · 4 pointsr/manga

It's a digital drawing tablet similar to this. There are several kinds in various price ranges from a small one around $60-80 up to really large, really expensive ones.

u/elfninja · 4 pointsr/learnart

Wacom tablets are usually recommended as the gold standard of drawing tablets. They're a bit more expensive but usually worth the price. This is their starter model:

Although to be fair, I've never used anything outside of the Wacom brand for a very long time. It's not hard to imagine other brands catching up to Wacom in terms of technical prowess...

u/Superpickle18 · 4 pointsr/computers

8k porn. Duh. /s

Short answer: No.

Long answer: computers really aren't meant to tied to gather and share resources. In order to do so would mean a direct connection between the cpu I/O buses (like in multi cpu setups).

If you require just a stylus do to work, and do not need portability, you can buy a drawing pads for PC But will not provide feedback on the pad instead will be on your computer's screen.

u/martindm03 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Something like this is the cheapest you will find, it's not a tablet with it's own screen but it is a drawing surface, which uses your PC's display. The tablet like ones are gonna cost a pretty penny, usually several hundred dollars.

u/iwasannon · 3 pointsr/Megaten

Well when it comes to tablet's my opinion may be a little bit skewed since I bought this tablet first and foremost to play osu! with, and to draw with second.

That being said This is what I am using. It's even on sale right now so that's pretty neat. Now this tablet comes with a free drawing software, but the software you choose also effects the price of the table (ex the one I got was the cheapest so it came with practically the worst free program). I would highly highly HIGHLY recommend finding out what style your wife wants to draw in and how serious she is about it. I can not recommend clip paint studio pro enough. I've used the software that came with my tablet, and I've used 2 other lite free softwares and nothing compares. It's VERY deep and I'm still learning new things about it, but for 60 dollars I think you get more than what you pay for.

The first tablet I ever bought was this boyo here. This is for people who are like, only passively interested in tablet art AT MOST. the problem with this is that there is definitely a ceiling to it where eventually you will just get tired of putting up with it and switch to the one I linked above. So yeah if she only wants to like doodle once a week or something go for this one, but if she wants to take up the hobby, I've used a lot of stuff and the Wacom Tablet + Clip Paint has been my absolute favorite

u/Renigami · 3 pointsr/OneNote

Really? For the price of another good software or game with DLC [this model doesn't seem bad at all.]

Or at a price of another keyboard periphery, or any PC periphery for that matter (be it a good headset, etc).

And this is from a person that has once owned and rocked an Intuos 2 back during the Pentium II days!

Biggest benefit of a PC periphery, is that it can be as mobile as one's own keyboard/mouse plug in, via laptop or PC box at a desk. Though, not as mobile and compact as the tablet PC, such as the Surface Pro lines.


The OTHER MAJOR drawback of the graphics digitizer, is the visual disconnect. You would have to track the cursor on screen and match up with your writing on the graphics tablet, which is why I ultimately was ESTATIC about the Surface Pro 1 initially, being AT COST to an all inclusive mobile PC with the periphery, without the expense or form function of other at the time of market tablet PCs.

One would have to learn this disconnect and be able to deal with it, as many digitizer users have in the past. It would not come as naturally as a direct visual feedback to writing point, but it is certainly more natural than dragging a heavier cursor periphery on a pad!

u/LiliedHart · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Given both like art, would a low-end drawing tablet be in the cards?

For Rylee, maybe an art kit composed of the following: Tachikawa nibs and holders and ink, or a finetipped pen set Deleter manga paper, and a grown up sketchbook a la trendy Moleskine or Pentalic or classic art student hardcovers like so. As she develops as an artist she'll learn more whether she likes different sizes, thicker or thinner paper, or toned paper. Maybe throw in a few making of books from her favorite series (like IDK this one for Avatar the Last Airbender or this one for Spirited Away.) Getting a good making of book for a movie or animated film can be life changing. For me, even though I read it years after Brother Bear came out, this was an enlightening read about the movie making process and has some seriously gorgeous art. I haven't read the one for Moana yet so I have no idea whether it leans more toward text (like the making of Hunchback of Notre Dame very little art in that book) or pictures, but it's more recent than Brother Bear. And yes, most of us artists have these books on our shelves, albeit with different movies/series depending on taste. Some of the Marvel movies have excellent making of books too. ;)

I'd recommend some drawing books, but the ones I know all have nudity in them and I don't know how you'd feel about that. I'd caution against 'how to draw manga' books as a general rule, but I owned a few and some art very, very good at teaching how to direct the eye for storytelling.

For your younger, I'd suggest many of the same things, except maybe not the nibs and ink because sharp and messy. If you get either of them colored art supplies, I'd either make sure they get the exact same set of markers or colored pencils, or get one markers, the other colored pencils. It can be rough sharing an interest with a sibling. And maybe some Sideways Math from Wayside School (I'd also suggest all three Wayside School books, they're brain bendy in a good way). Another brain tickling book (for me it was, anyway) was the Phantom Tollbooth. Maybe a how to draw horses book. A making of book or two about movies she liked - Frozen, maybe? IDK. Maybe a Goldiblox set to get her engineer brain in gear. Oh! I forgot about Spirit, the animated horse movie no one remembers.

u/anthson · 3 pointsr/DigitalPainting

It's really about the features you require. Hobbyist digital painters can produce some amazing work with fairly basic gear like the Intuos Draw. But maybe you need more. Maybe you want to be able to change the angle of the brush by rotating the pen, or have your drawing tablet double as a display.

Don't think the Draw is subpar gear, though. I can say Wacom's older base models were pretty garbage, but I've been really impressed with the Draw. It's highly responsive even when moving the pen fairly quickly, something my old Graphire 3 was horrible at. And despite the size, I never feel like I don't have enough tablet real estate as 95% of it is drawing surface.

u/jheavner724 · 3 pointsr/math

You can use an iPad Pro or a Surface tablet, but both are expensive. On the other hand, they are both excellent for reading textbooks (pdfs of most math textbooks are easy to get), too. If you don't already have a laptop for school, then both are good choices.

Anyway, if you already have a non-touch laptop, then you can buy a cheap (<$100) Wacom tablet. They're suitable for drawing and painting, which makes them more than sufficient for writing math and sketching diagrams. I have used my tablet for online tutoring, sketches for lecture notes, etc. (I have this one:

I will say it probably is easier to draw diagrams and so forth on a tablet, especially if you have decent software (e.g., I use FireAlpaca for drawing), because you can easy undo strokes, copy and paste, and move things, plus you can use a correction tool to make near-perfect circles and the like (or just use the circle tool). I also like being able to keep all my stuff without having to deal with boxes full of files filling up my office space.

Alternatively, you could live TeX your notes (drawing diagrams with the tablet or on paper). You have to be somewhat proficient in \LaTeX as well as a decent typist, but the result is nice. The disadvantage there is you might not remember what you wrote as well as if you had written it by hand. Some people combine the two approaches. For instance, they might take detailed tablet notes followed by more big-picture LaTeX notes.

I'm not sure what is best—paper, tablet, or TeX—especially given people are sure to have different preferences, but these are your best options as far as I know.

u/BoxLion · 3 pointsr/learnart

For tablets any of the cheaper wacom are a decent choice like Wacom Intous Draw.(You might want to aim for a medium size tablet, I've heard a lot people find the small restrictive on arm movement)

A lot of people recommend the Huion H610 Pro as well.

For software I would personally recommend Clip Studio Paint.
It's a solid digital painting software, and right now is(and frequently is) on sale for 60% off($25USD), and even at it's full price is still more than worth it.

Otherwise there is Krita which is 100% free, and open source.

and of course Adobe Photoshop, which will cost you a monthly fee of $9.99USD.

There are plenty of other software, but I find these 3 fill the niche decently. They each behave a little differently, but essential all lead to the same result, which is dependent how you personally use them.

u/oblack98 · 3 pointsr/CasualConversation

Second on the Intuos tablet. I don't draw very often, but the surface area is more than enough to work with in my opinion. Something like this one perhaps? If you decide on something else, make sure it's a reputable brand. I got stuck with a tablet that wouldn't work on any PC at all, even with the included driver disk/official drivers from their website.....

u/rolllz · 3 pointsr/osugame

I bought a tablet really early on (2-3~ months in), and I found it to be an excellent purchase. Then again, I play osu! everyday for at least 2 hours, so I get plenty of time with it. If you don't believe you will be playing for at least one or two more years, I wouldn't recommend it. Again, as other people say, you don't need a tablet to play well. Many top players use a mouse, and some even use a touchscreen to play high level maps. But if you are set on buying a tablet, I would recommend the CTL480. This is the tablet that most players use at high level. If you need a cheaper option, there always is the osu!tablet or the Huion 420. These three are the most used tablets in osu!, but there are many other options available to you. The only thing you should look out for if you are trying to choose another tablet is latency, as tablets like the CTL490 are known to have latency unplayable with to people used to the above tablets.

As for PP, PP, or Performance Points is gained through passing or "fcing" (full comboing) a map. The higher level/star rating of map you play, the more PP you will get for a play. The easiest ways to get PP are through farm maps such as no title - Reol, MIIRO - AKINO from bless4, MIIRO vs. Ai no Scenario - AKINO from bless4 & CHiCO with HoneyWorks, and many others. The higher accuracy and combo you get, the more PP you will earn. However, as a new player, it isn't recommended to start farming PP. People usually don't start caring about pp until rank 50k to rank 100k (the five digit realm). What you should do as a new player is player harder and harder maps to help you learn how to play the game and then start trying for a higher ranking.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: I forgot about this tablet, the XP-Pen G430. It is similar to the osu!tablet and Huion 420 in size, and is a very recently introduced tablet. You can see high level play with it here.

u/riftOpens · 3 pointsr/Fedora

Is this the new version? Thanks!

u/ThePunchList · 2 pointsr/comic_crits

This is great. Hands are such a pain to draw well and you've done a great job. The story is relatable to anyone who's been high and experienced how weird your body is if you really think about it. 10/10, would read again.

If you're serious about moving from single illustrations to sequential art there are a lot of books and sites out there to help.


Scott McCloud

Will Eisner


Jim Zub


K Michael Russell

These are just a few. This may not be a popular opinion here but bittorent is your friend. Use it to torrent Photoshop, Manga Studio, and any drawing books you're interested in. Then you need to ask yourself what your end goal is. Printed comics? Web comics?

I've changed my workflow from originally doing everything with paper and pens to involving more digital elements during the process. It's made working quicker and most people want to consume comics on their laptop or tablet which means you'll end up converting to digital at some point in the future anyway.

Here's some examples of my stuff. I'm still learning so there's a lot here I'm embarrassed to show but it might be helpful context.

Web comic done with pencils and inks on paper then scanned. I did this for a year and you can see how much better my art gets towards the end from practicing every day. I wish I would have kept it up.

First try coloring something digitally.

Here's the second try doing a longer format comic. K Michael Russell's videos are awesome for learning the basics of coloring. Here's what the layers look like broken apart.

You can get a scanner relatively cheap, here's the one I use. The downside of a small scanner means you need to draw on paper smaller than 11x17 or draw on large paper and scan it in piece by piece.

I also moved to a Wacom tablet for inking/coloring. My next comic will be posted soon and was done 100% digital. I'm not in love with how it turned out but it helped me learn what you and can and can't do on a drawing tablet.

Hopefully some of this is helpful.

u/Pokerlulzful · 2 pointsr/anime

What is your budget? I recently purchased a wacom intuos draw, which is a new series of relatively affordable ($69 USD) tablets of good quality. Definitely recommended for beginners, and I'm absolutely in love with it :)

u/pandaeconomics · 2 pointsr/blender

Thank you! That was my fear. I was thinking RAM would be my best chance because he's mentioned it, in which case I'd just find a general price and be like now choose the right one and make a silly fake giftcard to, which isn't real of course!

So he has 2 monitors already. He isn't pro at blender atm but follows tutorials to learn. Are books on blender irrelevant/outdated vs YouTube generally? He's working on textures and faces now I think.

Forgive my ignorance on tablets- as a writer and researcher, I stick to laptops for notetaking because that's just how I work. How is a tablet powerful enough for modeling if so much goes into blender to begin with? Is it difficult to work with? He has a laptop but I've never seen him use it for blender. It's on Linux though, if that matters. (Edit: like this?)

Thank you again!

u/jassykangaroo · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Nominating /u/Shercock_Holmes for this awesome drawing tablet because I used to have one like this and I REALLY loved it, beyond drawing as well! It was really useful for doing math problems and taking notes too (:

ALSO gimme some tech Daddi! Can I just say your name gives me life lmao. Both Shercock and DaddiYanqui make me so happy for no reason lmao I love it.

u/popnpep · 2 pointsr/MonsterHunter

I've personally been eyeballing the small sized Intuos Pro for awhile, but the sub $100 Wacom Intuos Draw is Amazon's highest rated of the cheaper tablets.

u/hoffguy · 2 pointsr/Design

Monoprice tablets can be pretty good and well reviewed.

There seem to be some well reviewed hurion tablets on amazon that seem similar to the monoprice ones and are around your price range.

Cheapest wacom seems to be this model, at $72 USD.

u/Storb · 2 pointsr/osugame

Tablet peripherals are commonly used for osu! because it allows for natural movement of your cursor, and many beatmaps have patterns that are more difficult to perform with a mouse when compared to a tablet (e.g. shapes like squares or stars, some dubstep patterns, anything by Hollow Wings). It's not to say these things are impossible to perform on a mouse--they're absolutely possible, but the learning curve for using a tablet is significantly lower because of the natural cursor movement that comes with it.

There are guides for tablet purchasing on the osu!wiki and even here on /r/osugame, but these are somewhat out of date. Popular tablets include the Huion H420 and the Wacon CTL-480, though the latter is discontinued. Newer tablets that have come to attention include the Wacom Intuos Draw (or CTL-490) and the XP-Pen G430.

u/Ninimloth · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

While it is an unfortunate situation, there is no excuse for him to cheat if, as yourself said, he does not care about getting better. If it is a solution you want, playing on a trackpad or using a stylus should help out.

u/Mischlings · 2 pointsr/CGPGrey

I have an older version of this one, and it's worked fine for me. I may eventually have the money to buy the one they talk about (one of the Pro line, forget exactly which one), but I don't have a pressing need to replace this one anytime soon, and I've been using it for a few years.

u/KenadianH · 2 pointsr/Konosuba

Would this one be similar to the one you posted? I went ahead and checked and as a Canadian, this is what I got. I don't want to throw out $216 lol.

I heard that if you get a small tablet but have a large monitor, it's going to be difficult to draw. How true is that? My monitor is only 23".

u/Towed_Jumper · 2 pointsr/characterdrawing

As others have mentioned GIMP is a great program, very much like photoshop and an excellent place to learn prior to shelling out for PS. You should use a tablet for sure,
wacom makes excellent tablets and you can find them for relatively cheap. This one is rather small but you could get a refurbished intuos pro for not much more. Good luck in your journey!

u/acidentalmispelling · 2 pointsr/DnD

You know what, that's actually a good map! It's pretty clear and represents a good start.

/r/mapmaking is a good place to look around, and there's even helpful threads popping up all the time. If you decide to get more serious about making maps, I'd recommend a Wacom tablet for drawing on a computer. You can use free tools like GIMP or Krita. Of course you can use a mouse with these, but pen & tablet is easier.

If sticking to regular paper, get something like these. Good pens of different thicknesses. If you can express terrain using only "textures" in black & white (here is an example I found on /r/mapmaking), you can really make it pop once you start adding color!

Biggest tip is to just keep at it. And don't be afraid to re-do things over and over to try out different styles.

u/sanderness · 2 pointsr/funhaus

If you truly aspired to make art a hobby or something along those lines, just keep practicing (oh, and stay away from microsoft paint)! You can practice in traditional media with a sketchbook + pencils/pens, or look into practicing with other traditional media like coal (coal is very inexpensive, and the larger nature of coal works make it easier to edit). If youre looking to go into the digital art side of things, id suggest investing in a nice tablet. Wacom sells tablets that i can vouch for. Ive had my tablet that i bought at a best buy for 40$ since 6 years ago and it's still going strong :)

All in all, just keep at it. If making that piece made you happy and u wanna pursue art, i can guarantee that you'll improve as long as u just practice :)

u/Some_Kuy · 2 pointsr/wacom

I just bought [Intuos Draw] ( for taking notes (in OneNote) and moderate drawing (I'm a beginner, as you can see).
But since you have Mac, you might want to get pen AND TOUCH.
And yes, the tablet does work in OneNote. I am actually using the tablet in OneNote a lot for calculus homework (lots of mistakes, so good way to save paper :p).

If you have any more questions, I can try to answer. :)

u/themagpie36 · 2 pointsr/Art

Hi guys, I would like to get into digital art (I am alright but haven't done as much as I'd like in the last few years). Is this a good place to start?

u/Deathkree_s · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm
u/MorganAlyssa95 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/mountainunicycler · 1 pointr/wacom
u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/animation

Title | How to Roto Footage for a Hand Drawn Animated Effect Tutorial
Description | Download Paint & Stick here: Learn how to use Paint & Stick in #AfterEffects to roto on top of live footage to achieve a professional looking hand-animated effect.
Length | 0:33:55

Title | Keyframe Animation Tutorial
Description | Check out Jazza's Animation Foundation: Download the reference files: Relevant links: Creator Resources on Newgrounds -------------------------------- Follow me on Facebook: Twitter:!/JosiahBrooks Newgrounds: --------------------------------
Length | 0:33:08

Title | How To Animate in Flash CS6 & CC | Tutorial for Beginners
Description | Like, comment, and share this video with friends! :) ►I recommend getting a Wacom Drawing Tablet – ►Subscribe to Stay Updated on Tutorials – ►Watch me Animate Live on Twitch – ►Support Me and Get Rewards on Patreon – ►My Portfolio – -- In this tutorial, you will learn how to animate a stick figure or anything else in frame by frame animation with ...
Length | 0:10:18

Title | Bone Tool Animation (Adobe Flash Tutorial)
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u/Tripplejdog · 1 pointr/wacom

I would recommend this

I think you can spend a few more than $70
I think this is a good starting tablet, it is very cheap and name brand, it will work with any computer if you install the drivers.

Hope this helps,

u/alexmcdouchebag · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I have one of these:

I could let it go for $62 shipped. Its in excellent condition I bought it a couple of months ago with the intention to do some animation. Its been collecting dust ever since...

u/CrystalCow · 1 pointr/redditbay

This is a link to the EXACT Amazon page

I'd like $45 for the tablet - but I want to reiterate that it does not come with the original packaging.

u/Sakoori-kun · 1 pointr/ryerson

You'd need a considerable amount of room for your graphics tablet unless you disable your keyboard. Second year comp eng courses have a lot of people in them, so you might be stuck in DSQ, LIB 072 or ENG 103 for some courses.

As for graphics tablets, I prefer Wacom ones, since they have better pressure sensitivity and response. I mostly use my graphics tablet to do illustration, so you might not need all those levels of sensitivity. The Intuos and Intuos Pro are both great graphics tablets, but they're kinda pricey. If you can find their old Bamboo Splash/Capture ones, they're also pretty nice and cheaper than their Inutos line. This Huion one is pretty value since you get 12 macros you can program to do common commands (undo, redo, etc).

u/DestructBM · 1 pointr/osugame

I've been looking up tablets to use and although bamboos are recommended, I was wondering if this would be just as good for osu.

u/whackinghail · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

The headphones there are the HyperX Cloud II, the mouse is a Razer Naga Molten edition, the mouse in the background there is the Logitech G502, the tablet in the back is a Wacom Intuos Draw, and the keyboard is of course a Poker 3 with blue switches, and These key caps!

Edit: Updated with links!

u/talkyistheman · 1 pointr/digital_art

Wacom is the best!But if it is your first a suggest buying an inexpensive one,because you need some practice to get used to it.But if you really want a Wacom buy this: or the one I have: buying expensive ones at this point is not a good idea,buy a cheap one learn how to use it and when you feel that you are at a point that you can make money with it invest in a Cintiq or an Intous pro.

u/Elijah_Draws · 1 pointr/furry

i use an intuos pen (this version). I have used it for years. I think they even sell them at best buy now for like, $80. at least they did when I had to replace mine (a dog ate my pen, not a problem with the tablet itself).

i tried another brand at one point, turcom i think it was, but the pressure sensitivity on that thing was sorta jittery, and the the tabplet itself was really big, especially when compared the drawing surface.

u/GinkoWeed · 1 pointr/wacom

I recommend this one. It's below budget, though you should grab one soon.

u/kjwang · 1 pointr/DigitalPainting

I suggest getting a starter tablet like one of the 2 I linked. Many people don't have issues with offbrand tablets but Wacom is seen as industry standard and is a bit expensive. So that is why the Huion seems to have more for the same price. So yeah, get a cheaper tablet and maybe pay for some software. Good luck!

u/WhackTheSquirbos · 1 pointr/PvZGardenWarfare

I used to make cartoons, it's a great hobby and can be a great job, too.

I think Adobe released Flash CS3 for free a while ago, that's a nice program for making cartoons.

Just watch a lot of tutorials on YouTube, I recommend OneyNG's "Oney's Toon Tutorials" and DrawWithJazza's old Flash tutorials.

Then if you're really into it get yourself one of these, it makes drawing a lot easier.

Please hit me up if you have any questions :)

u/Lunaeriii · 1 pointr/ArtistLounge

This is the one I got, so I believe they are very similar Wacom Intuos Draw (Old Version)

u/aaricwon · 1 pointr/graphic_design

thank you for your input! It is definiately appreciated since this is my first drawing tablet, I don't really know what to look for.

Any thoughts on the XP-Pen Star05 (it's $10 cheaper and wireless) vs the Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW?

u/Saberchicken · 1 pointr/hardwareswap
u/copiouscuddles · 1 pointr/Art

I'm also interested in what a good beginner's drawing tablet is that's relatively inexpensive. I'm no pro artist but I like to mess around with drawing with GIMP and whatnot and it would be easier with a tablet than a mouse.

I recently looked at the following one on Amazon and it has good reviews. I'd be interested in any other opinions on it:

u/NoodleCaptain · 1 pointr/marvelstudios

This one!

It's small and not very feature-heavy but it's leagues better than a mouse.

u/TheMagicPancake · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

You can get the new version for $71 on Amazon.

u/mycomputerisapotato · 1 pointr/wacom

They have some nice beginner tablets like so. It is your cheapest wacom option that isn't refurbished.

u/cybrpnk_ · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

It is a drawing tablet - Wacom Intuos Draw

u/Nautlion · 1 pointr/FurryArtSchool

When I first started drawing digitally I got myself a super cheap Trust brand tablet, that cost about £20, or somewhere in that area. It worked well enough for what I needed for at the time, which was to introduce me to how it feels to draw on a PC, but it didn't come with any programs and at the time I hadn't heard of programs like GIMP. I found a horrendous web app and used that instead of a good art program, which is an issue for another day.

To be brutally honest, that tablet lasted about a year before it started having problems. The stylus was the first thing to start going wrong; it was battery powered and the power started cutting off on it for no reason. This basic sort of problem is something you won't get with even the cheaper Wacom brand tablets. The most recent Wacom tablets even come with programs bundled with them; the higher price is, in my opinion, well worth it.

I grabbed a cheap Wacom tablet on a sale in a computer store that was near me at the time, for around £40. I've had this thing for at least three years and the entire time it's been brilliant. The customisability is through the roof, and even though the model I have is the cheap "Pen Small" one from a few years back, I've found no need to update it. Literally none. It's perfect other than a few scratches on it's surface, and those are there because I'm a clumsy dumb dumb and let it fall behind my desk. It does still work perfectly despite my own lack of care.

If you're serious about approaching digital art, it is well beyond the investment and grabbing a Wacom tablet. The prices are steep admittedly and it is a bit scary to throw that sort of money at something when you're unsure of it's quality, but I can tell you now I would buy my tablet again at full price if this one were to break.

This is their cheapest model on the store at the moment, although the price is a bit scarier because it's in dollars and it's not on a sale, it does come bundled with ArtRage which I've heard good things about. It's worth a look and a think about. I hope my rambling in some way helps you decide what to do!

u/dibujor · 1 pointr/arumba07

Oh, don't worry :). I'm glad you like what I do.

She should definitely try digital painting. It's just another medium that offers a lot of possibilities, some of them not possible through traditional means (or really difficult/costly). It's also THE MEDIUM if she has even a passing interest in working in almost any art related industry. With just a small graphics tablet and a computer she has all she needs :).

She shouldn't abandon "analogic" drawing though. I still paint on paper and will always do. I love it and couldn't live without doing it.

Digital it's just another tool on an artist's belt :), albeit one of the most important ones nowadays

u/dontcountmeout · 1 pointr/findareddit

Well, you could ask in /r/digitalpainting, but the answer you'll probably receive is to get a Wacom. I believe you can get one of the basic small ones for $100-150 from an office supply store or from Amazon. The larger and more professional Wacom tablets can go for much higher. If you want something even more economical, Monoprice sells one under their own name that, if I recall correctly, is about $50. This one requires batteries in the stylus itself which some people find less than ideal.

Edit: I was wrong about Amazon's price. Here's one for $79.

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Thx for your reply. I read articles either which suggest that the theres no way around wacom, which is ok for me. But the question ist the size i need. As is said 27´monitor with 1920x1080px

Would that be enough in size s or does it have to be m?

Further i would like to know if a tablet is also helpful for works with 3dmax?

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So the one you're talking about is this?

So difference between that and this

is it just that the 2nd one provided zbrush core? It does say specifically 3D though.