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Shave & Hair Removal
Wahl 9962-717 Travel Cordless / Battery Trimmer, Black
Compact and cordless - perfect for travelFor mustache, sideburns, and moreHigh-carbon steel blades stay sharp longerIncludes trimmer, blade guard, cleaning brush, two close trim attachments, oil and instructions2-year limited warranty
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12 Reddit comments about Wahl 9962-717 Travel Cordless / Battery Trimmer, Black:

u/Eazy_DuzIt · 5 pointsr/onebag

If you're ok with more of a trimmer instead of a razor:
I brought this $10 Wahl travel trimmer on my last trip, 7 weeks, and it was awesome. Could easily take on a full beard if I didn't hurry it. Runs off 1 AA and comes with a 1 and 2 guard. The open guard trims pretty close but it won't give a close shave like a razor will. Best of all it's TINY. Like half the size of the palm of my hand.

u/ExternalUserError · 3 pointsr/onebag

I'm bald but I trim my beard. Usually I opt for a barbershop, but sometimes I travel with this little guy. It's portable, but it'll take a long while to use.

u/BartonX · 3 pointsr/solotravel

I travel with this really small battery-powered trimmer. It does a pretty good job trimming my beard.

u/takinganap · 3 pointsr/onebag

I use this one by wahl and think it's pretty great for the size.

u/pencilvested · 2 pointsr/onebag

I carry this $11 pocket sized wahl trimmer when I'm traveling for more than a few days. Uses a single AA battery, available anywhere.

u/cba85 · 2 pointsr/onebag

I personally use the Wahl Travel Trimmer when I travel. It’s compact, cordless and uses only an AA battery.

The Xiaomi electric razer can be a good choice for shaving during a trip. I don’t use it personally but Xiaomi usually makes good quality product for a very good price.

I hope it will help you to choose a lightweight electric razor :)

u/servercobra · 2 pointsr/onebag

I use the Wahl Travel Shaver. It's powerful, uses a battery (so no adapter) and is quite small. I like it enough I use it at home too.

u/moosejacket · 1 pointr/onebag

I brought this guy on my trip (also suggested by /u/earlearlearl): It's very compact and takes a single AA battery.

I haven't shaved with a razor in years. Beard grows too fast and I have sensitive skin. I'm 5 weeks into a 10 week trip and I tell you I really miss my electric shaver at home. If I could bring one luxury item next time, I'd bring replace it with the shaver I brought in a heartbeat (

u/earlearlearl · 1 pointr/onebag
u/jsonmaur · 1 pointr/onebag

I'd recommend this trimmer as a good compromise. Gets the job done and is hardly noticeable in bag.

u/ChessSheep · 1 pointr/solotravel

I bought one of these because my other trimmer was twice the size and weight and the charging cord was huge (regular bic razors make me break out).

I just figured if I could avoid having half my face shaved and the battery dying on me that I might as well, but it obviously isn't worth it if there is a good chance they leak.

u/outpath · 1 pointr/onebag

This Wahl cordless beard trimmer costs $11.25, weighs 4 ounces and takes a single AA battery. I use it to keep my beard trim, but some Amazon reviewers report giving themselves buzz cuts with it.