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Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth/ANT+
Personalized Heart Rate Training – workout efficiently - track and capture real-time heart rate, training zones and calories burned on your smartphone or tablet with compatible training apps.Integrated with Bluetooth and ANT+, TICKR connects to smartphones, tablets, GPS watches and bike computers by Wahoo, Polar, Garmin, Apple and more.Works with 50+ Smartphone Apps including Wahoo Fitness, Zwift, Runtastic, Runkeeper, UA Record, Endomondo, Peloton, Map My Run, Komoot and Nike Run ClubRecord workout data with the Wahoo Fitness app and automatically upload data to your favorite training platform like Strava. Sweatproof-Yes (hand washable strap)Choice of Champions - Official Heart Rate monitor of Team INEOS, Bora-Hansgrohe, Katusha Alpecin, Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno, Heather Jackson and American Pro Mountain Biker Sonya Looney ; Battery: Coin Cell (CR2032)
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37 Reddit comments about Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth/ANT+:

u/clockwork23 · 5 pointsr/Fitness

Chest strap heart rate monitors are highly accurate. Wrist monitors aren't as accurate and can be pretty hit or miss. The Wahoo TICKR and Polar H7 are both accurate and relatively affordable at $50. Don't know of any good devices that are cheaper than that.

u/toplessbooks · 3 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I have a Sunny belt style bike, I replaced the seat, added a cadence sensor, and bought a heart rate monitor. I am looking to replace my petals with clip in ones soon but have not done it yet. In total it all has cost me about $400 (minus the future petals and shoes). I have my bike situated facing a wall with peg board and I rest my ipad on the peg board while I ride. The only down side to my set up is I have to guess on my resistance as my bike does not have a digital resistance readout.

I did recently see that Bowflex came out with a bike it costs about twice what my set up is ($899 - so still half of what a Peloton is), and it will work out of the box with Peloton with no additions needed and a few extra bonuses my bike does not have like two water bottle holders and weight racks. Hard to justify the cost when I already have a functioning set up, but if I was starting from scratch that is what I would do.

u/Dbzeng · 3 pointsr/AppleWatch

Gotcha. I use this one for weightlifting and find it's been pretty consistent:

You also get the battery life benefit since the AW isn't measuring your heart rate.

u/ILike2Sweep · 3 pointsr/Rowing

Wahoo Tickr. in the lower price range. lasts the longest out of any HR transmitter I have had before. Really light so it doesn't have to be super tight on the chest. the strap attaches at both sides of the transmitter so there is no hook at the side. Has Bluetooth and ANT+ so is compatible with any watch/phone and also PM5. I think that some other ones in the 50$ price range can only be connected to 1 device at a time. with this you can have your HR on your PM5 and also have your phone or watch collecting the data to review after.


u/PepperoniFire · 3 pointsr/running

I have spent $300 on new HR straps for my Garmin. I looked into a few alternatives that I know pair with ANT+ devices though I haven't used them. I'll say that when I was doing my research, people whom I trust recommended this.

u/stevietopsiders · 3 pointsr/Velo

No computer tracks HR on its own. You need a strap/unit for that.

I have the Wahoo TICKR, which works well and can even connect to a smartphone over Bluetooth:

u/iamvbdw25 · 2 pointsr/xxfitness

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth/ANT+

Love this thing.

u/ltrain430 · 2 pointsr/running

get a wahoo bluetooth heartrate monitor like this They are compatable with runkeeper and provide live hr data you can see in the runkeeper app. You can probably find them used for 20ish bucks.

u/brownjava · 2 pointsr/AppleWatch

I use a Wahoo Tickr:

You can pick one up on Amazon:

It pairs with both iOS phones and Apple watches, and works with Strava as well. On Amazon it has some questionable reviews, but I've been using mine for 2+ years, and I've never had a problem with it.

u/cas_sj · 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

Welcome here! I'll jump in on some of this....

I've worn Fitbits for several years - like 'em and think they're probably very good as pedometers and overall activity trackers during the day. But they really don't work well for strenuous exercise. The technology with the optical sensors simply doesn't react quickly enough to be accurate.

Much more accuracy with a chest strap heart rate monitor (I think gold standard) - my choice, a Wahoo tickr ( But I've used cheaper models in the past like this Garmin ( and they do fine. A lot of people seem to like the Scosche arm bands ( - I can't speak to the accuracy of those compared to a chest strap.

Regardless of what you go with, you'll want accurate heart rate feedback to sync with your bike (Bluetooth and/or ANT+ connectivity). Unless they've changed things with the newer Fitbits, I don't believe your Fitbit will sync with the bike's Android tablet - you'll want your HR monitor to "transmit" to your tablet so you can follow your heart rate data/zones on the tablet as you ride. [One nice thing you've probably noticed tho - the bike now syncs/uploads your workouts to your Fitbit page - with accurate heart rate data from the bike assuming you're using an accurate HR monitor, so you don't have to log your workouts separately to Fitbit.]

Here's the mat that we use under our bike ( - priced reasonable enough, and works fine. One note - if you're putting the bike on anything other than a hard surface (i.e. carpet), get a thick piece of plywood to go under the mat - really helps with stability.

I use Jaybirds and wouldn't ride without them, but there are much cheaper (and more expensive) options for Bluetooth earbuds. My wife doesn't like riding with earbuds and went with a small external speaker ( that seems to put out pretty decent sound. Regardless of what you go with, you'll want to use something other than the speakers on the bike - they put out plenty of volume, but they're on the back of the tablet and sometimes the instructors sound "muffled" and can be hard to hear.

For what it's worth, my input.... ;-)

ps - Final thought on your concerns about moving the bike. Wheels are at the front, where most of the weight is with the flywheel and tablet, so I think you'll be fine - it's designed to be tipped at the front and wheeled into place.

u/solarsunspot · 2 pointsr/f45

The LionHeart band utilizes ANT+ for the connection to transmit data to the server at your gym. There are very few phones that have that type of connection available (iPhone is one that does not have that connection).

The one I use is the Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor as it has both ANT+ and Bluetooth connections so it can connect to the server at the gym as well as my Garmin watch or phone to transmit the heart rate data.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/cycling

I searched forever for a smart watch that had the features I wanted (music, heart rate, battery life, etc.), that looked good, and still didn't break the bank.

The more I researched, the less happy I was with the idea. I ended up just buying a regular watch (a good looking Timex Weekender Chonograph for $30) and a Wahoo Tickr. They are far more accurate for heart rate. I use either my phone while commuting or my Elemnt Bolt for training for the GPS part.

u/My_Normal_Account · 2 pointsr/PUBATTLEGROUNDS

This one is a litttle bit pricey but it's bluetooth and the best model. If you get it I can help you out, it's hella fun.

u/Telfo · 2 pointsr/bjj

it seemed to be pretty accurate. I used one that connects to your phone via bluetooth so I would just start the app on my phone before class and put it off the mat somewhere but close enough for it to connect.

it is this model

u/Gnascher · 2 pointsr/bicycling

> Based on my previous physiotherapy, my glutes are underdeveloped in comparision to my quads - is there a specific technique that helps recruit those muscles, or is it just a case of mindfully trying to engage that whole area?

I think being mindful of proper pedaling technique will go a long way to getting you there. Your quads will remind you when they're working too hard. Think about dropping your heel and generating your power from the hip and split the load.

Some cross-training could help too. Deadlifts, squats, and stair climbing ... concentrate on engaging the rear chain on all of these exercises.

>Is cadence best measured with some kind of cyclocomputer, or again a "get a feel for it"? I've been trying to keep cadence 'high' on my current hybrid, and it feels good, but I don't know what it ACTUALLY is. I just go for 'well, this feels pretty easy on the legs'.

Definitely get some sort of cycle computer. Being an engineer-ey type, you no doubt have a love for numbers and stats. Bicycles are great stats generators :). You could do anything from a cheap computer that handles speed, distance and cadence in the neighborhood of $50 or $60 ... or ... well, the sky's the limit really.

Here's my setup:

  1. Nexus 5 Android phone running RideWithGPS (any smart phone will do)
  2. Wahoo RFLKT (It's like a low-powered display for your data, mounts on your bars)
  3. Wahoo Blue SC (wireless speed and cadence sensor, mounts on your chainstay with magnets on your crank arm and a spoke)
  4. Wahoo TIKR (heart rate monitor)

    My phone is the "brains" of the operation and the periferals connect via Bluetooth, and the RideWithGPS app is the stats collector. The RFLKT is basically a remote low-powered display. Using this allows me to keep my phone safely tucked away, and saves on battery because the screen is off the whole time. The Wahoo Blue SC sends speed and pedaling cadence data, and the TIKR keeps track of my ticker.

    All my stats can be viewed online at the RideWithGPS website, and I also sync my data with Strava because I like the community over there and also the slice/dice the data better. However, the RideWithGPS app I find to be a better phone app for a number of reasons.

    Of course, Garmin has some great All-in-one solutions and Wahoo just released the ELEMNT which is an all-in-one Garmin competitor.
u/ItsToka · 2 pointsr/bicycling
u/chapster1989 · 1 pointr/loseit

I guess everything is relative, I use this one, which is 50$ and very good ( Polar and Wahoo, both $50, will be reliable and very durable. I see some cheaper options in the $25-$30 range that have pretty good reviews but I don't have personal experience with them. Just search "heart rate monitor chest bluetooth" in amazon!

u/atechnicnate · 1 pointr/bicycling

It's a bit more price but this tracker is what I have and it does both bluetooth (for phone) and ant+ (if you ever get a bike computer) for $50. It will be far more accurate than a fitbit and you can map your heart rate to climbs etc. It will also improve calorie counts.

My wife uses a fitbit blaze when we ride and it works fine. It's not perfect but it's just fine. The downside to the Blaze is no GPS built in so you have to carry your phone anyway. The Surge has GPS tracker so no phone needed. Your heart rate should be reasonably accurate just make sure the band is snug.

u/Slipping_Tire · 1 pointr/motorsports

Start with a heart rate monitor to quantify your workouts. Use a phone app like Strava to log your workouts (it's free). Look at the heart rate during the workout and the heart rate plot after the workout. Get it up and keep it up.

u/richie_engineer · 1 pointr/Strava

You need a cadence sensor that broadcasts to BTLE if you are using your phone. There are two types:

Magnetless, accelerometer based

Magnet based, does speed and cadence more accurate speed than GPS.

I have both of the linked sensors on different bikes. Actually like the magnet one better. There are a bunch of different brands, but getting one that is dual ANT/BTLE is a good idea in case you get a head unit in the future.

If you are adding sensors, I'd also suggest a heart rate strap. I actually rely on HR more than cadence.

u/96-ramair · 1 pointr/Garmin

There's a wealth of options. You can have dedicated wrist-mount, chest straps with bluetooth to your phone (like Wahoo!'s Tickr), etc. Here's a great place to start shopping:

u/raikouri · 1 pointr/loseit

I think a heart rate monitor is the best way to measure calories burned with steady state cardio. It won't work for things like HIIT or weight training or anything. But it should work for something like cycling as long as you are keeping more or less a steady pace. I use this one and like it for when I go running, but there are a ton of them out there.

u/bumpty · 1 pointr/bjj

I have a wahoo band. it works pretty good. i wear it under a rash guard. the only thing that is annoying is using it with the app to get clean results for each roll. i dont have issues wearing it or it falling off during rolls though, so that is nice.

u/pdxlxxix · 1 pointr/bicycling

I second this. We use the Wahoo HRM after having terrible luck with the Polar HRM and Santa brought me a Garmin for Xmas. I’m finally getting a feel for how hard I’m working and what my heart is doing at the same time. Also helps me to remember to breathe deeply in the climb when I’m sucking wind or when I’m exhausted.

u/sean_themighty · 1 pointr/Zwift

Is your HRM ANT+ only? You could use CABLE to bridge it. Or you could just buy a Bluetooth/ANT+ HRM for the same money.

u/victrhugochavez · 1 pointr/Fitness

It's still fairly removed from the heart. I would try getting a cheap chest strap and taking it through there. HRV might tell you more of what you want to know than RHR.

u/aint_even_like_that · 1 pointr/AppleWatch

On long bike rides, I found my battery to be near dead on the Watch (mostly due to the heart rate monitor being active). I would usually charge in the car on the way home.

Recently, I've paired a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to the Watch and found the battery life to be greatly improved. I use the Wahoo Tickr and love it:

u/apocalypse7 · 1 pointr/Strava

Yes, then you would also need a heart rate monitor, it sucks but Strava won’t work with the Apple Watch and the sensors together, yet. I own this heart rate monitor to:

u/pixel_man · 1 pointr/Vivofit

I really recommend the wahoo tickr

It works over both bluetooth and ant+, so if you ever want to connect it to your phone or some other device you can. In fact, it can connect to an ant+ device and at least one bluetooth device simultaneously, so if you feel like using your vivofit 2 to display your hr while simultaneously using your phone to record your whole run (hr and gps), well, you can.

I bought a wahoo and a refurbished vivofit 2 a couple of weeks back, so I can confirm that they connect easily and have so far have played well together.

u/Trump_Up_Your_Life · 1 pointr/cycling

The best has an algorithm that monitors change in heart rate to estimate power, very useful.

The 2nd best.

u/bdclark · 1 pointr/running

I like my Wahoo fitness soft strap I bought from Amazon about 6 months ago. Feels just as comfortable as my old Polar straps. The Garmin strap that came with my 220 felt like I was running with a plastic knife slowly scraping my man boobs, thankfully that one completely died after 2 weeks. I also picked up a 3 pack of Spectra 360 electrode gel (about $12 or so for huge bottles) to make sure I've got good contact too. I've been using the strap about 3-4 days a week since March and haven't had to change the battery yet. They've got a new version out, but I can't attest to its performance.

u/Xavias · 1 pointr/hockeyplayers

could look into something like this just for hockey:

Bluetooth so you may be able to sync it all to google fit or apple fit or something.

u/AverageTriGuy · 1 pointr/Strava

I can't speak to that Bose product, but that's way more money than you need to spend. I would recommend just getting a standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor from a reputable company like Wahoo.

And then a decent Bluetooth set of headphones. I've been using these ones for about 7 months and they are great.

This combination will cost you about $80, rather than the $150 will. Good luck!

u/bearsandbikes · 0 pointsr/triathlon

I have used both wrist based and strap based (? haha). For gym training, running and 24*7 hr, the wrist based one is great (I have a vivoactive 3 but in the past I used a 920 xt with a strap). I love not having to wear a strap for these activities but still wear one on the bike since wrist based hr is shit while cycling. This is standard across all devices and I wouldn't expect it to get better for a long time. I don't see the value of hr while swimming since you can't check your heart rate easily while swimming anyways, I would get used to training by the clock or RPE for swimming. As someone mentionned the garmin HR Tri or swim strap would record your heart rate while swimming but you still couldn't check it as you swim since your watch and your strap need to be fairly close to each other to transmit in water. I believe that your heart rate from a given set would be recorded by the strap and then transmitted to the watch while you wait at the wall between intervals and I'm not even sure it would display during the workout (you'd have to check DC rainmaker's review on those strap to get this detail). Anyways the conclusion is: swimming HR is useless don't bother with it.

A simple HR strap on amazon is pretty cheap and I would get a dual Bluetooth ANT+ one such as this one: