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Walking with Spring
Author: Earl V. ShafferISBN: 0917953843
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u/gramps14 · 7 pointsr/AppalachianTrail

Not that I know of; only thing is the transcribed version (21.7MB PDF) from the Smithsonian.

Alternatively, there is Walking with Spring by Earl Shaffer that contains selections from his journal.

u/seanomenon · 3 pointsr/AppalachianTrail

The best gear is the gear you have when you're out there enjoying nature. It can be easy to get hung up on the best gear when you're shopping, then find doesn't seem to matter that much when you're out in the wild. Does it keep you warm, dry, and let you get out there? Then its fine.

I think it is good to focus on getting good gear that works for you. Try it out in terms of using it, and in terms of packing it up and carrying it. If it works and you can afford it, then great.

I find it helpful to remember that the difference between good quality gear and the best quality gear can often be a tiny difference. You can pay twice as much to shave off 4 oz of weight, just as an example. In the meantime, you are figuring out what you need, what you like, what your style of hiking & camping is.

This probably sounds slightly rant-y, but it isn't intended to be. I think as long as you aren't getting crappy gear, you'll be fine.

You might find it interesting to read Walking With Spring by Earl V. Shaffer. He walked the AT NOBO shortly after WW2, and is the first known thru-hiker. If I remember correctly, dude carried a poncho, a bedroll, a pot, an axe, a swiss army knife, and a camera. His clothes were mostly wool. The poncho was his tent when he didn't make it to a shelter. He cooked over a fire. If he could do it with that gear, you'll be fine even with mediocre modern gear.