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u/YITredMR · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Check out Bob Gurr's Google Talk, particularly at the 12 minute mark when he hears his interviewer use the word "Process." It's pretty funny. Watch the whole video. It's great. I'd also recommend any of the D23 panels that include the Imagineering Legends (Sklar, Gurr, Tony Baxter, Alice Davis, Rolly Crump, Joe Rohde, and others).

I was fortunate enough to hear Bob speak and meet him. Very, very nice gentleman.

In terms of books, in addition to those already mentioned:

The Imagineering Way is a fun book about the way they go about things.

The Imagineering Workout is a fun companion book.

John Hench's Designing Disney is a fun, visual look at his time with Disney.

Building a Better Mouse is a very specific story about the engineers who built The American Adventure show. This might be something you'd find interesting as an engineering student.

Project Future discusses the land acquisition in Florida. Very interesting book.

Three Years in Wonderland covers the construction and development of Disneyland in detail, more regarding the business side of things (leases, sponsors and partnerships).

*Walt and the Promise of Progress City is another fun book on the acquisition and the original EPCOT concept.

The main Walt Disney Imagineering Book is a great start, and Marty's two books are good as well.

I've also found Creativity, Inc to be inspirational. It goes back to the storytelling roots, but you'll find that most of the Imagineering books, articles, and posts are all about storytelling.

u/APeopleShouldKnow · 0 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

The Epcot that was built is very far away from Walt's personal concept of Epcot -- other than to the extent there is a general emphasis on science / technology / progress, which, again, I think we've agreed is still relevant and not outdated. So when you're saying "Walt's personal concept" is outdated, you're saying that something which is purely hypothetical and never existed is outdated -- what Epcot emerged as is in 1982 is nothing like what Walt Disney intended it to be before he died. (And whether or not that's outdated is a whole 'nother discussion.) If you want to read more about Walt's original vision, check out this book which is great (although I hope in a second edition Gennawey can add more diagrams / pictures, which would help the narrative).