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u/duck_mancer · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Walt Disney's Disneyland is an incredibly comprehensive history of the original park. While it includes plenty of concept art it features many historical photos, planning documents, construction photos etc as well as taking the most detailed approach to the story of the park's construction and updates I've seen.

Walt Disney Imagineering is a good companion with a stronger focus on World, but this is more specific ride histories and designs than the overall park.

The Art of Walt Disney is a fantastic top to bottom look at the history of the studios and company, with plenty of amazing illustrations but is obviously art driven.

DisneyWar (already mentioned) is the seminal account of the Eisner era specifically and takes the word "comprehensive" to new heights.

The Walt Disney Studios (releasing this Sept) promises to be an excellent account of the film studios themselves and movies developed there.

As others have touched on there is a little bit of a vacuum for works that are just written histories, most have to get wrapped around "art" in some capacity to justify all of these books being $60+ 300 page hardcovers.

u/YoAdrian84 · 1 pointr/Disneyland

For more great images and stories of the park origins, check out the recently published “Walt Disney’s Disneyland” book. It’s got lots of amazing retro photos and interesting stories about the park in every phase of development but the formative years are truly fascinating. I was able to check out a copy from my local library but the hardcover is also on Amazon if you want a version for your West Elm coffee table ;)

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