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Walton 10254 1/4
For removing Machine Screws and Broken Hand TapsTapered square shank fits into manual brace tools and drivers handles for added cutting pressureThreads per inch need not be specified as Tap Extractors will fit both NC and NF tapsHardened steel fingers of Walton Tap Extractors fit in the flutes of a broken tap to back it out simply and safelyWhen fingers become bent or broken or are too short for further use, replacement fingers are available
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3 Reddit comments about Walton 10254 1/4", 4 Flute Tap Extractor With Square Shank:

u/Quorum_Sensing · 3 pointsr/Fixxit

You can't drill an extractor or tap. I have gotten them out of the way by making many tiny holes all around one with very small drill bits so that I could remove it and go back to work on one.

This is a tap extractor. You will find several bad reviews because they were unfortunately used and assessed by people who didn't know how to use extractors in the first place.

Pro tips:

1.) extractors are rarely the solution and frequently compound the problem. They are not for stuck bolts ever. As you have learned, they are far too brittle to put any real force on.

2.) penetrating oil sometimes takes up to a day to get where its going. spray, tap with mallet, spray, leave, spray, wait, etc.
These are tiny channel locks. The pair I have is actually smaller and a couple of versions older. You can grab tiny screws with these and break them loose without issue.

These work really well too. Take an impact driver and get a receiver that takes general screw driver bits. These have that same hex shape. Put one on slightly smaller than the screw head on there and pop it. It'll bite in the screw head and pop it loose almost every time.

u/No-Coast-Punk · 2 pointsr/millwrights

No, but something like this does:

I always make sure I have an extractor available for the size tap I'm using, because shit happens.

u/GotMyOrangeCrush · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

Ugh, tough spot to be in. Assume in your case you replaced both the upper and lower thermostat housing. The thermostat housing assembly bolts to the passenger cylinder head itself (with three bolts).

It's possible, but risky to see if the housing would hold pressure with two out of three bolts and a ton of RTV.

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