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Wandering on the Way
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7 Reddit comments about Wandering on the Way:

u/whiteskwirl2 · 4 pointsr/taoism

Zhuangzi. The Burton Watson translation is good, or the Victor Mair translation, titled Wandering on the Way.

u/CloudwalkingOwl · 4 pointsr/taoism

I think the Victor Mair translation is the best one I've seen. The title is Wandering on the Way.

u/EnkiHelios · 2 pointsr/occult

If you are looking to combat a rising sense of confusion in practicing chaotic magic and attempting to reach your best self, I cannot recommend Mair's translation of the Chuang Tzu (

No book has better encapsulated the way to let go and just be....

u/bjw88 · 2 pointsr/philosophy

I recommend Wandering on the Way, it is a translation of the Zhuangzi and talks a lot about philosophical perspective. Also I recommend thinking, if you think you are a philosopher, and thinking is never a bad hobby.

u/lukeweiss · 1 pointr/AskHistorians

ahh, sorry I missed this. First, I don't have any idea why zhuangzi is underappreciated. I can tell you that it is not underappreciated in the field. But it is not commonly known the way DaoDeJing is.
If you want to read some good stuff about the Zhuangzi, check out Victor Mair's Wandering in the Way or his Experimental Essays.

The big new Huainanzi is out - and is worth a read. I haven't made much progress with the old stuff beyond this. My own work is in later Daoist stuff.
The Lushi Qunqiu is probably not a great one to look in for Daoist stuff. Not sure about the others. Sorry, I know this is not satisfying!

u/chewingofthecud · 1 pointr/taoism

Accurate might not be what you're after.

If you mean "accurate" in terms of "reflects the idiosyncracies of the original text", then a translation by a Victorian scholar like Herbert Giles or James Legge would be good. I actually find this type of translation to be very helpful, especially if it's annotated which Legge's is. When he does use the word "God", he always explains that it's an interpolation based on the context in which the quote is found.

If you mean "accurate" in terms of "reflects the style and character of the original text", then a more modern translation like that of D.C. Lau might be good.

Burton Watson's Complete Works of Chuang Tzu leans more toward the former, and although I haven't read it, I've been told that Victor Mair's Wandering on the Way: Early Taoist Tales and Parables of Chuang Tzu leans more toward the latter. Both are reputed to strike a good balance between literal accuracy and the spirit of the text.

u/RunsWithShibas · 1 pointr/philosophy

I have always been partial to Wandering on the Way, Victor Mair's quite good, rather droll translation of the Zhuangzi. I actually wound up quoting parts of it in a novella I wrote.