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Welcome to the Monkey House: A Collection of Short Works
Welcome to the Monkey House
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10 Reddit comments about Welcome to the Monkey House: A Collection of Short Works:

u/JackGetsIt · 24 pointsr/JoeRogan

Here's the story mentioned at the 45 min mark. (It's a quick read)

Highly recommend it!

It can be found in this EXCELLENT short story collection

u/tensegritydan · 10 pointsr/printSF

My favorite SF short story writers (in no special order):

u/lo_dolly_lolita · 3 pointsr/booksuggestions

You might be interested in short stories. These are all fiction but really fun reads. Check out the Best Short Stories books, like this one, the 2014 edition. I also really liked Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut, also a book of short stories.

For nonfiction, there's this series, I find easy enough to read and each essay is fairly short. There's one for each year and they're great.

u/sarahlynngrey · 3 pointsr/tipofmytongue

That's Welcome to the Monkey House, from Vonnegut's short story collection of the same name.

u/MetaMemeticMagician · 1 pointr/TheNewRight
u/xdyev · 1 pointr/infp

I'm a huge fan of short stories. 20 pages (give or take) and the story is run from beginning to end.

Here are some superb short story collections -

The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories

John Steinbeck is a maestro of the short novella. An American master. The Short Novels of John Steinbeck

Mark Twain did some of his best work in short stories.

Kurt Vonnegut's collection of short stories Welcome To The Monkey House is one of his best books.

Here is a fine work, not much read in the US these days sadly, but I feel this work will rise again. The Guardian rates it as the 58th greatest literary work of the 20th century. I agree. A much larger undertaking than short stories, John Dos Passos 'USA' trilogy, U.S.A.: The 42nd Parallel / 1919 / The Big Money is a longer term project in understanding how the pieces fit together -

u/Cdresden · 1 pointr/suggestmeabook

Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut.

Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang.

Fully Loaded Thrillers by Blake Crouch.

Bears Discover Fire by Terry Bisson.

u/Caanon · 1 pointr/books

I agree with the short story idea. It takes a long time to narrate well. There are a lot of tips for doing this over at LibriVox.

As for a book suggestion, maybe look at some of Vonnegut's short stories. Like those in Welcome to the Monkey House.

u/TeamKitsune · 1 pointr/zen

Well, all the usual discussion aside, I really liked Welcome To The Monkey House when I was younger. Time for a re-read.