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Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Sealed Platform Pedal, 9/16-Inch, Black
Body: Magnesium/Painted ColorSpindle: Cr-MoBearing: DU/SealedSize: 114.6 x 106.2 x 30.8mmWellgo MG-Series BMX Pedals made with magnesium bodies, CroMoly spindles and complete with MG-1 sealed bearings
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15 Reddit comments about Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Sealed Platform Pedal, 9/16-Inch, Black:

u/irunxcforfun · 6 pointsr/MTB
u/ifuckedup13 · 4 pointsr/MTB

Well they arent twenty... but you can get them for around 30 usually. I ride them all the time and they are light and grippy/ mine have taken a serious beating and still kick ass. [Wellgo MG1s] (

u/MoBongoFury · 3 pointsr/MTB

I bought these and love them:

Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Pedal

u/teholbugg · 3 pointsr/MTB

just get these pedals for $30

free shipping w/ prime or order over $35

u/kimbo305 · 3 pointsr/bicycling

> What would be a good, lightweight replacement pedal?

lightweight and a broad platform.

u/hoodyhoomofo · 3 pointsr/bicycling

These guys did the math:

Basically, it's not more efficient overall, but it will give you more power over short distances like on climbs or sprints.

Doesn't matter for most people unless you want your foot in exactly the same spot each time. I kind of like being able to move my foot around and not being obligated to wear a certain kind of shoe each time I ride.

Also, there are many different kinds of platforms if you go that route. I like these:

Would probably get these if I did it again, much cheaper:

u/Willflyforfood09 · 2 pointsr/MTB
u/Vox_Populi · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

WellGo MG1

Just over your price limit, but it's worth it for magnesium (light) and removable/replaceable pins (they grip way better than molded ones, and you can replace them when they wear down). Fits any Hold Fast-style straps.

u/initial_skid · 1 pointr/cycling

When possible, I prefer pedals with reflectors. My road bike has clipless pedals, so I put retroreflective tape on my shoes. But on my other bike, I use these pedals:

u/OEICMNXHSD43 · 1 pointr/MTB
u/Jeepin08 · 1 pointr/29er

Congrats! Wonderful bike, I have this exact bike. I highly recommend getting these pedals because the stock pedals are hard plastic that are like butter when they get wet. Also if you plan on hitting rock gardens and/dirt jumps, I would highly recommend getting this rear derailleur. I found out the hard way when I hit a jump and my chain slapped, thankfully I did not wipe out. ALSO convert to tubeless! I haven't yet, but I am planning to in the near future.

Most important part, ENJOY THE BIKE AND RIDE RIDE RIDE!!

u/Smurfymike · 1 pointr/MTB

These things will pertain more to riding on trails, but you might want:

  • gloves for the trails (not so much for the commuting)

  • pedals (only if you have plastic pedals you might want to upgrade.) I recently did and i feel so much more comfortable with my new, large, grippy, Wellgo MG-1's

  • new shoes if you don't want to mess up your current shoes on the pedals.
u/SgtBaxter · 1 pointr/cycling

If you're doing any decent offroading and wearing regular shoes you'll really benefit from a nice pair of platform pedals with pins. When I'm not riding my clipless pedals, I put on my Wellgo MG-1 platforms, they're great and inexpensive.

Yeah, they can be shin grinders if you're not careful but you'll have more control, power and crash less.

Also, I recommend buying a KMC chain. Less expensive, comes with a quick link, and they make the chains for Shimano/etc to begin with.