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u/snotfart · 59 pointsr/StallmanWasRight

There are plenty still there, but they did remove thousands of reviews that gave 1 star and said something along the lines of "Fuck off Hilary". I can see their point - reviews like that aren't massively useful.

u/Eulf · 53 pointsr/KotakuInAction

To be fair, it seems like they're just removing the reviews of most non-verified purchases.

3/3 of the (verified) 1 star reviews in that snapshot are still up, and at least one unverified titled "She really makes you feel like you want to die. . ."

Where as 5/5 of the 5 star (unverified) reviews from this snapshot were deleted

u/TheRedThirst · 47 pointsr/KotakuInAction

Top Reviews HERE show a number of low scoring reviews that do not reflect the overall score shown

u/Clitler_Youth · 24 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

Last time I went to the page, the top comments are always something along the lines of "why does my review keep getting deleted?"

Even people who have expressed voting for hillary are giving the book bad reviews, but Amazon is pretty obviously deleting negative reviews for some reason.

Check out the page here:

u/botsmacko · 24 pointsr/army

> Any good schools, manuals, insight or resources to truly know how to big-picture Army for a reforming shammer

Since you're in S3.. I've heard this is a great manual to keep at the desk.. Teaches you how to shift blame for any wrong doing/mishandling/issue S3 encounters with soldiers' paperwork

u/wolfman1911 · 14 pointsr/Conservative

I would say the list is pretty well compiled right here.

u/deep_fall · 13 pointsr/politics

>ReviewMeta is a site that helps customers figure out how credible a product’s Amazon reviews are. It looks at 15 data points, including the number of verified purchases included in the reviews and the number of customers whose history shows they’ve never written a verified review, and determines how sketchy a product’s overall rating is.

>What Happened gets a big ol’ fail. It had a 3.2-star rating on Amazon at time of writing, but adjusting for ReviewMeta’s metrics, it should have actually been 4.9 stars. The average rating for reviews from unverified purchases was a 2.3, while the average from a real purchase of the book was 4.9.

u/winksup · 13 pointsr/conspiracy

Someone posted a comment on the yahoo page that was a good main reason why this is an issue, at least in my opinion. Basically, troll reviews have been around forever, and a lot of times people want these reviews to be removed. Why do they only step in and take down the ones for Hillary? Why isn't this a site-wide policy of just immediately deleting negative reviews from people that haven't received the authorized purchaser logo or whatever? Yeah there's other places to bash her, but it's funny they just decide to enforce this for her.

For example, here is a link to Donald Trump's book, looking at 1-star reviews with verified purchaser only option turned off. Hmm, I could scroll through 40 pages of people that give it 1-star and haven't purchased the book. Then here's Clinton's book with the same search parameters. At the time I'm looking at it, there's literally 3 1-star reviews from people that don't have the verified purchase indicator. So 40 pages of 1-star reviews from non-buyers, versus 3 reviews. I'm not pro-Trump in the slightest, I just picked that as an example because it's very easy to bash him. Seems to me they're blatantly playing favorites...

u/ChadluvsZion · 10 pointsr/conspiracy

Are you in the publishing industry? That book doesn't come out until next week. Journalists have only got excerpts from the book.

u/thermoroach · 10 pointsr/ShitPoliticsSays

Anyone going to buy Hillary's explanation for the 2016 campaign 'What Happened'?

Looks like it'll be really great to read, I'm sure it'll be completely honest and not at all a blame fest.

Better is Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign.

Actually discusses some of the hubris and poor strategy employed during the campaign. Would recommend reading, even if you're pro-Trump (which I think a good portion of this subreddit is, or at least conservative-leaning) it's a good look at what actually happened.

u/woowoo293 · 9 pointsr/hillaryclinton

This does not remotely surprise me. Expect much more of this.

On another note, there's this very strange parody book.

u/billycoolj · 9 pointsr/hillaryclinton

Is anyone else super excited for Hillary's book!??!?!?!

This thing is already #1 best seller on Amazon, I was laughing. I literally saw the tweet like two seconds after it was posted, pressed the Amazon link, and it was already #1 best seller in civics. Now it's just #1 best seller period. Hooray!

u/Craig_VG · 8 pointsr/neoliberal
u/TemporarilyOnEarth · 5 pointsr/hillaryclinton

Does anyone know the difference between these two versions of What Happened:

u/lejialus · 3 pointsr/Enough_Sanders_Spam

Did Amazon make it verified reviews only? I saw it at 3 stars yesterday.

Also how is it? I'm about to finish the book I'm reading soon, so I'm thinking about potential reads. I also have a copy of Hyperion as well, but I wanna weigh my options before committing to a new book.

u/FS4JQ · 3 pointsr/CringeAnarchy

You want a source? OK


u/DL757 · 3 pointsr/Enough_Sanders_Spam

What Happened is the third best selling biography on Amazon (the audiobook is #6 and the Kindle version is #9), and the best selling political book in any category.

It's the highest selling women's biography (with the Kindle and audio versions coming in at 3 and 4). The book is all 3 of the highest selling political memoirs and also the highest selling civics book.

What Happened is also the #1 bestseller in any category.

Bernie's new book is claiming the high number of..........#714. His last book is #13,503.

u/miraistreak · 3 pointsr/The_Donald

For those interested in keeping tabs:



As of this writing Clinton is #1 in books, and Trump is #84.

All things considered, having Trump's book crack the Top 100 all from a relatively minor concentrated effort from The_Donald and /pol/ is quite impressive. They are competing in theory with a sizable national population.

The Art of the Deal (which I remember some memes said people should buy instead) is #362 as of this writing

Spez: Great Again is #16 (15:44 EDT)

u/sleezestack · 3 pointsr/politics

Denial? She wrote a book about it. You can get in on Amazon

u/dolphins3 · 3 pointsr/hillaryclinton
u/fecnde · 2 pointsr/conspiracy

Only that there are verified purchases reviews right now for the book complaining their reviews were deleted multiple times

u/AsherGray · 1 pointr/rupaulsdragrace

They aren't being censored, it's just like a company posting a bunch of fake reviews to make you believe you're getting a stellar product. I'm pointing out that the average rating is 4.5, but click on the reviews tab and that's literally the front page. Here's an analysis of the product.

Note how it specifically says 1,290 reviews have been deleted with an average of a 2.3 rating.

u/SkrubZero · 1 pointr/The_Donald

It as 3 stars yesterday and 5 stars today. Stop buying from Amazon.

u/Cullen_Ingus · 1 pointr/suggestmeabook

>I want something hopeless and unrelenting.

here ya go

u/ardhemus · 0 pointsr/WikiLeaks

While I agree with you on some subject I must tell that this one isn't crazy. Just look at the amazon page. The 5 stars reviews I saw there seems too partisan too me and she indeed has 5 stars while she has so many 1 star reviews.

u/devries · 0 pointsr/politics

> except a Clinton

If you bothered to check your sources, you'll note that Clinton blames herself many times for the results of the 2016 election. Rightly, she doesn't claim that she's solely to blame--that'd be absurd.

It's in the first few pages of her book where she takes responsibility:

But hey, don't let facts get in the way of some good old evidence-less Dem-bashing!

u/Chappie47Luna · 0 pointsr/thedavidpakmanshow

Amazon deleted 1000 negative reviews on her book. Lucky the internet doesn't forget.

u/yfwdbwdso · -2 pointsr/politics

>In no universe is this a true statement.

Lets break it down shall we?

>Perhaps whiny little bitches shouldn’t be president

>Perhaps whiny

Literally wrote a book about how it's everyone's fault but her she got blown the fuck out in 2016


An objectively true statement


Self explanatory :D

u/tinfoilblanket · -2 pointsr/democrats

>So what do you know of the "contents"?

Certain media organizations often get political books early. They will often cherry pick out excerpts from the book that'll bring attention to it. This is advantageous to the author and publisher of the book.

So here's one way how I know some of the contents of the book.

Here's another

Then there's the Amazon description as well

So yeah, the thesis and main topic of the book is public knowledge and has been for a couple of months now.

>you are an expert on what it contains?

Quote where I said I'm an expert on what the book contains. I don't know what kind of education you received or if you have had any at all based on the quality of the comments you've sent me, but where I went to school being able to describe the thesis of a book doesn't at all imply that you are an expert on the book's contents.

>You know it's "thesis".

Yes I do, I just linked two sources above that talk about the thesis. One of which dates all the way back to July.

>Love that bern out logic.

Yes the "bern out logic" of being able to read.