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u/dave9199 · 54 pointsr/preppers

If you move the decimal over. This is about 1,000 in books...

(If I had to pick a few for 100 bucks: encyclopedia of country living, survival medicine, wilderness medicine, ball preservation, art of fermentation, a few mushroom and foraging books.)


Where there is no doctor

Where there is no dentist

Emergency War Surgery

The survival medicine handbook

Auerbach’s Wilderness Medicine

Special Operations Medical Handbook

Food Production

Mini Farming

encyclopedia of country living

square foot gardening

Seed Saving

Storey’s Raising Rabbits

Meat Rabbits

Aquaponics Gardening: Step By Step

Storey’s Chicken Book

Storey Dairy Goat

Storey Meat Goat

Storey Ducks

Storey’s Bees

Beekeepers Bible

bio-integrated farm

soil and water engineering

Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation

Food Preservation and Cooking

Steve Rinella’s Large Game Processing

Steve Rinella’s Small Game

Ball Home Preservation


Root Cellaring

Art of Natural Cheesemaking

Mastering Artesian Cheese Making

American Farmstead Cheesemaking

Joe Beef: Surviving Apocalypse

Wild Fermentation

Art of Fermentation

Nose to Tail

Artisan Sourdough

Designing Great Beers

The Joy of Home Distilling


Southeast Foraging


Mushrooms of Carolinas

Mushrooms of Southeastern United States

Mushrooms of the Gulf Coast


farm and workshop Welding

ultimate guide: plumbing

ultimate guide: wiring

ultimate guide: home repair

off grid solar


Timberframe Construction

Basic Lathework

How to Run A Lathe

Backyard Foundry

Sand Casting

Practical Casting

The Complete Metalsmith

Gears and Cutting Gears

Hardening Tempering and Heat Treatment

Machinery’s Handbook

How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic

Electronics For Inventors

Basic Science


Organic Chem

Understanding Basic Chemistry Through Problem Solving

Ham Radio

AARL Antenna Book

General Class Manual

Tech Class Manual


Ray Mears Essential Bushcraft


Nuclear War Survival Skills

The Knowledge: How to rebuild civilization in the aftermath of a cataclysm

u/woodinleg · 29 pointsr/preppers

Where there is no Doctor ,
Where there is no Dentist ,
Foxfire Series ,
The Foxfire series is broad and has a diverse amount of information from snake handling for worship, building a smoke house, and carving a "fiddle."
Joy of Cooking Has instructions on cooking turtles, rabbits, squirrel etc.
Many of these books are available online PDF.

u/Curious_Zoe · 7 pointsr/collapse

Maybe! Expand your social circle!

There are also excellent books on the subject! I imagine you have a lot of fairly intelligent folks around you who could figure things out.

Here is a good book:

Anyway survivi

u/robocop_py · 5 pointsr/preppers
u/play-nice · 5 pointsr/Survival
u/MachinatioVitae · 4 pointsr/preppers
u/edheler · 3 pointsr/preppers

Where There Is No Dentist is the third book down in the list. Or you can buy the book from Amazon.

u/chrono13 · 3 pointsr/collapse

One book? I don't think you'll find that all in one book. Some to consider: