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Whip-it! 50 Pack Whipped Cream Chargers
The Whip-It chargers work with any brand cream whipper in the marketEach charger is filled with 8 grams of the highest quality medical-grade N2OMade out of 100-percent recyclable steel; cleaned thoroughly with a solventEach charger should be used at a ratio of 1 charger per pintColor of cartridges may vary. The Whip It name may or may not be stamped on the cartridge
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18 Reddit comments about Whip-it! 50 Pack Whipped Cream Chargers:

u/pineapplecharm · 8 pointsr/television

Just FYI, Whip-it is a brand of gas-powered cream whipping devices. Whippets are a breed of skinny, fast-running dogs.

u/ThellraAK · 4 pointsr/alaska
u/nllpntr · 4 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

Ultra-Purewhip and Whip-It! brands seem to be most commonly used for huffing. The Whip-It! brand actually specifies that they use medical grade nitrous... for whipped cream. And check out the graphics. I'm amazed they get away with it.

edit: So this is fucked up, if anyone cares. Turns out I got really drunk after posting this last night... I must have either remembered this comment or looked at my comment history, because today I got a shipping confirmation email out of the blue for a big box of these, plus a canister. Thanks, Drunk Me, for ordering shit I don't really want, but will happily accept anyway. My weekend will now be hilarious.

u/oh_that_guy_again · 2 pointsr/SilkRoad
u/Factual_Pterodactyl · 2 pointsr/Drugs
u/indyweb · 1 pointr/chicagotrees
u/ajfirecracker · 1 pointr/Coffee

They look reasonable - MyPressi sells them for 24 cans @ $16 when in stock

You can also use whip-its which are just over 50 cents each

u/The_Kief_Chief · 1 pointr/Drugs

I don't know man...move to Seattle. I saw people hitting the cracker in public areas quite commonly during my years living there, as nitrous is extremely commonly sold in like every smoke shop around the city and they advertise the fuck out of it; There's even a big cardboard cut-out person holding a whip cream canister advertising it ( It's a life-sized cutout of the girl on this box )

The vagrants who can't afford nitrous chargers are sitting on the sidewalk huffing cans of spray paint...another thing that I came across more than one time. But yeah man, there are lots of empty chargers laying around the city.

u/60FromBorder · 1 pointr/videos

Thats the cost locally here, my friend used to do it, and said it was about the same price from when he lived on the other side of the state. It makes sense that it would be cheaper from ebay or other sources because they could just get it from a country that doesn't restrict it at all.

u/OfeyDofey · 1 pointr/Whatcouldgowrong

Amazon will deliver it to your door

u/bannana · 1 pointr/nottheonion

Whipped cream chargers are filled with N2O

u/awake_but_asleep · 1 pointr/DrugStashes

People do it out of the can? Jesus.

Buy one of these from amazon, they're smaller and cheaper than the actual whip cream crackers and even easier to use. Just be careful not to freeze your hand like my friend did once.

Then get some of these from WalMart or London Drugs or Amazon

The real problem is finding a legit balloon dealer which can be tricky depending on where you live...

u/gegtik · 1 pointr/Coffee

well, at 4 double-shots per cartridge, you are looking at approx 14c / shot.

If you get a $150 Twist instead of a $650 Rancilio Silvia, you will have to make over 3500 espressos before the cost evens out. It's not worth obsessing over the minute cost difference per shot when the device itself is so much cheaper