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Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart, Extra Large, Black
It's never been easier to transport jumbo loads and heavy items like laundry, groceries, and sports supplies with this extra large, deluxe utility cartWith heavy-duty easy glide wheels, this cart is great for city dwellers, students, and elderlyCollapsible design for easy storage; ideal for small spacesAssembled Dimensions: 21 x 24.5 x 40.12 inchesEasy assembly; only pliers are needed to assemble this deluxe rolling utility shopping cartFoam covered handle provides a soft, comfortable gripDurable shopping cart constructed of black epoxy-coated steel
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u/share_the_groove · 13 pointsr/AskNYC

The famous old lady cart. I grossly underestimated the annoyance of carrying groceries around in the city and I'm a big guy. Got my gf one as sort of a gag and
she uses it all the time.

u/Stripedanteater · 6 pointsr/Clemson

I read your post, but what you’ve clarified wasn’t clear and needed context. What if I told you there are solutions to your problem that are at least 200 times less complicated than Clemson figuring out how to build parking lots close to your dorm? Get a rolling cart and roll your groceries up the hill, or go shopping before the cat bus stops running.

Students on campus today have more amenities than any other generation that attended Clemson have ever had regarding public transport, on campus dining and stores, and housing and parking locations. If you have problems with these things, you’re really going to have a bad time when you graduate. If you don’t agree with living on campus during freshman year, spend your money at another school that allows that.

u/SkySongWMass · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Lots of surge protectors. Outlets are never as plentiful as you need them to be.

An Ethernet cable, because having that wired connection can be a lifesaver

One of these

u/hewoooooo · 1 pointr/AskNYC

I got these and they have served me very well for the past year.

u/michaelyup · 1 pointr/camping

My mom left her folding grocery cart at my house and I use it for everything. Something like this... Whitmor Deluxe Rolling Utility / Shopping Cart, Black

u/ThatGuyinHouston · 1 pointr/houston

One of these, or only buy what you can carry.

u/krystal_rene · 1 pointr/college

When I get a chance, I'll link my comment from his thread. But here's my list:

  1. Hand vacuum and a mop. Both can be under $30 together. Also cleaning supplies such as bleach, all purpose cleaner, Lysol spray, floor cleaner, and dish detergent. Also Windex.

  2. Set of nonstick pots and pans. Have at least two in the apartment so you aren't waiting on someone to get finished using theirs. $20-$100 (high quality).

  3. Cups, plates, bowls. Set of four >$15

  4. Set of eating and cooking utensils.

  5. Can & bottle opener. And a cork screw ;)

  6. Value size of trash bags. >$15

    Here's my comment.

    Food shopping: MAKE A LIST. Trust me. You save so much money by making your shopping list before you leave. Also, make sure to eat a full meal beforehand so you aren't shopping while you're hungry. When you're checking out, buy the plastic grocery bags, they're a buck. They make it easier to carry food. Also, if you don't want to use uber, get those metal carts so you can pull/push your food instead of carry.
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/tall

The carts at Wal-mart around here seem to be monstrous huge, giving me no slouching problems (though they are very heavy also, and way larger than I could ever need--they don't offer baskets anymore. bastards.).

Maybe a decent solution is to get one of those homeless folding carts, like this?

AMENDment: Oh crap, I just saw your height, you've got 9" on me. Go for one of those folding carts, that's gotta be much better than any normal shopping cart.

u/Zenith251 · -18 pointsr/bayarea

They can be had for less, or improvised. I don't own a car either, so trust me, I get it. It's NOT hard.