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u/Rian_Stone · 5 pointsr/BattleOfTheSexes

Our skin is different.

They arent as visual as men, and have much more complex attraction triggers

And I'm pretty sure you're trying to convince yourself that it's bitter old men, not anyone else.

Beyond that, if you don't see why hot slim 23 year old women and status-heavy 35 to 45 year old men are at the top of the fuck pile, I don't know what to tell you.

I do know balding can affect a guy, but hot guys with shaved heads seems attractive enough, especially since balding guys start balding around 25.

If you could provide examples for this rant,-disguised-as-debate, it may help bolster your view.

Otherwise, it sounds pretty emotionally driven, and no words will change a view based on emotion.

u/erekose · 2 pointsr/DeadBedrooms

In an ideal world... but reality is sadly different. I think the title should read "sex should not be a treat or reward". Unless 2 people's drives are equally matched, the LL will have leverage over the HL. Which is sad for many reasons.

People have sex for many reasons, not just pleasure. As another comment says:

> The seeking partner will still be left with wishing for an enthusiastic partner to enjoy and please. And if you see it as a duty, you're cheating yourself out a beautiful experience.

u/trekdude13 · 2 pointsr/pussypassdenied

yea, I read a book once about "why women have sex" and it suggested that women are having sex for basically EGO reasons when they are not ovulating and then once a week they go out and get that Alpha Dick while Ovulating. In short, she might sleep with a guy just because she hates his girlfriend, but then during Ovulation she actually wants Dick, but its not for the guy she is with, because they usually settle down with a stable Beta. LOL. women are fucked up. source

u/sponge_bob91 · 2 pointsr/Braincels

> blind and stupid.

So, successful guys tell incels again and again it's possible to get women, attractive guys talk about having a hard time with women (often because emphasis is put on their looks and this is where their confidence stems from rather than personal attributes) and most statistical evidence points to the facts looks have little to no impact on women's sexual/dating decisions yet, I'm the one that's blind and stupid? Don't think so.

u/nomdplume · 1 pointr/PurplePillDebate

Women have sex for a few hundred reasons that may or may not be related to the act itself.

"Trading" makes up a bunch of those reasons.

u/Jackalopper · 1 pointr/gonewildstories

Wait, you're conceding that those people aren't always honest about what's in their head? The fuck you on about? How deluded are you to think the rest of the world has to think like you to make sense of things you can't mentally grasp? I "wish" for non-monogamy? The fuck you on about now? I WISH for 10 Million bucks, I WISH to be married to a clone of Marilyn Monroe in her prime, I WISH you'd wake the fuck up. WISH and REALITY are two very different things.

See, I live in reality. A world where I choose not to cheat on my SO. I know this is a foreign concept to you but it is indeed real. Why am I saying all this? Because you do not know me, you and I will never meet and I have nothing else to prove to you other than one simple fact of reality. There are many more people who do not desire to live a non-monogamous lifestyle because they do-not-want-it. So much so that they LIVE a life of monogamy.

So you're attempt at quoting yet another non-researched article will show how inept you are at coming to reality.

> Buss, D. M., & Shackelford, T. K. (1997). Susceptibility to infidelity in the first year of marriage. Journal of Research in Personality, 31, 193-221.
>"This study of 107 married couples examines three sets of possible predictors of infidelity:"

You quoted the number one scrutinized publication on marriage and infidelity because of how skewed the numbers can be. Literally, the margin was 1 city and 1 state. Austin Texas.
But here's where I again laugh at you're attempts at actual research. As in spending more than 2 minutes skimming an article for information that suits you.

> 30-60% of married couples engage in infidelity
I almost gave you an internet cookie, ...had you quoted the previous paragraph where it defines infidelity.

>flirting, passionately kissing, going on a romantic date, having a one night stand, having a brief affair, and having a serious affair.
... Participants provided estimates on separate 11-point scales for each type of infidelity.
> -Buss, D.M., & Shackelford, T.K (1997). Susceptibility to Infidelity in the First Year of Marriage. Journal of Research in Personality, 31, 199.

Each of the 214 members of the study gave their rating of each level of severity where any point above 6 was deemed infidelity and if their partner had committed. Which is the REASON why this study is not taken seriously. So couple A thinks having a serious affair is +6 while couple B thinks flirting is a +6. Both are deemed infidelity by the studies definition. Might want to have read that a little further instead of cherry picking a line you got from an article that summed up your way of thinking.

Your boy Buss has a couple other Best sellers that go along with your line of thinking. Lets see Amazon has his latest book at 599 on Medical Psychology of Sexuality Where it peaked and didn't go any further. Awww, shame that the rest of these vast numbers of people who cheat and are non-monogamous didn't buy into his books. Make a change for the better right? Sad that even real world statistics prove how wrong you are. ohh, I'm referring to the comments on this thread among people who should be bowing down to nude pics and gonewild stories. Among your own people who are anonymous and can freely speak, you have a vast majority disagreeing with you.

As for you being a woman, half your posts are "here's my wife". You sure as shit don't talk like a female. So, if you are then I stand corrected and even admit that I should have clicked on your username just once to see your post history. All my previous other statements stand true regardless if you're the wife or husband. As for the hot sex line, good for you.. just had hot sex this morning with my SO to. I'll have it again tomorrow night as well with her. Ohh, and I'm fairly close to you in age, though you act less like it than we both are judging from these posts.

u/Cloud_Riverdale · 1 pointr/bahai

blinks. He's a tenured behavioural psychologist citing well known research. When you read peer reviewed papers they're often hyper focused on a particular facet of human attraction and so you're better off reading a book or listening to an expert distil it down.

Also, in particular, which arguments do you want sources for? I've made many.

A most fascinating book that comes to mind is called "Why women have sex" and based on interviews with 1400 women.

Here are some other links.

u/Ish_the_Stomach · 1 pointr/sex

as a few others have said there are some serious issues going on here. and different professionals are going to point you in different directions. Develop some of your own insights.

>my wife and I both loved to have sex, we would do it multiple times a day. And really what happened was for her, after we got more comfortable her excitement and energy more so went away

This is all too common. and it has complex biological roots, that are really counter-intuitive to many peoples views on sexuality. If she can't or won't pinpoint her reasons... well

read this


read this

see what rings true. The second suggestion is a particularly quick read. but they are both very much worth your time. develop your own insights.