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Williams-Sonoma Tools & Techniques
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u/spaok · 2 pointsr/4hourbodyslowcarb

Best investment I can suggest is getting an instant-pot, I made some recipe posts a while back for some recipes I would make.

Making a whole chicken and bone broth is pretty easy and tasty way to get some meat for the week.

My MIL's Feijoada is also really easy way to get some really tasty black beans, I can't stand them straight from the can.

Tim has 4-hour chef which is interesting book, but it's not just cooking, for that I really like Williams-Sonoma Tools & Techniques

Edit: good video, I wouldn't mind seeing you make some more as you go for sure.

Edit2: forgot to mention, these are pretty good spice mixes with no sugar added

u/angedefeu · 1 pointr/AskCulinary

I am likely less experienced than you at cooking but perhaps more experienced at technique thanks only to the book "Tools and Techniques" Maybe your local library has a copy?