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Use this mold all year round to create people or monster shapesRed silicone material allows for easy release and quick cleanupMold dimensions: 13.4 in. x 10.5 in. (34 cm x 27 cm), Cavity depth: .75 in. (1,9 cm)Limited lifetime warranty. Withstands temperatures up to 500° degrees and is freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safeImported for Wilton
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5 Reddit comments about Wilton Giant DIMENSIONS LARGE CUPCAKE PAN:

u/Caf-fiend · 13 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Muffins are a form of quick bread, so if you poured all your batter into a larger pan, such as a pie pan or a loaf pan, youd basically just be making blueberry/banana/cranberry orange/etc bread. You might experience a change in leavening, it might turn out kinda dense and hard to bake through without burning, but with a few tweaks you could do it. Id suggest you use this.

u/paperclip1213 · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

> Id suggest you use this.

That's the most awesome thing I've ever seen in my life.

u/standardalias · 2 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You're going to want a tin like this to make it happen

u/yellsie · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Yay for moving!! this cupcake cake mold would be so amazing! I would totally squeal like a little girl opening this!! Lol

u/ButturedToast · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Tijuana Flats
  2. Bonefish Grill
  3. Outback Steakhouse

    My mom. Gosh, she needs a night out where she doesn't have to cook. Also she needs a celebratory dinner. She just quit her job for a much better one and although she'll be travelling a lot more, she is very happy :D

    Giant cupcake pan and everyone should have it.

    Dinners on you