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Winegard Company Compact Video Antenna (HD7000R),BLACK
HDTV reception up to 30 miles from a towerLong elements at the rear of the HD7000R DTV antenna allow it to receive all digital VHF signals you will need for complete DTV programmingShips as a high-band VHF antenna, but includes added extensions for low-band VHF providing for greater versatilityOutdoor, compact yagi-style antennaDesigned to receive VHF/UHF signalsChannels 2¿51Ranges 20¿40 miles¿zone 2 (Green/Red)
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7 Reddit comments about Winegard Company Compact Video Antenna (HD7000R),BLACK:

u/Roginator · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

The first two shouldn't be much of a challenge. The third one is a somewhat weak VHF channel. There aren't many VHF antennas out there.

The Stellar Labs 30-2476 appears to be a Chinese brand, but seems to have some followers. If you go to VHF antenna shootout you can see how it did against another once-popular VHF antenna. The price is fairly cheap, so they must charge an arm and a leg for shipping.

This one may be better. (probably overkill)

This is fairly cheap

u/drtonmeister · 2 pointsr/livesound

I think you've found your solution, but I would think (depending upon distance) an additional assistive listening transmitter and receiver using external directional antennas for both transmit and receive would be fine. Antennas optimized for the obsolete TV VHF low band (Ch2-7) pointed at each other would work for 72 - 76MHz, smaller band III "VHF Hi" ones for 216MHz.

I frequently see the Phonic Ear/FrontRow-To-Go stuff on ebay including the shelf-mount receivers and powered-speaker receivers.

u/ZippyTheChicken · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

ok so you have some really great signals coming from the west so you want to forget about getting anything else..

the stations from the west have about a 30 degree width between the outlying stations so that is good too because YAGI antennas only have about a 30 degree width of reception..

you have a bunch of VHF stations below channel 14

I strongly suggest you do this now before you make a decision..

go to tvfool with your report.. then go to and put in your zip to get your list of stations.. at rabbitears you will be able to see all of the stations that are broadcast on your VHF channels.... If you really want REAL channels 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 then you will need a VHF / UHF antenna

A clearstream 2 v is an expensive and old version antenna I would suggest the 2Max if you want to go with this design

however you could also just try Antennas At your tv and you should get good reception for most stations if you don't live in a concrete or brick home.

like this

if you have a walmart or discount store near you pick up a rabbitears first and try it at your tvs and see what you get.. you won't get reception in the basement

Also there are small yaggi whole house antennas that would work well as they have decent vhf and uhf reception

u/GreatScottThisHeavy · 2 pointsr/vegaslocals

This one right here should work well for you:

Winegard Company Compact Video Antenna (HD7000R)

u/CoffeeSwirler · 1 pointr/cordcutters

> Winegard HD7000R

Here's the Amazon page of the one I got:

I'm seriously a noob at this, even though I grew up pre-cable TV.

u/llzellner · 1 pointr/cordcutters

First, throw the Mohu junk out!

Second, how important are the stations that are OPPOSITE from the main stations at ~ 90 degrees?

Third, how important are the stations 2,5,6 in the VHF-L band?

>But where do i put a pole

You can use towers or mount on the house. A house can act as a tower, and if you have a 2 story home, all the better, more HEIGHT! You want to mount at the highest point CLOSEST to where the wiring closet is or the first TV location inside.

Alot of this depends on what you have to start. Any existing wiring? Where is this wiring? What was it for DBS? Cable? Is this service disconnected? HSD? Cable or fiber???


Winegard HD7000R (with the extensions)

As stated WITH EXTENSIONS, is a good choice.

You might want to possibly use two, and use 2 Tablo or HDHomeRun tuners one for each direction. I wish TVF would use a table that can be sorted rather than an image. If there are no same channels you can then use a combiner.

Depends on what channels are important. If the ones in the opposite direction are not of value, don't worry about them.

u/Mr_You · 1 pointr/ota

There is no way that antenna has an 80-mile range. It looks very similar to the Winegard HD7000R rated at 30 miles. Which is more realistic. I would try pointing it South-West or East if possible and compare the two. Receiving WPVI/ABC from the East will require a VHF-Lo antenna which the long element at the rear provides.

I would say it's worth a shot if it's easy to return, but you'll probably also need a preamp so include that in your costs. Preamps: Winegard LNA-200, RCATVPRAMP1R, or Channel Master Titan2 CM7777.

If you have reception issues from the South-West direction (which I suspect you will) then consider an Antennas Direct Element or Winegard HD7694P/HD7698P (best). If you decide to point an antenna East then you'll need a larger VHF-Lo capable antenna like the Channel Master Advantage 60 or 100.