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Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth Earbuds, ATGOIN Lightweight Bluetooth Earbuds, Sweatproof Stereo Wireless Earphones Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds Fit for Gym Sports with Built-in Mic
[BLUETOOTH 4.1 + APTX]- High fidelity stereo CD-like high quality sound with codec, widely compatible with most cell phones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled music devices. ATGOIN Bluetooth headphones support two devices connected simultaneously and allow automatically reconnecting if paired successfully before.[CVC noise Isolation & Water Resistant] - The CVC technology help reduce background noise significantly. IPX5 water resistant design enable you to listen even if you are having a run in the rain[Long Battery Life & LIGHTWEIGHT]- Upgraded built-in lithium batteries support up to 8 hours of continuous music for prolonging enjoyment or 175 hours of standby time with a 5V external charger.[Built-in Magnets & Microphone]- Both earpieces are with built-in magnets which can attach to each other like a necklace around your neck when not in use. This elegant design helps earphones storage and keeps you away from getting entangled with the wire. Perfect workout headphones that are snug and secure so the wireless headphones stay put while running, biking or at the gym.[IN-LINE MIC & VOLUME CONTROL] - With in-line microphone and volume buttons, the headphones enable you to make hands-free calls and manage music easily and instantly. Tips: When charging with a charging adapter, please make sure the current should not be greater than 1A. ATGOIN provides 12 months hassle-free warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase.
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63 Reddit comments about Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth Earbuds, ATGOIN Lightweight Bluetooth Earbuds, Sweatproof Stereo Wireless Earphones Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds Fit for Gym Sports with Built-in Mic:

u/TJZenkai · 29 pointsr/smashbros

Smash online is P2P based, so the most important reason for lag is latency between players and not central servers.

  1. Avoid playing someone who is far from your location. Try going to smashboards and smashladder to find players near your location.

  2. Get an ethernet adapter. Its literally ~12$ on amazon, here. I use the same one and it works great. It reduces your ping, and packet loss, and it doesn't have problems with interference which wifi signals do.

    A few more bucks to better your online gaming experience is totally worth it.
u/joebayerillustration · 11 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you're looking for a better online experience on Wii U, pick up one of these bad boys

They make Smash, Mario Kart, and Splatoon play like a dream

u/Chrystine · 7 pointsr/smashbros



u/bookchaser · 6 pointsr/wiiu

I use this $11 one.

Be sure to delete your wifi setting to force the console to use your Ethernet connection.

u/redgyarados21 · 6 pointsr/wiiu

I think I actually use this one. It's $11.95.

It isn't licensed, but it works. This is a simple USB to ethernet port- it just carries your internet signal and from what I understand, there is almost no risk of anything happening to your system if it doesn't work or breaks.

I would be much more wary about buying a power supply or charger that wasn't licensed.

Edit: I don't know why I originally posted regarding an adapter for Switch. Fixed it.

u/Waffles86 · 5 pointsr/wiiu

Really, any ethernet to usb dongle should work. This one is less than half the price Nintendo is advertising, and would perform exactly the same:

u/Tolanna · 4 pointsr/wiiu

USB 3.0 devices work on USB 2.0 ports no problem. What matters here is what drivers are built in on the system, so if a USB 3.0 LAN adapter has the right chipset, it'll work (but operate at USB 2 speeds). I use this USB 2.0 adapter on my Wii U, and this 3.0 adapter on my Switch. The Switch supports both chipsets to allow compatibility with the older official adapter, but the Wii U doesn't support the newer gigabit adapter's chipset.

u/koenn · 4 pointsr/smashbros

I picked up a USB ethernet adapter for $11 shipped on Amazon last week, just for this game. I really hope other people do the same.

u/TheArbitraitor · 3 pointsr/wiiu

It's a bit faster. But don't think multiple times faster, things like eShop run a few seconds faster and it seems like at this point the Wii U's processing is the bottleneck and not the connection.

This is the best fucking Wii U ethernet adapter right here.

u/CakedayIsBirthday · 3 pointsr/aggies
u/KingdaToro · 3 pointsr/wiiu

Splatoon's motion controls are absolutely the thing to use. They let you aim faster and more precisely than what's possible with an analog stick. It's the same sort of advantage over a stick that you get with mouse aim on PC FPSes, but less so.

As for Smash, if you're used to Gamecube controllers but don't currently have one, the Hori Battle Pad is the way to go. It plugs into the Wii Remote (it's essentially a Classic Controller) so you'll need one of those too. If you already have at least one Gamecube controller, get the adapter. This only works with Smash but the Battle Pad works with any game that supports Classic Controllers.

If you have an ethernet jack near your Wii U, get the wired network adapter and say goodbye to unstable or dropped connections in Splatoon!

Definitely, no matter what, get a Pro Controller. I also recommend two Wiimotes and Nunchuks.

u/Riddler9884 · 3 pointsr/smashbros

How well do you do in local play? Have you taken into account online lag? Some people say getting an Ethernet adapter for the Wii U (its the same one used for the Wii) has helped them, its also relatively cheap (I have seen them for 15$, amazon has one for 11 right now

u/jaypb08 · 3 pointsr/rutgers

You need to buy a wired ethernet adapter. It's impossible to set-up the wii u to RUwireless with the way they're both structured. Connecting the adapter this way works completely fine; used it all last semester.

u/LHoT10820 · 3 pointsr/splatoon

Just because you aren't noticing lag doesn't mean you aren't lagging from your opponents perspective. Getting set up on LAN is really only polite.

Since your router is in another room, something like this will be helpful. Just pair it with a proper LAN Adapter and you're good to go!

u/TheRealMrWillis · 3 pointsr/smashbros

This is the one I use. Works flawlessly.

Edit: Also I'd invest in a very long Ethernet cable, I have one that's 50 feet so I'm always good to go. If you want to be adventurous you can get one that's 100+ feet.

u/megavoltaic · 3 pointsr/wiiu

I bought two of These for when Pokken Tournament came out. Worked flawlessly.

u/ducksofdeath · 2 pointsr/nintendo

I got this one and it works great. Obviously you still have to wait for shipping from Amazon, but it's not $30.

u/Sprinkles169 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

This one works for me just fine.

The official one isn't exactly easy to find, better, or cheap.

u/danieltobey · 2 pointsr/theNvidiaShield

Over wifi there's going to be a bit of lag. You can test your connection by going to the Shield Hub, going to My PC Games, tapping the PC icon in the top right corner, hitting "Connectivity" and hitting "Test Network". Then you can tell if it's your network or if it's your computer.

A wired connection is best though. It will result in a much higher quality image, better framerates, and reduced lag. Bought these to deal with lag:

I recommend them, I tried cheaper ones and they didn't work.

u/SuspiciousAlias · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I use this, works fantastic

The nintendo adapter is not any better, they use the same chipset.

u/Monosentence · 2 pointsr/wiiu

How far away from your console are you with the gamepad? Are you going through wifi on your console? How far are you from your wifi source?

Also, preemptive- here you go my friend.

I can nearly guarantee that'll help with your problems. I still need to buy one myself, but only for Smash & online gaming. My connectivity otherwise is great, and Netflix's app is just glitchy- they need to make a new one. I'm not 100% certain, but I think the issue with netflix's app is a memory leak or it hits a memory wall after a bit. I've heard clearing the cache on the game console (Google search or search it on this subreddit first, please, to be sure) can fix the "25% loading" issue for a while, and then you simply do it again.

If you use any of the anime streaming sites, I'd recommend Kissanime personally. On PC they have some ads that make sounds which infuriates me to no end, but it doesn't matter since the WII U won't play them. Navigation is simple, just bookmark and away you go.

Unless your connection is just super bad, the adapter.

u/Twinkiman · 2 pointsr/splatoon

If you are looking for an adapter. I would suggest this one on Amazon.

It is cheap, and it worked perfectly for my Wii U and my Switch.

u/eskimobobz · 2 pointsr/wiiu

Looks like the ASIX AX88772 chipset? This is the one I have. Amazon has been on their game this holiday season. I've gotten orders within 48 hours on free shipping.

u/woomy_thrower · 2 pointsr/splatoon

The wireless card in the wiiu is laughably bad, if you use a wired connection you'll see an immediate difference. If the modem/router being in different room is an issue pick up a cheap powerline adapter.

getting this powerline adapter

and this ethernet adapter

will cost you under $40 but give you a vastly superior online experience. I use the same ethernet adapter and it made online so much better. The way powerline works is you plug one into the wall near your router and one near your console, the connection is sent through the powerlines in your wall, it's very cool stuff.

u/vagrantwade · 2 pointsr/PokkenGame

The Wireless adapter in the WiiU is trash. Anyone who plays Smash4 online seriously always makes sure to use like a cheap compatible 7-10$ adapter.

You can find this same adapter with various brandings on it. Best Buy has the same one with a Belkin label on it.

u/yourwifeandkids · 2 pointsr/smashbros

Not sure there's that much variety. This ( is the best selling highest rated one on amazon, but I'm pretty sure this is the one officially endorsed by Nintendo (

I doubt you could go wrong wither way, they both seem pretty solid.

u/WariorsSince2017 · 2 pointsr/smashbros

get a lan adapter if you dont want to play on laggy wifi

u/80espiay · 2 pointsr/smashbros

I can confirm that this one works (US$12):

$12 is hella worth the money even if you only see a slight improvement in some of your matches.

For best results, tell us how your gear is set up. How far is your Wii U from your router? What obstacles are between them? How many WiFi devices are being used nearby? What is your internet speed and what is the rest of your household doing on it?

u/NGTmeaty · 2 pointsr/k12sysadmin

You may want to get a USB - LAN adapter. You could always get a compute stick, get a usb hub, USB - LAN adapter, and your good!

40% off, may be a good idea to get, for a low cost way of doing this.(I did not put this USB Hub up, and I am in no way affiliated with it.

u/geekrelief · 2 pointsr/splatoon

Not any ethernet adapter will do. I bought one that didn't support the Wii U, I think because it was USB 3.0. I got this working one off amazon:

u/divampire · 2 pointsr/wiiu

From what I am reading in this thread any LAN Adapter with a compatible chipset will work. The OP of the thread I linked is using this LAN Adapter. I could not find any official Nintendo LAN adapter for the Wii U.

u/klondike152 · 1 pointr/wiiu

The ASIX AX88772 is the chipset you need.
This is the one I got, and it's been working great.

u/Crookshow · 1 pointr/splatoon

Hey, I was able to resolve my issue by buying an ethernet adapter from Amazon for $10 and setting up my Wii U with a wired connection. This is the one I bought specifically:

I have no idea why the wireless connection started having issues suddenly. My router and console are in the same room and about 4-5 feet apart. I troubleshooted with both Nintendo and Comcast and none of their suggestions helped. Bought the adapter as a last resort and now everything works again. Hope this is helpful to anyone having the same issue.

u/toymachinesh · 1 pointr/GuitarHero

I've heard that a LAN Adapter helps a lot with WiiU GHTV

u/Xenowait · 1 pointr/wiiu

My external drive came with a single cable and the wiiu did reformat it successfully but it would not save files. The WiiU for some reason cannot power and transfer data over one usb connection. I bought this:
You can power the drive from a separate usb to save room for this:

u/chardychar · 1 pointr/smashbros

This is the one I got which came in last week. It's been working perfectly enough (at least for Mario Kart 8) that I probably wouldn't feel the need to buy the official one if given the chance.

u/VSPinkie · 1 pointr/smashbros

There are plenty available and they're cheap. I use this one and it works fine.

u/wildhairzero · 1 pointr/wiiu

A lot of folks seem to have liked the UtechSmart USB 2.0 adapter (, but I had issues with mine. Every time I would start the Wii U it would "lose" the device and I would have to unplug it, delete the network profile for it, plug it back in and set it up again. One day it just stopped working all together.

So in the end I got a "HDE Ethernet LAN Adapter" and have had zero issues. (

In the end there a number of USB 2.0 Ethernet adapters that will work, but the build quality of the not official adapters can come back to haunt you.

u/swagmaster420yolo · 1 pointr/wiiu

Someone asked this same question a few months back. Someone replied with this:

this has been sitting at the bottom of my amazon wishlist for quite some time.

u/AdamManHello · 1 pointr/wiiu

I use this one and it works perfectly. I don't see why the one you bought wouldn't work, but you'd have peace of mind with the other one since it explicitly states is supports use with the Wii U, and should anything go wrong, you can return it based on that.

u/BadPenguin810 · 1 pointr/nintendo

I didn't want to pay out the nose for the official adapter. I picked up this one from Amazon and it works flawlessly.

u/LosvikeN · 1 pointr/GuitarHero

By low quality, you mean low bitrate?
I would always recommend going for a LAN Adapter for your Wii U, as the Wifi card in it isn't very good.

u/vtITguy · 1 pointr/wiiu

It didn't work for me either. I tried 3 different ones I had laying around and the one that worked was the one I expected NOT to work which was one from Belkin. It's very obvious when the Wii U detects the adapter as the "please plug in..." message won't come up. My recommendation is to buy one from Amazon where they specifically say it works for the Wii U.

Edit: Here's one in case you're feeling lazy

u/petarduk · 1 pointr/wiiu

In the reviews of this product somebody specifically says it worked for them with the Wii U, however I don't have one so I can't confirm.

u/Manc0mbSeepgood · 1 pointr/Games

I don't think Nintendo makes them official anymore. It's pretty standard so something like this would work. Works perfectly for me.

u/DrWeeGee · 1 pointr/smashbros

The WiiU Lan Adapter is incredibly easy to set up and guarantees you get a consistent connection (unless your router/modem sucks)

u/StimulatorCam · 1 pointr/wiiu

Also this one if you want to save a few dollars.

u/xkhakuran · 1 pointr/yale

Okay, here's my very awkward roundabout manner of connecting to games online (Super Smash, I presume?):

I have a USB to ethernet adapter that I bought to connect my Wii U (big Nintendo fan) to Yale's internet. The adapter has its own MAC address. I contacted Yale's IT department and asked them if they could route it through a public network (i.e., not through Yale's firewall), and they did.

Now for the interesting part. I hook my laptop up to the internet with the ethernet adapter (silly I know), and then run the program mHotspot. There may be other programs that can utilize your computer's wireless adapter to provide a network, but that's the one I use. I then set up a network with mHotspot, connect to my 3DS, and I'm able to play online just fine!

I was having similar issues to you with Mario Kart 8 before doing this. The matchmaking servers that Nintendo uses are apparently blocked by Yale's firewall. I assume that they use a similar system for Super Smash and other games. Good luck!

u/fatluger1 · 1 pointr/splatoon

I bought one of the ethernet Lan adapters for Wii U off of Amazon for around $10 along with the game (Ive pasted the link to an example product below. Be sure that the one you purchase says it will work with a Wii U because there are different types of USB Lan adapters that may not be compatible with it). It is not a bad investment if you can afford it as wired connections tend to be more stable and I would hate for your first few days of splatoon-ing to be dampened by connection issues!

u/mrbill · 1 pointr/Nexus5
u/BarefootSeagull · 1 pointr/wiiu

For a Mac, it's under System Preferences -> Sharing. For Windows 10 it's Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Hotspot.

Alternatively, Amazon sells Ethernet to USB adapters that you can plug into the back of your WiiU for a wired connection. I haven't tested a wired WiiU on my network, so I can't tell you whether or not it would solve the issues you're having with WiFi.

u/beerSnobbery · 1 pointr/splatoon

My WiiU suddenly had issues like this a while back. I picked up a LAN adapter and all my problems went away. I'd recommend it as a possible solution if you don't mind having to run an Ethernet cable to your WiiU.

u/smellyfeetyouhave · 1 pointr/wiiu

The WiiU has a really bad card. If you have an android device, download Wifi Analyzer and you can view the recommended channel for your device.
Microwaves wont do much as they're very well shielded. The WiiU's wifi card is just absolute garbage. When it comes to the ethernet adapter, the generic USB ones are fine.
I have this one ( and it's flawless.
I'm ~15 feet away from my router and I did some pretty extensive testing last week with this stuff. I can pull a maximum of ~20Mbps via wifi but I was peaking at ~60Mbps via ethernet. I get 150 down on my desktop but the WiiU ethernet adapters are 100Mbps adapters. The only way I was able to get a decent speedtest was by using the eshop and downloading a game as no browser speedtest will be accurate due to the nature of the WiiU's browser.
I'd HIGHLY suggest you get an ethernet adapter as the card in the WiiU is terrible, but if you don't want to deal with it I'd suggest using that Wifi analyzer app to figure out the best channel

u/kitten_based_economy · 0 pointsr/splatoon

Yeah I know the struggle. There would be times where I would be kicked off of like 25% of my games and days that were literally unplayable. After getting this adapter, I might get dropped maybe a few times per month. I sometimes get dropped during splatfests but I'm guessing that has more to do with Nintendo's servers than with my connection.

If you do decide to get a USB adapter, after plugging it in you have to go the system settings and disable your WiiU's wifi connection to force it to used the wired one.