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Wiremold Cable Management Kit, Cordmate, Cord Organizer and Hider, Cord Cover, Concealer, and Protector for Wall, White, Single Cord, C110
CordMate Kit contains:9' of Wire Channel (3 sections, 3' long) , 2 Couplings , 1 Inside Elbow , 1 Outside Elbow , 2 Flat Elbows
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24 Reddit comments about Wiremold Cable Management Kit, Cordmate, Cord Organizer and Hider, Cord Cover, Concealer, and Protector for Wall, White, Single Cord, C110:

u/throwveryfaraway3 · 21 pointsr/malelivingspace

Do you own or rent?

Your speaker setup could be vastly improved by just spreading them out to their appropriate space thereby creating a better cinematic experience while watching television, as well as decluttering your AV hutch a bit further.

If you own, you route your baseboards to run the wires, if you rent, you can buy self adhesive tracks which will hide the wires. It's not much work and makes a huge difference. Said wires can then be reused for when/if you upgrade.

Also the subwoofer can be totally hidden away since bass/low frequencies tend to be non directional. You can even get slim units that slip under your sofa so the effect is more pronounced at lower volumes.

Although for all I've said, I'm really nitpicking. Your space is great.

Obviously, larger ones for more wires, just not too slim.

u/tricheboars · 6 pointsr/oculus

Okay. So wall mounted sensors are definitely the way to go. I got these:
Uxcell 1/4" Black CCTV Security Camera Metal Wall Mount Bracket

But the wires right? Well for those I got these:
Wiremold C110 1-channel CordMate Kit, White

Then I have 10ft USB 3.0 extension cables on two sensors and a 16ft active USB 2.0 cable on my third sensor.

I ran the cables along the baseboard with the cord mate runners. They are white which matches my baseboards and then I run the cord mates with the sensor cables inside up the walls in the corners.

Shit works. Tracking is flawless. It's barely noticeable and I never have to mess with them now that they are setup.

When it comes to vr don't be surprised if you need to rearrange the layout of your furniture in the computer room. Think long and hard and then commit.

It helps if you draw this shit out first and think about how to lay out it before doing anything. This project will take a day but once your done your done.

u/peejaysayshi · 6 pointsr/beyondthebump

You could use cord tracks if you can't just put them behind furniture. We used that for our ceiling lamp cord since we don't actually have an electrical box in the ceiling to put a light up. If they're super determined they could probably pull it off the wall, but honestly if they're super determined there's probably not a whole lot you can do. :P

u/Jenjenmi · 5 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Consider using a paintable cable keeper that adheres to the walls. Whatever cables can't be neatly wrapped and tucked out of site, running them in this way down to outlets makes them almost disappear.

Wiremold C110 1-channel CordMate Kit, White

Or maybe find a wall mount shelf that would hold your turn table and put it to the right of your existing shelf? Then you could tuck as many of the cables as possible to the bottom of the shelf and that would help a lot.

Is this one from Ikea big enough for the turntable?

u/YOLO_HASHTAG_SWAG · 4 pointsr/oculus

List of components:

u/HudsonSir · 4 pointsr/InteriorDesign

This sort of stuff ("cord hider"?) works pretty well for hiding cords and making it blend in with your baseboard somewhat if you end up going that route.

u/NativityCrimeScene · 3 pointsr/sonos

Here you go. I have a Play:1 mounted above the shower in my bathroom and another Play:1 mounted in the corner of my bedroom in addition to other Sonos around my house that aren't mounted.

I used Flexson wall mounts to mount them and then Wiremold CordMate kits to run the power cables. I actually used an extension cable so that it would be long enough and then have the Sonos power cable hidden.

u/gp_aaron · 3 pointsr/HomeNetworking

If surface run is required and staples are not an option, we frequently use stick on cable conduit. We tend to use NiceDuct brand stuff that works well enough if you clean the area of the wall with the included alcohol pads before affixing the attached two sided tape. This stuff looks like so:, the small one will easily hold 1 Cat6 loosely or 2-3 Cat5e depending on cable thickness.

We get ours from a supplier but here are some similar ones I found with a quick Amazon search;

u/TJ_MediaDesign · 3 pointsr/battlestations

that box on the first image is a cable management box made out of spare trim and if u can see that is cable trunking running to an outlet with an extension cable to the left side of my room

u/LeifCarrotson · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

That does make it harder...

Something like this:
is probably available at your local hardware or big box store.

u/LeftMySoulAtHome · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The worst flight I ever had was coming back to Orlando from Lake Tahoe. There was a ton of turbulence leaving the Reno airport, which made me really sick. Before then, I'd never gotten sick on a plane. After that, we were diverted to L.A. due to weather and had an unexpected layover of 2 hours. At this point it was midnight, so a lot of the stuff at LAX was closed. We did find an all-night diner and had dinner.

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It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now. Thanks for the contest! This would be awesome. :)

u/C_64 · 2 pointsr/oculus

Oh, I'd love white sensors - it'd be a much better match for most homes.

Given that I'm in an apartment, I'm just not willing to take the risk + effort running the cords behind the wall. But now that I'm pretty certain I've got the final location for my sensors set, I can consider using cord covers to hide them. Like these things:

u/k3vdizzle · 1 pointr/hometheater

I picked up a few of these and they work perfectly. Plus you can paint over them if you want. Sticky tape on the back.

u/kineticsyn · 1 pointr/battlestations

Decent, and the adhesive is really really strong. Tried to correct the allignment and it tore some of the wall towards the bottom lol.

u/gimmemoarmonster · 1 pointr/hometheater

Floating shelves work. I actually made a floating shelf out of an old street sign and some low profile brackets. I quite like it. As for cable management, look into something like this.

u/sup3rmark · 1 pointr/DIY

looks pretty good!

i would definitely recommend some wire molding to hide that coax cable, though, or at least tack it down along the wall with some of these.

u/DrMackDDS2014 · 1 pointr/hometheater

Try something like this maybe:

Wiremold C110 1-channel CordMate Kit, White

This stuff is paintable and can help give you a clean install right up against your baseboards without having to staple.

u/sewell5984 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

Wire molds. You can pick them up online or at most hardware stores.

Wire Mold

u/21541215415 · 1 pointr/CableManagement

Hum, is your "tower of power" coming down from the ceiling (like you see with cubicle clusters)? Or do you have a stand alone tower that simply sits upright on the floor?

Are they fixed height standing desks? Just get some adhesive wire channels and stick them to the underside of the desks perpendicular to the "tower of power". That will handle the cables coming from the tower.