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Woodwards Gripe Water 150ml
Alcohol and sugar freeProvides relief from gripeAlso provides relief from gasContains terpeneless dill see oil, sodium bicarbonate, e217, e219 and disodium edta
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u/struggle_cuddle_club ยท 6 pointsr/baby

Cloth diapers - flour sack towelsfrom amazon as the stuffers - cheap and clean easily. Bamboo liners for the poop. Rubber gloves for swishing it in the toilet for the parts that don't come off with the liners. Lot's of covers that can be used from newborn to 35 lbs. You can use any bum cream if you use the flour sack towels as well FYI because it doesn't ruin them. Also pick up a couple of these laundry bags. Wipes.

Cleaning is easy - "quick wash" with a bit of soap, then a hot long wash for extra soiled diapers.

Baby nest was nice to have but not a necessity. Blankets/towels can help. Also a wrap is nice for the first 6 months but not necessary.

Gripe water for gassy baby, Punkin Butt teething oil

A pump, even hand pump will be handy. Especially in the first few weeks she's regulating her supply.

Zip up sleepers (snaps suck)

Baby Bag (backpack style)

Don't worry about a baby changing table, you can change anywhere. Don't worry about a diaper genie since you're cloth diapering.

Breastfeeding scarf/carseat cover

Older baby (6-12 months will come fast)

- snack containers

- Food holder thing(frozen bananas are awesome for teething)