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I would choose a book titled Words and Nothing More by Jonathan Lamoureux Horic .
Beautiful, raw and real.

Thanks for asking!

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So...... what was wrong?|I think sometimes you meet someone and you see the great side of them, and they see that in you, and you overlook your differences. Then enough time passes and you learn to love so much about each other, but then those differences surface again, and this time you love each other far more...which makes the fear of losing the other one even more unbearable to think about. Eventually, those differences surface and you must acknowledge that maybe you just aren't all that happy together. Once you bring that emotion to light, there is no going back.|Here
Have you authored any other books? Sorry to hear about your situation. I'm far too familiar with loneliness myself.|I wrote and published a book for musicians years ago, but this is the first book that I wrote for me and not with big dollar signs attached to it. I just had so many things I wanted to say, and I needed an outlet to process my emotions that were hitting me like bullets. Art has always been there for me, in good times and bad, and this time I wanted to share how I felt with other people..I guess I just don't feel like wanting to do this all alone this time around.|Here
I don't acctually have a question I just wanted to ask you how you're doing and to say good job on the ama. Your doing a great job answering everyone's questions.|Thank you for your kind words. My friend told me to do the AMA and I am trying my best to be an open book. I am doing ok today. I have been processing this loss for months, but it being the wedding day and all, that's a bit rough. I am excited about the book though, and that really helps me smile today. Thank you for your comment. I hope you have a great day yourself.|Here
If you could pick a bouquet of poems (that aren’t your own) to describe what love is and what it means to you, what would you choose?|I would choose a book titled Words and Nothing More by Jonathan Lamoureux Horic . Beautiful, raw and real. Thanks for asking!|Here
I love to write poetry and I'm an aspiring author. How did you become published?|First off, keep writing! and Thank you for your question. I knew that I had a great shot at getting this one published through a company, but I wanted to have it available on the day that was supposed to be my wedding (I know, that in itself is poetic haha). I ended up opting for self-publishing through Amazon, as they have been a great success for me in the past with a previous book (not related to poetry). I would say that you should find a book the size and style that you like, use that book as a template for your own, and then add all of your poems to it. Also, create an account on Kindle publishing to get things set up through Amazon, and when you wan to convert your book to an ebook, simply use to get the job done cheap. Please feel free to share some of your poetry with me, either here or my Instagram @instadonnelly|Here
Congratusorrlationsy?|Now that is a word I can get behind hahaha. And it sums up the day for me haha. Thank you.|Here
your book is called conversations with ghost: so what are the names of the ghosts?|That is one hell of a question. But being vague seems lame. Kristy Helena Dyane Crystal Michelle And a few that are in there by proxy. No last names for obvious reasons :) Thank you for your question.|Here
looking back, do you think the marriage would have worked or was breaking up for the best?|We had our near misses more than a few times. I think we weren't meant to make it forever. Even if I wanted to continue to try and make it all work, sometimes you just know that the intensity isn't there enough to last a life time. It's still love, but then it becomes about being best friends, and then you both forget to talk about things. It's the silence that kills love. But yeah, I would say that breaking up was the right answer. Time will tell though. Thank you for asking.|Here
I'm sorry you had to go through that, but at least it happened BEFORE you got married. I was married once...she left me for a coworker. But as they say, "it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all." It does get better. I am happier now and although i dont agree with what she did, I am happy our relationship is over. You shouldnt want to be with anyone who doesn't want to be with you. It isn't fair to either of you. We only have one life, let's make the best of it by making it what we want it to be! Stay strong, my friend ☺|Thank you for this. Yes, I almost called my book "Just Friends" because that's what they always say hahah. I really appreciate your comment. Make it a great day!|Here
How did you publish it?|I was under a time constraint so I opted to self publish through Kindle Direct Publishing. Since my last book has been successfully launched through them before, it was something I was comfortable with. I wrote the book. Had it edited. Created the cover myself. Then launched the book on KDP. It's a great service that lets you decide your pricing structure and where you want to sell your book. I do want to make it clear that it is still VERY important that you edit, re edit, and edit again for good measure, before you hit that publish button.|Here
Do you feel less lonely now or when you were with your partner?|I feel more lonely for sure, but I also feel empowered that I can focus on me for a while and try to get things right in my own life|Here
I’m literally going through the same thing. I’ve been writing a ton. How did you go about getting published?|First off, I'm sorry that you are going through the same thing, it's absolutely crushing. That's the point of my book though, I wanted to reach out with my heart and share that with others. I want anyone that cares to listen (or read in this case) to know that they are not completely alone. As for the book, I did this. 1) Found a poetry book the same shape and size that I wanted. I used that book as inspiration, and it became a template during the editing process. 2) Wrote book and then edited the book. 3) Uploaded the finished book and cover to Kindle Direct Publishing . 4) Published! Thank for your question.|Here
How did you go from breaking up to publishing a book in just 3 months? That's impressively fast considering all phases involved; even if the creative process and writing were part of you coping strategy is pretty fast.|I could see myself making two decisions, to grab the bottle and start a long journey down that rabbit hole...or, lean on art to see me through ( and yes, there was Whiskey still involved, and a ton of music! I even created a playlist on Spotify). I should note that I am still very much in the healing process. The book helped me a lot, but it didn't fully heal this wounded heart. I think anyone feeling something truly powerful emotionally should let that out in an art form. It really helps. It's like free therapy. Haha|Here
Well said. I admire how exact your description is of this unceasing temptation of lashing out and burning all bridges with greatest fire ever seen (even more so if you are in right and it would be so easy) and then describing the other way of containing yourself and accepting the pain that comes with loneliness. So no real question here, just wanted to tell you that I don't even like poetry that much, but I am looking forward to read your book!|I really appreciate your kind words. You sound like you really get where I am coming from. I just want to heal and I want her to heal, and I want what's best for everyone. I have seen far too many loves turn into hate because of uncontrolled emotions. Trust me. Healing takes time, and the process is far better when you don't spend all your time trying to be right about how the other person hurt you. If you end up getting my book, that would be incredible, and if you like it, or not, please feel free to leave a review. Aloe, I will be giving anyone who buys my book the ebook version for free when it's ready, so make sure to let me know on my Instagram account @instadonnelly|Here

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