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World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1
The World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 Hardcover Book is a journey through an age of myth and legend, a time long before the Horde and the Alliance came to be.This definitive tome of Warcraft history reveals untold stories about the birth of the cosmos, the rise of ancient empires, and the forces that shaped the world of Azeroth and its people.This beautiful hardcover features twenty-five full-page paintings by World of Warcraft artist Peter Lee, as well as a cosmology chart, half a dozen maps charting changes through time, and other line art illustrations by Joseph Lacroix, and marks the first in a multipart series exploring the Warcraft universe; from the distant past to the modern era.The 184 page book measures about 12 3/10-inches tall x 9 3/10-inches wide.Ages 13 and up.
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u/andrzejellis · 31 pointsr/wow

The other two are alive, yes. When we the players fought C'thun way back in Ahn'qiraj, we fought what amounted to the tip of a finger. When we defeated Yogg in Ulduar, we had the help of a half dozen Titanic Keepers, some of the most powerful beings the Titans left behind. Neither Old God is dead, and even if they were I don't know that it would significantly reduce their threat. After all, Y'shaarj has been dead for millennia and we spent a whole expansion fighting what was basically a few drops of his blood (the Sha in Pandaria).

Most of our Old God lore can be found centralized in Chronicle Volume 1. You could also check out Wowpedia if you want to get trapped for hours.

Most of what we know about the Old Gods happened many thousands of years before the events of the Warcraft games, so a lot of it comes from sources like these.


Edit: Swapped the WoWWiki link for a link to Wowpedia instead. After looking at both, it seems that WoWWiki is pretty out of date.

u/Jostin71 · 28 pointsr/wow


Everything we thought we knew was a lie.

Ysera used to be the mother of Cenarius that freaked me out when I found that out.
(The War of the Ancients Trilogy describes Ysera as the mother of Cenarius, which was changed to Ysera and Malorne were lovers then changed again.)

Neptulon the Tidehunter and Ozumat are one that's stuck in my head the longest. I was legit so excited for the abyssal Maw raid. We could have dealt with Queen Azshara and instead of getting tentacle Deathwing we could of got N'Zoth back in Cataclysm. Would have made the story more coherent along with the missed War of the Ancients raid we also missed out on.

The entire War of the Ancient time travel book was a pretty big retcon as well.

Back in vanilla I remember being confused about AV when it's was Frostwolf land and the alliance recognized it but, then it was changed to the frostwolf invaded Alterac land.

Garona's parentage was changed to be less graphic and also Medan being removed. Blizzard put a lot of resources into him outside the game just to drop him.

Religion used to be a lot bigger a lot of references to Hell, God, angels etc. Changed to the light

Female Night Elven druids

Miev's death.

All the blood elves following Kael to outland jk no they didnt.

Most of the Warcraft 1 campaigns if I remember right.

The constant shifting of Arthas/Nerzhul and what is actually happening in the mind of the Wrath LK.

u/thelizardofodd · 17 pointsr/Fantasy

The lore has a lot of cliche's in it (just like this movie likely) but Blizzard was always such a master of the craft in just about all other areas that it quickly became acceptable. Their lore/world building is incredible, fun quirky humor, interesting style.
The movie will very likely be super over the top, but I'm otherwise guessing it'll be pretty fun. :D
Side note, if you or anyone else is interested in learning some of that lore through a more traditional format, this was recently released, and it's beautifully put together.

u/Krunchtime · 12 pointsr/hearthstone

Warcraft 3 & Frozen Throne for sure.

WoW has some great lore, but most of it isn't totally related to Hearthstone. You could still run around and see loads of Hearthstoney things and see how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

Also, Warcraft: Chronicle is a great source of lore, but most of it is stuff from the beginning of the Warcraft universe that hasn't made its way into Hearthstone yet.

u/dothack5415 · 9 pointsr/wow

A book just came out that does a really good job. Its on sale right now on amazon

u/The_Fawkesy · 9 pointsr/wow

I think it's from the new lore book that is coming out on the 15th.

128 pages of lore that fills in a lot of the holes quests leave us with and 25 full page paintings by Peter Lee, who I assume did the one we're discussing.

u/Thirteenera · 8 pointsr/wow

The timelines are a bit of a mess, keep that in mind.

Basically it goes like this

[Vanilla Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms 1-60] - original wow, no "big story", just lots of small stories and world building in general. Unfortunately you will NOT see this anymore, apart from a few remaining untouched dungeons/raids. (see cataclysm)

Then demons invade through Blasted Lands portal and next expansion begins:

[Burning Crusade 60-70] - all outlands. It stayed untouched, so you can see it as it was. Overall story is stopping demons, but there's usually a per-zone story that focuses on something. A few max-level quests are cool (like Ogri'La faction, the Netherwing, etc). if you're a horde, recommend doing ALL nagrand quests. Note that Blood Elves and Draenei starting areas are considered part of TBC for purposes of timeline.

When we finally kill all big baddies, a big threat emerges in the north, and xpac begins:

[Wrath of the Lich King 70-80] - we go to Northrend. Almost everything is also untouched. There are a couple "big stories" (stopping LK, and weird stuff with old gods / titan keepers), and a lot of zone-wide stories. DK starting area takes place in this timeline.

When we finally stop LK, suddenly our original world got REALLY fucked up by Deathwing coming out. Cataclysm's area is all of the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms remade to what they are now - so all "original vanilla" content is gone and replaced by Cataclysm version. This is why its weird for people, because they start levelling in Cataclysm areas, then move on to TBC areas (which are in the "past"), and stuff makes no sense. Cataclysm is also when Worgen and Goblin starting areas happen. Cataclysm both revamped the older low level zones (1-60) and also added new high level zones (80-85).

After that comes Pandaria (pandarian continent 85-90), then Draenor (draenor continent 90-100), then Legion (legion continent 100-110). To help you with the timeline, keep the below in mind:

If you start as a dwarf, gnome, human, Night Elf, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Undead, Goblin or Worgen, then your starting zone will be in Cataclysm (If we say original was Time 1, and legion is now time 7, then you start in Time 4).You will then continue levelling in same Time 4, before heading off to TBC (time 2), then WOTLK (time 3), returning back to Cataclysm (time 4), and then its pretty simple after that.

If you start as Blood Elf or Draenei, then you start in TBC (Time 2), after your starting zone you will jump forward to Cata (time 4), then at 60 you will return back to Time 2, and then time 3 -> time 4 -> onwards. Basically, your starting area is same "time" as you visit at levels 60-70, but your 15-60 zone is the time two expansions AFTER your starting zone. Its fucked, yes.

If you start as a panda, you're even more screwed. You start as MOP (time 5), before levelling in Cata/tbc/wotlk/cata, so your overall timeline will be 5-4-3-2-4-5-6-7.

If you pick a Death Knight class, you will always start as WOTLK time, BUT you also skip the 1-60 levelling. So you will basically be 3-2-3-4-5-6-7.

If you pick a Demon Hunter class, you will always start as Legion time, but also skip the 1-100 levelling. so you will be basically 6.5-7.

Yes, this is confusing. yes, its annoying. You will figure it out.

That said, if you're interested in lore, i REALLY REALLY REALLY recommend the 2 Warcraft Chronicle books -

They are fantastic, and cover time from [Beginning of time] -> [Beginning of Warcraft 3]. Third part is scheduled to be released soon(ish).

I also recommend either playing or watching Warcraft 3 and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. They set up the events of WoW the mmo, and give a lot of important (and cool) lore.

If you search around for wow books, you can also find plenty of lists made to help new players start reading the lore.

u/Highfire · 8 pointsr/hearthstone

Uh... I'm kind of a decent resource?

I can certainly point you to a few different places. First, for "up-to-date" WoW-expansion related events, Nobbel's YouTube Channel is superb. I believe his longest video is the story of the Lich King -- following Ner'Zhul, Arthas and then the two put together. It's 3 hours and 15 minutes long.

For Lore of the Cards? SixGamers! Their two longest videos are for Rhonin and Vol'jin at 107 minutes and 113 minutes, respectively. He has also been working on Fandral Staghelm and we can expect that soon, which should be great.

For the gospel for what is and isn't canon in the Warcraft lore, alongside beautiful art and good reading? Warcraft Chronicle Volume I is great, and I really really look forward to the second volume. Note, that some of the lore has been changed through the Warcraft Chronicle, such as the lore presented in SixGamers' Medivh episode for Lore of the Cards. (47 minutes.

It's not too different, but the context in which Medivh's mother and father decided to have a child is different, and who Nielas Aran was is different as well. I'll give you the differences quickly here:

Pre Chronicle: Nielas Aran was the Court Conjurer for Stormwind. Aegwynn took a fancy to him as father of her child, seduced him and became pregnant, only using him. She left Medivh in his care before taking off.

In the Chronicle: Nielas Aran was a member of the Tirisgarde, a secret sect of the Council of Tirisfal, a secret sect of the ruling body of Dalaran, comprised of Elves and Humans that defended Azeroth from demonic incursions resulting from their use of the arcane. As member of the Tirisgarde, he was tasked with using artifacts and relics of great power that could be used to help subjugate the on-the-run Aegwynn, who refused to give in her Guardian powers back to the Council, partly due to the corruption of Sargeras, subtly whispering doubts.

In their chase, they bantered back and forth to find weaknesses. Nielas realised that Aegwynn wasn't oh-so bad, and eventually gave up, believing her innocence. The two fell in love, and Aegwynn wanted to make up for everything, and pass on her Guardianship. She wanted a child who could take up the mantle. Nielas saw a darkness in her and saw this as a way of helping her redeem herself, unaware of just how significant that darkness would become or who that darkness was.

Medivh was born, and Nielas then became Court Conjurer of Stormwind so he could raise his son alongside the best and brightest -- the King's son, Llane Wrynn and Anduin Lothar, who would eventually become the Lion of Azeroth. He also chose Stormwind due to its geographical distance from the other human kingdoms and consequently his ability to stay away from the Kirin Tor's powerful influence.

So, they ended up meeting, they ended up doing it, they ended up having Medivh with Nielas as more or less a single father and Medivh ended up befriending Llane/Anduin in Stormwind in both stories. The "key points" are the same. The main difference is how things were reflected on Aegwynn -- instead of a rather badass but callous woman who took everything into her own hands, she was a rather badass woman who eventually opened up to a capable and understanding man, working with him to take things into their own hands.


Sorry, that was a far longer explanation than I'd expected it to be. But hey, if you have any questions about anything (regardless of how silly it may sound), go for it!

u/MyNameIsXal · 8 pointsr/hearthstone

There are 3 WoW history books that explain the story from the creation of the cosmos to the defeat of Deathwing (happened on 2011 year IRL).

They have a total of 552 pages (184 each), and mind you I DID say they are history books, as they are not literary books, they don't explore different subjects from different characters' point of view, they just state the events that happened in the order they happened, so they are pretty boring(like your average high school history book), but more interesting than history lessons since, for example the history of Europe doesn't include demons and giant dragons.

And it's not even the full story since a lot of things have happened in WoW since 2011 and are continuing to happen since it is an MMORPG with regular updates that continue the story forward.

TL;DR There is enough curriculum to teach MORE than a year of high school history

u/Tiucaner · 8 pointsr/warcraftlore

The [Chronicle] ( books are the best resource now or an almost full recap of the lore. From the literal creation of the universe to the end of the Second War. There are currently 2 volumes, with a 3rd coming. Other than that, there's a breath of novels and comics that delves into details of major events. Most are of good quality and worth a read. Wowpedia is also great. Other than that there's the previous 3 RTS games. Personally I'd recommend Warcraft III, as it setups most of what happens in the earliest WoW events and expansions.

u/MHmanastorm · 7 pointsr/warcraftlore

Chronicle Vol. 1 has a big section on the original Draenor, which is very similar to the AU Draenor seen in WoD.

u/warmwaterpenguin · 7 pointsr/Warcraft

If you want a zoomed out history of the world, go with Chronicle. So far only volumes 1 and 2 are out.

You should play Warcraft 3. It still holds up gameplay-wise and is the best way to consume the immediately-pre-WoW lore.

u/AnsikteBanana · 7 pointsr/warcraftlore

Here are the excerpts from the recently released official chronicles lorebook. If you are interested in this kind of stuff, I highly suggest picking up a copy. It is a really good read into the lore.

Night Elf Origin Excerpt (15,000-10,000 Years before the opening of the Dark Portal)

Tauren Origin Excerpt (12,000 Years before the opening of the Dark Portal)

u/kalzor · 7 pointsr/wow
u/Widgetcraft · 7 pointsr/wow

Sorry, I'm not going to read through all of the posts to find out what people have and haven't posted. I'll just give you what I think would be your best resources.

Blizzard is releasing a series of three lore books that focus on outlining the universe and its history. The first is out:

Check out Nobbel87's videos, he has most of the lore covered, and has some convenient playlists to watch his videos:

For anything specific, check out

Check out /r/warcraftlore for lore discussion on Reddit.

u/MeatyChunks · 6 pointsr/wow

How about the Chronicle book? It's full of amazing art and lore. Maybe you could get the Druid job crest put on a cake or something too.

u/psychobatshitskank · 5 pointsr/wow

For quick information I prefer wowpedia. If you're looking to spend money I highly recommend getting Chronicle.

u/ColdfearGold · 5 pointsr/wow

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

World of Warcraft: Chroniken Bd. 1

It is on Amazon in German and in english

u/woodenarmedsage · 4 pointsr/wow

Well we'd have to defeat Sargeras for the Legion to really be over. KJ is just the acting leader because Sargeras is too powerful to fully exist in this reality.

But if we were to defeat Sargeras then there's still the matter of the Void Lords who are the ultimate threat as of now, since they're basically the cause of all disorder and evil in the universe.

Blizzard just recently started publishing a series of lore books (which I highly recommend you read), that sort of "resets" the lore, in the sense that it's becoming more fleshed out and cohesive. So the possibilities really are unlimited right now.

u/YabbaDaabaDoo · 4 pointsr/wow

Look at the Chronicles Vol 1 & 2. Just got vol. 1 for father's day and can't wait to get to vol. 2

u/Pomegranate_Seed · 4 pointsr/wow

A nice thing may be Warcraft chronicles 1. It's an art-book with the backstory of the game that was released a few months ago. It tells of the beginning of the world, how it was made and fought over (long before the alliance and horde came into the picture).

It was very well received by the fans, partially because it has some really pretty art in it and partially because it clarified a lot of the backstory that used to be very vague.

Another thing that may be nice are the mounts & pets in the battle net shop. They're cosmetic rewards that your bf will get in-game. The mounts are the most used ones, they're the big beasts that you ride/fly around the world with. The pets are used for pokemon-battles. Not everyone plays with the pets, but still a fair number of people like them.

There's an option in the battle net store to gift those mounts and pets, so your bf will recieve them in-game. I don't know if you need a battle net account to gift them though, never done that.

If you're considering the mounts/pets, you'd probably want to know which ones your bf already has. If you want to check that without him knowing, you can check his armory. It has a tab with 'pets & mounts', where you can search through all the things he has collected, and which ones he's missing. (This is just an example armory I pulled up, you would have to search for your bf's character name, realm and eu-us-asia-region to find his armory.)

There's probably some more things out there, but these are the first 2 things I can think of. Happy hunting! :)

u/kejartho · 4 pointsr/movies

World of Warcraft:Chronicle Volume 1

Nobbel87 covers a lot of the different stories. The origin story in particular I believe covers this portion of the pantheon.

u/Vejret · 3 pointsr/wow

Honestly, whilst Nobbels videos are the best way to go in depth on a specific subject, you might find it hard to understand the world and overarching storyline still.

Blizzard are releasing books that compile the lore together, This is chapter one: Amazon

I'm looking forward to chapter 3 coming in a month.
These are a fantastic source for beginners with lore, they keep it all in order and don't overwelm you. Then if you want to know more in depth, go to Nobbel.

u/Paradoxical_Hero · 3 pointsr/Fantasy

Warcraft is worth looking in to imo

They are releasing lore books ( 2 have been released)

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

u/tholt212 · 3 pointsr/warcraftlore

It's a novel but with a few illustrations. Chronicles is what's the confirmed canon in terms of what stories from before it. So like, Chronicles had no mention of Medan in them, thus most people think he isn't Canon anymore despite having a comic series done of him.

Volume 1 has basically all the events before Warcraft 3 included.

u/Kaijankoski · 3 pointsr/ElysiumProject

I've actually started reading into the lore for the first time ever. I've played since 2005. This story and others are in the new book (amongst others)

u/Laka_the_Lorejunk · 3 pointsr/wow

You have got several options here:

| Book/Bundle | Content |
| Chronicle: Volume 1 | "This definitive tome of Warcraft history reveals untold stories about the birth of the cosmos, the rise of ancient empires, and the forces that shaped the world of Azeroth and its people." |
| War of the Ancients Trilogy | This trilogy covers the initial invasion of the Burning Legion some 10,000 years before the First War/Warcraft 1. Eventhough it is slightly tainted by Knaak's infamous writing and it has become hard/expensive to get your hands on a new copy; it remains essential in WoW's canon. |



| ALSO: | |
| If you are looking for a recommended reading list before Legion hits | Go to our friends at Blizzard Watch |
| If you are looking for a nerd with a soothing voice, summarizing lore for you | Go watch all Nobbel's videos |
| If you are looking for a subreddit full of helpful lorewalkers | Go visit r/warcraftlore ! |

u/gefroy · 3 pointsr/wow - Press look inside button above the image to view a short section of the book. Looks good to my eyes.

u/sixsamurai · 3 pointsr/wow
u/Zilveari · 3 pointsr/wow

It is in this book. The stuff in his spoiler is true for the most part.

u/hellshogun · 3 pointsr/Games

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1
It's actually a rather fun read if you like Warcraft lore. They're basically attempting to set all the lore straight, removing a lot of the confusion and just getting a solid base for their future games.

In this book they introduce the idea that the Titans are born of world-souls, extremely powerful spirits that are created within the core of certain worlds. The Void Lords (the Void is the force that is opposing the Light) are attempting to corrupt the world-soul by using Old Gods. When Sargeras, the champion of the Titans, realize that world-souls are getting corrupted, he comes to the conclusion that the universe must be wiped out and started anew. The other Titans disagree and he ends up killing them, the only remaining trace of the Titans now is in the keepers they created on Azeroth (Odyn, Mimiron, Freya, Thorim, etc.)

Azeroth is important because it is hosting a particularly powerful world-soul that the Void Lords want to corrupt, that Sargeras wants to destroy and that the Pantheon wanted to protect.

u/CaptBakardi · 3 pointsr/wow

Hey readers, if you like this, do yourself a favor and [get the book that follows this beautiful picture:] (

You won't regret it

u/necros1215 · 3 pointsr/wow

This book is awesome. Ever since seeing the movie, I've really been into more of the lore side even more so than usual and this first volume really helps to flesh out the creation of the Warcraft universe pre Warcraft 1. I highly recommend it, especially with Volume 2 coming out next March.

u/SirUrza · 3 pointsr/wow

The three WoW chronicles are a great place to start.

After that if you really want more I'd start with the novels (I'd probably stick to reading the novels in published order.)

u/victorbcreed · 2 pointsr/wow
u/Ryltarr · 2 pointsr/wow

Pick up the WoW Chronicle Vol 1, it's a great (relatively) short account of the origins of everything in the game; it tells the story right up to Medivh, in full with just the right amount of detail.
From there, you can fill in a lot of the blanks with gameplay info and wiki pages; and you can further compress it (but you'll lose stuff) for your friend.
edit: [Amazon link] I'm 100% sure you can find a free PDF or something similar, but I'm not looking for that.

u/tagey · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

Amazon has it listed as 184 pages, so I hope that's just a placeholder number - because 184 pages is not enough to clarify the history of Warcraft; even if it's just Volume 1.

u/Vavou · 2 pointsr/wow

You have pretty much the big picture !
Even tho it's not yet related to the game you can read up the Chronicles !
What you miss now maybe :

  • Wrath :
    • Lich King dead, but new Lich king needed so Bolvar is. In Legion he is moving again but I didn't play the Dk campaign.
    • Sylvanas suicide, she jumped down the icecrown citadel, went to a horrible world where her mind was tortured relentlessly by the Lich King. A Val'kyr took her place in this realm and all other Val'kyr now serves the Banshee

  • Cataclysm :
    • A black dragon is saved from corruption by the red fly before he was born. His name is Wrathion.
    • With the help of Thrall, Kalecgos the new aspect of magic and the rest of the dragons fly, stop Deathwing sacrificing a huge part of they power given by the Titans.

  • Mist of Pandaria :
    I recommend you to watch the Shao hao series on Youtube by Blizzard, will make you love the story.
    • The cataclysm turned off the magical clocking clouds around the Pandaria, Alliance and the Horde stepped for the first time in this land. Ruining the landscape by war and their emotions
    • Jaina becoming more and more crazy after Garrosh used Dalaran to stole a magical Bell from the Panda.
    • Wrathion is now older and is doing some shady stuff. Wanting an united Azeroth he manipulate some people and try making the Alliance the only group on Azeroth to fight what's for him the true enemy.
    • Garrosh getting even more crazy by staying to close to the heart of Yshaarj, the biggest old god killed by Amanthul. We stop him, Vol'jin new warchied. Panda wants to juge him on Pandarie so he is moved and imprisoned.
    • Kairozdormu, a green dragon, beeing manipulated by Wrathion, stole a time cristal from his fly. Free Garrosh to use him in his plans. He wants to create a new world, a new alternate univers where he could possibly create one, two, endlessly number of orcs army and invade Azeroth and all the worlds with it. You can read up on his story on the Blizzard wow site. He is getting killed by Garrosh after the first alternate draenor is created.
  • Warlords of Draenor
    • Garrosh got plenty of time to create an Army with the help of his father and builded a Dark portal linked to our Azeroth. To fight it we decide to go in whatever is the price even if we don't come back. Watch the Lords video on Wow channel they are really cool.
    • To destroy the portal we free the alternate Guldan.
    • We are so good at stopping bad guys that Thrall kill garrosh and the Iron Horde turns to Guldan to win.
    • We learn that even tho it's a created world, the demons from it are the same as before. We created a world but not another Nether, where Demons regenerate their body's. Archimonde himself comes here, we kill him but he sent guldan into the nether.
  • Legion :
    I highly recommend to listen to the audio book from Wow youtube channel. It's really cool and explain everything before Guldan reach the Tomb. The rest is up to you to discover.

    I love the lore so if you want know more ;)
    Sorry if there is mistake i'm bad at english :D
u/Renixian · 2 pointsr/wow

WoW Chronicles are good if you enjoy reading, Nobbel87 like linked above is good for video/audio.

u/TheEskil · 2 pointsr/wow

For some reason your comment made me think that the book had limited availability and thus a steep price tag. Happy to learn that is not the case.

Found it on Amazon for $26.96

u/ComradeCabbage · 2 pointsr/warcraftlore

There's a book coming out in November that details the history of Azeroth. Hopefully we could get more info on the titans, and I'd like to know more about Arathor!

u/Azeroth69 · 2 pointsr/wow

Chronicle is amazing, I'm part way through Volume 1 right now, and I've already purchased Volume 2 ready for when I'm done.


u/malruth · 2 pointsr/wow

> he also talks about some WOW book that is nice that came out he wants to read that's basically the story of WOW and more into detail of the story line

That is probably World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 and Volume 2.

u/Washbag · 2 pointsr/hearthstone

Higher res? This might be better:

Its in the new book blizzard is releasing

u/Sub93 · 2 pointsr/MeetPeople

I fell asleep not long after posting this, so my apologies for the late reply. I've been listening to that Veils EP this morning, I love it! Haven't had time to listen to Alive she died. Will come around it after finishing this post :) Veils does make me think of acts like Black Wing / Planning for Burial , maybe even a little bit Andy Stott or even Author & Punisher

There is lots of great synthwave around on the internet, look for Youtube channels like That 80's Guy / Asthenic / NewRetroWave they have great artists featured on their channels. You seem to have a good compatible music taste though, I also collect vinyl and now that I read my post back when somewhat hungover, I realize I could've put so much more stuff in there.

Black Metal albums I definitely recommend: Batushka - Litourgiya / Mgla - Exercises in Futility / Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life and loads more if you're interested! I like how monotone and raw the genre can be while at the same time being super versatile. It's like listening to a great painting or something, I have no idea how to describe it.

And please do recommend me books that are beyond niche, I just finished This is Not Fame: "A From what I Re-Memoir" by Doug Stanhope and am currently reading World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume 1 but thats mainly because I just recently rebooted that game and am playing it casually and am enjoying getting deeper into the story through my virtual adventures. But I could use some books that are a bit less fiction :) Psyhorror, True Crime, Thrillers, I'm all for it. Definitely going to check out Ezra Blake. I do indeed like dark and grisly! Just seen that intro video on the website you linked, seems to be right up my alley!

I just seen The Rum Diary and read the book, I am a fan of Hunter S. Thompson his work! Same goes for Charles Bukowski. But I haven't been digging any deeper into stuff is comparable. They both write very different of course, but their outlaw persona's is what definitely attracts me!

Any free indie games I can get my hands on I will definitely play, one of my favorite indie games of all time is Valiant Hearts the feels.. ooooh the feels my friends...

Definitely like to hear more from you! And todays first drink, which I will consume in an hour or so (I have the day off!) will be for you!



u/cafecito820 · 2 pointsr/wow

If you like reading, and gorgeous collectibles, this would kill two birds with one stone for you:

u/coin_return · 2 pointsr/wow

If you're into books, check out:

Great book, they're making a series out of it eventually. Basically goes over a lot of early lore and big names. Good place to start, and then you'll get to nerd out in some places you see in-game that pertain to it (particularly Storm Peaks and Northrend in general, lots of Old God and Titan stuff out there).

Also, check out this addon:

It recommends the most lore-heavy way through leveling, and even feeds you additional lore based on your area/quests. The Wowpedia is also a good place to go when you're like "who is that character?" at random.

u/edde7000 · 2 pointsr/classicwow

This might be exactly what you are looking for if you dont mind reading. Tells the story of the creation of the world, what happened 15000 years ago and up until around 60 years before vanilla

u/olwez · 2 pointsr/wow
u/egosumFidius · 1 pointr/wow

"all," no, since some of the older books are not available in digital. I once found a pdf of RotH when I was trying to find a quote I could quickly find, copypasta for a comment, but I'm pretty sure it would be considered stolen. Here's the novel guide on wowpedia. It gives you both publication orders and at the end a chronological listing of the content of the books. Some of them are better, some way better, than others. Some will give you absolutely no extra insight into the lore of the actual game. As someone who has read a mix of both camps, I'd kinda advise you to wait for Chronicle to come out later this month since it's retconning and cosolidating a lot of the changing lore of decades of Warcraft games.

u/peroxidex · 1 pointr/hearthstone

It was revealed in the new 'World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1' which hasn't officially been released yet!

(Shameless fanboy plug)

u/Terra_don · 1 pointr/wow

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1-3 summarize the story of WoW from the dawn of time to the end of the Cataclysm expansion.

u/Fharlion · 1 pointr/wow

Right, classy.

Point 1 and Point 2 are deductions. No source.

Point 3 - Sylvanas blackmailing Lor'themar: In the Shadow of the Sun official short story.

Point 4 - Sylvanas going against Thrall's policy/Plague developed vs living targets: The Wrathgate cinematic for the melting Orc, all Vanilla quests involving Master Apothecary Faranell.

Point 5 - Making a pact with Helya: interrupted by the player during the A Desperate Bargain quest.
Character bio from the official Legion characters page.

Point 6 - The capture and "re-education" of Koltira: the death knight gets hooked into a portal at the end of the quest Lindsay Ravensun, Revealed, during the Cataclysm. He is only freed during the DK class campaign in Legion, during the quest A Personal Request.

Point 7 - Flooding Gilneas City with the Plague: during the Worgen starting area chain. She reveals the plan during The Hunt for Sylvanas, and bombardment begins during Slowing the Inevitable.

Point 8 - Undead having special urges instilled into them:
Baron Ashbury's thoughts on his undeath during Silverpine Forest questing, particularly:

> And perhaps the best part, I now have a hungering for the flesh of other humanoids. Cannibalizing their rotten corpses grants me power. Yes, DE-LI-CIOUS...

Death knights having an addiction to inflicting pain, as explained during the second Ask the Creative Development Q&A:

> Are blood elf death knights still afflicted by their racial addiction to magic?
No, though their new addiction, the one all Ebon Blade death knights possess, is arguably worse: the need to inflict pain. If death knights do not regularly inflict agony upon another creature, they begin to suffer wracking pains that could drive them into a mindless, blood-seeking hysteria—a far worse fate than that of those who suffer from arcane withdrawal

Point 9 - Books overruling the game: Chronicles Volume 1 and Volume 2.

u/AlexTheGiant · 1 pointr/wow

Try the WoW Chronicle series of books.

u/nickglowsindark · 1 pointr/wow

I recently bought the Warcraft Chronicle books, and while it's a little disconcerting seeing them retcon a few things from back in the day, it does a great job explaining a lot of this kind of stuff. Specifically, the second book is like 80% "The Story of Gul'Dan." It was totally Sargeras trying to get a foothold on Draenor, finding a weak broken orc who couldn't cut it as a shaman, and helping him gain new power to lord over everyone else.

If you like the lore aspect of the game, I totally recommend getting the books:

Volume 1: (mostly about the titans and titanforged and Azeroth)

Volume 2: (mostly about Sargeras, Gul'dan, and the invasion of the horde from Draenor to Azeroth)

u/edmontonherpderp · 1 pointr/wow

Lore catch up books. Mostly aimed at telling us about stuff you probably shouldn't know I'm character, but also covers a lot of history and magic, etc. I find it really interesting and well illustrated, too. Maybe less relevant for why you want to learn the lore, but the best way to keep people from calling you ignorant about Void Lords or other stuff that's barely mentioned in game. And there is information about the origins of the races and significant events related to them. It's just that some of it is arguably too far back, like the Curse of Flesh and Human-Vrykul links.

I linked book 1, but there's also book 2, which goes to the end of the second war IIRC and includes a lot about Draenor.

u/shussain313 · 1 pointr/wow
u/Cybeles · 1 pointr/wow

The Art of World of Warcraft is a good pick as it shows drawings of various expansions.

Specific to Blood Elves would be the Art of WoW: Burning Crusade but it came from the Collector Edition of Burning Crusade so it could be a bit hard to find (and you definitely won't find it in a store.)

Also, if she likes drawing/coloring, there's a Coloring Book too. :)

If she likes the lore/story of the game at all and likes to read too, I would suggest the World of Warcraft: Chronicle books:

  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
  • Volume 3

    They are basically history books about the game's world from the creation of the universe up to the first few expansions of World of Warcraft.
u/AwkwardSquirtles · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

Here is where you can buy volume 1. There's also a pirate copy that you can read for free online, but I don't want to officially endorse that so I'll allow you to find it yourself if you want.

u/fdefunct · 1 pointr/wow

Depends on how deep you’re wanting really. A really light uploader to check on YouTube would be The WoW Tea Party ( Really concise videos that are easily digestible with humor.

I realize you asked for videos, but if you’re not opposed to reading I can’t recommend the Cronicle books enough. They cover the material much like an encyclopedia, hitting the facts in an very easy to follow method. Kindle versions are nice because you can just search for the topics/people you want to find. Here’s the first one.

u/librarytimeisover · 1 pointr/classicwow

I have been reading this and having an amazing time. WoW Chronicle 1

Link: Amazon Link

u/StrangeHand · 1 pointr/warcraftlore
u/DebentureThyme · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Glad I'm a horrible person for buying high quality extras...

Their next step IS selling books and media, yes, in one of my other comments I pointed out that some games are fully contained within themselves, while others are a multimedia experience across various mediums.

If that's not for you, then don't buy it. Simple as that.

The thing about WoW, and Overwatch, is a vast majority ignore the lore. Especially with Overwatch, which is a salvage of the MMO Titan. It's a multiplayer game that they're trying to make competitive for esports. The fact that the story is there at all is kind of beyond what people expect from the game.

Their pricing is, yeah, too high. And I don't support the Loot Boxes being a store purchase (haven't bought one, never will, and won't ever need to do so).

Eventually the game will go on sale, as all their games do. But as they keep reaffirming, all future gameplay, heroes, and maps will be free DLC, and they are working on a lot of it.

I like books. I like other media. They already HAVE this book in the Collector's Edition that is basically a ~170 page manual. But you know what it's not? Some cheap thing. It's highest quality print, glossy with art print quality pages. It's not some el cheapo production.

The fact that it spans many mediums... you don't have to play or enjoy this. You aren't entitled to have it your way. You only get to vote with your wallet by not being involved at all.

As someone who enjoyed the WoW visual novels, and comics, and loves the fuck out of this book that just came out, yeah I'm not about to stop investing in that stuff. Long after WoW itself feels stale in an expansion, their other content is appealing. You know how they'd include that all in game? Higher prices.

Oh, I'm not saying they couldn't afford to do it otherwise. I'm saying they won't because it's already a extreme minority of players that are even interested in this stuff. That book is high quality hardcover with beautiful art and so much lore that 99.99999% of all WoW players would never care to even read.

Also, this isn't the only Overwatch game that will exist. They have stated that, if things sell well, they'll be adding other games and TYPES of games to this universe. This is just the start of this IP. You can bet on the fact that this is going to get single player / story focused games, games that will tie in with a continuing storyline in the FPS, other content. I wouldn't be surprised if the roadmap for it has other game types in the works already with one of their other teams.

The shame is that more people don't have access to these materials. I would not put anyone down for pirating any of this (WoW Chronicles PDF available on a site near you cough) simply because there's so much there that you're missing out on if you can't afford it.

They may not be the best at making the games include stuff, and frankly something like WoW Chronicles, and the Visual Source Book for Overwatch, would probably sell better if they included an average res version with the game. People would go out and buy it to have a high quality book with really high res artwork as well, but all players would have digital access to the info.

I can't force them to do that, and honestly I'm not going to make a difference with them. They know their market, and you seem to not be it. You may simply want to go find developers providing what you like.

If you think this is going to stop at all with Blizzard... yeah, no, not going to happen. Way too late. Over a decade too late.

The bright side: Games like The Witcher exist, from great studios like CD Projekt Red, who include basically everything in the game, and trust their users with a zero DRM promise to the community in the hopes that it will help sell better by having faith in the users.

Blizzard is more about selling IP across medium than any one game at this point. WoW is a game, but most of the game is focused on the game play side, with some questing info... but then so much of the other stuff is outside of the game. The collectibles, the novels, visual novels, comics, other forms of books... It's simply how it evolved and it's successful for them. That's a shame for those just wanting to play a game and be able to learn everything, but it's unfortunately doing well. There are simply too many users with a larger amount of cash offsetting the smaller income users by buying into it all (I have the collector's edition, but I paid half price due to some finagling, and wouldn't own it otherwise. Which, in retrospect, feels like a damn shame that everyone can't enjoy this stuff.) It's not going to change :/

u/muso_matt · 1 pointr/warcraftlore

If I may ask, after doing a little bit of searching, i feel like a good place to start would actually be from either Warcraft chronicle volume 1 OR Warcraft: Durotan. However, I feel that the Chronicle volume one could be better. Would you happen to know which is better?

I found the two on Amazon linked below:

u/pikpikcarrotmon · 1 pointr/movies

Here you go.

But if you just want the condensed version, this book came out earlier this year and it literally follows the entire story of Azeroth from the beginning until just before the first game.

u/wwusirius · 1 pointr/heroesofthestorm

Yeah, the fall of the Pantheon drove Loken and Ra crazy in their own ways. Ra was enslaved during his depression by the Mogu Thunder King, and Loken committed crimes against the other watchers and re-wrote a lot of the titan machinery to cover up his actions (also why when he dies Algalon gets summoned). Archaedas I think has been reclusive too long and just attacks us on sight trying to protect the earthen and the secrets of Uldaman.

I highly recommend picking up the Chronicle if you're interested in lore. They have such a great story and a detailed mythos that for obvious reasons can't be found in the game as they are 'lost to time'.

u/Shockum · 1 pointr/wow

I'm guessing this is what you're looking for

Books came out at different times, but there's a chronological order for the novels on that page. Also, there are the Chronicles. Two books that go through the full history.

Both the novels, and the chronicles are worth reading.

u/Semlohwerd · 1 pointr/wownoob

If he doesn't already have it - this would make a great Christmas present.

That's the first of 2 volumes.

There's a lot of online resources to explain lore (Nobbel on Youtube, Podcasts, blogs), but the best way to understand the foundation of the game is to play it.

If you wanted to just browse the classes you could visit , but without context it might not make a lot of sense.

u/Nykon83 · 1 pointr/wow

check out the book World of Warcraft Chronicles Volume 1 It will cover all the lore from the creation of the universe up to start of the first war. There is a lot to cover and that book does it very nicely.

u/moridin9 · 1 pointr/wow

This is a good place to start, and this is the next volume due out next year.

u/Knight-in-Gale · 0 pointsr/wow

If you want to read it:

You'll get a lot of "Ah-ha" and "Whaaat!?!" and "Oh, yeah" moments. And please don't do any spoilers for the ones who hasn't read it yet.