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X-Mini II XAM4-B Portable Capsule Speaker, Mono, Black
Volume controller on the speaker.Stowaway 3.5mm cable to get connected to your music source.Buddy jack as many as you like for more fun.Long lasting - Up to 12 hours of continues playtime using its embedded rechargeable battery.Charging USB cable and carry pouch are included.
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22 Reddit comments about X-Mini II XAM4-B Portable Capsule Speaker, Mono, Black:

u/Airazz · 11 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

So it's a standard bluetooth speaker? The only feature is that it can be mounted in a corner?

Bluetooth speakers (like the X-Mini) cost a lot less than $175 and still have amazing sound quality. A wired one is even cheaper and it's great, I've been using it for about two years now.

u/borez · 8 pointsr/edmproduction

>I think laptops are an exception

No they're not, for most people nowadays it's their first port of call when listening to new music. It has to sound great on a laptop.

My mixing references go like this:




If a mix doesn't sound great on all of these it doesn't leave the studio. Period.

Edit: and obviously headphones too.

u/Foxsbiscuits · 6 pointsr/Android
u/Meph616 · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Not to be a downer, but good luck with that. I have a Hennessy Hammock and its quality is top notch backed by a reputable company. Which comes with a mosquito net top and a separate rainfly (tarp) to keep dry with. Plus it fits snug in a tiny pouch that I can put in any backpack of my choosing, be it a small daypack or my 90L Kelty week long excursion type of backpack. Which ever I see the need for at that time.

If I were to suggest anything, it's to find a corner of the market to make your own and build from the ground up there. Your idea seems like a good invention for, say, somebody in college who has a couple hours between a class and doesn't want to drive around everywhere. So they can just set up a hammock on/near campus and chill, do some reading, until class time. These guys will be your bread and butter.

What would these people want? What are their needs? Off the top of my head, quick concept. An upper hidden pouch with speakers to plug an iPod into.

Or a side pouch that houses a rechargeable battery, a good sized one. It has a retractable cord to plug into a phone. So people can hammock around and use their phone or tablet without fear of draining away for the day.

Something versatile for your target market. Because if you try and replicate what other companies are already doing and go after their customer base, and you can't do it better than them... then why would I (customer) want to buy yours instead?

u/Acebats · 5 pointsr/paydaytheheist

In his character image you can see a Sony m-430 without the brand name (for obvious reasons), Nervatel from the Discord spent ages looking at all the details to narrow it down to that specific model. In the trailer you can see a cassette player like you describe. The trailer one is modeled after a (to my knowledge currently unknown, as the animator forgot the model and no longer has the file) cassette player.

At the end of the day we have two models that Jacket has been seen using in promotional materials, the grey one in the trailer obviously being bigger and having enough room for the electronics and the black one being much smaller.

Your communication point is a fair one, however I don't think I'm misinterpreting the fact that you're limited to what is contained on the cassette player you purchased. I'm not suggesting you put every single line out of the hundreds-thousands of lines on cassettes, but you get the specific ones you want, including any communication ones (heck put a "yes" at the start of the cassette and a thank you after it, easy to access) and put them on. Recording them yourself allows you to get all the lines you want on.

But having "well over" 36 lines is a very small amount compared to the amount of varied lines in the game.

However, I do have a little life hack (for about $50) for anyone that wants to get specific lines quickly on the fly that they can consider if they don't want to record on a cassette.

Buy a small mp3 player (like a clip jam) and a mini speaker and conceal them in the inner pocket of the Jacket and have your "yes" line ready to play with "thank you" queued up. This also allows you to have complete controll on what lines are on the device.

At the end of the day it's the buyer's choice if they want to pay $150 or about half that, but in my opinion $150 is an absurd amount

u/iceevsslurpee · 3 pointsr/camping

Seems like headphones would be best for the backcountry, but my buddy has one of these and it rocks for how small it is. Plenty for a small group sitting around a beach fire, anyways.

u/HeckMonkey · 3 pointsr/vancouver

Just listen to Radio One or Radio Two. No commercials.

Or grab something like this and listen to your phone instead.

u/wowultimation · 2 pointsr/longboarding

You should look into an x-mini speaker. I have one, and it's pretty good. Cheap, loud, and surprisingly good sound quality, and also easily portable.

u/churnopol · 2 pointsr/gadgets

One of my DJs has two iMics and I have two iMics. I'm testing them right now on his Windows 7 laptop. The laptop has only two poorly powered USB ports.

I have 4 old X-mini II Capsule speakers (you can get them cheaper on ebay)

Their internal batteries have been dead for months and are being charged by a 4 port usb wall charger. I have to use a wall charger because my USB hub has only 4 ports and they're occupied by the iMics. For their size they can get pretty loud.

The usb hub is this cheap one I got a Rite-Aid. There's enough to power all iMics, but I'm using a USB splitter cable just incase.

I have 4 speakers plugged into 4 seperate iMics which is plugged into one windows 7 laptop. This setup does work. I'm using iTunes and changing the sound drivers and hearing music from different speakers. On this laptop the DJ uses Torq, in the audio preferences I can preview an mp3 on one iMic while the current song is playing through another.

On my mac I can use 4 iMics with garage band (as an output only). The DJ software I use is Megaseg, I can play an mp3 on each of the speakers at the same time if I tweak with the settings enough.

Four iMics work. Save some $$$. Get iMics

u/ProtestTheBeero · 2 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

The X-Mini speakers are pretty good for their size - they charge via USB. There's a newer Bluetooth model now, too.

u/xaffinityx · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

An awesome water bottle would make me super happy if I was your employee.

Or one of these portable speakers so they can listen to music a bit louder while working out!

u/wasshammoud · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try them out. These the right ones?

u/Schwulahh · 1 pointr/Rammstein

i tried looking for the r+ speaker and couldn't find it anywhere. must not have been selling well so they took it off.

this one is similar... but i can't really remember what the rammstein one looked like.

u/MadTux · 1 pointr/audiophile

That's not really what I'm looking for (I already have a nice stereo with wonderful speakers in my room). I meant something that I can put in my backpack and quickly take out and use. I mean, something in this direction. Though the thing I linked to looks rather cheap.

u/kidblast · 1 pointr/videos

Just do yourself a favor and get some Xminis. What's all the spiel about speakers needing batteries or needing to be charged. What, your ipod doesn't? If you're going to be in Africa just get portable solars. Your rubber cone speakers aren't going to be much use if your ipod is flat.The Xmini has it's own rechargeable Lion that lasts for ages and you can daisy chain other Xminis together ad infinitum. The volume and bass on these are astounding and need to be heard to be believed. Tiny and cheap as chips too. There hasn't been one person who hasn't picked their jaw off the floor after being shown these in action.

u/paulatim · 1 pointr/gadgets

These are pretty good. More expensive in the US than UK though....

u/jhw549 · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

I got myself an X-Mini II Mini Speaker a couple years back (roughly US$20), no regrets whatsoever!
Sound quality is awesome and the battery life is INCREDIBLE.

u/Farnsworthy · 0 pointsr/ipad

Oh, because the iPad app lacks "Your Music"? That's been bothering me too. I suggest just buying a speaker, like

u/workyworkaccount · 0 pointsr/britishproblems

On a phone that sounds like it's trying to die whilst emitting a vaguely rhythmic high pitched noise like incipient tinnitus?

Try one of these, temper your musical taste with care for the other passengers on the bus, but drown the little fuck out.

u/ToesyToeNails · 0 pointsr/audiophile

I was looking for something around this size

X-Mini II 2nd Generation Capsule Speaker with 3.5mm Jack Compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod/Smartphones/Tablets/MP3 Player/Laptop - Black