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Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB + 4GB RAM, Dual Camera, LTE AndroidOne Smartphone (Black)
3G HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700(AWS) / 1900 / 2100 - 4G LTE B1 (2100) B2 (1900 PCS) B3 (1800 +) B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1) B5 (850) B7 (2600) B8 (900) B20 (800 DD) B28 (700 APT) B38 (TD 2600) B39 (TD 1900 +) B40 (TD 2300) B41 (TD 2500) - Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by) -- Please check compatibility with your carrier prior to purchasing. Also please note, it does not work with Verizon, Sprint etc.5.99'' large display 2160x1080 FHD+, 403 PPI - 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display - Full metal unibody with Ultra-thin design64GB ROM + 4GB RAM - Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Flagship-level processor - Android One - 3010mAh(typ) batteryRear camera: 12MP + 20MP dual camera with large ƒ/1.75* aperture - 20MP front cameraFactory Unlocked cellphones are compatible with most of the GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile, but are not compatible with CDMA carriers such as Verizon and Sprint. - FCC ID: 2AFZZ-XMSD2SG
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24 Reddit comments about Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB + 4GB RAM, Dual Camera, LTE AndroidOne Smartphone (Black):

u/cyberloop3000 · 8 pointsr/de

Da ist dann aber Xiaomi der wirklich weitaus bessere Anbieter. ;)

u/uybo · 6 pointsr/uruguay

$176+shipping: Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB + 4GB RAM, Dual Camera, LTE AndroidOne Smartphone - International Global Version (Black)

u/costan1 · 6 pointsr/italy

Assolutamente la serie Android One. OS da Google, 2-3 anni di aggiornamenti e 2 major release.


Io ho il MI A1, perfetto tranne qualche cosa di minima entità, comparabile al Nexus 5 e ENORMEMENTE più veloce. Il Nexus 5, miglior telefono mai avuto, l'ho preso quando era a pochi mesi dall'End of Sale, e quindi mi è durato relativamente poco (2.5 anni), e alla fine soffriva gli OS nuovi pensati per i vari Nexus nuovi..


Sto puntando l'A2 per mio padre, che ha un cinesone che ha funzionato bene per 1 anno e mezzo ma aveva poco spazio disco e adesso con l'SD arranca.


Il prezzo oscilla fra 145 (64GB nero: e 180 (128GB bianco: Probabilmente gli prenderò il primo ma se dovessi cambiare il mio oggi andrei dritto sparato sul secondo..

u/Paradise_Brunch · 3 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Nokia 7.1 might be right up your alley.

It is part of android one program meaning it is basically Stock android. It also has hybrid SIM slot. Listed 222 Euros on Amazon Italy Though it is more expensive than A2 by quite a bit


Processor wise 7.1 is slightly inferior to Mi A2 (636 vs 660). Since you like to listen to music, you might want to reconsider A2 since it doesn't have headphone jack unless you have BT headphones.


Hope this helps.

u/RubenGM · 3 pointsr/videos

Is not 50, but you've got the Xiaomi Redmi 7 for $130 on Amazon and the Xiaomi Mi A2 for $152. Those are dirt cheap.

u/Fraganade · 2 pointsr/PickAnAndroidForMe

I have been thinking about this one as well, though it does not mention band 12 or 17 for LTE and AT&T seems to mainly use this. Would it matter?

Is this the one you got?

Edit: Thanks!

u/StoreyedArrow17 · 2 pointsr/askTO
u/TwilightDelight · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Hmmm good point I thought I did but I am getting a bit confused. The GSM arena site you sent has different LTE bands to this site here

This is phone that I ordered from Amazon

I am specifically looking for B3 (1800 +) and B28 (700 APT) which are listed on the amazon site.

is there a way to verify which version they will ship? like how would I know the phone they sent me does really support these bands?



read some of the questions and answers on Amazon, the model number for the device is M1804D2SG which is the same as the one in the link above so it should have the same frequency support and should work fine in Australia.

u/Hahablahman · 1 pointr/DotA2
u/witheredjimmy · 1 pointr/Android

Is this the best phone I can get for this price range? (No higher at maximum budget)

u/lanik_2555 · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe
u/shadowNET2243 · 1 pointr/nes

As the other user stated Lineage is the new Cyanogen mod. The TL;DR is people tried to commercialize Cyanogen mod and Cyanogen OS was the result. Many of the original people who worked on Cyanogen were straight up kicked off the project after this and many others left. Cyanogen crumbled. Lineage rose from the ashes and will likely never follow the same route.

As far as a solid unlocked android phone (this will depend on your carrier of course), I have two recommenations for you, and this is as an extremely active Pokemon Go player so we're not talking terrible budget phones that can't run anything. I have a cheap option and a more expensive one (only slightly) both are unlocked and support Lineage!

1 - Xiaomi Mi A2. This one is a semi cop-out as I only have the now discontinued Mi A1, but a friend does have one and it largely is the same short of some minor updates. It will run on most carriers in the us and is a solid pre-unlocked phone at only $200. Personally I do still recommend the Mi A1 as it has a 3.5mm audio jack and SD card capability but those are key things for me. It's still a pretty stellar phone at the low price. The last perk of this phone? no custom OS needed, it comes on Android One, which is a program Google started for more budget phones. Phones running Android One are very, very near a perfect stock image on Android, this one containing only 1-2 additional apps that you can barley notice, so you don't even really need to flash a new OS on it if you don't want to.

The more expensive option:

2 - The Pocophone F1 - Also works on most carriers in the US is only a cool $300 and really knocks it out of the park, having the internal hardware of most flagship phones from other providers it kicks ass. Complete with the option for dual-sim or a single sim with an SD card, and having a 3.5mm audio jack this is probably the single best bang for your buck. It has MIUI and Lineage won't be officially supported for it until later this year (but it has been confirmed that it will be). Sporting almost every feature except NFC and not containing an OLED screen (among a couple others) are pretty much the only faults of this phone (aside from MIUI, but thats why Lineage exists ;)

It even has a phenomenal and better front camera than the Galaxy Note 9, and a back camera that is just as good. I would keep your eyes on this phone in the future. I've just ordered one myself last week!

See a full comparison of detailed specs of the 3 phones I've mentioned in this in-depth informational/review post here!

u/jimberkas · 1 pointr/chinaphones

strangely, the Mi A2 has dropped to a cheaper price than the A2 Lite on amazon. I've been watching it for awhile. just an fyi, its $165 for the 4/64 version

u/ljog42 · 1 pointr/france

Xiaomi vendent eux même depuis leur page Amazon France le téléphone à 155e pour la version 64gb spécifiée comme débloquée en France : J'ai commandé chez eux le Note 6 pro je l'ai reçu en quelque jours sans aucun problème. Aucun risques quels qu'il soient à mon avis. N'achète pas chez CDiscount ce sont des relous de première et le service est nul à chier.


La FNAC à l'habitude d'être hors de prix j'ai l'impression.

u/JeffreyDej · 1 pointr/Huawei
u/forfal · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

u/roflmao567 Both my sister and my brother in law bought the Xiaomi Mi A2 (A1 for my sister because the A2 was not there yet).

They are really happy with their phone and when you compare it on gsmarena it's a great product for 300$. Better than a lot of phone avaible in mobile phone store.

Edit : here my link of gsmanera since the () inside the URL break reddit formating and my post was remove for using google URL shortener :

u/esau1 · 1 pointr/freedommobile

The Global version which is available on (here) only says GSM / HSPA / LTE ( - under the Mi A2 tab) Wish I could make sense of it (or get hold of an IMEI I could test on the Freedom website).

u/brendanskywalker · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

Super helpful, thank you!

What about this unit as it's about half the price: Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB + 4GB RAM. 2Gb less ram, but do you think that the Snapdragon 660 would significant downgrade from the 845?

u/I_see_dead_people__ · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

I mean for just $50 more you can buy it brand new...

u/manuelmor87 · 1 pointr/italy

Io ho da quasi un anno lo Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, monta Android One quindi ogni due per tre riceve aggiornamenti, batteria da 4000mAh con cui arrivi tranquillamente a fine giornata utilizzandolo molto, 4 giga di RAM, 64 di memoria interna, dual SIM e memoria espandibile con microSD.
Ha un processore leggermente meno performante rispetto alla versione non Lite che ti hanno consigliato altri, ma personalmente lo trovo fluido e difficilmente l'ho visto in difficoltà. Altra nota che potrebbe fare storcere il naso è lo schermo con il notch, ma lì si va a gusto personale.

Attualmente su Amazon è poco sopra i 150€.