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u/duddles · 9 pointsr/audiobooks

Yes Please by Amy Poehler, performed by Amy P with a little help from her friends. Now this is why I love audiobooks! Amy does a great job narrating this - it doesn't even feel like she is reading text at all, it just feels like she is having a conversation. I'll admit I am biased by being a fan going in, but it was one of my favorite audiobook experiences so far. There are great cameo voices throughout, and the last chapter read in front of a live audience is awesome. It makes it 10X funnier hearing a crowd laugh along to the reading. (Are there any other audiobooks recorded in front of an audience?) As for the actual writing - I really loved the positive message throughout the book, and some passages were unexpectedly deep (why she believes in time travel for example). The SNL and UCB stories were great as well for a long-time fan like me. Coming after Lena Dunham's book and her bored, flat-lined reading, hearing a true performer narrate a book was a breath of fresh air. (I just had to throw one more dig at that Lena Dunham audiobook...)

Hatchet by Paulsen, narrated by Peter Coyote (great name for this book). This is a short one (~3:30) and more for younger readers, but it was still enjoyable. The writing had an interesting style with a lot of short, repetitive phrases. The narrator did a fair job, and I learned that all this time I've been pronouncing cro-magnon wrong.

u/twoemptypockets · 7 pointsr/audiobooks

American Gods - by Neil Gaiman narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris, Daniel Oreskes, Ron McLarty, and Sarah Jones. Worth the 20 hours. Great social commentary, great story, excellent narrators. I can't wait to see this adapted into a tv series, on Starz expected in 2016.

Amy Poehler - Yes Please. I wanted to like this, I think she's hilarious, and I laughed out loud multiple times in this listen, but I was bored by the time it got to the 7 hour mark. She says multiple times how much she hates writing a book, and IMO it showed. It felt very similar to Bossypants by Tina Fey, only less funny. I suppose it probably had something to do with diving right into this 12 hours after finishing American Gods, but I wasn't a fan.