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True Crime
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u/AyLilDoo ยท 2 pointsr/cults

You sure know your NoI history! Or should I say "true facts?" ;-) But here's the thing- I'm not sure they're a cult. Yes, they're in the sidebar, and yes they are indeed: high pressure, us -vs- them, insular, secretive, and have very eccentric theories about black supremacy and UFOs. But when you consider the Nation against Dr. Margaret T. Singer's 6 Conditions for Thought Reform, I'm not sure they quite fit.

Now if you don't ascribe to Singer's guidelines, fair enough. But perhaps we can still find common ground. Ever heard of the Death Angels? They were a FoI (Fruit of Islam) offshoot that absolutely terrorized San Francisco in the early-70's, and definitely a cult. Check out the book Zebra if you haven't already.