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Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving, Queen
THE RIGHT COMBINATION - Our special recipe for rejuvenating rest? Refreshing green tea and moisture-absorbing Activ charcoal infused into pressure-relieving memory foam that cradles your shape so you awake free of aches and pains and fresh as a daisyPRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS - 3 inches conforming memory foam, 2 inches soft, airflow enhancing comfort foam, and 7 inches durable, high density base support foam; ideal for side sleepers and petite to average weight sleepersCERTIPUR US CERTIFIED - Highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and contentEXPERTLY PACKAGED - Our technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box that’s easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom; simply unbox, unroll and this mattress does the rest, expanding to its original shape within 72 hoursWorry-free 10 year limited warranty included; twin mattress supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs
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63 Reddit comments about Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving, Queen:

u/pooncartercash · 79 pointsr/povertyfinance

I just finished furnishing a house and bought several mattresses and bed frames. I got an INCREDIBLY COMFY king bed and frame for less than $400 on Amazon. Here's the mattress I got.

u/rj_inthe412 · 31 pointsr/pittsburgh
  1. Depending on how much work you want to do you can still find homes for sale inside the city for that price. If you are looking to rent everything should be in your budget as well. Also when you say Pitt do you mean University of Pittsburgh or just Pittsburgh? Pitt is the school, PGH is the city, PIT is the airport. [its a quick way for people to clock you're new if you use those interchangeably]
    There are a ton of other posts about the real estate market in town and its really a sellers market right now. We have a ton of new-build apartments that have gone up recently and are expensive for what Pittsburghers are used to paying for rent but are in-line with your budget.
  2. Amazon - seriously. Unless you want spring for some reason they have this 12in foam mattress for $190 which will be cheaper than anything you can get locally.
  3. This is a tough one because it can vary so much. I would research the type of car you want to buy, then look comparable ones up through Kelly Blue Book or AutoTrader and go from there
  4. Verizon FiOS is the best speeds per price if where you decide to live gets the service - and honestly if you were between a couple places and theyre close go with the one that gets FiOS. You can expect to pay around $100/mo for 100/100mpbs fiber. $60 will get you around 50/50mpbs. FiOS is the only provider that matches upload/download speeds.
u/Elder_Joker · 25 pointsr/LifeProTips
u/grclzbthkrr · 17 pointsr/Assistance

I’m not sure what your current financial situation is, but I wanted to share this anyway. Maybe you could quickly save up for it or make a mini GoFundMe.

My husband and I purchased this mattress when we moved to an apartment together. It’s super inexpensive but has been the best mattress either of us has slept on, ever. It’s a perfect combination of firm and soft. The prices also vary depending on what size/length you get

mattress link

u/adognamedgoat · 14 pointsr/rva

I got my mattress off Amazon and it's one of those memory foam deals that comes all compressed. It is super firm, so if you're not into firm, you would hate it. It was under $200, though, so way worth it for me! I have not noticed any of the temperature issues other people have with memory foam.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

u/budbutler · 8 pointsr/DesignPorn

i love my memory foam mattress, very comfortable and resilient. it was also much cheaper than the average mattress. the 2 main downsides i have come across though are that they can be a little hot. so not great in summer and if you lay in one spot to long it can be hard to move. so if your say watching a movie in bed or reading a book it can be hard to adjust your position into something that is more comfortable for sleeping. i won't lay in my bed anymore unless i know for sure i am going to sleep. other than that though the mattress is fantastic, it's very easy to fall asleep you don't get lumps in the bed, and if you have a partner movement doesn't transfer much so you don't wake them up. oh thats one last complaint, sex is a bit harder since you sink into the bed more. i would definitely recommend getting one though if your looking for a mattress. i purchased a Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen for 200 bucks at the start of 2016. when it was on sale. it's 279 now.

u/nomnomnompizza · 7 pointsr/personalfinance

$229 for a queen with free shipping. Only $199 for a full.

u/mr_ent · 4 pointsr/pics

The artist who paid way too much for way too little.


I just bought my first mattress with my girlfriend for $250 shipped from Amazon.


Let me tell you, sleeping on this mattress is like sleeping on a cloud.


u/overstable · 3 pointsr/columbiamo

I used Amazon and bought a 12" thick memory foam mattress. I paid $289 for the Queen size 18 months ago. They vacuum compress it for shipping so it's not terribly unwieldy to carry into the house.

u/bababooey_bababooey_ · 3 pointsr/pittsburgh

Well I bought [this one] ( around 1 and a half years ago. I love it. It's not the most expensive mattress in the world but I really like it. My ex gf always raved about it. I have it on 2 box springs side by side on a metal frame.

You take it out of the package and give it time to expand and within 10 minutes you will be like 'wow' and within 3 hours you will be like 'how the hell did that come out of that box?'.

u/d4rch0n · 3 pointsr/lifehacks

Definitely not judging you for buying used shit, but have you seen this?

Best mattress I've owned for just $250.

u/balla786 · 3 pointsr/Edmonton

I bought this:

Waiting for delivery, but I've read good things about it and at that price, I can't find anything queen size that cheap. Delivery is free, it's compressed into a box.

u/2_4_16_256 · 3 pointsr/homeowners
  • Lawnmower for $400 and better than needs to be

  • $200 mattress

    Taking out a loan at the same time that you bought a house isn't the best idea. Things are going to pop up later and if you need emergency cash to fix them later then get the loan then. Don't frontload the debt
u/RVAblues · 3 pointsr/rva

Zinius on Amazon. Best mattress I’ve ever had and it cost $275 for a Queen.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

u/jellytin8 · 3 pointsr/AirBnB

My husband and I got this one for our Airbnb:

We get many compliments on how comfy it is. Can't speak for lifespan, but it's been used for about 2.5 years, is still doing great, and is a reasonable price.

u/Fubar904 · 3 pointsr/personalfinance

Let him keep the mattress and buy a new one. I bought this a few months ago. Cheap, fast shipping and the best sleep I've ever gotten... And it's new!

u/1up- · 3 pointsr/kansascity

I got mine off Amazon. It's memory foam so it gets shipped to you rolled up in a box. You unroll it and let it air for a day, where it gets bigger and more firm.

I had a full size in college and when I moved I got a king size. 2 years later and it's really comfortable.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

u/RallyMech · 2 pointsr/guns

I have this one: which is ~$280.
I also bought this frame: ~$200.
I would recommend both.

You could absolutely slap it on top of a home made frame. The biggest thing is to have enough support underneath to prevent sagging.

u/pandaeconomics · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Same brand, we just bought this mattress and it's great. I'm not sure what the difference really is but it's so squishy and wonderful! Hopefully it stays that way in the long-run. :)

u/gusty_state · 2 pointsr/funny

I bought my memory foam mattress and bedframe for ~$400 total. I like it just as much, if not more than the $3k at half-price brand name memory foam mattress that I got with my ex from a store.


Frame (high enough for full storage totes underneath):

u/Lawlessninja · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

I've been sleeping on a Zinus Memory Foam 12" Mattress for over a year now and it's quite comfortable. Truth be told before this I was sleeping on a very very expensive tempurpedic and I have trouble telling the difference between them.

Investing in a good nights sleep is crucial, sleeping well is very pivotal to keeping a healthy mind and mental state.

u/tatumc · 2 pointsr/Atlanta

I bought this one about a month ago. Love it so far.

u/sweetpea122 · 2 pointsr/internetparents

The bed I bought is now 189. Its seriously a good bed. We have a platform bed so just the 12 inch or the biggest one is great

Ikea has great stuff in the slightly higher end stuff. I buy used bc I dont have to put it together and its nice I think. Dark wood too is my theme.

u/The_Drizzle_Returns · 2 pointsr/madisonwi

In particular, if you watch slickdeals for about a month the 12 inch Queen Sized Zinus Mattress goes on sale quite frequently for $210. Its a great mattress and worth the money (shipped free, prime is 3 day while non-prime is about a week).

u/rednightmare · 2 pointsr/VictoriaBC

You can buy mattresses at thrift/second-hand stores. You can also get decent foam mattresses relatively inexpensively, especially online. Here is a queen size on for $400 with free shipping. and a thinner one for $300.

They also show up on Used Victoria frequently.

u/scottish_cyclops · 2 pointsr/Calgary

Me and the girlfriend got a king size of this off Amazon and love it.

Paid less than $400 as it was on sale.

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

Check out some of the competition as the mattress industry is incredibly corrupt and there are huge margins some smaller companies are cutting.

u/BldgEnergySolutions · 2 pointsr/financialindependence

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

u/Pnk-Kitten · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

If there is pee in the foam part, I don't think you are going to get that clean. That being said, this is similar to what spouse and I use. The one we got (I'll ask for the exact one later) has lasted us 5 years thus far, and we are not dainty people. They come rolled up in a box and have to expand for a day or so. Alternatively, you can use a blow up mattress. A lot of people do that now.

Did your landlord finally do the walkthrough and you are clear for any damages in "your" room?

u/Thonyfst · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Yeah, that's what I've been leaning towards, or this cheap Zinus one. It feels wrong to spend less on a bed than I've spent on a jacket though.

EDIT: Accidentally included a referral link in there.

u/Typhoidnick · 2 pointsr/weightroom

We got the Zinus off Amazon :

It was like $180 for a queen on Black Friday in 2017. At full price it's certainly cheaper than the name brand mattresses. We've only had it for 18 months so I can't say how well it holds up long term but so far it's super comfy. My wife and I both sleep on our backs/stomachs/sides and they all work. It took a while for it to stop smelling chemically but it eventually did

u/wtcnbrwndo4u · 2 pointsr/nfl

I'm getting a new one when I move in a couple of weeks. I'm planning to order this guy.

One of my friends bought it, and it's pretty great. Also has like 20K reviews. For $250, you can't beat that.

u/btfftb · 2 pointsr/minimalism

ikea has clean & simple beds. Easy to put together.

Amazon has affordable mattresses. i recommend this one.

Funny, i actually bought this mattress because i stayed at an Airbnb that had the mattress on the floor and it was my best night sleep in months, if not a year. Got the model & ordered in the next morning.

u/shady520 · 2 pointsr/Tucson

I have something similar to this which is good enough for me -

If you want a firmer mattress you can go with this one -

There of course are also other base options you choose if you need a headboard or what not. I also would recommend a full cover as it has worked great a keeping my mattress spotless, something like this -

u/mag443 · 2 pointsr/Shopping

Okay so this probably sounds too good to be true but I decided to try a "mattress-in-a-box" thing too and my budget was a tad lower (by like 600 haha I'm a student) BUT I Think I've found the hidden-gem of mattress brands: Zinus. I got mine from amazon, and if you have prime shipping is free.

This is the one I have:

Would give it 7/10 on the 0-10 Firmness scale (which is my personal preference), maybe 5/10 on that memory-foam sinking in feeling, and its held up super well, and only ~$250.

Total satisfaction out of 10 - I'd give it 9/10

Here are some nicer ones:


Also - if you don't already have Honey - it is the best app/add-on for coupon codes.. like for real I'm not a rep for them haha, just crazy good deals. It automatically tries a bunch overtime you're checking-out online. Link to that is: if you wanna check it out!

u/DerekComedy · 2 pointsr/personalfinance

Cheap mattress here. Free shipping. You can just throw it on the floor.

u/ragnarockette · 1 pointr/personalfinance

Looks like the price is now $229 - but here you go!

I seriously cannot recommend this mattress enough. It is both firm and super soft at the same time. We call it our "heroin bed" because it is so comfortable you sleep like you're on heroin. Our previous mattress was a fancy, $2000 Vera Wang pillow top, but after trying the Zinus we will never purchase another mattress again.

u/Maswasnos · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

I got a queen-sized memory foam mattress from Amazon and I love it. It's a bit lonely since it's just me, but I figure it'll be perfect whenever I get around to finding a girlfriend. I'm hoping that I won't have to get another mattress for a long while.

Here's the link on Amazon if you're curious:

u/cubonelvl69 · 1 pointr/PKA

what i use honestly one of the best beds I've ever slept in

I guarantee Casper is better, but this is 1/4 the price

u/joors · 1 pointr/indianapolis

Just bought this

Will report on how it is after I get it! Tons of great reviews though in the memory foam mattress world of Amazon... AND it's cheap!

u/verybakedpotatoe · 1 pointr/videos

I didn't actually commit to a brand. I just buy a ~$350 queen sized ~10 inch thick one and it lasts until I don't like the color and get a new one.

I just checked my amazon history, and the last two I bought were Zinus, and Lucid, though I am sure those are no name brands.

u/sah0605 · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

If you like memory foam, then this is your best bet:

This is a little bit steeper, but I think it looks great and is still cheap compared to a lot of bed frames:

u/jbock2 · 1 pointr/personalfinance

I bought a queen memory foam mattress on amazon for $229 and it's amazing.

u/Dehno34 · 1 pointr/personalfinance

My wife and I bought this mattress and this bedframe in January and we love it. You can be in a nice bed for a few hundred bucks.
You can't afford anything fancy that you think you need, and a bed is not an emergency.

u/throwfar23 · 1 pointr/Mattress

Cool, I think I'll go with one of those then. Quick question, do you know anything about [these] ( I'm assuming they're a hit and a miss because most of the reviews are good but then there's quite a few 1 stars mixed in the bunch.

u/Bot_Metric · 1 pointr/Mattress


Zinus 12" Queen Green Tea mattress, middle sagging after 6-8 months (did I get a bad mattress?)

Hello all. I suffer from a chronic sleep issue for over 10 years and also fibromyalgia like body pain and pressure points. Last December after finally being sick of the Sleep Number C2 queen I've had for a number of years, I extensively researched online and bought a Zinus 12" Green Tea Mattress, Queen ( At first, I had no complaints and it. However, within 6 months I definitely noticed that it's not kept it's firmness in the center middle and quickly sags in when I lay down for awhile.

I'm the exact opposite of what you'd call a heavy set person (Male 36, 5'11' and 74.8 kilograms) and am using the base of the old C2. If I move to the sides I can feel the firmness/support of what it originally was. I've even tried readded the 3" thick-4 pound foam topper I had bought for the Sleep Number ( to see if that would fix it, but it only pronounces it more.

I've been just dealing with it for the past few months but it's only getting worse I have to believe this isn't normal. I want to start a warranty claim with Zinus but I just cringe at having to go through all of this.

I'm just wondering, was I just unlucky and get a bad pick of a mattress? Had anyone else experienced this? Any and all comments & suggestions would be appreciated!


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u/phylogenik · 1 pointr/rational

How do more expensive mattresses like this compare to e.g. sub-$200 mattresses that you'd get from companies like Zinus (even sub-$100, depending on the sale)? All my mattresses have been in that price range and last me many years no problem, and we put them through a lot of use (as a bigger, married guy). They seem as comfy if not often much comfier than e.g. mattresses you find in fancy hotels or airbnbs, but I've never consistently slept on $500+ mattresses like the ones you linked (but Casper in particular annoys me, since for a time it seemingly advertised on a bunch of podcasts I listen to).

(of course, there are mattresses that cost several thousands of dollars which may or may not be substantially different from those mentioned)

For 8ish days I'd also just consider getting a blowup, much easier to get rid of/donate afterwards, or keep for occasional guests. Though as a software dev maybe those temporary costs and inconveniences become pretty trivial.

u/Aggie05 · 1 pointr/houston

I got this mattress for my guest bedroom. It is the first foam mattress I have bought and I was impressed. It's actually on the firm side, which I did not expect.

u/SXSJest · 1 pointr/Austin

Ya, on one hand I can see that, but people are unlikely to specifically seek out some Chinese made cheap $4 widget to order directly from an unknown manufacturer who might consider selling directly to consumers, but I'd imagine larger purchases like a mattress from reputable, recognized companies, people would not be as hesitant. Seems like it's bound to go that direction as more people are buying things like this for these type of prices relative to storebought mattresses:

How many people are going to be going to mattress firm to spend 3-5x the price when awareness catches up? The big mattress makers are surely going to have to adjust over time as they lose sales to people buying direct and I'd imagine a lot of these mattress stores will too.

u/PineappleDealins · 1 pointr/sleep

Hadn't slept a full night in 3 weeks, this arrived yesterday and I slept for a full 8.5 hours according to my sleep tracking ring
Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green...

u/cocomo16 · 1 pointr/funny

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

u/changminlv · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

Amazon Link the brand is Zinus, and it's semi memory foam. I got the full 8 inches one so it was 150 with tax for me :D. they are the best, i feel so rested from last night sleep.

FOR REAL, they are so expensive. im happy to find this one.

u/Not_A_Red_Stapler · 1 pointr/Mattress

I found another one that's closer to your ideal price of $300 ($289 for a queen).

That said the $200 one will probably do you better since you presumably need money for a frame of some sort as well (and a mattress pad and sheets get the idea).

u/Tofon · 1 pointr/college

What's your budget?

On the lower end I've personally heard good reviews from people about the Zinus Green Tea Mattress and the Casper Sleep Essentials mattress, which both can be shipped for <$500. Zinus in particular has Amazon Prime shipping to minimize time spent sleeping on the floor.

For a little bit more I've also heard that the Purple mattresses are super comfy, despite their really stupid, pandering advertising campaigns.

u/Bearowolf · 1 pointr/internetparents

Where did you buy them? I've been looking at the Zinus Ironline/Suzanne and the green tea mattress, and together they're about $600.

u/geak78 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

u/kaidomac · 0 pointsr/Mattress

I just got a queen Zinus "Green Tea" memory foam bed. Currently $289 shipped on Amazon:

It is pretty firm. I actually ordered a 3" gel topper because of the firmness (you sleep on top rather than sinking into it), but that proved to be too squishy (the topper leaves an imprint of your body when you roll). I have a 2" topper on another bed & imo that is the right level of squish vs. firmness: (the bed is firm to the point where my side wasn't sinking in & was kind of being compressed instead, like when you lay on thin carpet when watching TV or something)

Also, I picked up their awesome 18" tall frame:

TONS of storage space underneath, easy to setup (2 pieces that screw together & fold in half, lightweight & only requires one person to assemble...literally takes more time to unbox it than put it together), no noise in use, plus with the 12" Zinus bed, it's at a good height to walk up to & fall into bed. You will need a grip sheet underneath, otherwise the bed will slide off pretty easily:

I also recommend getting a waterproof sheet (goes underneath the regular sheets), as any spills will sink directly into the foam mattress & never, ever come out:

I got these Mellanni sheets - they are thin, but feel nice:

Slightly better than the Amazon Basics sheets I have on another bed. I have a plastic bin underneath the bed for storing a spare set of sheets & waterproof sheet (both are washer/dryer-safe). Total comes up to under $600 shipped for a 12" memory foam bed, 2" gel topper, 18" metal bed frame, a non-skid pad for the frame, two sets of sheets, and two waterproof mattress sheets. I was going to get a Casper or Leesa, but those were like $800 just for the bed...I got all that for $200 less, still a pretty hefty investment, but a decent deal. Other than that, you just need some pillows & a duvet or blanket on the top.

The mattress comes vacuum-sealed in a box, so you just undo it from the packaging & let it air out for a day or two to fully decompress. The frame comes in a large but thin box (two frames folded in half with some assembly hardware). I didn't have to mooch a truck off a friend or go to a mattress store or anything...ordered it all off Amazon Prime, showed up in a couple days, put it all together by myself in minutes. Easy peasy. Would definitely order another one!