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Zombie Dice
Self contained game, carry the dice in the cup2+ players15 20 minutes to play10 and upZombie Apocalypse Theme
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u/bookchaser · 22 pointsr/halloween
u/thelizardofodd · 4 pointsr/gravityfalls
  • Be sure to have GF music going! Make a playlist on Soundcloud using Brad Breek's stuff, and look for fun remixes too, there are a lot out there.
  • I'm assuming you are not adults and thus should gloss over my immediate first thought of "Ohh GF drinking game..." But I suppose you could re-create the fun of 'QUICK EVERYONE SHOVE IT IN YOUR FACE' by using candy pieces or something.
  • Play actual street fighter.
  • Zombie Dice! Not specifically GF but it's fun, very easy, and you could get a Scareyoke poster nearby to keep it in-theme.
  • Similarly...Cthulu Dice!, just change the theme to be all about Bill and you're good. If you really wanted to get into it, you could get a blank d12, and paint it to re-create the game die but with Bill imagery.
  • Look up any 'Murder Mystery' party game rules and adapt it for 'Who Stole the Capers' or any other ridiculous mystery in-theme with the show.
  • Could similarly try a modified Werewolf to be more themed around the show as well. Perhaps you're looking for people who are possessed by Bill! And the 'Seer' has the journals to help. [Edit] Instead of the werewolf killing people, people possessed by Bill could be turning people into stone statues.
  • You or someone experienced in such things could run a mini campaign of simplified D&D&MD. They don't make 38-sided die commercially, but a 30 sided die would be closer than a d20 at least. Super simple rules would be to let people basically 'do whatever they want', and then just role opposing dice checks to see who wins in each 'event'. For example, they decide what their characters are (Doesn't even really matter if you keep it super basic, can just be flavor), go into a dungeon, and the warrior decides he wants to wrestle that Ogrepig to the ground until it squeals...roll opposed checks, whoever rolls higher wins. If you want to give people a bit more customization...maybe let each person pick one thing they're really good at, and give them a d6 to represent that ability. We could easily brainstorm up a whole concept if you wanted but this might be beyond your desires or abilities so Imma stop there.
u/bleuchz · 4 pointsr/boardgames

Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is a quick to teach, quick to play light drafting game. I love it as an intro to the drafting mechanic and as a filler.

No Thanks

Probably my favorite "light" card game. Very easy to teach.

For Sale

Great filler auctioning game. Every time I teach it we end up playing 2-3 games in a row.

Love Letter

A must own IMO. Quick and easy.

Zombie Dice

Under rated push your luck dice game. Plus zombies.

You should be able to pick 2-3 from this list and be happy with it :).

u/bpac · 3 pointsr/PAX

In a semi related note, get this game as well and make friends wherever you go.

u/slightlyalcoholic · 3 pointsr/secretsanta

I searched for a while, This one is kind of hard. I think your best bet would be to make a small care package. If they're in the Army, Small things to take with them places are what they would thrive on. But have fun with it, zombie theme it!

Include things like:

Army Gummy Men

Switchblade Comb

Nerf gun

Some type of zombie toy

Add a bunch of cool snacks, maybe a drink or two (could make home made labels for these things), some travel size toiletries and a really cool personalized mini story/warning letter about your adventures sending him the box during the zombie apocalypse.


Edit2: A quick fun zombie game would go well too!

Zombie Dice

Zombie Fluxx

u/Luckystar812 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

You should get this game! It's a game of zombies!

Thanks for the contest!

u/Sublyminality · 2 pointsr/randomactsofamazon

Optimus Prime

Zombie Dice! This game is so much fun, easy, and something that my coworkers and I can play during lunch!

u/sparkle-derp · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

We're coming for you, saratonin.

Scary vintage, coming right up.

My wishlist item is Zombie Dice.

u/funkmastag · 2 pointsr/boardgames

The Resistance is always fun and plays up to 10 people really easily. Although, some people say Avalon is better

Zombie Dice is an option for lots of people and super easy to teach.

u/KittenAnne · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Do you have Zombie dice It is a fun easy game that you can play with the 10 year old -

u/REdEnt · 2 pointsr/boardgames

If you can find a local game store, I'd go and ask what their policy is on returns. You could just go with a gift card to the place, though I know that can be impersonal, but if they allow it on unopened games, I'd get him something small like Zombie Dice, Hive, Codenames, Forbidden Island, or Sushi Go (all between $5 and $20 generally). If he has the game he can return it for some dice, or something else he needs, but I think the thought of going out and researching what good games are out there is nice.

u/Iswitt · 1 pointr/Libraries

Zombie Dice is a fun, inexpensive and quick little game to play. Not really tied into libraries, but my teens enjoyed this one.

Madlibs are quick and easy.

You can also make some simple crafts with duct tape. Bow ties, ties, hair bows, wallets, etc. can be pretty fast once people know what they're doing.

u/Foment_life · 1 pointr/Vapistan

I need to find a large enough group of friends that I can regularly play Shadows Over Camelot. That game is super fun.

But for 2 player games stuff like Zombie Dice, Exploding Kittens, and Fluxx are a boatload of fun.

u/tylerkilgore · 1 pointr/boardgames

I have been running a game night every Friday for the past year and a half with the majority of players not being gamers. I found a local bar that lets us play and 97% of the time I'm the only one that brings games. I never know the number of players coming so I now always bring the following games plus one main game that can support 4-7 players.
Zombie Dice,
Two Room's and a Boom,
Skull & Roses,
Love Letter, The Resistance Avalon, Coup, and Cards Against Humanity

Most of these games are either super simple and/or meant to support a higher number of players.

I typically get there ahead of time to secure a table and chat with the bartenders. It takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours for everyone to show up so when the first person gets there we chat for a bit and after 15 minutes either someone else has shown up or it's still just the pair of us and I say "So, you wanna try ____?" They say sure and I'll grab it our of my bag of holding. Typically this is going to be a 2-8 player game that plays in under a half hour. (Love Letter, Fluxx, or Coup) You could also make this Forbidden Island, it's just a bit too big to always have in my bag. We play a couple games of whatever until more people show up and if I get texts from folks saying they are almost there or running late I plan accordingly.

If I know the group is staying at 4-6 people then when everyone is there we play the bigger game I brought. (Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Castle Panic, Letters From Whitechapel, Forbidden Island, Power Grid, Smallworld, King of Tokyo, Carcassonne) and we do that as many times as people want and then end with Coup, Cards Against Humanity or Skull and Roses.

If the group gets above 7 and I expected it then I will have brought 7 Wonders or Elder Signs(Which I really have to be on my game to explain to the non-gamers.) if it was an unexpected turnout or people at the bar want to join then I fall back on The Resistance, Mascarade, Card's Against Humanity, Zombie Dice, and more recently Two Rooms and a Boom or Skull & Roses. Sometimes we play Werewolf using the cards from The Resistance as markers. At this point I'm just happy to chat with everyone and I really like the social deduction games so it works out great.

Most of the games I have bought, some I had to make print and play versions of to save money. (I will buy them when I can afford to.) I'm less precious about the print and play games because the parts are easier to replace. Playing at a bar though has taken it's toll on games and there are some games that are just more worn than others. But even at a bar with food and drinks around the spills have been minor and I have never had anything damaged beyond repair. If you are really worried about the longevity of components you might buy some card sleeves which also come in handy for print and play games.

I'll typically check in after every game to see how people are feeling and adjust accordingly. If people are bored I will change the game by offering a few suggestions. If everyone is getting too rowdy I try and explain the game Falling to them which typically just kills the whole night.

Most people will let you know when they're getting hungry but it's good to ask. If you are making it a game night then a real meal should be on the menu. We will put in a food order and play a 30 minute game while we wait or start setting up the bigger game and running through the rules. Sometimes we break to run and grab food instead. (The bar we go to has a smaller food menu so they let you bring in outside food.) If we are eating a real dinner then we hold off on playing something until everyone has finished eating. It's not worth trying to pack in a game and that helps eliminate a big majority of spills and grease on components.

With a rotating player group and only owning about 30 games I'm able to keep things fairly fresh. I buy about one new big game a month and then I make or buy the smaller games as they pique my interest.

I hope this was helpful, if you are on a budget I can go into more detail about how to do the print and play stuff and I can send you the card templates I have for some of the games too.

Anyway, good luck and have fun!

u/Jrrtubbs · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy birthday Lukie!

SJG Zombie Dice by SJG

This game would give me an alternative to suggest to friends when they want to partake in "out of doors" activities and allow us to stay in the air conditioning instead of subjecting ourselves to mother natures constant dick punches.