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Zoo Med Repti Temp Rheostat
For manual heat control of your reptile's habitatA single Rheostat will control up to 150 total watts of heating devicesWith a turn of the knob, you can adjust the temperature of most heating devicesAllows you to plug in and manually control up to two compatible heating sourcesIdeal for use with non thermostatically controlled reptile heating devices, such as: rock heaters, heat caves, and all overhead incandescent heat bulbs up to 150 watts total
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u/protatoe · 3 pointsr/arduino

got something like this

It's an off the shelf potentiometer basically, designed for a heat lamp. On full it makes the car lighter red hot (and I think blows the fuse).

plugged a wall wart into it, then cut the end off and connected it up to the car lighter (I just realized after about 10 years where my lighter went in my truck). It's essentially the same thing as you're trying to make, but with off the shelf parts. You can put the herb on the coil, then put a two liter bottle with the bottom cut off over the whole thing. It's a ghetto volcano. Should translate well to dabs.

This is all probably a bad idea.

u/MadSquabbles · 2 pointsr/insomnia

keep your feet out of the covers and it'll help cool you down. put a fan on them and it'll cool even more.

You can also try a vent fan with dryer vent tube to blow air under the covers.

The also have watercooled mats for hot sleepers. Expensive and some are prone to leaking.

Forgot to mention- if you use a vent fan you should get a rheostat for it to control the air flow. I use a lizard climate controller for it since i can keep the controller nearby if it gets too hot or cold.

u/Seanslaught · 2 pointsr/hognosesnakes

Exo Terra sells a heat lamp and mount
7 inch lamp housing
The lamp housing supports up to a 150w bulb
And you might want to regulate it with a rheostat
Checking temps regularly with a temp gun

Or you can use a thermostat with the probe on the hot side to regulate the CHE, but I've heard of snakes moving them causing temps to drop or climb, depending.

u/lapagecp · 1 pointr/snakes

Lots of good stuff has been said already. Let me just give a few pointers of my own.

75F is the minimum ambient tiemp. Cools side should be closer to 80 and warm side 90. You should have 2 identical hides. Your snake will use the one that it feels the safest in. If they are both the same then it will use the one that is the best temp. Your snake will not move from a safe spot unless it gets way to hot or way to cold. Snakes don't respond quickly so they can get burned if something gets over 100 degrees. You are correct, your hides are too big. A good rule is that two of your snakes should not fit in the hide. The snugger the better.

I would not get this. Its a rheostat not a thermostat. You can make it work if your room temp does not change but I don't recommend them.

For a little more you can get a thermostat. This is a cheap one. You get what you pay for but this is better than nothing.

Unless you live in a very humid place you are going to have low humidity and that can lead to a bad shed. To fix that consider covering some of the screen top and misting as needed.

You can use one of these to measure temp and humidity.

u/cold_coils · 1 pointr/snakes

You don't have to spend a lot on a separate enclosure.

Shopping list:

  • 15qt Tub (or some sort of plastic latching tub of a similar size)
  • SMALL heat pad
  • A Thermostat or Rheostat of some variety. This is a MUST to control temperature. Get a probe digital thermometer or heat gun to make sure your temperatures are on point. Analog (aka dial) thermometers are crap and not accurate.
  • Go to a hardware store that sells flooring tiles, see if they have a damaged tile of some sort that they'll give you or just buy something cheap. You'll be sticking the heat pad to this, not directly to the plastic tub.
  • Paper towel for substrate
  • Hide and water bowl

    Final product will look something like THIS.

    Put a couple small holes in the side of the plastic tub for air flow using a drill or solder iron or something.

    She needs a humid environment right now, moisten the paper towels and make sure she has fresh water.

    If you need to, put her somewhere dark or throw a towel over her tub. She sounds stressed.

    As others have mentioned, do not house multiple ball pythons together. They are competing for resources and she is showing signs of obvious stress (not eating, lethargic, etc). Humidity requirements are not on point since she doesn't seem to be shedding well and she looks dehydrated. I would recommend a tub for your other snake, too, but our main focus is her right now.

    Get her to an exotics vet and see what they say. The main thing is to get her stress down so she will get back on food. If she is sick with a respiratory infection or something, she will need to be treated by a vet.

    Best of luck with her, let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification on anything.
u/Fatvod · 1 pointr/snakes

Think this will work? Right now im just gonna leave the pad on under the rock. IM assuming the little guy will move over if hes getting too hot. I added another hide as you can see here. Just a tupperware.

u/srdyuop · 1 pointr/bettafish

I wanted to add that you can get something called a rheostat. It neasures tempuratures and regulates the heater for you. That way you can set your heater to 78F for your new fishie

u/marauderhex · 1 pointr/snakes

I have some of the hydrofarm ones, but I primarily use these in conjunction with an IR temp gun to monitor the temps. The basic rule with heat mats is that they will raise the temp in their area of effect by 15 degrees F above the room's current temp.

u/ImHackingTheFBI · 1 pointr/leopardgeckos

You can buy a rheostat for around 15 dollars on amazon :): Zoo Med ReptiTemp Rheostat

u/ElitistPoolGuy · 1 pointr/BeardedDragons

Hmm maybe this would work. Those reviews though...

Edit: this has better reviews. Temperature controlled Oo

u/rmarkham · 1 pointr/reptiles

I have a heat pad on the side of a large plastic bin. I have a zoomed brand pad, and have it plugged into a refugee to stop it from over heating. No issues for at least the year I’ve had this set up.

Zoo Med ReptiTemp Rheostat