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u/alcareru · 111 pointsr/guns

You need one of these at least.

If there was a god, MAT-49 kits would still exist to fill out the authentic Indo-china loadout.

u/CrossShot · 40 pointsr/guns

Critical Duty?

Screw that crap, get some of these

That shit just paralyzes you...

u/0x00000042 · 21 pointsr/Firearms

Get aluminum snap caps and have a friend load them randomly in your magazine. Not worth going out seeking to intentionally blow up your gun or get a squib load just to practice clearance drills.

u/jdubb26 · 21 pointsr/CCW

If you're truly aiming dead center before your shot, and then missing, it is most likely because you are anticipating the recoil of the shot and flinching, consequently pulling your shot off target. [This is what I'm talking about] (

Dry firing helped reduce my shooter anticipation/flinch immensely. When I go to the range I actually dry fire each target 3 times while watching my front sight, making sure I don't pull it off target during my trigger pull. I do probably 30-40ish dry fires before I even put any live ammo in my gun.

I would recommend getting some of [these snap caps] ( and doing 50-100 trigger pulls a day until you pull the trigger without any movement in the front sight as the hammer falls.

u/TheTrueFlexKavana · 17 pointsr/gaming
u/LunchboxMark · 17 pointsr/gundeals
u/qweltor · 13 pointsr/CCW

> I was shooting today and noticed two things. 1) my groupings aren't the greatest, and 2) my shots drop down and left.

  1. The barrel of your handgun is not pointed at the same place (ie center of the target), each time the bullet leaves the barrel.

  2. This is suggestive of the "NOW syndrome". You've corrected/verified your sight picture, and decide that you must fire the shot right NOW!, before your sights wander off the target. The muscle spasm to fire quickly, 1) causes the trigger to not move straight back to the rear (pushes barrel off target), and 2) causes the muscles in the hand/palm to suddenly clench/move (causing the pistol & muzzle to move). The trick is to keep the pistol steady on the target, while only moving the trigger straight back.

    > Now I know there are charts out there that give you advice on what it means depending on where you hit, in this case bottom left means "tightening grip while pulling trigger".

    Where is the tip of your front sight at (on the target), at the moment the striker/hammer falls (and immediately before the front sight starts to lift in recoil)? Like Adam says,, "If you can't describe it, you probably didn't see it (or focus appropriately)." If you are having problems seeing it, mix some snap caps in with your live rounds at the range (aka do the Ball and Dummy Drill).


    > Are there any drills out there to help make my groups smaller?

    Additional Drills:

u/MughalPrince22 · 12 pointsr/CCW

I've been using these daily for a few weeks now with G19 and G43 mags. Super comfortable, forget that it's there when I place it in the opposite "appendix" carry crease to where my gun is (11 o'clock). Works at 7-9 o'clock for me too. I've shot at the range with it, mags come out easy, holder stays on my belt. G43 mags take a little bit more finesse to get out, but with the pinky extensions I have on them it's not too bad. Are they the fastest most reliable reload option out there, no. Are they super convenient, comfortable, and cheap, yes.

2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster...

u/Jondayz · 11 pointsr/JusticePorn

For sure, because it's dangerous. But you can buy snap caps and do it in your house or find an outdoor range to practice for real.

u/tripleryder · 10 pointsr/guns

One thing you can do that helps a lot:

  • Buy some snap caps
  • Have a buddy load them randomly through your mag(s)
  • Take nice, controlled shots at a paper target no more than 5 yards away
  • When the snapcap shots come up, you will be surprised. Pay attention to what the gun/sights do when you are expecting a band, and don't have one

    This is the best way I've ever found with new shooters or new guns to figure out what is happening. If ou are flinching, jerking the trigger, etc.

    EDIT: Just realized that lexor said the same thing.
u/southernbenz · 9 pointsr/CCW
u/1911isokiguess · 9 pointsr/reloading

Get somthing like this. Shotshell is a diferent animal than metalic cartridges.

u/ChanceLover · 8 pointsr/VAGuns

I had an amazing time, getting to shoot basically every service rifle used in WW2 all in the same day was awesome.

Many thanks to the guys who shuttled my girlfriend and I up to the range and back down again. To the gentleman who gave us a ride back down (whose username I didn't get), the racks I use for my ammo cans are the MTM AC4C. Next time we're definitely borrowing a truck and maybe camping for the weekend.

u/Ruhlmdc · 8 pointsr/guns

I haven't seen one that does, usually the ammo just comes loose in the brown paper packs of 20

EDIT: Correction, some polish ammo comes in stripper clips. You're better off buying Russian/Romanian surplus ammo and buying the clips on the side, I've been using these pretty well.

u/DarthMonkey212313 · 8 pointsr/guns
u/MrPoundabeer · 8 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Would a shooters bag work for you? It is typically used for skeet/trap shooting, but I think you could fit about 10 beers in there. They're meant to carry a decent amount of weight (50 shells at least). I would use a cold pack though, it's not waterproof, so ice would be messy.

Gives a whole new meaning to "shotgunning beer"!

u/brennok · 7 pointsr/gundeals

They also have MTM ACR7-18 Ammo Crate Utility Box on sale for $11.49, but it is OOS. You have to change seller to Amazon. This is also the lowest historic price per CamelCamelCamel.

In addition to MTM AC4C Ammo Crate (4-Can for $24.99 which is also the lowest historic price from Amazon

u/Jomaan · 7 pointsr/airsoft

It's a SpeedQB Molle-Cule belt. The pouches on the belt are slightly modified Condor MA37 pouches.

u/bacon_strips · 6 pointsr/Hunting

I got this.

I've been to Argentina for high volume wing shooting twice: once up in the northern jungle region, near Salta, and once down south a couple hours away from Bajia Blanca.

I have some questions and related advice. Please answer some of my questions, and I'll check back later and give you more specific advice.

First, who is your outfitter? I went both times with Sierra Outfitters. They're great guys, and they have some fantastic spots.

Where are you going exactly? Up North, or down South?

bring a few thousand dollars in $20s and $100s Cash is king in Argentina, and US dollars are worth A LOT of Argentinian pesos. Try to figure out your budget for all of your expenses, and bring that + half in US dollars.

Are you bringing your own guns? Just don't. If you do, you will need the cash to bribe their version of TSA to get your paperwork signed off. $100 for the head chimp usually gets things moving smoothly.

Your flight and travel time will take longer than you can prepare for.

Tip your bird boys!They work hard, and get shit pay. It's also common courtesy to tip your bird boy. $100 to a birdboy is a months wage. Give him $100.

Bring ear pro, and a big pack of foam ear plugs as back-up. You will be shooting thousands of rounds a day. It is absolutely critical that you protect your ears.

Bring light-weight work gloves (mechanix) or a pack of accountant thimbles. If you are shooting thousands of rounds a day, you will also be reloading thousands of rounds. Protect your reloading thumb from getting raw and sore with a single rubber thimble, or wear gloves.

Bring a shell bag

Bring light-weight long sleeve shirts and long pants.They have mosquitos and nosee'm's (biting flies). Depending on where you will be, you should prepare for getting bit.

u/Venomous_Ferret · 6 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

Shotgun shell bandolier. 56 rounds. Or in this case 56 15ml bottles for dripping on the go. Not sure which you want to carry out with you? Carry them ALL!

u/st_samples · 5 pointsr/guns

Practice, practice, practice. Concentrate on your trigger pull and grip. Also you may be flinching. Have someone load your mag for you and mix some dummy rounds into the mag randomly. You will notice your gun dip when you fire the dummy rounds if you are flinching.

u/eliandpizza · 5 pointsr/preppers
u/dead-revel · 5 pointsr/guns

Dude, getcha some snap caps instead of chambering live rounds for practice.

u/wolfmanpraxis · 4 pointsr/paydaytheheist

I wasn't haha...

Also a good set will allow a quick load of the magazine.

u/EL3FUNT_ · 4 pointsr/guns

You can buy snap caps to practice with as well:

This way you can safely practice racking the gun and clearing malfunctions.

Oh, and don't forget the 4 universal rules of gun safety!

  1. The gun is always loaded.

  2. Always keep gun pointed in a safe direction.

  3. Keep finger off trigger until ready to fire.

  4. Know your target and what's behind it.
u/mrfrogac · 4 pointsr/guns

I use hard containers like this MTM AC4C Ammo Crate (4-Can)

u/Vjornaxx · 4 pointsr/handguns

There are a lot of components to firing off a good shot and as a new shooter, it can be tough to keep them all in mind: You need to have good trigger control, you need to focus your eyes on your front sight, you need to have a consistent and firm grip, your stance needs to be consistent and steady, you should time your shots to your respiratory pause to maximize accuracy. All of that is what you need to achieve, and as you get more experienced, you'll see how all of these components work together.

Anticipating recoil can be addressed from two angles, both of which involve focusing your mind on something other than anticipating when the trigger will break the shot: Actively thinking about maintaining front sight focus and actively thinking about trigger control. With practice, you'll be able to do both at the same time.

A good exercise that will address both of these is dry firing. The objective is to practice focusing on your front sight while manipulating the trigger in a manner which does not disturb sight alignment. You'll need an unloaded pistol and a featureless wall. Get a good thumbs forward grip on the pistol and aim at the wall. Make sure to pick an area without markings because you don't want anything to pull your focus away. Focus your eyes on the front sight. The rear sight should be blurry and you should be able to make out lots of detail on your front sight. Now place your finger on the trigger and slowly apply straight rearward force... slowly and steadily increase that pressure until the trigger breaks. Don't think about "pulling" the trigger, just think about increasing pressure. While you're thinking about pressure, keep your eyes focused on your front sight. If it moves, stop putting pressure on the trigger and start from the beginning. Do this until you get 10 good clean trigger breaks in a row.

The next time you go to the range, dry fire a few times before you run any live ammo through your pistol. If you find that you're still anticipating recoil, try the ball and dummy drill: You'll need some snap caps and some live ammo. Have your brother load you up a mag with a random distribution of snap caps and live ammo. Shoot at your target and treat it as a dry fire drill. If you manage to keep the pistol still even on snap caps, congratulations! If not, stop the drill, do 10 perfect dry fire reps, and run the ball and dummy again.

I know it's a lot to take in, but trust me that all of this will make sense and get easier the more you do it. It's not a bad idea to keep a personal training log and plan the drills you will run ahead of time. Just be honest with yourself and you will improve.

u/copper_top_m · 4 pointsr/alcohol

Got your back Jack.

A couple notes about it:

  1. it's not adjustable, not sure if you need it to be, just saying. But the size is pretty nice

    2)They do fit perfectly, unless they don't have a neck, the 3rd pic shows the two bottles that couldn't fit because they were too big

u/fluffy_butternut · 3 pointsr/guns

Here is what I have done after not shooting clays for a LONG time:

  • Buy expensive over / under shotgun
  • Get out-shot by old guy with crappy semi-auto (I don't have anything against semi's but this thing was BEAT) and son with your own Ithaca pump
  • Hang head in shame...

    But seriously:

  • Familiarize yourself with any equipment, microphones, control box, trap house, etc. Ask lots of questions! Help with setup and take-down
  • Buy a shell pouch like this one
  • Put your full box of shells in the inside pouch after ripping the "lid" off
  • When you are shooting take shells off one row at a time, easy to keep track of when you have shot 5 shots and should prepare to move to next station
  • Load one shell at a time into open barrel / magazine / chamber
  • Do not load the weapon until it is your turn to shoot (with a pump don't rack slide until your turn, o/u / semi don't close until your turn)
  • Be very familiar with loading and shooting one round at a time from your gun and unloading if need be
  • Try to keep pace with previous shooter, don't spend two minutes fumbling around for the next shell
  • Take your turn starting in the #1 spot - see counting above - you will lead the move
  • If NOT using a semi and you miss more than you hit put your hit clay "emptys" in your pocket to keep score, if you hit more than you miss put your missed clay "empties" in your pocket to keep score put whatever ones you aren't keeping in the outside of your pouch
  • When making the move from #5 to #1 walk BEHIND the other shooters
  • Keep your gun pointed at the ground or towards trap house at all times - having your shit together with the shells helps with this
  • If you leave emptys laying around be sure to clean up after yourself
  • When done shooting for the session, reload the clay thrower! Always leave it fully loaded and everyone is happy

    Advice for the kids:

  • 4 rules above all else
  • Emphasizing that this is a team sport, and that everyone needs to know how the flow is going to go and to figure out their personal "mechanics" for making ready, loading, shooting, un-loading, etc while always keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction
  • As far as the shooting itself, I don't feel qualified to offer more than this:
  • Keep both eyes open
  • Have a fairly aggressive stance - no leaning back
  • Make sure they are holding the shotgun firmly against their shoulder
  • Follow the clay, don't aim at it
  • Don't tense up / jar themselves by yelling "PULL!" a slower / softer "Puullll" is better but sometimes doesn't work with the auto throwers
  • Consistent cheek weld! Same "picture" of the barrel / bead is important
  • If they hit clays and then have a string of misses they are probably starting to dissect and analyze - similar to golf - this appears to be my downfall at the moment
  • Watch out for flinching, run some drills where you load an empty into the gun without them knowing
  • Teach them the joy of cleaning their guns!
  • Be smooth, shoot fast!

    Edit: Added some stuff
u/77ticktock · 3 pointsr/gundeals

I know it's not from OP's website/deal but check this for some decent looking storage for your pmags:

The insert is sold separately for about half the price I believe if you want to wait and camelcamelcamel the items to get a better deal.

u/And_Dan · 3 pointsr/guns

Maybe this just for fun

Pick up a bunch of stripper clips for it as well.

A sling, if he doesn't have one yet.

That stuff should get you around $50, including shipping. Spend the rest on ammo.

u/inna_woods · 3 pointsr/guns

Mako Polymer Pouch
I love it!

edit: note the retention is not the best, good for range/play use but the mag might fall out when crawling on ground.

u/crazybob1215 · 3 pointsr/functionalprint

The ammo can looks to be one of the MTM .50 cal ammo cans. The one I linked is a crate set, but you can get them individually.

u/Hawki007 · 3 pointsr/Nerf
u/Kromulent · 3 pointsr/Firearms

It's very common for new shooters to hit low-left. There is a wonderful drill you can do to detect and solve this problem very easily.

Get a pack of these:

Have a friend load a few at random in a magazine filled with live rounds. They will feed normally and you won't know it's there until you press the trigger and hear a click instead of a bang.

Chances are, when that happens, you'll see the gun dip slightly down and to the left. Now you know what's wrong and you know how to fix it.

With the snap cap still in place, dry fire a few times, being careful not to let the sights move at all. Once you think you've got it, cycle the action to eject the snap cap, and try again. While you are being careful you'll be striking closer to the center of the target. If you remain careful, the next snap cap will reward you by showing that your sights haven't moved.

It's not uncommon for skilled shooters to balance a nickel across the front sight, and dry fire the gun without the nickel falling off. When you can do that consistently you'll be shooting very well.

u/Grand-Bazaar-Nappa · 3 pointsr/gundeals

MTM AC3C 3-Can Ammo Crate (.50 Caliber)

Just need to select 1 size

u/WizardMelcar · 3 pointsr/CCW
u/xuerxuer · 3 pointsr/Glocks

A-Zoom 9mm Luger Precision Snap Cap 5 Pack

Better safe than sorry. Or I'm a chump that wasted $15 🤷

u/hacksauce · 3 pointsr/Firearms

Would you expand on why you're choosing local?
I bought stripper clips from Amazon: they work as advertized, though I don't use them much.

I'll be watching the thread to see if anyone has a recommended scope mount.

u/Phlynn42 · 3 pointsr/ar15

Doesn’t really matter, these are pretty sweet and r/gun deals seems to love em

MTM AC4C Ammo Crate (4-Can)

u/InactiveJumper · 3 pointsr/canadaguns

I just got this.

MTM's stuff is pretty good. Locks on both corners (if needed). Those ones I got are 30 cal ones (I can get 100 rounds of 12ga shotgun in them). I've also got 2 of their 50 cal ones.

I have one of the sheffield ones you linked to, but it doesn't stack well with the MTM ones.

u/HisNameWasSethGreen · 3 pointsr/ar15

I would say a good first step in preparing for SHTF is being able to keep all your mags full at all times. Keeping one of these full of loaded PMAGs gives you 450 rounds that are ready to go and easily portable. They make similar ones for pistol mags too.

As others have said, .22LR is a great choice for stockpiling too since it's cheap and light. I don't keep any .22 mags loaded up just because given my options it would be more of a long term choice vs the first guns I'd grab.

Here's a great spreadsheet for tracking your stockpile.

u/WaltherPPS · 2 pointsr/Walther

assuming you are loading factory 9mm Luger ammo (aka 9x19mm) this should not happen.

things I would check:

make sure it's assembled correctly. not a lot to go wrong here, I don't know if you could even put it back together wrong, but I am sure there are videos to guide you in insuring you got it right.

once loaded, pull the slide all the way back, and let it fly. don't pull it back, wait, and let it go. pull it back all the way and let it go all in one movement. if you are nervous about live rounds, get some snap caps. I use snap caps for dry firing, they are worth it just to have around.

u/Ferrule · 2 pointsr/reloading

The mtm stackable plastic ammo cans.

These but they were around $20 when I got em.

u/tink20seven · 2 pointsr/WTF

Sorry you had to learn that lesson the hard way.

Would these Snap Caps have helped?

u/ta1901 · 2 pointsr/metaldetecting

Medics bag, $8usd. Very tough for pointy objects like broken glass, metal, old knives, etc.

I was also looking at shotshell pouches, which often have 2 compartments and are sturdy canvas. About $20.

u/EzeKilla · 2 pointsr/Marijuana

Best no nonsense storage is an ammo can. You can get them at a military surplus store for like $10.

Amazon has them a bit pricier but still good.

They are airtight, designed by the military to keep ammunition and explosives moisture free.

The smelliest stash can be right under you and you'd never smell it. It has the upside of having way more room than a mason jar.

u/roadkill6 · 2 pointsr/guns

A basic cleaning kit, a bottle of Break Free CLP, some disposable ear plugs, and a pair of safety goggles shouldn't run you more than $30 total and will be perfect for what you want. As you get more involved and buy more guns you'll buy more gear, better cleaning stuff (boresnakes and the like), you'll find an oil that you particularly like (personally, I'm partial to Militec and Strike Hold), and some fancy electronic ear-muffs and nice shooting glasses.

As far as a case, unless you're carrying an expensive rifle or custom match-grade pistol or you'll be rock climbing with it, you don't need a Pelican case. A $10 plastic pistol case with egg-crate foam inside will suffice for just about everything you will be doing with your pistol. I know you said you already ordered snap-caps, but I have to recommend the A-Zoom aluminum caps. The plastic ones break too easily.

If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this: I know that it's fun to buy every accessory ever made for your gun, but honestly most of them are more gimmicky than useful. Start simple and cheap and buy things as you need them. Learn from other shooters what works and what doesn't and make friends that will let you try their gear, guns, and accessories so that you aren't buying blindly. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work well for you.

Good luck and welcome to the club!

u/ScumbagGina · 2 pointsr/ar15
u/xxxJakkxxx · 2 pointsr/guns

It's fine to dryfire nearly every firearm without damage. The real exception is older rimfires.

If you want snap caps you can hit up your local sporting goods stores (some wal-marts included) or even Amazon. I'd suggest this style since the primer isn't just a solid material packed into the pocket, it's a material backed by a spring. That means that it won't wear as quickly as ones that are just polymer since it has some give.

You can also use them for clearing drills at the range. Have a friend randomly load them into your magazine with real ammunition. When you run into one that doesn't fire clear it and move on.

u/iCwalzy · 2 pointsr/guns

Snap caps and 50 rounds of .22lr?

Here's the caps:

On second thought you could get a nice little Kershaw knife for $20..

u/NATOMarksman · 2 pointsr/guns

[You could go to the plastic side for $12.] ( Be warned that Gunnit will shame you, but for $12, why not.

u/Soylent_Gringo · 2 pointsr/progun

MTM Tactical Mag Can 15 for 223/5.56 Magazine Storage TMC15:

u/YoshiAwakens · 2 pointsr/Glocks
u/Funky0ne · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Nice, glad you had a good time, and ripping jeans while going commando while going commando on your first outing in airsoft is the stuff of instant legend.

As for the advice; I'm still too noob to speak with much authority (my first game is this weekend), but I at least have been gearing up a bit this season while biding my time. I'd recommend a good battle belt and then either one or a pair of drop-leg pouches over those climbing harnesses. Unless you plan to go fast-roping any time soon, a climbing harness won't be very functional, and it won't do much to keep the crotch of your pants intact if that's what you're worried about. Drop-leg pouches, on the other hand, are removable if you're not using them, and drop-leg platforms come with molle strips you can mount whatever gear you want on them, making them configurable too.

Plus, bonus no crotch-flossing or wedgie-inducing load-bearing straps running down the middle that are the bane of my masculine existence whenever I have to put one on.

Edit: Note, the above links are more for reference than as specific product recommendations.

u/ithinkchaos · 2 pointsr/SmithAndWesson

Pro-tip when dry firing - put a penny on the end of your muzzle/slide (near your front sight) and pull your trigger. It shouldn't fall if you are doing it right...Next level (much harder) - use a spent casing instead of the penny.

This has greatly improved my trigger pull, personally. The best way I heard it described was like this: think of your time spent at home doing practice draws and dry fire drills as studying and then your range time is the test. I use to view range time as actual practice time, but now I realize how much you can work on at home too.

Also, not all snap caps are created equally - I prefer the a-zoom ones myself, as they have a little rubber piece where the primer would be that your striker pin can hit. I used to use the all plastic ones, but they would eventually crack and left plastic crap all up in my pistol. And who wants to have to clean the weapon from just dry firing? No bueno.

But yeah, cheers to your new weapon! She's a beauty ;-)

u/bergred · 2 pointsr/ar15

A couple useful channels on YouTube (also check

  • nsz85
  • John Lovell
  • Jerry Miculek
  • Reid Henrichs

    Things to look up:

  • 4 rules of firearms safety
  • cleaning your weapon
  • trigger control
  • grip and stance
  • sight alignment
  • administrative load
  • speed/combat/emergency reload
  • unloading and clearing
  • clearing malfunctions
  • double taps, controlled pairs, hammer pairs
  • standing vs kneeling vs prone shooting
  • breath control
  • moving and shooting
  • cover vs concealment
  • shooting around/over barricades
  • best rounds for home defense vs range vs longer range
  • gear (slings, belt, mag pouches, chest rigs, plate carriers)
  • red dots vs irons vs low power variable vs fixed magnification optics

    For any given item above, I like to consult more than one source on them, do forum searches, ask experienced buddies, etc. to get a rounded picture.

    If you're going to do a lot of dry fire practice, it's important to hit the range as soon as possible to get a feel for the level of recoil and muzzle movement. This way you'll practice at home with that in mind. Also, as is commonly known, with any move you learn (like reloads or whatever) you should start slow and get it smooth and perfect, then gradually increment up the speed, always seeking smoothness and sureness of motion. No herky jerky fumbling.

    You may want to get a 556 mag pouch to start practicing loads, reloads, and malfunction drills. Cheapest is the Mako paddle pouch since you won't need a full gun belt or battle belt setup to use it. Otherwise choosing a gun belt and pouches will take time and money to get right for your needs. For those, avoid pouches with velcro flaps or the elastic retention loops over the top, and stick with open top friction retention like the Esstac KYWIs or HSGI Tacos.

    Also, weapons manipulation techniques used in defense/tactical purposes may be different from those used in competition. They'll be slower, surer, more failsafe. Whereas in competition you're going solely for speed and accuracy and screw-ups aren't fatal.

    For example, on a speed reload in competition you might hit the mag release button and let the mag fall out, grab a new mag with your thumb along the side and insert straight up into the magwell and hit the bolt catch paddle with that thumb. Whereas in a tactical or defense situation you may flick the safety on, hit mag release button, grab the empty mag and strip it out, insert fresh mag, optionally give it a good tap on the bottom, then tug it to make sure it's seated, then hit the paddle, then safety off. The latter is a little slower but prevents negligent discharges, mags not dropping free, mags not being fully seated, and other murphy's law things.

    Anyway, have fun!
u/JCutter · 2 pointsr/CCW
u/RedneckNerf · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Apparently I use shotgun shell pouches for everything. The Apollo fits nicely in one of these with the divider removed.

u/Flying_Spaghetti_ · 2 pointsr/guns

Maybe Glocks are different but you shouldn't do that without one of these in the chamber.

u/possible-troll · 2 pointsr/guns

Modified w/ 7.5 is perfect until you get a few rounds under your belt. Keep track of your performance -- and after 6-7 times out, you can try #8 shot, or a different choke. This way you can see if it is helping or hurting you.

You can try your hunting vest if it has large front pockets, but the problem with most vests is to me, they hold shells too high, and it can become clumsy especially when you pump (Since you have a 500). Granted, depending on how the tourney is set up, if you only need 4-5 shells on you at any one time, it could be more than fine. If you need to carry 20+ shells, I recommend a shooters bag like this one:

Put it on your offhand side. And when you're not shooting skeet, it's handy for like carrying your ears etc.

u/derrick81787 · 2 pointsr/preppers

I think it's a waste of time. Buy a few GI ammo cans (can be found cheaper elsewhere), and store your ammo in them. Maybe put a desiccant in there, but it's probably not necessary. I line my cans with cardboard and just put the ammo in there.

The lids have a gasket that is air tight. That ammo will outlast you. Honestly, it would probably outlast you just sitting on your closet shelf in the box you bought it in, but this provides some extra protection and allows you to more easily transport your ammo.

u/therealjerseytom · 2 pointsr/guns

You'll get better.

I've found that on my striker-fired pistol (a Glock), I'm actually much more accurate and much less likely to flinch if I take quicker, more decisive trigger pulls. Slowly trying to squeeze off aimed shots I would be all over the place, but quicker follow-up shots I'd be much more accurate. Think I came to realize that being too slow with trigger pull I'd feel it budge and creep to right where it was about to break, and that'd telegraph "imminent shot" to my brain and I'd flinch. Taking a slightly quicker and more decisive pull made for a crisper, cleaner break and less movement.

I like the idea of randomly throwing in some snap caps in my magazines. Like take a few mags, load them and randomly throw a snap cap or two in each, and mix them up so you won't know if your next shot will be live or not. Should help in being able to tell what you're doing when the gun goes 'click' and you see where your front sight is pointed.

u/SomeDEGuy · 2 pointsr/news

To add to this, you can buy dummy rounds (typically red or a different color than brass). You can use these to safely practice loading, cocking, reloading, etc... They are also good for dry fire exercises. is an example.

u/GenerationalDarwin · 2 pointsr/CCW

Any IWB/OWB mag pouch on weak side. Something similar to this:

u/drsfmd · 2 pointsr/reloading

>a ton of husks, wads, and no.4 shot I picked up for peanuts at a garage sale. I also have an old original lee load all 12ga press.

>My question is what primers/powder is recommended for loading this?

Doesn't quite work that way. You need to work with an established recipe.

What kind of hulls are they? What kind of wads? That makes a big difference in the powder/primer suggestion.

Your best bet to to by the Lyman book

u/jump-back-like-33 · 2 pointsr/guns
u/harbaughthechamp55 · 2 pointsr/ar15

Those are the ammo cases. They come with the foam inserts already in there. I like them a lot. Another comment mentioned being able to store more in an empty case without the inserts, which is true. My OCD likes the neatness of these tho.

And yes, sand PMAGs that I rit dyed various colors.

u/shadowblade232 · 2 pointsr/CCW

They're basically inert dummy rounds (usually plastic or lightweight metal with some polymer where the primer normally sits to absorb the impact of the firing pin). They have them for all the popular calibers. They're great for dry-fire practice too :)

Here are the ones I use in my 9mm: AMAZON LINK

u/PyroticMadness · 2 pointsr/airsoft
u/Stratys_ · 2 pointsr/news

It sure is, here you go :)

u/66ekipS · 2 pointsr/reloading

I've been using these: and will move some to akro bins for when I'm actually reloading.

u/Treyzian · 2 pointsr/guns

Get a holster for the pistol, sling for the rifle, and belt mounted holders for the magazines.

I do some informal "2 gun" and for pistol I use a Safariland paddle holster for my P226, and Sig's double mag holder for the pistol magazines. For rifle, I used to borrow a friend's "dump pouch" and carried magazines in there, but I found and switched to these AR mag holders:

u/Zombona · 2 pointsr/Nerf

Cardio Cardio Cardio. And some tac gear is not a bad thing if you are aware of how to use it. I recommend this guy. It is easy to modify with some longer velcro straps to fit any clip size. And that tac vest has some room for expansion. I also have this dump pouch.

I've also got a workout guide to get you in shape and ready for some running Here. I wrote this for me and it has already started but you should be able to catch up.

And make sure you have fun and lots of it.

u/escobert · 2 pointsr/MosinNagant

I really like these ones.

u/TheWonderLemon · 2 pointsr/Archery

You might be able to jury rig one out of this:

That said, it'll probably hit your arm as you try to walk around.

Another option is to go with a soft leather back quiver (like a Howard hill style quiver). It'll compress against your back and hold the arrows in place so it doesn't rattle around when you're moving!

I used to use a hydration pack on a back harness as a quiver as well:

It did the job well of holding the arrows in place and for $30, it was a darn good quiver. The only problem is that the arrows sat high on my back so trying to get through trees/brush was an absolute nightmare as the arrows snagged onto every low hanging branch

u/JackBauerSaidSo · 2 pointsr/CCW

I was referring to these.

That one works really well. The clip is removable and it fits on a standard rail. I like that it has good friction retention, but doesn't make it difficult to pull out the mag by hand.

When i bought it, they were $11.15, so you just have to catch them at the right time.

u/ISaidNoDecaf · 2 pointsr/gundeals

I think this might be what you're asking for.

Were it up to me, I'd grab one of their larger ammo cans (or an ammo crate if you've really stacked them deep) and just chuck my mags in there. The foam seems like it'd keep things a little neater, though.

u/AllergicOrchid4 · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Can you find any place to put your own pouches? these are pretty good, and good price too

u/SRSix · 1 pointr/guns

Snap cap drills helped me immensely. Subcompact barrels really exaggerate that flinch, which makes your shots go all over the place.

Video of a chick doing them.

You can also do that penny drill with the snap cap by putting the flat side (where the primer is) on your front sight.

u/dicktent · 1 pointr/minimalism

They're not exactly pretty but I would recommend going to an army surplus store and picking up an ammo can. They're water and fireproof and you can usually find them in various sizes. Great for documents or just old valuable crap.

u/ashe_b3r · 1 pointr/Nerf

okay I was thinking this
as a helmet instead of the hat
heres a sling

a doublestrike holster

note:that backpack is barely a pound with all the gear in it im fine

I know ill prob buy a raider stock for that
a dump pouch
im on the line about that tbh with the roughcut I have one but the sledgefire can handle rush's very well lets say someone is hiding behind cover out of ammo and I cover them and someone goes for a flank at 15 ft whould you rather have curved darts fly and hopefully circle back in for a hit or a triangle shaped projectile that goes straight that very hard to dodge but the roughcut you can just slamfire 8 darts into someone switch out do your double strike and do what you were doing

u/BobTheBloatedFish · 1 pointr/Nerf

I know it's not the question you asked, but related. This pouch fits a 35 drum perfectly. It's almost like it was made for it. The bottom is flat too, so it's not awkward or anything.

u/QuiickLime · 1 pointr/sffpc

I was just saying you could do something like this. If you have power tools and some modding inclination it shouldn't be too bad, depending on how nice you want it to look. Amazon link to an ammo can, I'm sure you can get them cheaper elsewhere (surplus store if you have one nearby).

u/beflict_19 · 1 pointr/reloading

since you dont know the type of any of the componets you already have start from here. Start sticking to the loads listed and eventually you will learn what you can and cant change safely. A Lymans shotshell manual is great for learning process and tech information. It also has more load data than you can shake a stick at.

u/BelmontZiimon · 1 pointr/cosplay

[Get one] ( with no bullets but with large enough holes like shotgun shells. Then try to make bullets from relatively inexpensive materials like cardboard and paper, say like a paper rocket.

u/bluedev25 · 1 pointr/guns

It isn't so much an ammo type as it is a training device.

Snap caps allow you to consistently dry fire without damage to your firearm if it's of an older make. Also allows you to simulate a dud round, or - as OP has discovered - control against flinching to anticipated recoil.

u/airsoftweeb · 1 pointr/airsoft

it is on amazon for like 20 dollars called Condor MA37 Triple MP5 MP7 MP9 Magazine Pouch, I have a mp5 and a gbb kmp9 it fits all of these mags very tight

u/Mac_The_Knife18 · 1 pointr/guns

Its a Tourbon Cheek Riser that I got off of amazon. It's pretty nice and well made for the price. I wish it was just slightly taller, but overall I'm very happy with it.

u/sheepdog87 · 1 pointr/CCW

I dont think I saw this recommended in here yet but sorry if it is. When I first started carrying I was too nervous about keeping one in the chamber. Thinking back now Im not sure why I was because I refused to buy a gun with a safety for carry purposes. Anyway, someone recommended me picking up a few Snap Caps to use for dry firing.

Well I decided to load my firearm with the snap cap and then do my normal activities around the home. Surprise surprise, no accidental discharges. I decided to take it a step further and did things I normally wouldnt be doing. Jumping jacks, rolling around on the ground, and anything else that could possibly make it go bang. Nothing. Worked my way up to practicing unholstering, dry firing, racking the slide and reholstering. Never had it unintentionally fire (snap cap.)

So that was it. It gave me the confidence that its never going to go bang unless you stick a finger in there and pull the trigger. Follow the safety rules and you will be good to go.


As for comfort try out a different holster and or position. Also make sure you're using an actual gun belt. Using an actual gun belt made a world of difference for me. Also if you a skinny dude, give appendix carry a try. Check out the G-Code INCOG holster. You can check out the video from Travis Haley here: INCOG Appendix Holster Appendix carry works great for deeper concealment and is perfect for the sitting position. Also allows for extremely fast draw and reholstering. Good luck!

u/AngeredCowbell · 1 pointr/GunAccessoriesForSale

Like everyone else said, amazon is probably your best bet. In my very unprofessional opinion, this one is great. Mako Polymer Magazine Pouch with Belt Paddle for 5.56mm Magazines

Retention is good and draw is very smooth.

u/felcress · 1 pointr/airsoft

Thank you for the detailed answer! Here's what I have decided to get.

This wrap to protect my neck, this pith helmet, canteen, and chest rig. Would these all work well towards my loadout?

Haven't decided which one of these I should get, but this rucksack is apparently an authentic and this cheaper rucksack which is non authentic.

Also, do you know of any cheap replica Type-67 grenades I can get? I found one but it ships from china and costs 25$ a piece, 13$ to ship.

u/KazarakOfKar · 1 pointr/Firearms

Pretty sure it is this one.

u/Zombies_Are_Dead · 1 pointr/gaming

You can generally get ammo cans in the US at military surplus stores, which will generally look a bit aged, or order a new one online for ~$30.

u/mrcpu · 1 pointr/canadaguns

Not leather but I've been looking at this for my 30-30

Tourbon Hunting Right Side Rifle Cheek Pad Ammo Pouch Holder

u/btreecat · 1 pointr/Multicopter

>I don't know what you mean by "based on what you think you will like best" on the FCs, to me (at least right now while I'm a noob) they are just a circuit board I don't really know the difference but I have read good things about the Naze32 and the Flip32 is a clone so I'm assuming I should go with that one?

I prefer the Flip/Naze 32 over the CC3d because I don't like the plastic connectors on the CC3d. That being said, they both run my preferred FC firmware, cleanflight.

>Is the FPV set that I chose really that bad?

Yes, I own the quanum V1, and ended up spending another $120 doing a DIY Headplay HD headset.

The quanum V2 are a significant upgrade, great for beginners or experienced pilots. My friend /u/mycodude owns one and for the price they are hard to beat. The price diff between the V2 and V1 is less than $30 but the XP is worth more than that.

The camera wont break often, so it is better to just buy a quality one and not need to replace it later since the best camera you can buy is only $35 it doesn't make sense to buy a lower quality one or a more expensive one.

The VTX/VRX and Antennas were ok, but my rc802 is stuck on one freq and /u/mycodude died completely.

We both upgraded to the fr632 and have not had issues since.

If you do pick up the diversity rx I linked, also pick up a directional antenna while you are at it.

u/Ansuzalgiz · 1 pointr/Nerf

I like this one.

u/SurfWyoming · 1 pointr/Quadcopter

Yep, those are good to have! I stick my battery in the bag when charging and I also store them in the bag and the bag goes in an ammo can. I don't know if you have read this yet, but if you charge your battery to full, and you are not going to use them for a couple days, make use to use the "battery store" on the B6, it discharges the battery to a safe voltage to be stored. They shouldn't be stored at full charge for more then a couple of days.

Also, look into getting one of these. It lets you check each cells voltage. Sometimes the charger can screw up, so this is a cheap doulbe check to make sure the batteries are balanced. It also doubles as a warning buzzer for your quad. When you are flying, it will start to buzz when your battery gets down to a certain voltage so you do not discharge the battery too much, which also causes damage.

u/JkStudios · 1 pointr/Nerf

I don't run a dump pouch, so I have no personal experience. However, VISM makes a dump pouch. It's able to fit 8 18 round stick mags.

u/scootermcturbo · 1 pointr/titanfall

Left leg had an extra molle pouch attached, right leg had a holster I made for the smart pistol

u/testyfries · 1 pointr/reloading

thanks, just found the Lyman Shotshell Handbook 5th Edition for under $20.00

u/Charizard321123 · 1 pointr/MosinNagant
u/scroopynoopersdid911 · 1 pointr/airsoft

It's just This with two of these

and my dump pouch.

u/Nalydmerc · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

I'll definitely post the whole project sometime! I live in North Carolina, USA. What I did was buy one of these:

I cut a square out of it and glued/caulked a 1/4" plexiglass pane over it, which I pointed the camera out of. I drilled a hole in the back just big enough to run a cut power cable through and wire the end back to it on the inside, glued and caulked it. It's definitely 100% weather-proof. The only problem I foresee is it getting too hot in the dark metal case. Time will tell when summer comes!

I wrote a python program to take a picture and store them on an SD card, and I'm still working on the code for it. It'll be a work in progress for a while improving it. I installed a Ras-Clock so if the power went out, it would still know when to pick up and take the next frame.

For the print server, I just use something called CUPS. I started here:

It's pretty simply to set up on the client end once you get it configured. All I need it to do is print, and that's what it does.