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Best apps & games (according to Reddit)

Best apps & games according to redditors

We found 1,586 Reddit comments discussing the best apps & games. We ranked the 775 resulting products by number of redditors who mentioned them. Here are the top 20.

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u/theveryworstkate · 456 pointsr/pics

Blizzard has already profited from me and probably doesn't care whether I continue to play the games I've already paid for, but we can voice our frustration at this atrocious decision to would-be customers. I had previously left some 5-star reviews. I've deleted these and/or changed them to 1-star to reflect how Blizzard's choice has affected my enjoyment of their games.

Hearthstone (Google Play)

Hearthstone (Apple)

Hearthstone (Amazon)

Diablo 3 (Amazon):

Switch (You can select a different platform to review from this link)

D3 (Walmart): Switch Xbox One PS4

D3 (Best Buy): Switch Xbox One PS4

WoW Classic (Metacritic)

While you're at it, don't forget to cancel your Diablo: Immortal pre-registration!

Note: I'm not suggesting you go drop a bunch of reviews for games you haven't played. But if, like me, you feel like your overall enjoyment of the game has been affected, let others know about it outside of Reddit!

u/cyphr555 · 142 pointsr/Games

Probably worth mentioning that Terraria is free for Android devices from the Amazon Appstore today.

u/Glinth · 78 pointsr/GameDeals

The Android version is free for Christmas on the Amazon Appstore.

u/oijalksdfdlkjvzxc · 74 pointsr/AskReddit

Here's a good starter list. I will also include links to Wil Weaton's Tabletop series in the titles for the games where available, if you'd like to see a very well-produced video of the game actually being played.

Settlers of Catan - This one has probably become more mainstream than most "hobby games", but it's a classic that's stood the test of time. A 3-4 player game of wheeling and dealing with the other players as you try to establish yourself as a civilization on a new island.

Carcassonne - Another classic, this is a 2-5 player "tile laying" game where you place square pieces to line up with other pieces to establish an area of French countryside. You build the board as you go, and then you place your pawns on the board in order to try to gain control of different cities, roads, and monasteries before they are built. If you like playing games like dominoes, or building jigsaw puzzles, this game will appeal to you. It's also available for free on the Amazon App Store right now for all Android devices: http://smile.amazon.com/exozet-games-Carcassonne/dp/B0081SRJSY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406819427&sr=8-1&keywords=carcassonne+android

Ticket to Ride - A 2-5 player game where players collect hands of different-colored cards in order to construct train routes across a map of the USA (although there are many other versions available, including Europe). If you like games like Rummy, this game will appeal to you. There are also Android, iOS, and Steam versions available.

Dominion - A 2-4 player game that started the "deck-building" genre. Players each start off with the same deck of 10 cards, with an available pool of many cards to "buy" set up in the middle of the table. As the game progresses, you purchase these cards to add to your own personal deck, which allow you to build up powerful combos, trying to add the most valuable victory point cards to your deck before other players do and end the game. You only include a small subset of the available cards every game, ensuring that no two games will be the same. If you like CCGs like Magic the Gathering, without the crazy expense of always buying cards, then this game will appeal to you.

The Resistance - A 5-10 player social deduction game. In a dystopian future, a team of rebels band together to try and sabotage critical government installations. However, the government has secretly infiltrated the rebel group with a number of spies. The rebels must work together to try and determine who among them are the spies before it's too late. Lots of accusations, backstabbing, and laughter to be found in this game. If you like social hidden-role games like Mafia and Werewolf, this game will appeal to you.

Coup - A 3-6 player hidden role game set in the same fictional universe as The Resistance. Each player gets two cards, each of which represents an influential government figure who they are exerting influence over, and each of whom has their own special power. However, cards are kept secret, allowing players to bluff about which cards they actually have. You are trying to eliminate the other players' influence before they eliminate yours. Unlike the other games on this list, this game does feature player elimination, but games are short (<15 minutes) so it's not that big of a deal. If you like bluffing games like Poker or "BS", this game will appeal to you.

Pandemic - A 2-4 player cooperative game where all players work together to try to find cures for 4 different diseases before they take over the world. This is a difficult, tense game that will kick your butt over and over again. If you like games with a challenge, but you also don't like competing with other players, this game will appeal to you.

If anybody wants further recommendations, I'd be happy to help. All of these games should be readily available on Amazon.com, many of them can also be found at retailers like Barnes and Noble and Target.

u/ShortFuse · 37 pointsr/Android

I'm confused. Though I don't have the numbers of Apple for installs, we do have review count.

Apple - 13,906 reviews

Google - 44,583 reviews

After doing the math, are they saying they have 9 times as many Apple users and they review 28.85 times less than Android users. Does that look wrong to anybody else?

Edit: Amazon - 2,615 reviews

Are they only counting paid purchases in Amazon and completely ignoring the Play Store?

u/askoo · 25 pointsr/GameDeals

Also available in other regions...

u/Literally-EA · 21 pointsr/GameDeals
u/EnricoMakesBank · 17 pointsr/Chromecast

You can add the app to your account using the browser while it's still free, then actually use it once a patch comes out to fix the crash. Claim it here: http://amzn.com/B004Y1WCDE

u/sh4ne · 16 pointsr/Android

Now available as Free App of the Day in the USA

u/farmerbb · 14 pointsr/AndroidGaming

Here's a few random ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

PC game ports:

The Talos Principle

I Am Bread

Goat Simulator + sequels

Star Wars: KOTOR

PUBG & Fortnite

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap


Baldur's Gate series

Source ports (requires data from PC versions):

Delta Touch and Quad Touch (source ports of Doom 1/2 and Quake 1/2/3)

OpenMicroWave (port of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind)


Nvidia Lightspeed Studios (ports of Half-Life 2, Portal, Tomb Raider, Doom 3 BFG Edition, etc)

Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel

Fire TV exclusives:

Shovel Knight

u/rrainwater · 14 pointsr/youtubetv

Youtube is available now: https://www.amazon.com/Google-LLC-YouTube/dp/B07T771SPH/

Btw, I'm not sure why it is going to take months for YTTV to be available. It seems strange they are moving so slow.

u/doomsdayforte · 13 pointsr/AndroidGaming

Huh, reporting in the States and it doesn't show up in the Search for me either.

It's still on Amazon and Underground for now, at least.

u/bucks14 · 12 pointsr/PleX

Non-mobile link here.

u/DaveIsLame2 · 12 pointsr/Chromecast
u/square_smile · 12 pointsr/Android
u/aaziz88 · 11 pointsr/ShovelKnight

Holy shit, they fucking released an Android port?

Looks like it's available only through Amazon (made for Fire TV with a game pad). The product page says it's Treasure Trove, and the description includes all 3 campaigns so I'd say yes it does.


u/katarine- · 9 pointsr/GameDeals

Too expensive. 10 freakin' dollars? Terraria is a great game. I own it on PC, PS3, and Kindle. But 10 dollars (normally $20???) for the 3ds e-version is exact reason I detest my 3ds. First the e-store is crap. You can't install on multiple devices. You have to prove you uninstall it before you can move it. When things go on sale it's still overpriced (IMO).

You can buy it on Amazon now for $5 and play it on either your phone or kindle depending on which one you're in the mood to play. You can even get it for FREE on google play.


u/cywang86 · 9 pointsr/FFBraveExvius

To give everyone a rundown on how to do this.

  1. As FFBE is linked to FB, not any payment platform, you can utilize as many eligible accounts for this discount and use all the coins on the same FFBE account.

  2. As Lapis is not transferable between payment platform, your current Lapis purchased and received while on Google Play/Apple Store will not be accessible from the FFBE installed through Amazon Underground. It's best to do this on a different device or PC emulator like Memu, if you plan on going back to previous platform.

  3. Neither the Coin purchase nor the Lapis Bundle purchase are taxed. (for me anyway, living in Illinois, US)
    edit: it seems the lapis purchase can be taxed, though there may be some factors to avoid it

    To get things started, make sure you have an eligible Amazon Account, as you have to have made a purchase with a US billing address prior to 11/7.

    After you've found an eligible Amazon Account, you'd have to install Amazon Underground App and then 'purchase' (with $0) and install FFBE through this Amazon App. This also requires your device to be free of FFBE install.

    After you've installed and able to fire up FFBE, making sure you're logged into the correct Amazon Account, buy the Amazon Coin, and wait for them to show up. It took me an hour or two for it to show up, waiting time may vary due to fraud concern. (If the purchase goes through but you're being charged $0, contact support as it happened to me and they had to make sure it wasn't a fraudulent purchase)

    If you plan on doing this on multiple Amazon Accounts, simply log out on Amazon, switch user and purchase FFBE with $0 and the Amazon Coin offer. You do not have to reinstall, simply access the game from desktop and you can access your coin on a different Amazon Account.
u/dscreations · 9 pointsr/fireTV

From Fire TV product manager:

>Official YouTube app (link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T771SPH/) is now available on Fire TV Stick (4K, 2nd Gen, & Basic Edition), Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Edition televisions. Support for other models is coming soon. 4K HDR @ 60fps YouTube content is now supported for the first time on Fire TV!


u/truthd · 8 pointsr/boardgames

I had Carcassonne on my Android phone, but it looks like it disappeared after an update. There was certainly an Android version at some point: https://www.amazon.com/exozet-games-Carcassonne/dp/B0081SRJSY

Pretty lame, that you can't get an app you paid for because the company lost the license.

u/Swaggarwal · 8 pointsr/xbmc

I got Airplay running on my Amazon FireTV (costs $100) perfectly using the $3.00 AirReceiver app (http://www.amazon.com/x9F99-x65B9-x513F-AirReceiver/dp/B00L5HQRGS). Also the FireTV comes with an app for Netflix, and I have installed XBMC as the main launcher.

u/nabrok · 8 pointsr/scifi

Yes there is. I have it on my phone.


Not sure how long it's been available, but I've had it for a long time.

u/403UsernameForbidden · 7 pointsr/AndroidGaming

Sorry for the people who linked to the Google Play Store and posted things that aren't even on Amazon App Store. They didn't read your post, it seems. I would recommend Terraria for sure. Wayward Souls is a pretty solid choice too. I couldn't recommend Monument Valley, I've never played it.

u/justadrummer · 7 pointsr/GameDeals

It is free here on the amazon appstore!

u/jbl0ggs · 7 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

Just install the following app that will easily allow you to sideload apps

More info here -> http://www.aftvnews.com/introducing-downloader-my-first-fire-tv-app-which-makes-sideloading-dead-simple/

Then you can do the following to add the add-ons you want...

u/scottvv · 6 pointsr/fireTV

The default mirroring on Fire TV doesn't support Apple AirPlay. However, you can install a third-party app from the Appstore on your Fire TV to make it work. I used this one and it works great.

u/Angry_Caveman_Lawyer · 6 pointsr/CHIBears
u/boilerchemist · 6 pointsr/cordcutters

DirecTV Now app for Amazon Fire is live now, if anyone is interested...

Edit: iOS link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/directv-now/id1136238277

Edit2: Android link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.att.tv

u/AFTVnews · 6 pointsr/fireTV

My Downloader app has a built-in browser that supports downloading certain files.

Amazon Appstore Listing: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N0BP507/

More info about the app: http://www.aftvnews.com/downloader

u/ChumbaWambah · 6 pointsr/Android
u/Conradical314 · 5 pointsr/PleX

It's still $0.99 on Amazon store.

It is not worth your time wondering about unofficial apps when $0.99 will get you the official app with mainstream support (new features and guaranteed updating). Normally I would want to qualify such a statement with "each to their own", but if you don't got 99 cents you're gonna wanna work on that before your media server.

u/SocksForBreakfast · 5 pointsr/cordcutters

I don't think this is the case. It redirects to:


Which is not a referral link, just the product page. You can add any Amazon ASIN number to amzn.com/<ASIN> and it will redirect to:


Even a shortened URL would need ?tag=MY_REFERRAL_ID appended to it. Nothing fishy going on here.

u/salimhb · 5 pointsr/jailbreak

I use AirReceiver https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00L5HQRGS/ it works well for me on a fire tv stick

u/FoferJ · 5 pointsr/fireTV

AirPlay DLNA Receiver is the best of the bunch, as far as I know. Worked fine for me:

u/RDGnome · 5 pointsr/Chromecast

Here it is.

I notice it's quite buried when searching for some reason. Make sure you have updated your Amazon app too

u/fuzzo · 5 pointsr/tablets

Dude. I don't know wtf you think you're on about. Go to Amazon and download the Amazon Prime Video app.

u/ph3l0n · 5 pointsr/hearthstone
  1. Buy 5000 coins with this link (20% off)

  2. Download Hearthstone from Amazon App store (delete hearthstone from your phone if you already have it there)

  3. Buy expansion from Hearthstone Amazon App Version. It will prompt you to use coins if you are in the app.
u/Country_Runner · 5 pointsr/fireTV
  1. Download "Downloader".

  2. Open Downloader and enter the address for the SmartYoutube Apk
    https://github.com/yuliskov/SmartYouTubeTV/releases/download/6.12.71_2/SmartYouTubeTV_Orig_v6.12.71_r.apk (alternatively if you don't want to type that all out go to https://smartyoutubetv.github.io/ and scroll down a bit until you see Downloads and pick the stable release.

  3. When Downloader asks if you want to install click install. Wait for it to finish then click the open button.

  4. Pick what ever quality version I'm using the first one 720p(It may popup asking you to upgrade do that if you want or do it later)

  5. Sign-In if you want or do other youtube things good to go.

u/rajasiman · 4 pointsr/Android

Here's the list from the Amazon.com app store! Hope some of you find it useful :)

My Alarm Clock|★★★★|$1.99
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing|★★★|$1.99
WiFi File Explorer PRO|★★★★|$0.99
Weather Live - Detailed Forecasts and Live Weather Conditions|★★★★|$2.99
Photo Editor+|★★★★|$0.99
Drawing Pad|★★★★|$1.99
Convertor Pro|★★★★|$0.99
Home Budget Manager|★★★★|$2.99
Flightradar24 Pro|★★★★|$2.99
KAYAK PRO|★★★|$0.99
Daily Workouts|★★★★|$3.99
Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro|★★★★|$2.99
White Noise|★★★★|$1.99
Docs To Go Premium Key|★★★|$9.99
Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools|★★★|$7.99
PDF Max - The PDF Expert for Android|★★★|$7.99
Fraction Calculator Plus|★★★★|$0.99
Food Diary and Calorie Tracker PRO|★★★★|$3.99
Bills Reminder|★★★★|$3.99
List Master Pro|★★★★|$1.99
To-Fu Fury|★★★★|$1.99
Little Piano (Pro)|★★★|$5.99
KeepTrack Pro|★★★★|$1.99
Language Coach|★★★|$9.99
MathsApp Graphing Calculator|★★★★|$4.99
Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th edition|★★★★|$29.99
Essential Anatomy 3|★★★★★|$24.00
APP OF THE DAY: Shuttle+ Music Player|★★★★|$0.99


This app is compatible with the Kindle Fire. Not compatible with phones i guess.

Go get them! :D If you find any error here, feel free to send me a PM.

u/KHthe8th · 4 pointsr/boardgames
u/576875 · 4 pointsr/Minecraft

I didn't receive the Minecraft Coins that I purchased. What should I do?

If you purchased on your Windows 10 device:

  1. Sign in at account.microsoft.com and check your recent purchases.
  2. If you see a completed purchase, restart your device as it may need to be updated.
  3. If you have another Windows 10 or Pocket Edition device, sign in on that device to see if your purchase appears there.

u/XxImaginati0nxX · 4 pointsr/androidapps
u/thin_king980 · 4 pointsr/amazonecho

I use this for airplay on my iPad and iPhone. I have never had any issues with it. I see a lot of reviews saying it doesn't work but no specifics. I recommend it especially for the $2 they want now, I paid $5 and still think it is worth every penny.


u/akatherder · 4 pointsr/cordcutters

Here's a direct link to the Prime Instant Video App:


I think it's saying you need the Amazon app installed to use this. You may also need the Amazon App store installed to actually install the app (but I don't think so).

u/jorbelz · 4 pointsr/amazon

Yes, but it's not available through the Play Store. You need to download it through the Amazon App Store. Amazon Prime Video by Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N28818A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_udp_apa_Xo-RybXSVCB8V

u/xxTheGoDxx · 4 pointsr/Games

Just as a heads up, game works on Android devices with Bluetooth controllers (HID) as well if you sideload it. You can buy the Amazon Fire TV version here: https://www.amazon.com/Yacht-Club-Games-Shovel-Knight/dp/B014IEGCKU

u/tapperyaus · 4 pointsr/AndroidGaming

Amazon actually posts permission requirements on its page, so it seems this is normal? https://i.imgur.com/kO2ZlbA.png

Here is the Amazon page to check yourself. https://www.amazon.com.au/Yacht-Club-Games-Shovel-Knight/dp/B014IEGCKU

u/dmwilson220 · 4 pointsr/DirecTVNow

It's already available here

u/Gooplusplus · 4 pointsr/fireTV

It may be related to something like this:


Two Amazon-approved apps that I think are essential for FireTV are Downloader and Total Commander.

If you get both, there is little need for ES File Explorer.

u/djrbx · 3 pointsr/PleX

I hate mobile links. Here's the non-mobile version

u/wor2k · 3 pointsr/PleX

I could be very wrong but I don't think there is a difference between the two stores....?

Under amazon link: "What's new in version" Link

Under google play link: "Fixes (v3.6.2)" Link

From their notes it looks like amazon has the newer version but I would assume you can update either of them once in the downloaded app? Now I'm confused.

u/gopireddituser · 3 pointsr/fireTV

Plex app is free. You can download the plex app for Fire TV from here: https://www.amazon.com/Plex-Inc/dp/B004Y1WCDE/ref=sr_1_1?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1520835613&sr=1-1&keywords=plex

Download the plex server for your PC from here: https://www.plex.tv/downloads/

  1. Sign up for a free account on https://www.plex.tv/
  2. Start the server on PC,
  3. Add the movie libraries you want to watch on Fire TV
  4. Open the Fire TV app
  5. Pair it with the server. Fire TV app will display the code. You need to enter that code on PC browser.
  6. Once the pairing is complete, you will be able to watch the shared libraries on Fire TV
u/d70 · 3 pointsr/PleX

And yes, it's live on the Amazon AppStore too! (for Fire TV)

u/nintrader · 3 pointsr/SonicTheHedgehog

It seems to be missing for me too, but if you don't mind going through Amazon's appstore, they have it for three bucks

u/atl2rva · 3 pointsr/fireTV

There is no real high end gaming, but there are a couple decent ones. Minecraft Pocket Edition and Terraria would be my main two recommendations. Beach Buggy Racing isn't too bad if you're looking for a Mario Kart knock off. There are ways to stream games from other devices as people have mentioned or you can even install emulator to run classic games. Can't discuss how to go about getting ROMS, but you can look that up. The emulators are probably the best source of gaming you can get on the FireTV. Just don't expect this to be a real replacement to an actual console.

u/SweetGoat · 3 pointsr/AndroidGaming

Looks like you can get a new Amazon app thing from www.amazon.com/androidapp

If that isn't working, try: https://www.amazon.com/505-Games-Terraria/dp/B00G6ZTM3Y/

No idea if/when the Amazon version is getting 1.3

u/Nabsbeats · 3 pointsr/fireTV

If you have a 6xx series Nvidia card, I'd recommend giving Limelight a shot: http://www.amazon.com/Cameron-Gutman-Limelight-Game-Streaming/dp/B00JK4MFN2/

Just add Steam to your Nvidia GeForce Experience game list, and you'll be able to stream via Big Picture Mode.

u/whiprush · 3 pointsr/Steam_Link

You can do that today on a FireTV if you have an nvidia card on the host machine: http://smile.amazon.com/Cameron-Gutman-Moonlight-Game-Streaming/dp/B00JK4MFN2?sa-no-redirect=1

u/franrata · 3 pointsr/AndroidGaming

OP link is for australia. Get it free here


u/humbertog · 3 pointsr/fireTV
u/eclpsdrgn · 3 pointsr/fireTV

It does not just search airplay on the firestick and that app allows you to airplay it’s like 3 bucks it works well. airplay

u/Stingray88 · 3 pointsr/appletv

While not relevant to the AppleTV, I have a suggestion for those with Android set top boxes looking for Airplay solutions.

This app has worked flawlessly on my FireTV for two years now as an Airplay receiver. It works exactly like an AppleTV does as far as Airplay in concerned with all features supported (Audio, Video, Screen Mirroring, Extended Display).

There may be free options now that work just as well, but back when I first bought this app it was said to be the go-to for anyone looking into this functionality. Can't vouch for anything else.

u/jeck11 · 3 pointsr/kindlefire

Download MX Player or VLC. Once you have one of them on the device, grant your kid access to it. The thing that's a pain is that you have to do the transfer of the movies while logged into the child account over USB.
The other option is to download GoToApp and then grant your child access to that. It's less secure because it basically breaks the Freetime restriction. The child can access anything on the device using it. GL - This is my biggest complaint with the Freetime setup.

u/rube · 3 pointsr/AndroidGaming


Well, I just learned it's apparently on the Amazon App Store. It must be made for Fire TV type devices that require a controller anyway.

So in theory you could sideload the game, but I have a feeling that controller is going to be the only option unless someone else knows how to add touchscreen buttons to it.

u/oavaldezi · 3 pointsr/Addons4Kodi

The actual link address on github is https://github.com/opensubtitles/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles/archive/master.zip

I've used AFTV's Downloader app (https://www.amazon.com/AFTVnews-com-Downloader/dp/B01N0BP507) to download the zip, and then installed it in Kodi from zip file.

u/leroach · 3 pointsr/TVZionApp

I use the Download App to download and install files... why do you need anything else?

u/The_Turbinator · 3 pointsr/firetvstick
u/bauerknight · 2 pointsr/PleX

Amazon is showing $2.49 for some reason. It was 1.99 an hour ago.


u/anonymau5 · 2 pointsr/Chromecast

American? Here ya go!


Thanks /r/mecrob I should've caught that ish

u/mecrob · 2 pointsr/Chromecast

Much shorter link, without all the referral parts.


u/Higher_Primate · 2 pointsr/Boardgamedeals
u/sillycyco · 2 pointsr/fireTV

So you want to copy the files to the local storage on the Firetv over the network?

You can do this with ES File Explorer.

You will have to share the files over the network though. That is the only way to... share files over the network.

u/anusdotcom · 2 pointsr/PS4

In your kindle, go to Settings > Applications and make sure "Apps from Unknown Sources" is turned on.

Connect the kindle fire to your computer, copy the apk file in the OP's post into a folder. ( See https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201022260 )

Disconnect from computer, navigate to the directory ( I use ES File Explorer, which you can get from Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/ES-Mobile-File-Explorer/dp/B008K6HN8I ). Double click on the APK and choose to open with the fire installer.

u/difluoroethane · 2 pointsr/kindlefire

Ok, just got home and did a little searching.

I guess first of all, what are you rooting for? Do you just want to install the google apps so you have access to the Play marketplace or are you trying to install a new ROM? I know everyone has to start somewhere to learn, but maybe you should experiment with rooting a different device that is easier to recover from errors in case you run into problems. Kindles are not exactly easy to fix if you hit a snag.

Anyway, I have no experience with installing a different ROM on my Kindle. I've custom ROMed all my phones, but the HDX is a bit of a special case, so I didn't want to go in too deep yet. I rooted so I could have access to Google Play and replace Silk with Chrome. If that is all you are looking for, it's pretty easy to root and install HDXPosed and the Google Services, but using the HDX Toolkit to disable OTA updates is a little tricky.

Anyway, start with downloading ES File Explorer. You will need it installed to be able to install the Towelroot APK.

Go here for information about Towelroot, then go here for HDXPosed and links to the Google Services once you have sucessfully rooted with Towelroot.

Once you have HDXPosed installed and the Google Services running, you can use the HDX Toolkit to disable OTA updates so your Kindle won't automatically update and (best case) lose root or (worst case) brick itself. HDXPosed is supposed to disable OTA updates, but I've heard it doesn't work properly and I didn't want to take any chances.

You can always reverse the process (make sure Wifi is turned off and no cell service) and uninstall everything and re-enable OTA updates if you need to update for some reason later. I know the HDX Toolkit is supposed to be able to root your Kindle as well, but I found that using Towelroot is much easier.

If you are looking for information about installing custom ROMs, then go here for Safestrap and good luck!

u/codenamegamma · 2 pointsr/SonicTheHedgehog

It's on the amazon app store. https://www.amazon.com/Sega-of-America-Sonic-CD/dp/B008K9UZY4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1503171338&sr=8-2&keywords=sonic+cd

you need the Amazon app installed to download it though, there is a free version so give that a try. I hate using the amazon app so I just sideload it when I get new devices.

u/strayce · 2 pointsr/SonicTheHedgehog

I picked it up off the Amazon App Store for a fiver the other day.

u/Apozor · 2 pointsr/GameDeals

just go to amazon for your country: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B008K9UZY4/

u/fromgate · 2 pointsr/MCPE

According to Amazon:

What's new in 0.15.9:

u/istrebitjel · 2 pointsr/kindle

On any app, you should see your balance on the right: e.g. http://www.amazon.com/Mojang-Minecraft-Pocket-Edition/dp/B00992CF6W/

u/Mysterius · 2 pointsr/Terraria

Hardmode coming soon, according to: http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Mobile_Version_History

According to the description:

though I think there have been deals on the Amazon Appstore version in the past.

I still favor mouse and keyboard, but the amount of content (especially for a mobile game) is fairly impressive.

u/Signe_ · 2 pointsr/AndroidGaming

Terraria is pretty great on mobile if you can get it.

u/CrashmanX · 2 pointsr/Terraria

Are you talking about this: https://www.amazon.com/505-Games-Terraria/dp/B00G6ZTM3Y ?

If so, I'm fairly certain that thing is considered "Old Gen" as well. (Also it's Amazon Fire TV, not prime. Just to avoid future confusion)

u/Blitzsturm · 2 pointsr/fireTV

I tried doing this by side-loading Chrome remote desktop but apparently FireTV doesn't allow anything that uses a Google account which is kind of shitty.

I'd suggest trying to side-load Splashtop on it, it's my second choice for high quality real-time streaming. I've not tried this but I'd guess it would work well.

I have used Limelight to stream games onto it which works AMAZINGLY well. But, that requires a semi-modern Nvidia GPU in the computer. If you can do this you can probably launch steam in big picture mode and use the browser in it.

Other than that Chromecast allows a quick and easy brodcast from a desktop computer's browser tab or desktop. There may be an app somewhere that emulates a chromecast.

Also, you can side-load Chrome and just use the browser on the TV to access whatever you're looking for. You can do this without rooting your device. If you need help side-loading apps let me know and I'll give some links.

u/w2tpmf · 2 pointsr/linux

You can use an Amazon FireTV Stick to stream games using LimeLight.

u/shdarren · 2 pointsr/gadgets

What device are you planning on using to stream? If you have capable hardware, you could get a FireTV Stick, load Moonlight, and use the GeForce Experience to stream your desktop.

u/Jourdy288 · 2 pointsr/AndroidGaming
u/andro7star · 2 pointsr/AndroidGameDeals

Fixed Link

the original link posted redirects to the mobile site

u/piggybankcowboy · 2 pointsr/androidapps

Understandable. Keep an eye on it on Amazon, I've seen it go on sale and drop to your target price range, and for a day back in November, it was free. It's very popular, and will likely see more sales.

u/soularm · 2 pointsr/fireTV

Ive never had any issues using this app for both my macbook pro to firetv and also iphone / ipad

u/goodhur · 2 pointsr/fireTV

There is a PC companion app for
read to bottom of description

I haven't tried it in a long time. I'll try it when the download completes. Site is ridiculously slow. The file is 3.6mb but it is worse than 14.4kbps dialup, I am guessing the is in China. The Tenda site is just as miserable

u/SerDrogon · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) by 吴汝 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LAT7QV6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_udp_awd_8tc5wbHYMRMJT

u/netback · 2 pointsr/applehelp
u/meohmy13 · 2 pointsr/MotoG
u/3r0z · 2 pointsr/fireTV

In order to airplay you'll need an app like this.

I use a program called Splashtop to mirror from my windows pc to the FTV.

But you could also sideload a browser like Firefox along with Adobe Flash player and play videos straight from the FTV.

u/kjake · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

The main reason: it has a menu system and a remote; no phone, tablet, or computer needed. Real access to Amazon Instant. Also gets you access to lots of compatible Android apps in the Amazon store; one of the more useful apps to me is one that enables AirPlay for my Apple devices.

Also, better hardware: dual-band wifi (instead of single), dual core cpu (instead of single), twice the ram, four times the local storage. Also supports Miracast.

Best Buy and Staples are selling them in-store for $25.

u/laxor09 · 2 pointsr/Android

How to use it outside the US:

  1. Install Amazon App Store

  2. Uninstall the old Amazon App from Google Play

  3. Install the updated Amazon App and the Instant Video App from the Amazon App Store

  4. Done :)

    Using it in Germany right now.
u/laptopfreek0 · 2 pointsr/Android
u/Heero17 · 2 pointsr/TVZionApp

It's a separate video player. Here's a link for Fire stick https://www.amazon.com/VLC-Mobile-Team-for-Fire/dp/B00U65KQMQ once you install it you have to go into TVZion setting and change the player to VLC. Try that.

u/genericauthor · 2 pointsr/kindlefire

If you're just really looking to play video files then installing something like MX Player or VLC should do fine. If you want to actually root the device, that gets more complicated.

u/ChrisOfAllTrades · 2 pointsr/AndroidGaming

D-Touch is probably the best DOOM engine port (it even supports GZDoom)

It was on Play, and Google pulled it. Not entirely sure why, but I can't even seem to find my older version to download, I should ask for a refund.

u/lnxr0x · 2 pointsr/Doom

You can still purchase through amazon app store. D-touch was pulled from the Play Store with little to no explanation from Google. Belokos ports are amazing!! Definitely grab this if your looking for a portable Doom experience!!


u/nullsum · 2 pointsr/fossdroid

I personally don't use it anymore, but I threw it in there to help people understand alternatives to Google.

When I did use it, I got annoyed that D-Touch would stop working when I would freeze/uninstall Amazon App Store. Ended up forking D-Touch to GZDoom for Android because of how fed up I became.

u/tomkatt · 2 pointsr/AndroidGaming

> When one says "I play on PC" you expect they play with mouse+keyboard.

No, I don't. PC configurations vary and controllers are ubiquitous today. Heck, I have a couch gaming rig consisting of a PC with i5 4690k and GTX 970 mini connected to a 4k TV and game on it with PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. Last night I was playing SSX 3 on it. Is that PS2 gaming or PC gaming in your mind? Because it's running on a PC, emulating a PS2, and playing upscaled in HD. Blurred lines and gray areas and all that.

Despite being solely a PC gamer these days, I still feel most games (barring 4x and competitive FPS titles) benefit from a controller over keyboard and mouse.

Also, there's nothing wrong with add-ons. The SNES had a Super Scope. Boktai for the GBA had a light sensor. There was a Wario game with an accelerometer. There was a Pokemon game that came with a pedometer for hatching eggs. Guitar Hero and Rock Band had instrument controllers. The Wii and Wii U have more peripherals than you can shake a stick at. You wouldn't say those weren't console or handheld games because of the add-ons.

There are Android games and ports made with controller in mind. Shovel Knight was ported to Android, but requires a controller. Do you claim it's not an Android game? It runs natively on the platform.

u/SJVolFan · 2 pointsr/cordcutters

I'm sorry this might be a dumb idea (I don't have a Fire TV) but could you somehow get it through here?

Actually on that website it says I can deliver it to my Fire TV Stick so it should work.

u/No900 · 2 pointsr/FFBraveExvius

From this link you will first get a prompt to download Amazon App store. Do that and download FFBE from that appstore

u/heavywepsguy · 2 pointsr/FFBraveExvius

So...how do I take advantage of the Amazon Store's coins to lapis offers, if possible at all? Am I doomed because I started playing FFBE through Google Play? Or can I uninstall FFBE through Google Play and reinstall my game via Amazon, and continue with my existing data by logging in with Facebook?

u/StarCecil78 · 2 pointsr/VivariumTv
u/scoopzmcghee · 2 pointsr/ApksApps

No idea on the memory capacity. I don't see it on your Amazon links so you'll probably have to check the manuals/guides on each manufacturer's website.

Sideloading APKs is easy. If you're somewhat tech savvy the entire process takes 10-15 minutes.

You'll need the direct URL of the APK you want to install (eg www.whatever.com/app.apk) and the Downloader app and the VLC app from the Amazon App store on your TV. The Downloader app handles both the download and installation processes for you.

  • Launch the Amazon app store on your TV.
  • Search for and install the Downloader and VLC app.
  • Launch the Downloader app, type in your APK's URL and download it.
  • Navigate to the download location.
  • Select and install your APK.
  • Launch your app and when you find the TV episode or movie link you want to stream, play with VLC.

    Edit: Formatting.
u/TheSilentLink · 2 pointsr/jellyfin

Are you sure? Seems more something like this https://www.amazon.com/AFTVnews-com-Downloader/dp/B01N0BP507/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Downloader&qid=1555890040&s=gateway&sr=8-1 I believe it is an app to download Jellyfin not the Jellyfin app itself.

u/neurohacked · 2 pointsr/fireTV

If you’re logged into your Amazon account and your FireTV is registered with that account you should be able to send it to the FireTV from this page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T771SPH/ref=nodl_. If not, just try searching in the FireTV. It was the 5th or 6th result for me. The real one is from Google LLC.

u/ds22x · 2 pointsr/fireTV

I got it working on my basic edition by going here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T771SPH/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_59kjDb41P6ZNB , and then having the app delivered to my device (if you're on mobile, force the desktop version of the page to get the option).

u/aeramor · 1 pointr/PleX

Odd, mine got the latest version Saturday. You can see for yourself it was updated by checking the version info here: http://www.amazon.com/Plex-Inc/dp/B004Y1WCDE

u/troutb · 1 pointr/kindlefire

Plex Media Server is the answer.

Run plex server on your home computer.

Install the plex app on your Kindle.

. . .


Also, I got one too. Couldn't pass up that deal!

u/Mallarddbro · 1 pointr/Chromecast
u/Switchkill · 1 pointr/PleX

Just glancing, but it looks like there's some integration of it and that the app is free (maybe just for me since I own it already). I guess it works like Roku and you set it up then download the plex app onto the device? Then you could access the remote PC from there.

u/obievil · 1 pointr/PS4

Yes, Yes you can.


EDIT: it's available in the google marketplace, I don't know about IOS

EDITEDIT: I should clarify. You need to install the chromecast Application to your phone, which gives your phone the option to cast to your Chromecast device on the same network.

u/sporb · 1 pointr/GameDeals


Name | URL
Plants vs Zombies | http://www.amazon.com/PopCap-Games-Inc-Plants-Zombies/dp/B0067VKQLE/ref=sr_1_1?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-1
Fruit Ninja | http://www.amazon.com/Halfbrick-Studios-Pty-Ltd-Fruit/dp/B004RJMUJO/ref=sr_1_3?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-3
Toca Town | http://www.amazon.com/Toca-Boca-Town/dp/B00LBWSYOU/ref=sr_1_4?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-4
Sonic The Hedgehog | http://www.amazon.com/Sonic-Hedgehog-4-Episode-I/dp/B008K8U13K/ref=sr_1_5?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-5
Zombie Gunship | http://www.amazon.com/Limbic-Zombie-Gunship/dp/B00F8LPH90/ref=sr_1_6?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-6
Blocky Roads Pro | http://www.amazon.com/DogByte-Games-Blocky-Roads-Pro/dp/B00GSQJJ34/ref=sr_1_7?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-7
Plants vs Zombies (WiFi Only) | http://www.amazon.com/Plants-Zombies-WiFi-Download-Only/dp/B0052UZIFA/ref=sr_1_8?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-8
Trivia Crack (Ad Free) | http://www.amazon.com/Etermax-Trivia-Crack-Ad-Free/dp/B00K6NOTGM/ref=sr_1_9?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-9
Unpossible | http://www.amazon.com/Acceleroto-Unpossible/dp/B00M5OS22C/ref=sr_1_10?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-10
World of Goo | http://www.amazon.com/2D-BOY-LLC-World-Goo/dp/B009MCRHH6/ref=sr_1_11?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-11
Can You Escape | http://www.amazon.com/MobiGrow-Can-You-Escape-Adventure/dp/B00KD97I80/ref=sr_1_12?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-12
To-Fu Fury | http://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Game-Studios-To-Fu-Fury/dp/B00KZ1X43O/ref=sr_1_19?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-19
Weird Park | http://www.amazon.com/Alawar-Entertainment-Inc-Weird-Park/dp/B00I3WTXCS/ref=sr_1_20?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-20
ScreenDim Full | http://www.amazon.com/Omega-Centauri-Software-ScreenDim-Full/dp/B006R7TXOO/ref=sr_1_21?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-21
Devil's Attorney | http://www.amazon.com/Senri-AB-Devils-Attorney/dp/B009IA9OLE/ref=sr_1_22?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-22
Amelia and Terror of the Night - Story Book for Kids | http://www.amazon.com/Amelia-Terror-Night-Story-Book/dp/B00BIK3FAI/ref=sr_1_24?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-24
Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage | http://www.amazon.com/Nitrome-Limited-Icebreaker-Viking-Voyage/dp/B00H9GA38C/ref=sr_1_25?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-25
Alpha Wave | http://www.amazon.com/Hardline-Studios-Alpha-Wave/dp/B00701L6TQ/ref=sr_1_27?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-27
Eve of the Genesis | http://www.amazon.com/Kotobuki-Solution-Co-Ltd-Genesis/dp/B005POK858/ref=sr_1_28?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-28
Knock Knock | http://www.amazon.com/Ice-pick-Lodge-Ltd-Knock-Knock/dp/B00LJU7Y8Q/ref=sr_1_29?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-29
Hidden Object | http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Object-Haunted-House-2/dp/B00FQVWGXC/ref=sr_1_30?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-30
Web of Deceit | http://www.amazon.com/Web-Deceit-Collectors-Kindle-Tablet/dp/B00FHB7398/ref=sr_1_31?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-31
Eufloria HD | http://www.amazon.com/Omni-Systems-Limited-Eufloria-HD/dp/B00EOGZ42U/ref=sr_1_32?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-32
Braveland | http://www.amazon.com/Tortuga-Team-Ltd-Braveland/dp/B00M2Y6VTG/ref=sr_1_37?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-37
V for Vampire | http://www.amazon.com/Xendex-Holding-GmbH-for-Vampire/dp/B00FI7XBIS/ref=sr_1_38?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-38
Gods vs Humans | http://www.amazon.com/Gods-VS-Humans-Protect-Kingdom/dp/B00HDA6EH8/ref=sr_1_39?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-39
xnInstand Camera Pro | http://www.amazon.com/XnView-XnInstant-Camera-Pro/dp/B00KYMAOHS/ref=sr_1_40?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-40


Name | URL
Plex | http://www.amazon.com/Plex-Inc/dp/B004Y1WCDE/ref=sr_1_2?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-2
Carbs Control | http://www.amazon.com/CarbsControl-Carb-Counter-and-Tracker/dp/B004IAA6TI/ref=sr_1_13?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-13
Human Anotomy Atlas | http://www.amazon.com/Visible-Body-Human-Anatomy-Atlas/dp/B007N6EUHI/ref=sr_1_14?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-14
Repiz | http://www.amazon.com/Sumoing-Repix/dp/B00G5AVM3S/ref=sr_1_15?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-15
Easy Voice Recorder | http://www.amazon.com/Digipom-Inc-Easy-Voice-Recorder/dp/B009Y7YC2M/ref=sr_1_16?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-16
Lapse It Pro | http://www.amazon.com/Lapse-x2022-Motion-Camera-Professional/dp/B006VIQLXK/ref=sr_1_17?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-17
BeFuny Photo Editor | http://www.amazon.com/BeFunky-Inc-Photo-Editor-Pro/dp/B00I9NTUEC/ref=sr_1_18?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-18
ai.type Keyboard Plus | http://www.amazon.com/A-I-type-ai-type-Keyboard-Plus/dp/B00MGTACTC/ref=sr_1_23?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-23
Boxer Pro | http://www.amazon.com/Boxer-Inc-Pro/dp/B00MNUB9IC/ref=sr_1_26?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-26
MoneyWiz | http://www.amazon.com/SilverWiz-LTD-MoneyWiz-Personal-Finance/dp/B00JCE16Q2/ref=sr_1_33?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-33
Timers4Me | http://www.amazon.com/luckyXmobile-Timers4Me-Stopwatch-Pro/dp/B004UHL9EK/ref=sr_1_34?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-34
Endomondo Sports Tracker | http://www.amazon.com/Endomondo-Sports-Tracker-PRO/dp/B00OOYVBQ0/ref=sr_1_35?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-35
Longman Dictionary | http://www.amazon.com/Longman-Dictionary-Contemporary-English-Audio/dp/B0055OO4V2/ref=sr_1_36?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414664985&sr=1-36

u/KevinWalter · 1 pointr/fireTV

Then what does the following line mean:

>LIMITATION: Playing media from your Plex Media Server on the device running this app is limited (one minute for music and video, watermark on photos) until the app is unlocked. TO UNLOCK FULL FUNCTIONALITY: You can remove the playback limitations on the app if you use a Plex Pass enabled account to sign into the app -OR- if you make a small, one-time, in-app purchase of just the Android app itself.

On the Plex app's Amazon description found here:


u/Exploding_Knives · 1 pointr/technology

> Amazon App Store Plex is now free

Nope... :(

Regardless, I've already paid for the app on Google Play and I absolutely love Plex.

u/SwiftPanda16 · 1 pointr/PleX

The deal is mentioned in the product description of the Plex app on the Amazon app store.

> ... (annual Plex Pass on sale in-app TODAY ONLY through the Amazon app store for 50% off: $19.99 USD, normally $39.99! - tablets only) ...

After the first year, the price of an annual Plex Pass will revert to the regular annual price, currently $39.99. Prices may vary in other currencies.

Note: You must install the Plex app from the Amazon app store to get this deal. You cannot install the app from the Google Play store. The deal is for the annual Plex Pass subscription only, and not available for the monthly or lifetime subscription.

I'm not sure about the tablets only. Someone please confirm. Thanks. Edit: Confirmed working with phones and Fire TV.

u/strncat · 1 pointr/CopperheadOS

> Waze (or Google maps in browser maybe? I really need good nav)

Google Maps in a browser intentionally doesn't provide turn-by-turn navigation to force people to use the app.

maps.me is the best option. It's not in F-Droid because they don't want other people using the server where they host the maps, but they make an apk available and offer an option to disable the analytics. OSMAnd has an awful UX but works... and is in F-Droid.

> Snapchat

It won't work on an aftermarket OS since it requires SafetyNet. Need to use alternatives unless you want to make your own OS builds with heavily integrated Play Services, likely some features disabled and fight the endless battle of trying to bypass SafetyNet. Bypassing SafetyNet is isn't going to work for a long time before they break the bypass. Not something you can rely on.

> Plex (with casting)
Netflix (with casting)

Netflix started requiring SafetyNet to install it from the Play Store so real SafetyNet integration on their streaming servers is likely coming. No point in working around the initial SafetyNet block by downloading the apk elsewhere when integration within the app / servers is likely coming.

Chromecast is part of Play Services so that isn't available. There are likely alternatives but nothing is integrated / enabled. There was no interest from the community in taking over real maintenance of WiFi display, and no one has put together the hacks required to simply get it working without maintenance for CopperheadOS.

The Plex app likely works without Play and is on the Amazon App Store.


> Hangouts (this is a big one)

That's very unlikely to work without Play Services. You would need to use Wire, Signal, WhatsApp or other alternatives that aren't strongly tied to the Google ecosystem since they tie everything to Play Services.

u/derekvof · 1 pointr/PleX

Keep an eye on the Amazon App store for Fire TV and Android - right now, for example, the Plex client is free - http://www.amazon.com/Plex-Inc/dp/B004Y1WCDE

u/bowenac · 1 pointr/xboxone

Plex for android is on sale at amazon for $1 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004Y1WCDE

u/mralext20 · 1 pointr/software

It looks like ifunbox is a file browser, so I'll point you at esfile explorer.

u/lord_dumbello · 1 pointr/kindlefire

The Kindle Fire is terrible at discovering and playing most videos (including MP4s). I'd suggest trying to play it using a file manger app like ES File Explorer or using installing the .APK for VLC to play it.

u/GamePriceBot · 1 pointr/multiplayers

Hello! I am an arbitrage bot designed to help you find prices for games on some popular sites.
I'm in super beta, so expect bugs.

Searching prices for: "''"

u/zohmg · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

It says it can take 72 hours for them to process the coins. Bring up one of the paid apps in the Amazon app store like Minecraft Pocket Edition and look over to the right sidebar to check you coin balance.

u/trasc · 1 pointr/MCPE

We're using whatever is being hosted on the Amazon App Store. The version number on the main menu reports as: 0.16.2. With respect to Classic v. Pocket, I wasn't aware there were multiple flavors of Minecraft for Android. By Classic, do you mean the PC version?

Here's a direct link to the MCPE version at the Amazon App Store that we're using: Link to Amazon App Store

UPDATE On the App Store page, the version is displayed as ""

u/Beastachu · 1 pointr/Terraria

this isn't it?

I've noticed there's a lot of problems with fireTVs and terraria. I'm not sure if it's on the dev's end, or amazon's tho

u/faithfullyBleak · 1 pointr/iosgaming

Terraria is currently FREE (December 24, 2014) on Amazon app store, so maybe you could download that for free, pay for Minecraft PE, and then make up your mind which is better.


u/UnusualRedditor · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

Terria is also free!

u/Puritifyer · 1 pointr/Terraria

The Mobile version of the game is released by a different studio (505 Games) which earns no money when it is purchased on PC. The studio probably wouldn't make much off of Terraria sales considering how cheap the PC version goes often and they wouldn't even get a fraction of that money.

The Android version of the game is still free on the Amazon App store for a bit (I'm not sure how long to be specific) if you really aren't interested in paying for the Mobile version.

u/natethomas · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Before throwing down a ton of money, it might be worth testing Gamestream on your Fire TV with Moonlight: https://www.amazon.com/Cameron-Gutman-Moonlight-Game-Streaming/dp/B00JK4MFN2

In my experience, using the NVIDIA server works better than the Steam server, regardless of the client using it. Since Moonlight is free, it's certainly worth at least a test.

u/Chrisfand · 1 pointr/Steam


Moonlight streaming works for Nvidia powered PCs provided your device supports Android/iOS and can decode the video.

u/aZubaer · 1 pointr/eFreebies

Does not work in Germany :(

edit: http://www.amazon.de/ustwo-Studio-Ltd-Monument-Valley/dp/B00KA7JIII/ working link

u/Dildo-_baggins · 1 pointr/Android
u/Bumsauce_ · 1 pointr/jailbreak

It's not the Chromecast but if you have a Firestick just buy this app for $3 directly off the amazon store it works fucking nice. app link! I'm mirroring my iPhone 6 ios 9.3.3 currently and it works without an issue.

u/AJ47- · 1 pointr/apple


I use this app to mirror my phone to my fire stick it works pretty amazingly.

u/Cardiff-Giant11 · 1 pointr/fireTV

im pretty sure this app supports chrome cast type mirroring. i bought got it for the airplay compatibility and it works great. i’ll check the settings to be sure but if you look in the description is says it supports google too


u/xenyz · 1 pointr/fireTV

> Support AirMirror. The best screen cast performance on Android. Fully support IOS12 and the latest Youtube video.


I don't have it or use it but am basing it off this review

> I installed this on older models of the Fire Stick and it worked very well with easy installation and operation. Then I installed it on a Fire Stick 4K and it failed to work and locked up my phone. I emailed the developer and got a return email within 3 minutes. They responded: "Please change to 1920X1080 and use TextureView in AirReceiver advanced setting. This setting works best on firetvstick 4K." I did that and restarted the Fire Stick and my iPhone and all worked very well.

u/zoidberg82 · 1 pointr/fireTV

Kind of... Not sure if the Fire Stick has any different capabilities than the Fire TV but yes I did get it working but the results were kind of laggy. Now granted I was trying to watch my friend play WoW on his TV so maybe it was a graphics card issue or something but it's worth a try I suppose.

I used this:

And this:

Just install Air Receiver on the Fire Stick and Air Parrot on your PC.

u/DR-Gustav · 1 pointr/Vue
u/3cit · 1 pointr/jailbreak

It's not free, but it's not ridiculously expensive…

I know it works. And it works well. It's only a mirror option though, so you can't use your device while watching a different app.
I'm on an SE 9.3.2, bit I've mirrored an iPad Air on 8.0.4, and an iphone 6plus on 9.0.2, and an iPod touch on 9.0.2
They all work the same way and they all work well
You can also try before you buy if you just download the apk and side load it. It will eventually do a license check though and stop working.
Just buy it through your fire tv interface $5

u/dontspamjay · 1 pointr/cordcutters

I use this one and it works great. My fire TV is hard wired though.

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO)


u/inwisso · 1 pointr/fireTV

If you want the Reflector your Fire Tv have to be rooted. I can walk you though the process.

But for AirPlay/DLNA (PRO) can be downloaded at Amazon App Store.

Search of it on you Fire TV or at this following link :


u/Coolfreak87 · 1 pointr/fireTV

This is the best solution. http://www.amazon.com/x5434-x6C5D-AirPlay-DLNA-Receiver/dp/B00LAT7QV6
But I run into den issues with some apps like YouTube

u/tony353 · 1 pointr/fireTV

Have you tried this one? It works flawless with iOS 10.

u/bookchaser · 1 pointr/cordcutters

The video app didn't show for me when searching for it in the Google store, neither broadly nor by its specific name. I believe this is it.

Not having that direct link, and having already installed the shopping app, I found the video app by going to a Prime video and clicking the play button. Then the app download prompt came up.

u/killamator · 1 pointr/Android

It's on the Samsung app store. They must have cut a deal. Typical scumbag Amazon.

Edit: also available if you can stomach downloading the Amazon app store

u/ndjs22 · 1 pointr/NetflixBestOf

They are, you just have to use Amazon's app store to download it.


u/Fjordo · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

I found that for me by going to
it showed that Amazon Prime Instant Video was not compatible with any of my devices (I have a 2.3 phone). This is probably why it wasn't enabled in the app.

u/midnight_howler · 1 pointr/Android

Prime Instant Video streaming? It's out, it's in Amazon's app store though, not Google Play.


u/cdegallo · 1 pointr/television

I meant prime music (sorry for the confusion).

Prime instant video has been available for general android devices for a while, you just need to get it via the Amazon app store (it's not in Google play): http://www.amazon.com/Amazon-com-Prime-Instant-Video/dp/B00N28818A

u/Kocrachon · 1 pointr/amazon

Amazon instant video is available for android, its just not on the google play market. Might be a conflict with google or something, but if you download the amazon app store, you can download it here.


u/about_that_crazy · 1 pointr/cordcutters

Have you tried the Android "Amazon Fire tv" app? http://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Fire-TV-Remote-App/dp/B00ODIASKC

Nevermind, found these instructions for Kindle. I think it may be similar for the fire stick....

  1. Skip the initial configuration you get to when first powering up your Kindle Fire HD(X)
  2. Slide down from the top of the screen to get the quick menu and click on Setup (the gear icon)
  3. My company WiFi is hidden, so I scroll down to the 'Join Other Network' icon and tap it
  4. Again, since my company WiFi is hidden, I enter in the name for it under Network SSID
  5. For the Security drop-down, I select 802.1x EAP. The resulting options may seem intimidating, but I was able to ignore many of them and leave them at their defaults.
  6. I chose PEAP for EAP Method, and skipped Phase 2 Auth, CA Cert, and User cert.
  7. I entered my username under identity, and skipped Anonymous identity.
  8. I entered in my network password in the password field and clicked Save.
  9. It connected immediately.
  10. After about 20 seconds I tested in the Silk browser and everything works perfectly.
  11. Don't forget to go back and Register your device now that you are on WiFi!! (Settings, My Account, Register.)
u/shatheid · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

Yup. There's even an official app w/ voice search. I completely forgot about it tbh, good call. Its on the play store as well, even though I used the Amazon App store link.

It also has Amazon's take on casting called "Flick." But it was just coming out last I used it, and not many apps had implemented it yet. No idea where that stands now.

u/jedifreeman · 1 pointr/fireTV

while this will not help you fix the actual remote - are you able to use the smartphone app to control your firetv?

Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amazon.storm.lightning.client.aosp

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amazon-fire-tv-remote/id947984433?mt=8

Amazon Appstore: http://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Fire-TV-Remote-App/dp/B00ODIASKC

u/KCKetO · 1 pointr/fireTV

Using these two apps I can use my phone as a remote to get into PIA settings. Also, PIA allows per-app settings for VPN. So, you can set PIA so that the VPN is only active for Kodi, but inactive for Prime and Netflix, for example.




u/ottuser · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

2nd using the firetv remote app on





fire tv:


remember with the firetv remote app tap the entry for username or password, don't bring up the keyboard first, when you tap it, it should pop the keyboard AND THEN PASTE WILL WORK. :)

u/honj90 · 1 pointr/hearthstone

I noticed they announce the coinback promo on the Hearthstone page. Does anyone know if they do the same on the German page every time coinback is enabled for german accounts?

u/peroxidex · 1 pointr/hearthstone

Perhaps we all missed this last night, but Amazon has a link to the terms of the promotion on Hearthstones page.


There is one important one that can make everyone rest easier.

7. Limit one per customer per app, in-app item or other product subject to the promotion, other than for in-app items designed to be purchased multiple times (such as in-game currencies or extra lives).

As packs are designed to be purchased multiple times, it seems we are supposed to receive the bonus each time!

u/Krono5_8666V8 · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

The only one that I'm concerned with performance is Hearthstone, specifically this Amazon version if it makes any difference. I read from one source that it didn't work at all, it just got stuck on the home screen.

u/PresidentNEWSROOM · 1 pointr/lifehacks

From the description of my video (yes, this is original content):


I repurposed an old Kindle Fire to play a custom do not disturb sign so my kids don’t bother my when I am on an important call in my home office. Working from home can be difficult when you have kids so this solution does two things:


(1) informs my kids not to bother me or make noise

(2) plays pink noise so my calls can be more private.


Link to VLC for Kindle Fire: https://www.amazon.com/VLC-Mobile-Team-for-Fire/dp/B00U65KQMQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1536769620&sr=1-1 (I recommend downloading VLC on your Kindle, setting the video to play on a loop, and tapping the lock icon in VLC.)


Link to downloadable video file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yJ0EqtmRWk1v1fIAlUM3Qynd4JMSCAeA/view (you can reuse if you want, but I forbid anyone from selling it.)


Note: I said white noise in the video but meant pink noise.

u/r_sarvas · 1 pointr/tablets

The VLC app should be able to handle just about any video format for playback, and is available for free in both the Google Play and Amazon app stores. Whatever tablet you buy, you should be covered.



u/theblindness · 1 pointr/HomeNetworking

>So using VLC will use the hardware to decode, creating more heat and take away from performance?

Close, but you've got it backwards. Hardware-accelerated decode is less CPU-intensive, more power efficient, and generates less heat. The Fire TV 4K supports hardware-acceleration for most formats you might come across, including H.265 Main10, which is probably the most complex to decode. Also the VLC for Fire app has hardware decoding enabled by default, so you're good.

>Basic PLEX is free, but the Plex Pass only costs money? I thought even the basic version cost money, like $25/month.

Plex is free, and Plex Pass costs money. Plex free is good enough for most people. Plex pass enables those extra features. The most that Plex Pass will cost is $5/mo, but there are discounts for buying annual or lifetime pass. There is also a bundle you can buy that comes with Plex Pass and Tidal Music, but I don't know how many people actually go for that deal since Spotify is much more popular than Tidal. There is no version of Plex or any bundle of Plex that costs $25/mo...not sure where you saw that.

>Rather than having to search a Windows file structure to find a movie to copy to my device for on the go, i can open plex and stream while away?

You direct Plex Media Server to your folders, and it will take some time to scan all of your media, download metadata from online sources like IMDb, TheMovieDB, TheTVDB, etc. Large libraries might take more than a day for the initial scan. Afterwards the initial scan is complete, it will monitor your media folders for changes and update the library more quickly. From the view of the Plex Media Player, browse your library using an interface similar to Netflix. Looking at movie posters and titles is nicer on the eyes than directory and file names. Check out screenshots. If your enable remote access to your Plex server (may require a router with UPnP enabled or port forwarding), you can access your library from the internet.

>Are PLEX and KODI better than VLC?

Kodi and Plex are both media center software. They include a media library, a media player, and a friendly fullscreen interface suitable for use with a TV remote while sitting 10ft away from the TV screen. VLC is a media player only.

>We don't watch too many movies from home devices, but we've purchased Friends, GOT, Boy Meets World, Walker Texas Ranger, and many other complete show series on DVD, that i've backed up and would like to watch. I was thinking of backing up my entire DVD collection, but that would take up a lot of memory. Now that memory is crazy cheap, i'm thinking about it again. As well as CD's. I would definitely like to do this the "correct" way from the beginning. It will take a while, so i can always change direction part way into it if needed...

A huge benefit of digitizing your media library is for future convenience. Instead of fumbling through DVDs, you can just select a thumbnail with your remote control. Your current media player preference should not affect your archiving strategy too much. You have basically 3 options:

  1. Back up the entire DVD content, either as an ISO file, or as a copy of the VIDEO_TS folder that contains the scrambled video-object files. This is an exact backup or a "raw" backup of exactly the same CSS-encrypted MPEG2 files on the DVD. It will preserve menus and extra features like deleted scenes. It is also the least portable, since most players will have trouble playing the video. VLC can handle it and I think Kodi can also, but maybe not Plex. This method is generally going to require 3-4.7 GB to store the entire files. This option might be good if you are looking to make a perfect 1:1 backup, but it's not very practical.
  2. Use a program like MakeMKV to rip the video content from the DVD to MKV files or some other container format. You will select a single video stream, like the main feature, or an episode. The associated MPEG2 video, audio, and subtitle streams will be descrambled and remuxed into a single MKV file with no encryption. If you choose to only rip the main feature and episodes and don't bother with deleted scenes, this method will require less space than a raw backup since you are not storing as much video. You can also save space by excluding foreign language audio tracks. Also the video files are more portable since each video is fully contained in a single file without CSS encryption. Since you are not changing the video encoding, the files are of exactly the same quality. The files are still very large because of the MPEG2 encoding. Let's just say 3GB.
  3. Use a program like HandBreak to transcode the video into a different format. Like option #2, you will select which streams you want, but you will be transcoding from MPEG2 to a newer format like H.264/AVC, which offers roughly equivalent quality at half the bitrate, and still very good quality at as low as 20% of the original bitrate. Using transcoding you can shrink a 3.0 GB MPEG2 video into a 0.6 GB H.264 video, with little-to-no noticeable loss in quality. This method is ideal for digitizing your DVD collection for convenient playback. There are guides on how to use HandBrake to back up your DVDs. You can either do a two-step rip-and-transcode by using MakeMKV first to rip and then HandBreak to transcode, or you can use HandBreak for both steps by adding the libdvdcss plugin. If you are not sure which transcoding settings to use, and you think you might need a do-over, you may prefer to rip to MKV first so that you don't need to read from the DVD more than once. This would also be useful if you want to experiment with transcoding to different formats. Most of the default settings are good, but if you want to stream the file over the network, you should enable the "Web optimized" option which will take an additional pass to move the MP4 moov atom to the beginning of the file. That extra pass adds some time to the encoding and it might not be enabled by default.

    As far as storage goes, check out r/DataHoarder. A popular option is to buy a bunch of the 10TB WD MyBook devices when they go on sale for $150-$180 at Best Buy, remove the drives from the enclosure, discard the enclosure, and insert the drive into a large disk array to make 40TB volumes and larger. It's a little wasteful because you're throwing the enclosure away, but the WD MyBook devices go on sale for much lower than the naked 10TB WD Red drives, which cost about $300-$350 and don't go on sale much.

    >Current setups, i'd like to keep energy costs down, which is why I've looked into purchasing a NAS, instead of building a server.

    Those off-the-shelf NAS products are nice, but they can get kind of pricey, and not very user-serviceable. When you outgrow it or have a problem, you might have to replace the whole thing. If you are comfortable assembling a PC, you can just build your own power-efficient small-form-factor file server and you will have a more flexible upgrade path for the future. You probably don't have that much content right now, and it sounds like you won't be doing much transcoding, so you could just run Plex on any computer you have. Since you said you are interested in backing up your DVD collection, any PC with a CD/DVD/BluRay drive and a decent hard drive would be ideal since you wouldn't need to copy the files to different machine afterwards.

    >Plus, hypothetically, if i shared my internet with my semi-older neighbors, they could watch from my library, rather that streaming online?

    Uhh, I don't recommend sharing your WiFi with your neighbors for obvious reasons.

    >So in short, if i am just trying to watch a few movies from on my network, stick with VLC on my phone and Amazon devices. But if i plan on expanding, look into Plex? 90% of what i'll be storing on the NAS will be family home videos and pictures. But once i finish restoring my house and debt free, i'll be able to quit my second job and have a little more time and money to play around with this stuff!! :-) :-)

    You can just start using it today. It will take 15 minutes to install Plex Media Server and point it to your files. It doesn't disrupt your normal workflow, so you're not married to it. I also recommend checking out Kodi.
u/softchassis · 1 pointr/Doom

Sorry in advance that this isn't really answering your question but, I tried a handful of them and all of the controls were too poor to use. Could barely get through E1M1 on UV.

It's $2.85 on Amazon, but D-Touch is seriously the best option and not in a "It's sucks less than the others" kinda way either. The controls are configured specifically for touch screens and they're highly configurable, and there's also support for gamepads. Not only that but it comes with PrBoom, Chocolate and GZDoom, and the GZDoom part is good enough to run most mods you throw at it provided your device is powerful enough--even Brutal Doom if you're into that.

The controls work like there's invisible joysticks on each lower corner of the screen, with the left side being for movement and the right being for aiming. There's a fire and use button on the right side, on the top edge of the aiming zone. Tapping the fire button and sliding your thumb around will continue firing.

I seriously recommend just forking over the 3 bucks for it like I did because it's seriously worth it, but I'm sure we'll all look the other way if you want to obtain it via other means.

u/Gollgagh · 1 pointr/Doom

Amazon link

> that version is still being supported and updated.

ehh, about that

> Original Release Date: June 17, 2015
Latest Developer Update: June 17, 2015

u/psyfi123 · 1 pointr/Doom

Try Belokos D-Touch instead. You get a choice of GZdoom, GlBoom and chocolate doom. Way more customizable.


u/blackman9 · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

For the ouya games you can use this guide to download them from almost any android device:

Shovel Knight is for the fire tv, you need to own a fire tv, download the game and extract the @pk:

or you know you could download them from other sites like coughmobilismcough

u/csolisr · 1 pointr/wiiu

Good idea! And if not, it's available in every system for about $15 (except for iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and perhaps Mac/Linux if I recall correctly).

EDIT: there is an Android port... but only on the Amazon's app store

ANOTHER EDIT: Sorry there, Mac and Linux do work nicely with Shovel Knight... one less reason to reboot into Windows I guess?

u/russema · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

Shovel Knight is an Amazon Fire TV exclusive, if you want to get it legally you have to buy it for a Fire TV, its not on the Play Store


u/alejandroues · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming
u/samvest · 1 pointr/AndroidGaming

There are quite a good number of really awesome games in this side scrolling combat platformer style on Android. Most of the good ones support controllers though I will also mention a couple that don't (the first 3 in the linkme)

Maldita Castilla https://www.locomalito.com/maldita_castilla.php

Shovel Knight https://www.amazon.com/Yacht-Club-Games-Shovel-Knight/dp/B014IEGCKU

Elliot Quest https://www.amazon.com/Ansimuz-Elliot-Quest/dp/B00R1SXPRO

Linkme: Diseviled, Curse of the Demon Sword https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DevilWare.DemonSword Rogue Castle, Sword of Xolan, Devious Dungeon 2, Tallowmere, Wazhack, Lemegeton, Magic Rampage, Rico Lite

u/Dr_McKay · 1 pointr/gaming
u/FuuUuUuuUuCcKKKk · 1 pointr/ShovelKnight
u/tvtoo · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

what happens when you try to add from the Amazon Appstore:


u/agh1701 · 1 pointr/ShieldAndroidTV

Thanks for trying to help, however the versions we install are from Fire TV
Directv Now here https://www.amazon.com/AT-T-Services-Inc-DIRECTV/dp/B01J62Q632
Directv Now Beta here https://www.amazon.com/AT-T-Services-Inc-DIRECTV/dp/B073PLVJ1P

u/heydroid · 1 pointr/DirecTVNow

Neither could I. I installed it form here: https://www.amazon.com/AT-T-Services-Inc-DIRECTV/dp/B01J62Q632

u/Ponkers · 1 pointr/firestick

Did they remove it from the amazon app store or something?

And do you mean have the app from your tablet on the stick? Unless you're talking about the ipad version you download the APK and sideload it onto the stick with adb.

edit: They didn't remove it, just use this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J62Q632

u/Hungy15 · 1 pointr/FFBraveExvius

It varies from like 5-25% off. You have to download the Amazon Underground App and install FFBE through that and then buy your Amazon coins through the Amazon website which you can then exchange for lapis (the deals are actually on the coins themselves).


u/Nail_Biterr · 1 pointr/FFBraveExvius

Get FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS from the Amazon Appstore. Check it out - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KUHETFY/ref=apps_sf_sta

u/VanityVow · 1 pointr/FFBraveExvius

Since you guys are talking about deal.

There's a deal running on Amazon FFBE right now, Save up to 25% on this app and its in-app items when you purchase Amazon Coins. Amazon FFBE Link This is for US. Also I did some digging, and last year Amazon had a big sales on their app store from Dec 24th to 26th.

u/spook30 · 1 pointr/theNvidiaShield
    1. probably, but way too complicated to do it this way and nobody really has put that much effort into making an app to do all. If you find a way, good luck.
    1. see number 1
    1. see number 1
    1. if it all was possible, then you would use this program to make things happen. Also try Downloader. Its much easier to navigate.
    1. depends on your connection, the add-on you use and/or the health of the stream. Yes, subtitles can be downloaded from the stream. I think it still depends on the add-on you are using to stream tho.
u/clonetheory · 1 pointr/Addons4Kodi

The same addons work with SPMC, the ones I use anyway. SPMC is designed for Android, and includes extra code/fixes to get the best out of the Fire Stick/TV. SPMC is available here. I don't know the current source for Not Sure. As for setting up, use the app Downloader to download SPMC.

u/Amar0ks · 1 pointr/fireTV

I dont know if this works on the sticks but:

use this Downloader

go to Kodi.tv Download -> Install.

u/Marcellus111 · 0 pointsr/fireTV

I moved files back and forth lots of times using ES Explorer. Open the app on both your phone and your stick, select the file on your stick and choose the "send" option, which will pull up all other devices on your LAN with the app open and let you select which device to send the file to. It's pretty easy.

u/soraliink · 0 pointsr/FFBraveExvius

If you follow the app on Amazon appstore, you can see that there's a 20% discount for in-app purchases going on now. I'll test it out later, but if this is true, then this discount is also applied to bundles, which will be such sweet stuff.


u/Lawyer_NotYourLawyer · -2 pointsr/boardgames

The one folks are referring to is iOS only. Always has been.

Edit: The good app was iOS only. That's the one people are referring to. The Android-only one was not good; that is not what people are referring to. Reviews of that game show it had a very clunky interface, wasn't polished, and had lots of bugs.

iOS: https://carcassonneapp.com

Android: https://www.amazon.com/exozet-games-Carcassonne/dp/B0081SRJSY

Note the completely different design and completely different developers.