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u/LoSientoMrRoboto · 21 pointsr/SkincareAddiction
I like this one because it's not a plastic eye-sore. Although it only runs for 6-8 hours depending on how full you fill it.

Don't bother buying the next mL size up...its the exact same base as this one but with the fill line drawn up higher...

u/Sunnydcutiegirl · 20 pointsr/antiMLM

This is the one I got, it was cheaper in 2016 when I got it, but I would even willingly pay this price for how useful it is:

ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier with Bluetooth Speaker Clock and Alarm - Electric Cool Mist Aromatherapy for Office/Home/Bedroom/Baby Room 7 Color LED Lights, 400 mL

u/nauticalmile · 13 pointsr/gundeals

Pair it with one of these

You'll thank me later.

u/splat-blam · 12 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

I would suggest getting a wax melter and buying soy wax chips on Amazon in bulk. You can add your perfume directly into some chips (just a few drops after you had a handful of chips to the wax melter) and it will make your house smell just as amazing as you! (and you don't need to spend a ton more money) I found linen sprays really don't last that long (scent wise). Alternatively, you can also add drops of perfume to a diffuser. :D

u/aylexa · 8 pointsr/TripCaves

Check this out!!

Super cool essential oil diffuser. I own one, and they look way better in person. It’s fun to just turn all lights off and stare into these things. Highly recommend!!

u/JustinJSrisuk · 6 pointsr/antiMLM

Here are some similar nebulizing oil diffusers that have that cool apothecary look without being associated with anything MLM-related:




u/beardtamer · 5 pointsr/Watches

This has a different color scheme, but a similar diver bezel. The solar seiko line is really pretty good imo if you are ok with quartz.

This one is more or less a similar color profile, but with a leather strap. I quite like it but it's up to you.

There are a butt-ton of others, it just take a bit of looking. It's hard for me to know what parts of the style is specifically the part you want. Do you want a "diver" look with a bezel, do you just like Rose gold accents, do you need a white face? Ect.

u/Wonder-Cat · 4 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

I bought a diffuser on amazon for around $20 and use it frequently with perfume oils I like, but I don't like on my skin. It works great and a little oil goes a long way!

u/goodtalker · 4 pointsr/MakeupRehab

Not exactly a makeup/skincare recommendation, but do you have a humidifier you love? I have one that says it creates an "invisible mist," but I've been running it for 5 days straight in my bedroom and the water level hasn't dropped AT ALL. Humidity level doesn't feel like it has changed at all in the room--I still wake up with a dry, tight face and a dry, bloody nose.

It's been a while since I've shopped for one, and I'm honestly overwhelmed by the options. They all look so different now! Bonus points for one that's not gigantic, hideous, or super loud.

u/Lucifer_L · 4 pointsr/occult

You don't have to do it right away - in fact it's not necessary to do at all, but put it on your list and get to it whenever you get to it, and that's really the proper way to go about it. Here are the brands I recommend.

u/proudbsumom · 3 pointsr/aspergirls


This is a great necklace. it comes with different pads for different oils. I wear it all the time and just pull it up to my nose when i need to take a deep breath and relax.

u/queenbeluga · 3 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Uhg, I have the worst time trying to get to sleep, I feel you. If your mattress is 8 years or older then I would probably upgrade. I got a memory foam mattress with a gel layer that has helped a lot. Here's an info dump of other things I've tried that have helped me over the years:

  • Make sure sheets are cotton and breathable.
  • Blackout curtains may be something to invest in.
  • Try not to check your phone after you lay down. In fact, try not to look at any screens within half an hour of going to bed (ereaders don't count).
  • Maybe start taking melatonin before bed (doesn't help me but helps my SO).
  • Buy an incense diffuser and some lavender essential oil.
  • Go to therapy and work out why your brain can't shut down at night (hello, me from the past).

    Good luck, not being able to sleep is the worst.
u/FuckTheAdmins · 3 pointsr/HomeKit
u/PM_ME_UR_UFO_PICS · 3 pointsr/GiftIdeas

what about a gift card for a spa or nail salon? depends where you live but a standard manicure is usually around the $30-$60 range.
maybe a diffuser or himalayan salt lamp if she's into that kind of holistic stuff.
you could also get some fancy candles, a little body care gift set, or some nice bath stuff for her to do an at-home spa/relaxation day.

u/RichardBLine · 2 pointsr/HomeKit

Put a few ethernet taps in every room, including the garage and bathrooms. Place an outlet above the kitchen cabinets so you can plug in any light strips of your choice. Put lights in the kitchen cabinets, so that you can turn them on by a smart switch.

For the garage door opener, this is what I use:

I've had the Schlage Sense for two years and it works great. The batteries really last a year.

Look into buy the Aqara hub on AliExpress:

Once you buy the hub, the door and window sensors are cheaper than any other Homekit sensors and are faster:

They have a curtian controller that's also good:

For shades, Ikea will be releasing their product in April. Lutron Serena shades are also great.

For dimmer switches, look into the iDevices dimmer switches:

They are more expensive than most other homekit dimmers, but are very reliable. They also go on sale often.

There is a Homekit diffuser that's really nice:

Use website Camelcamelcamel to keep track of price drops.

Go to the Homenetworking subreddit: and get advice on the best router for your needs and the best way to hook it up.

u/joeltb · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have the #1 Seller on Amazon and another one by the same company (InnoGear). They look nice and I've had no issues.

u/h34r · 2 pointsr/GiftIdeas

Consumables like super fancy coffee, or a hot sauce set, gourmet salt and pepper grinders something like this, or how about an aromatherapy diffuser with some various essential oils like lavender and sweet orange?

Edit: I can see how a diffuser might not work with allergies but since it's just drops of pure oil into water with no additives and not applied to the skin, maybe things like tea tree oil or spearmint (or something you know for sure she isn't allergic to) won't bother her.

u/the_92_Virus · 2 pointsr/battlestations
u/vapensk8n · 2 pointsr/vaporents

I am considering buying an essential oil diffuser ( ex: ).

Maybe this would help mask the smell, Im hoping someone can answer this for both you and me.

u/oheyray · 2 pointsr/CatAdvice

Similar to the shower idea, get one of these (or one like it). Put your cat in a carrier and loosely cover it with a light towel. Position the steamer towards the front of the carrier and let it fill up with steam. This is what we do for very congested cats and a couple sessions a day makes a huge difference.

u/DevIceMan · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Reverse Osmosis

TLDR: Has anyone gone from tap-water to Reverse Osmosis and noticed a major difference?

I just bought a RO system a few days ago, which has not arrived yet. Water locally is quite terrible, between 150-450ppm (yes, seen it that bad) & it smells/tasted bad all year. I suspect there's a lot of chlorine in the water too.

I suspect the chlorine, and chloramine is killing off beneficial bacteria & the high PPM may be partially locking out some nutrients. Worst case, I just have really clean water to drink!


TLDR: Has anyone increased the humidity in an indoor grow, or greenhouse and seen positive results?

I suspect the humidity in my grow tent is way too low. I don't know the exact RH, I'm fairly certain it's below 20%, especially in the winter. Some of the plants also 'drink' water at an incredible rate, of more than a gallon-per-week.

I understand humidity can also encourage fungus, but I haven't had that problem since I did a better job sealing the top of my hydro-buckets & improving air-circulation.

I purchased one of these yesterday (also not arrived), and depending on results, it may be inside or outside (but near) the grow tent.

Your thoughts/experiences?

edit: I'm primarily growing peppers, herbs, and asparagus. Asparagus is doing great. Pepper plants are very healthy, plenty of flowers, little-to-no fruit. Herbs (basil, mint, etc) doing just fine.

u/armchairingpro · 2 pointsr/blogsnark

I bought a humidifier that also does oil diffusing. We got it when we both got kind of sick with crappy coughs a few months back. I don't know if it actually helps, but I doubt it hurts.

My SO is an incense type of dude so he's enjoying putting in eucalyptus oil in the evening when we're just sitting around or watching TV. I bought this one and it's going strong, so far. It lasts all night.

u/ViciousJungleChicken · 2 pointsr/AskWomen

Crazy cat lady here, I have four in my apartment. Unless they are lying to me, everyone that comes over is always shocked I have cats because it doesn't smell like it "should". I have two air purifiers in the house these and I have this one that sits directly on top of the litter box. I've had my four cats around 10 years and also fostered probably about... 30. So I feel like I've tried it all and I finally have a good ritual and set up. I use this litter box because it's big and tall which they prefer but also easy to get inside when it's time to clean. I use this track mat because so far it's really done the best to keep the litter from traveling far from the box. And like you, I clean it 2-3 times a day. The litter that is. I use this litter which is LIGHT YEARS better than anything else I've ever used. One of my cats also has horrible allergies and this is the one litter I've found that she doesn't react to. It also doesn't dust so you don't have to constantly feel like poofs of litter are showing up around the house or on the carpet or furniture. I also vacuum every single day. I have one vacuum I use for the floor where there may be litter tracked and another I use that never touches litter. I think this is fairly important. This vacuum honestly is the best I've found for hair. Miracle worker. Unless you can afford the Dyson Animal. I also have this spray that I'll use for my carpet and fabric once a month or so and I feel like it makes a huge difference. And then lastly I also keep windows open whenever I can and I have this diffuser and put oil in it a few times a week and let it run for a bit, plus it looks cool with the lights :) Oh! and one last thing that I think is great... put one of those cardboard scratch pads near the litter box so the cat has to step over it to get anywhere else. Like off the track mat but near the box. I do this and all the cats inevitably use the scratch pad for fun when walking by it but I'm convinced it also cleans their paws from any litter left over before they start walking around the rest of the house!

u/gingersams · 2 pointsr/rheumatoid

My sister just got me this essential oil diffuser and a variety pack of oils for my birthday and I love it! It doesn't help me manage pain or anything, but I thought it was a really thoughtful gift and it does help me relax.

u/daisycraze88 · 2 pointsr/mentalhealth

I've found it helpful with sleep. I typically use lavender at night and it really calms me. Using it during the day has been somewhat helpful but I've noticed if I'm around the scent too long or it's too strong I'll get a headache. I'm sure everyone is slightly different, but I will say it's definitely helped. I got into a routine of using it at nighttime about an hour before bed. I would turn it on while getting ready for bed then spend about an hour awake with it just relaxing. I tried to get into a routine with it so my body and mind would understand it's time to relax and settle down. Honestly that in itself has done wonders for me. I don't use it as often during the day as I do at night. I have close friends who have diffuser bracelets and necklaces and they've said good things about those.

This is the oil and diffuser I purchased off Amazon. I wasn't looking to spend a lot since it was my first time using either but I'm really happy with both products! Eden's Garden has tons more than just lavender if you'd prefer something else!

Lavender Eden's Garden

Essential Oil Diffuser

Edit: Added more info about how I use it at night.

u/BadWolf_Bae · 2 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

This is the one I got, but there different ones that hold more water and look more appealing. This one does the job though!

u/GothicCastles · 2 pointsr/Amsterdam

Weird question: where can I buy an electric scent diffuser (similar to this) in Amsterdam?

Edit: Thanks for the answers! Now to choose one...

u/wherestheanykey · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

$5-20: Mentholated ointment, over the counter antihistamines, Neti pot, nasal irrigator. For the sore throat, menthol lozenges, essential oils (peppermint), and oral anesthetics (Cepacol) can't be beat.

$30-$50: Vapor inhaler and humidifier

$50-$100: Air purifier, better air purifier

(And no, I don't work for Honeywell... their filters are just cheap and easy to come by)

u/peglegreg · 2 pointsr/homeassistant

Reviving this thread because I actually found one and someone may see this later and benefit. One of the wonderful souls answering questions confirmed that the dial controls the power of the device and that it turns on when plugged in.

u/alphaslum · 1 pointr/OutOfTheLoop

We have been using an oil diffuser to vaporize the oil. Here is the model we have.

u/MoltenCorgi · 1 pointr/aromatherapy

I have the Now Foods one and I love it and plan to get a second. I find them all to be overpriced for what they are. I wouldn't mind a non-plastic version too, but the water does not get hot so I doubt there's really a leeching issue. I thought the whole color changing thing was kind of tacky and silly, but now that I have it I kind of like setting it on purple. You can also turn the light off completely which isn't obvious from the description. I don't think a timer is really necessary since they all shut off automatically. I just wish mine held more water.

Also, in the photo it looks like it's purple but it's actually white on top - photo is simulating what it looks like with the purple led on.

u/Joyrenee22 · 1 pointr/essentialoils

I had a similar problem and realized that it is because not all diffusers are the same strength as far as how strong a mist they produce. I did some research and for that thisone produces a strong mist (stonger than the young living one my mother-in-law gave us) and is pretty cheap. We bought a second on the day after we got the first one.

Edit: stronger mist =more smell (depending on the oil you use. Some oils smell more strongly in a diffuser than others)

u/cpak15 · 1 pointr/battlestations
u/SasquatchWookie · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

I have an air diffuser just like this, included with different color settings.

Link for the interested:

Essential Oil Diffuser Night Light 3D Effect Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser with 14 Color Changing LEDs,Waterless Auto-off for Home,Office,Yoga,Baby,Sleep

u/Princessluna44 · 1 pointr/essentialoils

For the oil, I would just buy from Plant Therapy directly. The prices are the same and they are currently running sales on their site, so you may pay even less. That is a good start-up set for oils, as it has a god variety of common oils you may need. Be sure to do some research and look up some recipes you may want to try. That way, you are only buying oils you will actually use. BTW, I heard that 3rd party sellers may alter the oils, or containers. Not sure about that one, but it's what I heard.


I would also suggest Eden's Garden . While I prefer PT, EG has "choose your own" sets in 6, 12, and beyond. This way, you can bundle cheaper oils in a set and get the more expensive ones on PT. EG is also running sales, but I haven't been paying enough attention to what they are :-/


The diffuser looks pretty! I got a 700 ml one form Amazon:, but this one looks good, too. I recently found a course on essential oil use on Udemy and the guy on their likes water diffusers (like the one you picked out) and nebulzers (more scent and no water, but also more expensive).

u/littlemisslexi · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hi! My favorite oils I use daily are Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint. I think those are the best ones because of their versatility. Lavender is an antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and so much more and it smells amazing. It literally has 100 uses, if not more. Eucalyptus is an anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antibacterial too! I love to drop some in the shower and breathe it in with steam, same with peppermint oil too! Peppermint oil is antimicrobial, and its amazing to use with a carrier oil like oilve oil, and rub sore muscles with it. You can also out it on your feet to help relieve symptoms of a cold, and lower a fever naturally!
As for a diffuser, I don't actually have one, but the one I really want to get is


I have heard really great things about those two, and I love NOW oils, they are decently priced and they have such a great line :) so if you are thinking of getting into essential oils I reccomend NOW and their diffusers :)

u/InsurrectionalLeader · 1 pointr/ZeroWaste

It’s this one from Amazon (linked below). It’s plastic though if you’re trying to avoid that. Young Living oils (MLM company) has a wood and glass option. It’s VERY expensive, but I linked that too in case you’re interested!

Your main concern with “cheap” diffusers is the plastic lining. This should be a good, hard plastic otherwise your oils will erode the lining and you’ll be diffusing plastic. I’ve had mine for nearly a year and I love it. Just something to keep in mind if you want a different diffuser. :)

Amazon Diffuser

Wood and Glass diffuser

u/DoritoLocoTaco · 1 pointr/perfectgift

I'm probably too late, but some ideas!

The mug is a cute idea, I love these "Surprise Mugs"

We don't know which country you or she is from, but it might be nice to get hers something small from her country (or something from your country that's super distinct if she's very excited about living there).

For instance, if she is from Germany, you could get her some Hanuta -- I know when I moved away from home, it was very comforting to get reminders from there.

Or if she's from Belgium, Stroopwafels might be nice to go with tea! Just something small that represents her home.

As for relaxation items (which seems to me to be one of your best options seeing as your ultimate goal is to help her relax, right?), I have a few:

Gong for her desk at work?

A zen "Desktop Garden?"

A Buddha Board for work?

A little desktop fountain?

A diffuser for at home (SUPER relaxing, but you'd also need essential oils)?

Or even a necklace diffuser?

u/moondazed · 1 pointr/SleepApnea

Something similar happens to me when I have a cold or an allergy flair up, but it's not a regular occurrence. I don't like to take allergy medication because it makes me feel loopy so I got a cool mist diffuser and it's helped a lot. I've been struggling with congestion for a couple of weeks now and putting Olbas oil in the diffuser keeps things clearer. I love my machine and the humidifier works like a charm, but when I'm congested I have to take further steps if I want to avoid this kind of unpleasantness.

Is it possible that you have a sinus infection? I've been really lucky and not had that happen (knock on wood!) but a coworker isn't as fortunate and having air forced up his nose every night is not conducive to recovery! :)

u/um_hi_there · 1 pointr/essentialoils

I have a small, cheapy one from Amazon, and it's perfect. It was maybe $15 on sale. I don't think you need to spend a lot on one, or get a big one. The small ones will go for hours on the intermittent setting, which is the way to go.

Mine is something like this, but like I said, whichever one it was, I didn't pay full price.

u/robemmy · 1 pointr/Watches

It's using somewhat deceptive marketing. The phrase "affordable luxury" will never go down well on this sub.

I take it you're looking for a somewhat dressy chronograph around the $100-200 dollar mark? Here's my suggestion:

If you really love the design of the first one you linked (with the blue face) and are willing to spend a little more, the Christopher Ward Malvern Chrono is a similar looking watch:

u/Wus_Good · 1 pointr/battlestations

That is an essential oil diffuser from amazon.

URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Humidifier Ultrasonic

u/Str8_Pillin · 1 pointr/asktrp

Axe body spray and black ice air fresheners.

For real, basic stuff like dishes, laundry (clothes and sheets), trash, old shit in the refrigerator. General maintenance will keep the smells from mysteriously appearing.

And then, get a candle. You don't need 20. Not every square inch of your place needs to smell like mangos and lilacs. If you have 1, and the rest of the place smells like nothing because you're not an animal and you clean, then that should be enough to give the illusion of your whole house smelling like that first room

EDIT: And if you really want to go all out, this thing works pretty good from what i've seen. I don't actually have one.

u/lukelmiller · 1 pointr/HomeKit

Vocolinc Flower Bud is fun for a beginner it has both a light and a diffuser all for $50. I recommend it to people who are getting started.
Amazon link here

u/caraiggy · 1 pointr/SBU

Depends on the brand/setting/size, mine easily lasts overnight or for a full day of classes. Very “set it and forget it” and it’s ok with RAs/campus res

edit this is similar to the one I have

u/Muawiyaibnabusufyan · 1 pointr/HomeKit

This can help I believe but people have mentioned HomeKit connection is glichy as in it often goes non-responsive

u/stealyourfaceforabit · 1 pointr/shrooms

Can’t find the link for my specific model, but I got this one for a friend and she loves it


u/nighttvales · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

Yep! I have this guy.

I haven't had luck with primarily tea scents on my skin yet so I usually just away, but this sounds so nice I'd pick it up for my home! If it works on my skin that's just a bonus. Thank you for your feedback. It's definitely going on my wishlist.

u/jassykangaroo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is the one I have! I LOVE it!!

u/bmalbert81 · 1 pointr/AskMen
u/PopeofStraya · 1 pointr/Watches
The seiko perpetual calendar chronograph in rose gold would be quite similar

u/climblime45 · 1 pointr/druggardening

It’s actually an oil diffuser that I’m just putting water in to try to up the humidity, but here’s the amazon link :)

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, URPOWER 300ml Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist Whisper-Quiet Humidifier with Color LED Lights Changing & 4 Timer Settings, Waterless Auto Shut-Off for Spa Baby

u/JSSVoices · 1 pointr/VoiceActing

Sorry to hear about your struggles. I use one of these steam inhalers with some essential oils. It really seems to help.

u/j_u_x · 1 pointr/muji

I was in the store about to buy one but eventually put it back because I couldn't stomach paying $120 for the large diffuser. You can find many copies on Amazon for a 1/5th of the price.

I talked with people who worked at store and they told me there is a lifetime warranty on the diffusers, even though it doesn't say anywhere on the website. This was in SF.

u/ThePinkPanther2 · 1 pointr/AskMenOver30

A lot of the recommendations so far are pretty solid. In your case because you travel so much, I would also suggest using smell (aromatherapy) to enhance your life. The way that some thing or some place smells is key to our experience of that object or location. When we are most moved, our senses directly inscribe our remembrances. Even our mood and behavior is influenced by smell.

I caution against using air fresheners, or aromatherapy, as a daily practice simply because of possible side effects (e.g. air quality, migraine, etc.). But in moderation, it has been known to help alleviate stress and other psychological issues.

When you travel half the day on the road, you may be cutting yourself off from a huge range of scents that people take for granted. By testing different essential oils and using a small portable diffuser like this one or an even smaller one like this, you could easily create a self-care travel kit that provides you with some extra comfort.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/BabyBumps

Buy an essential oil diffuser, like this one for example and get a blend or two of essential oils, like this this one or other blends that smell good to you.

And if you don't have the diffuser, putting a pot of water boiling on the stove with drops of essential oil does the same thing.

u/ImAtWorkOkay · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

For 500ml, I have this one: InnoGear 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier Waterless Auto Shut-off with 4 Timers and 7 LED Color Changing Lights It's not 'pretty' but you don't need to have it out all time :).

u/Lt-SwagMcGee · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Its both. This is the one I have at home.

You can get cheaper ones on Amazon like this one.

As for essential oils, I find that lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree oils emulate a Thai massage parlor the best. These are the ones that I use. You only to add 2-5 drops each time so a small bottle can last you a really long time.

u/JulMit · 1 pointr/malelivingspace

I think they talk about something like this. For the Edison bulbs you can check or They have beautiful stuff. Check this for etsy and this for wayfair.

Good luck ;)