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u/RLelling · 8 pointsr/rupaulsdragrace

Pretty much half of the foods you see in commercials / photos isn't what it actually is. I'm always shocked, it's always something random like "you thought this was coffee? Actually, coffee looks really shit on camera so they used nitroglycerine spiked with cyanide which gives it that extra coffee-like glow. The actress that played in the commercial is dead now. They actually used a different actress for each shot."

In a photoshoot ice would probably melt too quickly. They're most likely acrylic. (If you're not staging your shot with fake ice cubes you're not doing photography.)

u/AvatarIII · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace

> Damn you could even make the reservoir tank look like it had ice cubes in it

u/expiredtvdinner · 6 pointsr/Lodge49

Operation Lemon-Aid to help #SaveLodge49 has begun.
Recently I posted an article on how fans saved
@ExpanseOnPrime. @AbduliaBardwell tweeted "What we don’t have in numbers (yet), we can make up for in creativity" Thinking about past campaigns to save shows told me that we needed to come together and show our creativity and force. One of my favorite scenes this season was the lemon season - where dud trades lemons for drinks. Perhaps, I thought - we could trade lemons for saving the show.

Here is the plan. If you can, we need you to send a care package to as many of the execs as you can. They will include a fake lemon(s), some Lodge stuff and however you want to personalize it.

i) First off, Addresses (1 of 3)

Craig Erwich, Senior VP of Originals
12312 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Amazon –
Albert Cheng, COO
1620 26th Street, Suite # 400-N; Santa Monica, California 90404

Amazon -
Nick Hall Co-Head of Television at Amazon Studios
1620 26th Street, Suite # 400-N; Santa Monica, California 90404

Netflix –
Mandy Schaffer, VP Original Series at Netflix
100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA, 95032.

Disney Plus
Michael Paull, President, Disney Streaming Services at The Walt Disney Company
75 9th Ave, Floor 6R New York, NY 10011

ii) Secondly Materials (2 of 3)

Buy fake lemons - I got these off of Amazon for about $10 ( Unlike real lemons, you can send these to Cali and NY.

Next, write #SaveLodge49 or any pertinent Lodge49 related creativity on them. I used a sharpie - not the best handwriting - but you get the drift.

Maybe put one of these dope prints or something of your own into a box with the lemons. A heartfelt letter. Some fan art. ANYTHING!!!

i) Team Order of the Lynx -

ii) Team Parabola -


u/Maxfunky · 5 pointsr/pics
u/MorituraZebra · 5 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

You’re welcome. I remember being completely underwater at three weeks (our baby had just gotten released from the NICU, and my DH had already had to go back to work a week earlier). I’m still half-underwater now, tbh, but it’s definitely getting better, and the immediate sense of trauma and loss (that feeling of being separated from my baby right after birth, and knowing that that’s time I can’t ever get back) has receded a lot. I can remember it and even talk about it now without crying, and that feels like a big improvement.

Yeah, even a waterproof room might not be enough sometimes. I got peed on last weekend (I got too cocky right before bathtime!), and yesterday we had such a catastrophic diaper malfunction that the baby not only blasted out of the diaper, but soaked through a fleece sleep sack and then soaked the pack and play sheets in a puddle underneath. All hail waterproof PNP sheets. I’m constantly amazed by how much waste can come out of such a tiny body.

Vaccine stuff is one area that really shows you a new side of people that you thought you already knew well. We had people who balked that I would have expected to be totally cool with it, and people who didn’t hesitate who I would have expected to flat-out refuse. I’m glad that the people in your life who refused were willing to accept pictures until your LO gets older and gets his vaccines. And as for FAB, well...pineapple.

Our owlet didn’t get purchased off the registry either. We went with a refurbished owlet (which was $199 instead of $299), and then stacked that with the amazon registry completion discount, bringing it down to $169 total instead of $299. It looks like it the refurbished one isn’t currently available on Amazon, but they do still have it listed on the Owlet website for $199. We had asked the NICU doctor/nurses about it, and they pretty much said “either it’ll work REALLY well for you at easing your anxiety, or it’ll make things so much worse. You’re welcome to try it if you want to, but you won’t know which one it is unless/until you try it.” I figured that if it made me more anxious, I could always return it within the 45-day return window and get our money back. I actually kept it in the box for the first week or so at home, until the night I kept waking up panicked that I couldn’t hear the baby breathing, and then realized I couldn’t see the baby’s chest moving in the dark in the bassinet (tiny chest, tiny movements), and trying to put my hand on his chest to tell, and then still couldn’t tell, and ended up shining my cell phone light on him to see if he was breathing, which showed that he was, but then that woke him up, and it took forever to get him back to sleep, at which point I dozed off, and then woke up panicked again - rinse and repeat allllll night. I took the owlet out of its box the next day. I keep it on the nightstand in a direct line of sight from my pillow so that when I open my eyes, I can see the green ring glowing really softly, and know immediately that the baby is okay. I feel embarrassed writing all that out, but PPA is a hell of a thing, and sometimes just talking about it helps normalize it a bit. I’ve thought about the owlet camera before, and think that they actually sent out a $50 off code for people who already had the sock (maybe they have something similar for people who already have the camera?). What do you like most about the camera?

Good luck with your second session of therapy. Sometimes talking helps, sometimes meds help, and sometimes they can refer you to other resources you hadn’t even thought of. I hope it goes really well for you.

Adding a pineapple to the registry sounds excellent. Apparently Amazon even has convincing fake ones. Who knew?

u/Tury345 · 4 pointsr/ConspiracyII

> Take the soul away and you have substance that has vitamins and minerals being called meat but you body doesn't know what to do with it.

I believe you're thinking of those weird fake fruit decorations, common mistake really.

u/polishbroadcast · 3 pointsr/wheredidthesodago
u/JeffCraig · 3 pointsr/coolguides

This is artificial fruit:

IE: made of plastic, not fruit.

A peach can still occur naturally without human intervention. A peach seed can still grow a peach tree by itself without human intervention regardless of how many times that strain of peach was grafted to modify it.

You're trying to argue semantics, but you're wrong.

u/peterpieqt8 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

3.11 is the closest!

Banana Cream Pie obviously!!!

u/exit65 · 1 pointr/funny

you should always have a banana. I keep one of these to insure that i do

u/zekromNLR · 1 pointr/de

Sowas könnte da helfen.

u/Silverbug · 1 pointr/news