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u/a_robot_with_dreams · 87 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I thought I would put up a quick review of one of the newer Stan Smith models. These are a white leather with gum sole. A little while back, some photos by a sneaker publication were posted (including this photo, more available here). When I saw the photos I immediately knew I needed these sneakers like nothing else, and I don’t usually lust after sneakers in this way. I feel pretty comfortable saying these are the new MFA Killshot, improved in just about every way aesthetically. Yes, they fill slightly different aesthetic roles, but I have a strong preference for these Stan Smith over the Killshots.

Also, to preempt any questions/outraged comments, I do not typically keep shoe trees in these. However, it's easier to take photos of a shoe with shoe trees in it.

The gum sole is durable, but comfortable. It features white flecks throughout that match the upper. Despite any weird coloration of the photos, the upper is a pure white leather. It is lined around the heel cup with a leather lining and on the tongue and vamp with some form of synthetic liner. The interior has a padded, non-removable footbed.

Initially, I was a bit thrown off by the shape, but then I realized I’m way too accustomed to boots, given the recent weather. I threw them on my feet and liked the shape a lot more. Slim toebox, great profile with the sole, and an overall pleasing shape.

Fit is TTS. I’m an 11.5E on Brannock and wear an 11.5 in these. They’re a bit narrow, but are comfortable with wear. For someone with wide feet, it’s not going to get any better unless you get a pair of New Balance.

I ordered these from FootAction when they had a free shipping and a 15% off coupon. The total price ended up being $63.74. I didn’t really think twice about buying them, and they work perfectly with most of my wardrobe. I’m really looking forward to wearing them more as the warmer weather rolls in. I believe FootAction is sold out, but they’re still available from Amazon and Urban Outfitters.

Some shots on-foot: 1 (shamelessly stolen from /u/BAonReddit) and 2 (mine)

I don’t have any full fit pics, but they’re white sneakers. They go with literally anything casual. For some other white sneaker inspiration, check out this killshot album and this white sneaker album (neither album was composed by me).

u/iams3b · 30 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter

I just searched "adult heelys" on Amazon and clicked the first result

I bought the maroon pair, they actually aren't bad as regular shoes without the wheels

u/JimNaysium · 24 pointsr/Fitness

Seems the [Powerlift.2] ( are on sale as well, with the same dicsount code available:

•Spend $75 receive $15 off Enter code 15ATHLETIC at checkout.

$81 delivered.

EDIT: ordered.

u/CHARFUCKIZARD · 16 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

Same for me.

Until about 2-3 years ago when I saw them mentioned on Reddit somewhere. I now am a 29-year-old man with size 12 Heelys and they're awesome.

I found out that they are far more difficult to skate on than I thought they would be. I'm in really good shape and stuff and it was still pretty difficult. Now since I've practiced with them a lot I'm pretty good with them. I like to wear them on long walks with my pup and I let him pull me around town. It's super dope.

here's a link to the exact pair I have for anyone interested

edit: I fuked that link up at first

u/smolhorse · 11 pointsr/me_irl

Heelys Adult Men Launch Skate Shoes (10 D(M) US Men, Black) I guess so?

u/Jewsafrewski · 8 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

Heelys Men's Launch Fashion Sneaker, Grey, 12 M US

Amazon link

u/teoSCK · 8 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/SockThePirate · 6 pointsr/powerlifting
u/MikeyOnTheRun303 · 4 pointsr/Watches

From how you describe your suits i would go with a Seiko presage Coktail time (Blue), it's a nice automatic that will slide right under your shirt and also a very popular clock by enthusiasts even though it's a lower pricerange clock. If you are thinking of using 1k on watches i would shop around for a 2-3 watches to circulate.

Seiko presage coktail: - 320 USD

For a more "Buff" alternative this clock has a beautiful dial and at a very nice price.

Invicta pro diver - 110 USD

The CW - trident collection is a beautiful collection of watches perfect for daily use.
CW: Trident - Price varies by model but a lot of their "Slicker" watches are the ones at the 500 USD mark

u/BleLLL · 4 pointsr/FitWomenGifs

There are shoes made for weightlifting, which are used by most people for squatting and for snatching and clean&jerking by weightlifters.

Those shoes have a raised heel, to help reach a deeper squat depth without overextending on your ankles and also a solid sole that does not compress under any liftable weight.

Good thing about those shoes is that you buy them once and can keep for an indefinite amount of time, since you only wear them in the gym and they don't get used up that fast.

Some entry level shoes:

  • Do wins
  • Adidas powerlifts

    Higher quality (wouldn't buy those unless you do weightlifting (snatch, clean&jerk) on a high level:

  • Adidas Adipower
  • Nike Romaleos

    I personally use Adidas powerlifts v1, had them for over 5 years, no complaints.

    Keep in mind that deadlifting is best done on flat soles or barefoot, to minimize distance between the foot and the floor, so I wouldn't advice deadlifting in those, but for squatting, front squatting, OHP'ing, cleaning and snatching they're perfect. For bench press it doesn't matter.

    Also, if you don't do high bar / front squats and/or snatches/c&s and instead train a low bar (powerlifting type) squats then flat sole chucks or whatever, like mentioned by the other commenter, are good enough. Honestly though, once I tried squatting in them I'm not going back.
u/tinyhuman_ · 4 pointsr/crossfit

Yes!! I'm here to pass along my knowledge! I'm a 4'10" female with women's size 5 feet but I more comfortably fit into youth size 3.5 as my feet are very narrow. I own two pairs of Reebok Nanos (the 2 and the 5 version) in youth 3.5. These are my daily CrossFit shoes and I love them; specifically the Nano 2 though I am kicking myself for not purchasing a second pair as they have been discontinued but the 5 still fits my foot and is lightweight and does the job.

As for lifters, after YEARS - literally 3 - of searching, I finally discovered that Adidas's Adipower lifter (which comes men's sizes) goes all the way down to a size 3.5 which, lo and behold, FIT MY SMALL NARROW FEET! They are snug and only stretched slightly and I am completely obsessed with them; they absolutely helped my lifting! Be sure to read the second "Top Customer Review" which is also by a female with small feet and based on your mention of youth 4 perhaps you could go up slightly to the men's 4 instead of 3.5:

u/Doritos2458 · 4 pointsr/powerlifting

Expereince with Slippers:

In prepping for my first meet, I decided to originally get some slippers from But, I tried them for a week or two's lifts (3 or 4 times) but the issue I was expierencing was that my foot is a size 9, and I ordered the 7-9, meaning my foot was slightly over the edges of the little rubber sole. When I tried to spread the floor, this caused me to have my foot slide around over top of it. Once I got to heavier weight, the whole thing just wound up slipping out from underneath. NO BUENO.

Asics or Sabos?

So I then went and asked some of the other powerlifters in my gym what they used. Some, as in this thread, suggested MatFlexs by Asics. I tried looking for them later, but found there are the MatFlex 4's and 5's. In trying to search which of the two were "better" for Sumo pulling, and what the differences were, I found a lot of reviews comparing Sabos to Chucks to MatFlexs to weightlifing or other powerlifting shoes (AdiPowers, Romelos, etc). This was the one that sold me, ultimately.

Every one I could find said that while Matflexs are ok, there were a number of things that made the Sabos nice. The metatarsal strap, the strap around the top, the design of the sole (and marginally thinner sole), and material were all some of the differences. So, I bit the bullet and just said, "Well, if I dont like em, I can return em."

I've used these now for a few deadlifting sessions, and even a few bench and squat ones to wear them in a bit. I have to be honest, when I first got them, I was a bit disappointed when I put them on. They fit the width of my foot (I usually hover between 9 Wide - 9.5 Wide) nice and snug, but felt long in the foot. There is about a half inch or so that my toes don't go all the way up to. This, combined with the thin/breathable material means theres a weird sound that happens when it bends in the toe of the shoe - HOWEVER, this is fairly quiet, and when i was in the actual gym (and not my silent wood floor house), you can't hear it. My other complaints were that were the material meets the sole of the shoe looked kind of flimsy, and that the shoelaces are a bit too short to use all the eyelets (though thats easy enough to replace).

On the topic of the "flimsiness" though that I thought I saw, after having worn these shoes a few times, I have to say I was completely wrong. They have held up just fine, and I wonder if it was just some rough edges from the machining. With a bit of lifting put into em, these have pretty much gone away. Guess it's just been awhile since I've purchased a new pair of shoes for myself.

With all of that said: I absolutely love these shoes though. The tightness of the shoe as a result of the metatarsal strap is awesome. While the sholelaces are short, by skipping a few eyelets, I can tie them fine and get them much tighter than my older shoes. I get a lot of grip from the sole to the floor, and don't feel any slippage at all no matter how much I try to spread the floor and push outwards really. They feel pretty close or even better actually to when I lifted without shoes for my max attempts (what I used to do). I'd say go with the Sabos,

Some people recommend the Reebok Lite TRs, but from what I've seen, those are nearly as expensive price wise... While these aren't available prime on Amazon, I ordered mine on Mar. 30th, and got them on the 3rd with just the default shipping. Im totally with you on the wanting to stay cheap though. I have a meet in June and have been buying a bunch of the equipment needed (singlet, approved belts/wraps, etc) and god fuckin damn is picking shit up and down apparently expensive as dicks. I prefer the "Buy slightly more expensive for quality once, than buy shit twice" kind of mentality though, so thats part of what influenced my decision as well.

u/zuperzue · 4 pointsr/crossfit

Inov-8 lifters - they're super light with a great heel for lifting.

u/Wrhe · 4 pointsr/FashionReps

u/Mobidad · 4 pointsr/bodybuilding

Don't squat in sneakers. If you're hesitant about buying Chucks or other flat sole shoes try squatting barefoot for a few weeks.

I bought these shoes when they were on sale for $54. They're flat sole and wider than Chucks, which I need for my wide ass feet.

u/aeyuin · 3 pointsr/Fitness
u/phobos2deimos · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Related note, I've had Merrell Trailgloves for a few years and they're the best made athletic shoe I've ever owned. My last pair of New Balances fell apart within three months, and never have I had a pair look good after a year. My trailgloves look new, absolutely no separation of glue or stitching issues. I'm almost through the tread though and will definitely buy another pair.

u/AmericanFromAsia · 3 pointsr/savedyouaclick

Side note: they still make Heelys in adult sizes and they're fun as ever

u/dark_bowler666 · 3 pointsr/Bowling

get that. i destroyed the sole on my tpux and that's basically solved everything.

u/teejaydub · 3 pointsr/Watchexchange
u/Clefinch · 3 pointsr/bodybuilding

I bought Adipowers six months into lifting seriously.

My gym has belts. I've only ever used them for PRs.

u/chaoticbear · 3 pointsr/Bowling

What everyone else said - there is a difference, but it's a quick adjustment and strictly better, especially if you have faster foot speed.

> losing my footing

Absolutely would help. And if you ever try to go back, it'll feel bizarre.

You mentioned dragging your toe - I have the same issue but went straight from universal to interchangeables. If you're willing to make that jump, either Dexter THE 9 or the 3G Tour Ultra's have replaceable toes; you can also use something like this on your interchangeables to provide a wear point. Looks like it's going to be awful and clunky, but it works fine (used it on my TPU-X).

u/canadian_leprechaun · 3 pointsr/Watches

For something that is on the dressier side but still can be worn casually I have these choices (links from amazon for reference)

  1. The sarb. Just under 500$, it looks great, and has the 6r15 movement and a sapphire glass

    This is in black

  2. Seiko presage, a beautiful dial, search for it on this subreddit and you'll find awesome pictures, trust me

    My recommendation is to stay away from divers, pilot and chronographs if he wants to wear them on classier occasions. Of course a lot of people love to break the rule, which is totally fine.

    But these watches can be worn to work (aren't too flashy, seiko is mostly known to watch enthusiasts anyway), have lot of color choices amd can be worn on classier occasions.
u/d12964 · 3 pointsr/ManyBaggers

Soles are hard plastic or even wood so they don't compress when you're holding heavy weight. They also have a lot of support so the shoe basically locks your foot in. Most of them are originally designed for Olympic weightlifting.

Some examples:

u/Daveuall · 3 pointsr/powerlifting

Definitely worth it for the stiffness and firmness. My favorite brand with heels is the Adidas Adipower. For no-heels I like the Sabo Goodlift

u/mattlikespeoples · 3 pointsr/Fitness

Gotta be my Adidas lifting shoes. They're amazing to squat in and I love them for back and other carrying/heavy load type says because of their level of support.

u/BraveryDave · 3 pointsr/weightlifting

Shoes: white Adipowers

Knee sleeves: grey Rehbands

Belt: Harbinger 243

Straps: Harbinger from the local Sports Authority

Shorts: Target

T-shirt: Rattiest graphic T-shirt I can find

u/KurtMcGurt_ · 3 pointsr/Fitness

I don't want you to feel like "oh shit", but there are a few things:

  1. I noticed you're not keeping your arms and upper back tight. Ideally, you want those locked in and tight throughout the entire movement. It's going to suck and be super uncomfortable for a little while, but you'll feel more stable and secure once you're over the initial suck of it.

  2. You're not hitting depth. What goes through your mind as you're descending? When I had problems hitting depth, I'd have significant pain in my right hip flexor and left groin. I found out that I have lateral pelvic tilt and now I do band distractions for about 10-20 minutes before each squat session. Changed my squatting life. See these links for more info:

  3. Learn the Valsalva Maneuver, aka properly bracing your core in preparation for a lift. I tighten my core by "tucking my tail" and lowering my ribcage, breath deep a few times, then inhale to the point where I feel my lower back expand. Hold that, keep your upper back and arms tight, then squat.

  4. Looks like you're squatting in tennis shoes. Either squat in flats or get some olympic lifyting shoes. I use the adipowers (red and black baby!), but there are many different brands out there. Nike has some great ones, but they're definitely pricey. The adipowers go on sale sometimes for about 50% off, so keep your eye out if you don't have a ton of expendable income.

    Hope this helps!
u/SplatterSack · 3 pointsr/backpacking

I prefer barefoot style shoes, so I currently own Merrell Trail Gloves, New Balance Minumus MT10, and just ordered some VivoBarefoot Neo Trails to try out.

u/buriedabovetheground · 3 pointsr/BarefootRunning

I'd recommend something like Merrell's offerings, I had the Trail Glove that lasted a good few years before it wore through the rubber, and now I have the Vapor Glove, which does seem like it is wearing a little quicker than the Trail Glove did, but still worth it for the build quality and comfort.

Vapor Glove 2 on Amazon

Having used Feiyues in the past I think you'll greatly enjoy the reduction in weight, though there may also be less sole padding,

If you think that you'll prefer to keep a little padding the reviews seem to point to the Trail Glove 3 having extra padding compared to the Trail Glove 1 (which was a little padding) and seemingly no padding in my Vapor Glove 2

u/vqshjfkjxfh · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice
u/samvegg · 3 pointsr/bicycling

I like to bring my minimalist trail runners ( The are light and pack super small and can be used for short-medium length hikes. I like that they are designed to be comfortable without socks and have a sandal type feel that is nice after a long ride.

u/COFFE_IS_FOR_CLOSERS · 3 pointsr/nononono

Adidas powerlifting shoes are reasonably priced and really good.

u/usremane · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Super indecisive on these gum sole stans because of the white speckles.

u/ZacharyRD · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

I love city walking / urban hiking in the New Balance Minimus Zero, and have even run a half-marathon in them. However I find them not actually enough cushion for all wilderness trails; on real rocky ground, I dislike how much sharp things hurt. They're also not that durable, in the upper; they can rip, and they don't last. However, if you're actually someone who's gone REAL barefoot outdoors, and enjoy it, they'll probably work for you.

My favorite hiking barefoot shoe right now is the Merrell Trail Glove. It is certainly heavier by a few ounces, but it's still much lighter than basically any other shoe, comfortable as heck, and much more durable. It's 0mm drop, but with 4mm cushion.

u/fresh_kicks · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Am I gonna look like a douche if I buy these? I'm a beginner lifter but I wasn't sure if these shoes would be good for me. I do stronglifts 5x5 currently and I squat in a pair of Jordans, but I'd like to change it up.

I used to have chucks but I found them really uncomfortable on my feet.

u/Birdman_v5 · 2 pointsr/IAmA

Hey there! Sorry for the formatting and everything else I am on mobile. First of all, I completed my first TM back in 2014 and it was the most fun and the most mentally and physically demanding thing I have ever done.

The best thing about the TM is it is NOT a race. Get that out of your head now. It is all about helping your fellow Mudders out. Screw your time and enjoy yourself. Always help others and they will help you. And most importantly have fun!!

Now, to answer your questions.

  1. As silly as it sounds, learn to climb stuff. Anything and everything. Go to a playground and do the monkey bars. Do a lot of upper body strength and conditioning. Make you sure you have a lot of cardio too. You will be running. A lot. You will be climbing stuff. A lot.

  2. None are really TOO difficult but can be quite challenging. Everest was pretty challenging so was pole dancer. You may think I am crazy for saying it but the Arctic Enema got me the most. The water is SO cold that your body immediately shuts down and does not want to move. When you jump in make sure you go immediately under the obstacle and swim out or you will just freeze (no pun intended). Keep moving!!

  3. There is plenty of water, snacks and everything on the trail. You do not want to carry anything you do not mind losing. Better yet, nothing. I did not even wear sunglasses. Trust me, after about the 6th mile you will wish you did not have anything extra.

  4. Everyone that is running it with you. Everyone around you is constantly motivating you and pushing you to do your best. I have never been around a better group of people that wanted to see everyone else succeed in my life. Everyone will help you complete all of the obstacles.

  5. Personally, I use the Solomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running shoe and they worked like a dream ( A little pricey but well worth the money IMO.

    Hopefully this answered your questions and I am happy to answer anymore you have. I love the TM and cannot wait to complete another later this year.
u/batmaaang · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

I like deadlift specific footgear, but as a sumo puller (like me), you might need more than just slippers—my experience with a really cheap pair I got from my local sporting goods store is that if the floor and the slipper’s sole don’t have enough traction, I might roll my ankles, which you don’t have to worry about right now in your hi-tops.

I have a pair of Sabo deadlift-specific shoes (in red because they make my lifts go up 3 times faster) and they’re pretty nice. If that’s out of your price range as a student, you might consider a pair of hi-top wrestling shoes instead. ASICS is a trustworthy and affordable brand.

u/lovemeinthemoment · 2 pointsr/Rowing

I erg in either Nike Metcons or these

I love erging in my weightlifting shoes. I swear they give me 2/3 seconds faster split. But I only want to take one pair to the gym so I usually take my Metcons.

u/Soloraj511 · 2 pointsr/StartingStrength

I've found the inov8 fastlift to be an excellent squat shoe. Light, strong and stable.

u/ironmayne · 2 pointsr/spartanrace

I think I'll stick with my Salomons

u/Stubb · 2 pointsr/fitness30plus

Check out the Inov-8 Bare-XF 210. They're great for squats and deadlifts because the thin sole lets your feet anchor into the ground. I'm not sure about running—that's not something that I do.

u/_spacelynx_ · 2 pointsr/weightlifting

Hmmm which Romaleos were you using (2's vs 3's), and how did you feel (heavy/light, too stable/unstable, did you feel you were being pushed too forward)? Romaleos have typically been preferred if you have a wider foot, well the Romaleos 2's at least.

All things considered, my recommendation would be to go for an Adipower (1st gen) or Romaleos 2, however, both have now been discontinued. They were both superb lifters and most elite/profession lifters still use these lifters instead of the newer versions. So from the newer options, I would recommend you look into the Legacy Lifter or maybe even the Do-Win lifters ( Classic or More Modern). I know Adidas has new Adipower, but I have not done enough research or heard enough good things to make any comments or recommendations on.

I hope you find all this information helpful.

u/nibe_GUY · 2 pointsr/powerlifting

I bought the Inov-8 FastLift 335's a few months ago and I love them so far. They're very comfortable and light considering how solid they feel. The Lime/Black/Red ones (which I went for) are going for $99 on amazon now, compared to the other colors which are up at $150.

u/rabinva · 1 pointr/Fitness

I recently picked up a second-hand pair of Inov-8 Bare-XF 210s.

I don't do much cardio, so I've only used them for some sprints once, but they did great. Otherwise, they're great lifting shoes providing a nice flat, stable base. I don't do crossfit, but I've seen them advertised as "Crossfit shoes."

u/catfield · 1 pointr/Fitness

I use a pair of Adipowers (this version), had them for like 4 or 5 years now and I have zero complaints. I dont think you can really go wrong with any of the top brands though like Adidas, Nike Romaleos, Do-Win, etc.

u/mtmtb · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

I ended up finding an exact match to my extra wide MTB shoes online and wanted another pair for the Peloton. I didn’t even realize they would only take the delta or SPD-SL three hole cleat.

I bought these converters off Amazon and they’ve been awesome!

Wellgo Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes Adapter Cleats:

u/dustingooding · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

Merrell Trail Glove Barefoot Running Shoe - Men's Merrell

I specifically have the mostly black with yellow accents, in wide.

u/PangurBanHammer · 1 pointr/minimalism

Jesus christ, that's unnecessary. Even pretty high quality ones (Merrell) cost under $100, just like normal running shoes.

u/muchosandwiches · 1 pointr/bicycling

Will the shoes still be walkable with the adapter?

also have you tried these:

u/do_i_even_lift · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Amazon has a couple options, but I don't think they're the one's your looking for.

u/AlbertaBeef8 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Google Bro


I know zappos and asos used to carry them but are out of stock. Just wait for more to be released.

u/Liftingace52 · 1 pointr/Fitness

You can also find them on aswell I believe. Chucks are good as well but they run a bit narrow so they weren't for me.

u/Ebeigh · 1 pointr/heelys

Amazon sells launches in black and grey (and some other colors) size 10. I have a pair, they look pretty nice and have held up for over a year now.

u/cplhunter · 1 pointr/Bowling

I also drag my brake toe. This SST8 sole protects the toe of the shoe from wear and is definitely not coming off unless you want it off.
Side effect, it looks goofy.

u/tubeblockage · 1 pointr/bicycling

There are adapters for fitting 2-bolt cleats into 3-bolt shoes. I don't know if the shoes would still be walkable, however. You'll be better off just buying 2-bolt shoes with a recessed cleat mounting space for two-sided pedals.

In addition to the pedals you linked, check out the Shimano A530 and M324.

u/BanThisLol · 1 pointr/pelotoncycle

90% of cyclocross shoes and 100% of mountain bike shoes are SPD. Search those two categories, you'll find a ton.

And if you do end up finding road shoes you want, you can always get these cleats so they're compatible.

They're SPD cleats for Look style shoes.

u/cumzindabumz · 1 pointr/weightroom

> You can use the code 15ATHLETIC to get $15 off on top of the sale.

powerlift.2 Code applies for both AdiPower and Powerlift.2

Credit goes to aliasx06

u/linux_vegan · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Heelys Men's Launch Fashion Sneaker, Grey, 10 M US

You're never too old

u/24811812513198111524 · 1 pointr/Nootropics

Here are some videos:

Haile running

natural running tutorial

You can analyze their forms here, look how efficient and smooth they are:

Frank shorter

Abebe Bikila

You see how frank seems to be leaning forward and his legs move almost like a wheel, rhythmically? He isn't running across the ground, he's falling and catching himself with each step. Running is continuous falling. He isn't leaning forward or craning his back either, with proper form your body ends up in that lean and your legs end up at a certain natural cadence. If you aren't fighting your body then running faster comes easily. Actual running can be enjoyable and easy, not painful. Much of the pain comes from improper/inefficient running technique. It's the difference between going with the grain and against it. Efficient running is going with the grain.

I remember when I first took off these awful shoes that I had that were really hurting me back in the day (they weren't even the correct size and they were puma sneakers) and I ran barefoot and went way faster. My heart would beat and my breath would have trouble keeping up with how fast I was going but my legs had no problem with it. I also noticed my cadence increased and I went much faster. This was in like tenth grade, before I did cross country my junior year. I was just getting into running.

When you run with proper form, you don't need to try to move your legs faster, they end up moving faster on their own. You get around a 180 cadence (maybe slightly less or more). It doesn't have to be exact but it ends up being around that. Many people go slower, like 130 steps per minute, it's because they're running inefficiently. Look at all elite runners and they have a similar cadence and stride. Interestingly enough the world record holder for the 5000m and 10000m had a cadence of around 190 and it was around 215 for his final kick at the olympics. His stride remained the same.

When you run correctly it feels effortless, like you're gliding across the ground, flying almost. That first time you really get it right it feels amazing, when i've taken off shoes I felt like a weight had lifted off me (it had) and it was like my feet weren't there. When you don't have issues picking up your feet then you go faster and when you don't have an arch preventing your feet from naturally carrying you forward than you go faster.

If you look at most runners who are fast and even sprinters like Usain Bolt who dominate, you'll notice that their legs come up behind to their butts. This happens more with faster races than longer races like marathons, but it's a pattern. This is because these runners have good hip mobility and hip extension. Having a posterior pelvic tilt or weak glutes and a weak back can lead to an inability to have that same range of motion. The legs coming up behind you to your butt is a sign of efficient form and it means your legs are moving like slingshots and you aren't wasting energy to go as fast as you're going, you're being efficient. You'll notice in Kenenisa Bekele's world record 5000m run his legs come up right behind his butt. His hip extension and hip mobility is on point. If your hip flexors are weak and your hip extensors are short and you have weak glutes or pelvic tilt issues then you will not be able to do that. Of course running properly can strengthen all those muscles.

I would recommend running in dirt or grass and seeing what it feels like, you can even wear socks. I've gone running in socks before. When you run properly it will feel like it hurts more than usual. It's like if you sit with good posture and it hurts more than slouching. Slouching is still worse for you. You will eventually get used to it, but don't run inefficiently because it hurts less at first. It will be better for you in the long run. (get it? long run? ayyy)

If you don't stretch after biking you will have to stretch after running or injury is a risk. DO NOT stretch before, only stretch afterwards. There are dynamic stretches or warm ups you can do before running but just starting to run is a warm up itself. No static stretching, one exception which you may need to make is stretching your quads by bending at your knee and bringing your foot behind you to your butt. Like this. That's the one stretch that's okay to do before running.

I have used an exercise bike in the past when I was just starting to exercise. I don't like riding regular bikes because I'm not that good at it and I have trouble crossing streets. I don't like the thin road bikes because they require slouching and a bit of pelvis tucking and that bothers me, it may be different for you. I just think running is better overall for your body while biking works less muscles, but they both are cardio and cardio is good for you.

This is the exact model of shoes that worked really well for me during track season in xc. I set most of my PRs in this shoe and I had the best luck with them. I got injured later because I purchased a shoe with a terrible arch that rolled my ankles outward, but these shoes are great. They are neutral running shoes, they may have more on the bottom than your average minimalist shoe or sock, but they are neutral and good for practicing good form, although you may have trouble landing on your toes at first if you use these types of shoes. Of course going exactly on your toes isn't ideal, it may be good to get the transition going and prevent you from heel striking if you currently do, but you should be landing on your forefoot. That means slightly in front of the middle area of your foot, definitely not the heel though.

Just remember looking for neutral shoes with little heel rise or arch is the best way to go. Flat, neutral shoes, no rise. Not shoes for under or overpronation, neutral works great, it's closer to being barefoot than shoes with huge arches or angles. When it comes to form these shoes may be better, depending on how much you run the one I linked may get worn out quickly, but surface and how hard you pound the pavement as well as how often matters. If the shoes gets torn apart you obviously don't want to keep using it, rather get a new one. I think I used mine 3 or more months, but I couldn't afford newer ones, I would have replaced them earlier. Let's say if you're running 60 miles a weeks than 2-3 months should be good.

If you are going to get minimalist shoes instead of those ones then avoid the five finger shoes! They spread your toes apart and that will hurt your running and make you run weakly and may even cause injury. Having your toes apart in socks or barefoot is fine because they are apart anyway, but having them apart in those shoes will prevent you from "kicking" off the ground or having any power in your run, when I used those five finger gimmicks I ended up doing a weird walk/waddle run because I couldn't push off my toes, and trying would probably hurt them. They were forced apart. If going for minimalist shoes, go for ones that keep your toes together, like this or the ones in the suggestions.

FYI my normal shoe size and my spike size was 10 but my running shoe size was 9.5. A good shoe will still screw you over if it doesn't fit you properly, so be sure to get a proper fit.

u/Naked_Caveman · 1 pointr/backpacking

For me it depends on the trip/trail. If it's a day hike I wear a trail runner and if it's anything overnight or more I wear boots. Depending on how strenuous or damp my multi-day trips are, sometimes I will take flip-flops just to walk around camp.

u/ampersandwhat · 1 pointr/xxfitness

I love lifting in my inov-8s! I have the XF-bare 210s which are just like socks with the grippy soles. I have wide feet and all other 0mm minimalist shoes that i tried on felt tight. I was able to score a pair on amazon for $43 with free shipping, but it definitely varied with color and sizes. [I got these in black]( The best advice I can give is to definitely head to a retailer to try on all these different shoes and see which fit your feet the best, then look online for potentially better deals.

u/Timesweeper_00 · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

It depends on what I'm layering it with. Sometimes if I'm going for a semi-streetwear vibe I wear my [white gum-sole stan smiths] ( or alternatively for a more americana vibe my [Clarks desert boots in beeswax] ( I have a pair of Chippewa x J. Crew collabs, but I don't wear them with these because the leather is too red.

Honestly, I'm not thrilled with my footwear situation right now. If I was picking up new shoes, I'd go with [these] ( Allen Edmonds in chocolate for chukkas, some nice [boots] ( (credit to /u/cathpah), or a higher quality white leather sneaker (CP or derivative). Coincidentally, these are my next three purchases.

u/jimmy_legs · 1 pointr/weightroom

They're Adidas Powerlift Trainers. They've got a hard sole with just a bit of elevation at the heel. Feels pretty solid.

What's wrong with them?

u/lemondirgopie · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Just bought a pair of their Barefoot Trail Gloves (women's) and fell in love. They are so comfortable! They aren't ugly like the Five Fingers, and have support, unlike my Vivobarefoot sneakers. They also have a mesh upper, which might be handy in the humid climate of Indonesia. My boyfriend also bought a pair and he has found it has helped his posture and back pain. They definitely seem to be high-quality, and I've so far experienced good customer service from Merrell.

If you haven't worn minimalist shoes/don't go barefoot often, it's possible you might need a transition period to strengthen the different muscles, but it's definitely worth it.

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I've been eyeing the Seiko SRPB41 for a few years now, and this seller on Amazon recently dropped it to $275. I know that's well under the usual price, but should I pull the trigger or wait until Black Friday?

u/B1GBEN · 1 pointr/Fitness

adidas Adipower shoes for $99 on Amazon: