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u/THEMCV · 15 pointsr/battlewagon

First off as a reminder for everybody: if you guys could make suggestion posts self-posts, that would be great! I'll leave this here since you've already got some comments already and are off road in the picture. :)


Here is my wagon currently.

There's a pretty good amount of stuff you can do for your wagon. :)

Starting with protection, Primitive makes excellent quality plates that will keep your car safe from rocks and branches from stabbing into your under-body driving or if you bottom out. I highly recommend Primitive. They're excellent to work with.

Let's talk about lifts, now! :) There's multiple ways to lift an Outback. Subtle Solutions and Gorilla Off-Road Company both make 1" Spacers that allow you to lift without much (if any) correction to the suspension.

After lifting, getting an alignment is definitely recommended. Also note that 2" is pretty much the max for lifting our cars unless you're wanting to getting into dropping the subframe. SJR makes a lift that goes 4" and 6", but they increase in price significantly from the 2" model.

If you're looking for a lift that has some more on the road benefits, King Springs are another viable option as they have ~20% stiffer progressive spring rate that keeps the car stiffer on corners and keeps you from bouncing around off-road. They're usually put on new shocks and the most commonly used ones are KYB GR2s. There's a little discrepancy on how much they lift, but it's usually 1"-1.5". The King Spring + KYB GR2 combo will run you ~$900, which is a little pricey, but worth it if you're looking for an improved ride.

One last route to go (which I think I'm going to do these and regular height King Springs) is an SJR lift which uses metal lifting blocks found here. They provide a 2" lift and are angled to keep stock strut geometry which is definitely nice.

Lights are a place you can mix it up a bit. Hella 500s are tried and true and have a more "rally" look to them, but I recently bought this front LED light bar and absolutely love it. It's light output is ridiculous and it's great for the price. So far, no complaints. Just remember for bulb lights, circle lights generally put out more. :) Her's my top LED light bar as well if you're interested.

I got this roof rack and am very happy with it. It's solid and great for the money. They make an extension piece as well and a cargo net

Rally Armor Mud Flaps are useful for keeping the mud on your car down and also defecting rocks from your paint. :)

And last but not least, tires! I highly recommend General Grabber AT2s. You can go about one more tire size bigger than stock and still not rub. :) Tires are one of the best upgrades you can get for going off-road. :)

I hope this helps! :)

u/Apotropaic_Sphinx · 9 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

A headlight harness will help a lot. H4 conversion housing like the ones made by Hella (I have the e-code) will be amazing.

I highly recommend against getting cheap flea-bay junk like those Cree lights. Spend the money on quality parts for your own safety and others on the road.

u/GonadsOfWrath · 9 pointsr/FordFocus

Vehicle lighting systems engineer chiming in:

>I’m wondering if anyone has those plug and go LED’s and if they’re worth upgrading to.

No, they are not worth upgrading to.

>Several different LED replacement bulb kits, each designed to replace a conventional 55-W H11 halogen bulb, were purchased and tested in three different low-beam headlight units. Photometric measurements at several critical test points for headlight performance revealed that none of the resulting distributions met all of the test point photometric requirements. Some intensity values were lower than allowed minima while others exceeded allowed maxima. [...] These findings suggest that using after-market LEDs to replace halogen bulbs can compromise headlighting performance.

Since you don't have access to the test, I'll summarize the results: 9 plug-and-go LED kits were tested in 3 different headlamps (2 reflectors, 1 projector). All 27 LED+headlamp combinations failed the most basic testing. They had either glare issues, sight distance issues, or both.


So, I'm extremely glad you asked before buying some Amazon PnP LED kit. Those are all garbage.

Since you have halogens, you have H11 low-beam bulbs.

These are the best H11 bulbs on the market today:

These will be far, far better than whatever H11 bulbs you have currently. These are designed to put out 100% more light on the road. Your current bulbs are probably stock, long-life bulbs, which are designed from the start to put out as few lumens as legally possible. Barely legal is great in porn, but not in vehicle headlamps. These Philips H11 units were designed from the ground up to be the most savage possible H11 bulbs available on the market today. They will be a healthy upgrade from stock.

u/Paulx589 · 8 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

The rubber dust cover makes it a really tight fit. The heat sink is actually about half way into the rubber and is touching it.


I left the lights on for 2 minutes and the heat sink is already hotter than hell itself.


Could it start a fire if I'm driving for 1 hour with the headlights on?



Vehicle is 2003 Honda Civic.

u/feckinmik · 7 pointsr/civic

I just put these in my 2018. No word on longevity as they've only been in there two days but they look nice and weren't expensive.

High Beam

Low Beam

u/martyvt12 · 6 pointsr/Frugal

This is what happens when HID bulbs get old; they will get worse over time. You probably just need new bulbs. You can buy them on Amazon. Look at youtube for videos on how to do it, and decide whether you feel like you can do it yourself. If not, find a local shop that can do it, probably much cheaper than the dealer.

(A housing is the entire module containing all the lenses, reflectors, etc. Unless there is physical damage to it, you shouldn't need to replace it.)

u/Noo_Worries_ · 6 pointsr/fordfusion

Nether out of the 5 LED headlights I’ve experimented with have an error code. The “BeamTech LED’s” are literally the cheapest durable LED bulbs you can buy which gives a decent beam pattern👇

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

The “Hikari LED’s” are premium LED bulbs with a premium price that are bright as hell with a perfect beam pattern👇

HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11 (H8,H9),Philips Lumileds 12000lm 6K Cool White,2 Yr Warranty

u/ask7852 · 5 pointsr/WRX

I use these (and the 9005 equivalent for highbeam) link

u/Praises_GabeN · 5 pointsr/Honda

I hated how the yellow light from my halogens clashed with the white LED fogs. Decided to try some LEDs I found on Amazon:

They work great in the projectors and produce plenty of light on the road compared with the halogens. They also don't seem to have any shadowing issues I've ran into with HID kits in the past.

u/joshcb7 · 5 pointsr/prius

I purchased these a few months ago. I'd say their output is similar to halogen, maybe a touch more. Definitely no where near their advertised 8000lm - which is ideal for me. Simply install and adjust your headlights vertically down a turn or two and golden. Cut off is great, don't blind oncoming drivers, and looks good, too!

u/Red_xj · 4 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

I put a pair of HELLA 003427291 Vision Plus headlight kits in my jeep. Originally used the Putco harness but it corroded and left me with no headlights at night in the rain, so that was no fun. Made my own harness after that with much better materials than the putco and it's been working great so far.

Hella lights -

H4 connectors -

Relays -

The Jeep forum post I used for help -

u/hpeng · 4 pointsr/subaru

I depends on what types of hellas you're getting. They have both fog lights and driving lights for the 500 series(ones I have). The fogs have a more dissipated beam pattern so it doesn't blind oncoming traffic, while the driving light are equivalent to high-beams. I installed the 500ff (clear lens) driving lights on the roof rack cross-member because I already have fog lights and so i can aim the beams further down the road. Many states make it illegal to install lights above your headlights though, but its usually not heavily enforced. I made mine removable so if I do get pulled over I can detach it and hopefully only give me a warning. Hopefully that helps.

These are the ones i have, and these are the fog light version. They used to be made in Germany, then Mexico and now the current ones are made in India(heard that the quality dropped but its still decent). Personally I wouldn't want to use the switch they give you if your'e wiring them up independently from your headlights, its crap. I ended up buy a second fog light switch to wire up to run them.

heres an album of what I did with my lights.

u/HeartBorne7thSeeker · 4 pointsr/crv

I sure can! I replaced my map, dome, rear cargo, and parking lights with LEDs on my 2002 Here are the amazon links, but I found some at the local autozone

Map / parking lights :

Dome / cargo:

Also, my coworkers have installed these brand LED headlights in their cars and they look great, haven't done mine yet due to the cost :

Hope that helps, also this page :

Is what I used to find and check all fitment codes for the LED lights replacements, Happy Lighting!

u/AlastorX50 · 4 pointsr/prius

I purchased these and they have worked great.

u/Howry · 4 pointsr/Elantra

I was in the same boat you were. So many options and so many reviews its hard to tell what is real and whats not.

I ended up going with these for my 2015 Elantra.

I have been very pleased with them. My wife works nights and she wasnt happy with the stock ones. She has been very happy with them.

They have been installed for about 4 months with zero problems.

A couple of notes however, at least on the 2015 Elantra, the dust caps will not fit with these in. You will either need to buy aftermarket caps which are available for cheap on amazon or go without any. I don't have any currently and haven't had an issue with dust or water etc getting into my housings.

The tend to mess with your AM radio signal if you are trying to listen to a weak station. Stronger AM stations don't seem to have an issue. No issue listening to FM or Sirius, Cd etc.

u/FateofDeath · 4 pointsr/jetta

some night pics


Here are the lights I used 2019 Jetta Fog Lights

u/atetuna · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

$83.94 IPF housings
$20.98 Hella H4 55/100W
$27.34 Putco harness
$14.56 Backup relays

$146.82 for a sharp cutoff and much more light on the road, and an incredible high beam, delivered in two days if you have an Amazon Prime membership. I bet you use high beams a lot now, but you'll probably rarely feel the need to use them on the road with this setup.

$147.99 for a 50 inch light bar. Even though the headlights offer a lot of light, having extra flood would be great when off road. I don't actually have this yet, but I plan on buying it as a reward for getting some work done on my XJ. Mine is still new to me, and I haven't yet had the time to earn it yet.

Less than $300 and two days for an incredible amount of light output.

If I don't buy that light bar, it's because I'm getting a Cree light bar with XP/XT or XM emitters that I'll be upgrading...I'm on the hunt for a light bar that uses XTE emitters like this light because output can greatly be increased by swapping in XP-L's, and more than doubled if power can be increased. That mod is more of a hobbyist thing than an attempt to save money, and not all of them would be done anyway since it'd sacrifice some throw for flood.

u/kulrevon · 3 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

I can tell you that a harness like this ( does a world of a difference for stock headlights. That's one of the problems for dim lights.

But I also got H6054 pilot h4 conversion (

And then Hella H4 55w/100w bulbs

I never have a problem seeing with these.

u/NewbieTwo · 3 pointsr/Miata

Please, please don't put HID's into any kind of reflector type housing looking for more light. You'll just blind everyone else and you still won't be putting the light where it needs to be. Replacing the headlights with projector type lights works well, but is a lot of work and alters the look of the car.

A better alternative is to replace the headlights with a conversion kit to modern H4 bulbs and reflectors. They look stock but give much better light output and require much, much less work than installing projectors.

u/SmithiZit · 3 pointsr/Wrangler
u/RubiconTJ03 · 3 pointsr/Jeep

Buy a pair of Hella 7" Headlamps (ECE), and this.

The lamp housings are european code (ECE or E-code). Technically not DOT legal in the US-- but is your inspection station going to inspect your headlamp housings?) These have a sharp cutoff so they won't blind other drivers. I've been running them for years and I love them. The pattern is far superior to DOT lamps-- it tends to really throw the light forward from the bulbs.

The wire loom from ARB is made of a much thicker gauge wire than the wires that are currently driving your headlights. The same bulbs will run brighter with this wire loom upgrade, but I found that if you add new housings (with nice clean clear glass and a good light projection pattern), and a pair of high-quality H4 bulbs, your headlights will work with the power of a thousand suns.

For bulbs, I'm currently running Sylvania SilverStars, but in the past I found out about IPF Fatboy II 80W/60W bulbs. The low-beam is actually higher than the high-beam wattage. Not sure why or how that makes sense, but these are a seriously great upgrade. Be warned, they run very hot and are susceptible to vibration damage (moreso than other standard 55w bulbs). Don't expect these bulbs to last more than a year or two. They're intense, though.

Hope that helps, because that's what I did to my Jeep. I also added a pair of Hella driving-pattern auxiliary lights on my stinger and a pair of 4" Delta fog lights on my front bumper.

u/phobos2deimos · 3 pointsr/FordBronco

First I'd change all the vac lines to thick wall silicone and remove all splices.
Then I'd upgrade the headlights to these - they're the BEST. Seriously, an incredible upgrade to the old school sealed beams and still road friendly as long as you aim them correctly.
Assuming you plan on wheeling:
Next I'd throw a detroit truetrac in the rear, and change your diff fluid front/back too. Tap the bottom of the front dizzy and add a brass plug for easy draining. These rigs are capable as shit without a lift - the open or limited diff will be a bigger bottleneck than clearance.
Other big thing for me is on board air. I went with a CO2 tank, fills a 33" tire from 20 to 45 in about thirty seconds. Beats the hell outta sitting at the gas station for forty minutes.
Recovery points - hit the junkyard and find some nice tow hooks. Expeditions have some up front that are robust, cheap, easy to pull and easy to mount up front on the frame with grade 8/10.9 hardware.
Other misc, not wheeling related:
TFI - consider remote mounting your TFI.
Sixlitre tune. Basically just gapping your plugs a bit wider and advancing timing a bit more.
Y pipe? ONE THING BEFORE YOU GO SCREWING WITH EXHAUST. I chased a motherfucker of an issue for a long time before I figured it out. Moved up to a 3" exhaust and suddenly had code 41 lean issues. Turned out that the NONheated O2 sensor in the 86 wasn't getting hot enough to read correct with the wider exhaust. Simple fix, wire in a heated O2 sensor, problem solved. A bitch to diagnose, though, since the 86 is the only year without a heated O2 so nobody mentions the need to upgrade to a hego.
Replace any worn suspension components - shocks, springs, bushings, axle bushings, etc. with poly. Same for steering.
Saginaw swap - the OEM ford steering boxes suck ass and will leak and whine and destroy rubber bushings below the box when they do.
Alternator upgrade to a 3g - original alt sucks ass, 3g rules.
On a similar vein - install some seat heaters! Get some cheap as shit pads on aliexpress and live the spoiled life.
Upgrade to a AGM battery. I hate shitty batteries.

u/scottyjnc · 3 pointsr/prius

There is absolutely no difference between brights and low. Nothing electrically changes. All that happens is that a little mirror moves inside the fixture, which doesn't even touch the lamp. No electrical difference at all. So I have no idea why that's happening, but it wouldn't be due to any sort of wiring problem because brights and low beam use exactly the same lamp, wiring, circuitry, everything.

Here's a link to the Phillips lamps on Amazon.

If you do a search for "D4R" on Amazon, you'll get a lot of other results. Some of the people on boards like PriusChat like the MaxLux lamps, which are a touch more expensive, but I have had good results with the Phillips ones, which are the ones Toyota installs at the factory. (OEM.)

u/johnnyexcellent · 3 pointsr/XTerra

also you're going to want to get a projector kit as GT172I has said. it gives you that crisp beam of light like you see on brand new/higher end cars. here's just an example, IDK if these fit but its a projector kit that you would put inside your headlight housing

u/JakeFrmStatfarm · 3 pointsr/4Runner

I ended up buying some new headlights off eBay and they are pretty good quality. I didn't want to ruin my OEM ones just in case I wanted to go back to stock. If you have any questions, let me know! I know the headlights inside and out and I'd be glad to help!

Parts List:

Wiring harness

HID Ballasts and Lights


Headlights and Corner Lights

u/MagneticGray · 3 pointsr/FocusST

Here are some that I ordered from:

JST Performance - Cobb Accessport, Custom Tune, Turbosmart blow off valve, NGK 1 step colder spark plugs

James Barone Racing - Weighted short shift plate, Aluminum shift cable bracket bushings, Symposer delete, Green Air Filter (because they sell the gray one)

Depo Racing - 3.5" intercooler, catless downpipe, intercooler pipe kit

Boomba Racing - shifter base bushings, short shift lever

Tire Rack, Discount Tire Direct - wheels and tires. Both offer great deals but I go with Tire Rack because they include an amazing road hazard warranty for free with every tire you buy.

Tasca Parts - OEM Ford parts. Some good options: RS airbox lid, RS Shifter, RS engine cover, RS intake pipes

Amazon - ZL1 Rock Guards (tiny but very effective mud flaps), CravenSpeed stubby antenna, 3D (Mugen) style Window rain visors, Philips H11 Xtreme Vision headlight bulbs (same color as stock but 100% brighter), Stainless T-clamps for your intercooler, Motul Multi DCTF transmission fluid, and TONS of Meguiars car care products.

Walmart - best price for Mobil 1 5w-30 full synthetic engine oil, often have coupons for it too.

u/fahad_tariq · 3 pointsr/Honda

Here you go OPT7 Fluxbeam H11 LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs - 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - 2 Yr Warranty

Using these in my civic.

u/CarbsB4Bed · 3 pointsr/civic

A post I can contribute to! I recently bought [these dope headlights] ( for my 16 year old Passport. The old ones were dim and the new ones are fantastic! A 4 star average and over 3000 reviews. Yes, they are 100 bucks but damn, so worth. Just be sure to find out what bulb type the car needs. Mine was a 9003 aka h4. You can find this by plugging your car's info into Look at a couple youtube videos to find out how to install the bulb: Mine had a rubber 'boot' that sealed the bulb in the housing and a metal clip that holds it in place. A zip tie or 2 to hold the wire and you are all set.

u/BrianLipke · 3 pointsr/SubaruForester

Hey! I'm the owner of the Forester and the bulbs are LED from Opt 7 6000k. I absolutely love them, but are a bit more expensive at $70.

If you are interested my Instagram is

u/MakeMyMonkey · 3 pointsr/KiaSoulClub

Love these in my 2011+

BEAMTECH H4 LED Headlight Bulb,...

u/H3nchman · 2 pointsr/Miata

I got these: HELLA 002395031 Vision Plus 165mm H4 High/Low Beam Conversion Headlamp by HELLA

These are not the terrible vision plus, read the reviews.

I paired them with these bulbs: HELLA HLA-H83140141 H4 12V 100/55W Halogen Bulb Off Road Use by HELLA

Great cutoffs and amazing low and high illumination.

u/jpesh1 · 2 pointsr/Miata

Agree with everything you said, I'll add a bit more.

I have the Hella E Code conversion that I bought from amazon.

The "E" stands for European, as in conforms to European lighting specs, and are therefore NOT DOT approved headlights. This could be an issue if you have to go through a state inspection, not sure I don't have any. You also may have to upgrade your wiring harness with a relay/fuse. I used 100W high beam bulbs and had to upgrade. If you do regular 55/60W bulbs, you would most likely be fine with the stock harness.

As far as install goes, /u/Tandyman100 is right that there are in fact 3 screws that hold the retainer ring on. There are 2 other long screws that adjust the headlight aiming left/right and up/down. Make sure you're unscrewing the correct screws unless you want to re-aim your headlights!

u/Faloopa · 2 pointsr/Miata

My stock sealed beam lights were all cloudy and gross, and then one burned out. Instead of replacing them with OEM, I got a set of Hellas on Amazon and not only do they look great, they have a much better coverage pattern and are much brighter.

u/charliegsand · 2 pointsr/240sx

i run the Hella H4 conversion housings as the optics are top quality, and i use a local companies H4 LED conversion.

the DOT legality is questionable because i am not using a halogen bulb as intended, and i don't think the LED kit is certified. but the light output & focus is ideal. it puts the light where it should be.

the Hella housings are all glass & should stand up to the heat of even the highest output LED/HID

u/thescreensavers · 2 pointsr/CherokeeXJ

I do not know of LED lights that are heated, but alternatively you can go hella h4 upgrade which I prefer to LED/HID

Relay Kit -

Head lights -


You'll have really good lights and will melt snow without problem.

u/deengpeems · 2 pointsr/fordranger

Were you looking for an upgraded light bulb that fits the pre-existing socket or some mounted lights like these?

Some of the mounted lights are actually cheaper than the LED fan-cooled business I've seen at auto parts stores.

u/McColorado · 2 pointsr/4x4

I bought those lights and they really had not much output. The lights I got after those were these: and they were really bright. But If you want a beam, these are really the best lights to get: honestly, cheap lights like those navigators will NOT be worth it. These LED's or Hella's will be. I enjoy my hellas and those LED's enough that I will have 4 of the LED's and 4 of The Hellas just for night offroad use.

u/Bageeka · 2 pointsr/Wrangler

Damm prices have changed since I last had to buy lights. These would still do the job you need and still 100w spot

And these Hella lights are the exact ones my friend uses and they're really bright. He originally had 55w bulbs in them and used them with the headlights, but he later upgraded to 100w and they're bright as hell now

u/fancy_panter · 2 pointsr/prius

You can get the HID bulbs for $50 from amazon:

u/Qurtys_Lyn · 2 pointsr/cars

I put these in my Jeep. They're awesome. And this is the LED bar I have.

u/RocketGrouch · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

If you really want the classic vintage-ish look, you could replace the reflector itself with something more modern. The old bike reflectors (and even many more modern bike reflectors) are cheap crap, which seriously hampers the normal halogen bulb from performing.

A Hella Vision Plus or Cibie reflector would improve the light output quite a lot compared to the crap that's already on there. And that would look pretty darn retro.

A Truck-lite Phase 7 7-inch LED reflector looks fairly retro, it's a normal looking light but with a bar across it. It's not jarringly non-retro, anyway. And they output tons of light and are very cheap now, some of the cheaper DOT approved LED you can find and with great performance to boot. - here is the same thing on Kuryakyns site with better pics. - ignore the halos and stuff, those are all add-ons.

Don't go with LED "bulbs" in a Halogen reflector. It's illegal, and LED's don't work well in such a reflector - a halogen reflector is made to have a very specific size filament in a very specific point in space inside the headlight, and the more you deviate from that the more you'll spray light in any and all directions. HID, same thing, total crap solution and you can be ticketed for either.

u/bp_spets · 2 pointsr/Miata

There are a few optioins besides the GE Nighthawks. I run these in my Miata:

There are also these:

Yes only the top half lights up, but how often are you looking back at your lights? THe cutoff is great, does not not blind oncoming traffic. I am a big fan.

u/Jonibrasco · 2 pointsr/Harley

I run a truck-lite

And these cheap foglights

I have a real hard time driving my car at night. I cant see crap unless I have my high beams on.

Honestly I wasnt impressed with the headlight at first, but once it was aimed properly Im quite happy. The fogs are almost to bright. Being a new rider I was very apprehensive about driving at night. Last night I had no choice and I will now say that ill take my bike over my car in the dark every time. I was able to see everything much better than the high beams on my car. This was running the low beam and fogs.

On a side note, I am now being told I have to lead if im in a group because my lights are so bright.

u/UserM16 · 2 pointsr/flashlight

I don't know how much clearance you're going to have but if you can find a sealed beam conversion headlamp, you might be able to retrofit a projector like this, Nilight 2.5" Mini HID Bixenon Projector Lens for H1 Bulb Car Gift:chrome Shround and install an H1 LED bulb.

This projector will give you a cutoff beam and even has a high beam solenoid inside to flip the cutoff plate away.

The back end might get too deep to fit between your triple and gauge cluster but it's the cheapest thing I can think of. It might be a challenge finding a chrome cover for the back.

u/SlyBrownEye · 2 pointsr/Jeep

Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Here's the projector housings, hid kit, and headlight housings. I had to cut holes in the back of the headlights and jb weld the projectors in, but it was all pretty simple. Also had to use a step drill to cut holes behind the headlights on the Jeep to clear the backs of the lamps.

u/dannygb27 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

This is all the bulbs and stuff mentioned. As a bonus I also pasted some LED license plate lights which look much better than the yellow ish ones that come stock and they’re insanely easy to install. The fogs are a little bit of a pain mainly just to get the cover off. In my case my fingers were all chewed up from trying to pull off the cover but I used a pry tool to pull it off. As for the H7 headlights, one side will be a little harder to get to due to the lack of space but it’s nothing crazy. Enjoy!

u/Protodad · 2 pointsr/cars

Sylvania on amazon offers dot market headlight for the US and non dot headlights for the rest of the world. Same lightbulb. Vastly different price.

These are bi xenons that the Audi guys run.

u/rrgwalker · 2 pointsr/4Runner

I went with the [Philips Crystal Vision] ( They are a little brighter and whiter. The price is hard to beat if you just want a small improvement, low beams aren't meant to be too bright anyway.

u/Tylerb4955 · 2 pointsr/FocusST

I bought these for headlights & fogs. For the price, im pleased. They take away some of the yellow and are a lot clearer with a hint of blue. Of course they arent going to be as nice as projecter/HID but for $20 you cant beat em. The install is super easy, took all of 15 min to do. Just make sure you have someway to line the beams up when you put the headlights back in. Mine were a little off at first.

u/tobyarch · 2 pointsr/Hyundai

Headlights (you only need one pair. the cutoff is outstanding)

Map lights, license plate lights, running tail lights, and side marker lights

Reverse lights

Front turn signals (accessible from under the vehicle - pin remover and 10mm socket needed)

Rear turn signals (requires tail light disassembly)

Turn signal resistors (required to prevent hyperflashing; soldering is recommended)

Brake lights (requires tail light disassembly)

Daytime-running lights (pliers needed)

Trunk light and dome light

u/bostwickenator · 2 pointsr/volt

They are very generic 9005 bulbs, 650 lumens on a good day. I got these They are easily 2 times are bright (remember perceived brightness is logarithmic)

u/xCaldazar · 2 pointsr/FZ07

I grabbed this one. No fan, which was a must for me. I hate that wine the small fans make. It is going strong for 5 months now (I know that's not a very long time, but all I can speak to). That's riding through rain, and 90+ F. It is a 2 pack.

BEAMTECH H4 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh (9003 Hi/Lo) CSP Chips Conversion Kit

u/SeaDegree · 2 pointsr/mazda3

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

I just bought these and they seem pretty good so far. Better output than the halogen bulbs, plug &a play, and still have a really sharp cutoff in the stock projectors.

u/Itz_A_Me_Wario · 2 pointsr/mazda3

Straight swap. It’s also pretty easy to change the bulbs without tearing the entire front end apart. You just need to loosen the under hood fuse box and swing it a couple inches aside to fit your hand in there. The bulbs also have a positive/negative connection that isn’t marked, so if you put them in and they don’t work- just flip the plug. They look fantastic.

u/ChicagoAdmin · 2 pointsr/cars

If your headlights are in projector housings, you can get away with using *just* the right LED bulbs. The big concern is where, vertically, the cutoff is, so it doesn't blind other drivers (nor look like trash). I've had great luck with Beamtech's bulbs on Amazon [ LINK ] depending on the car I put them in. Again, gotta' have projector housings (which I think your car has, for DRL's), but these bulbs are oriented with the LED's at 3 & 9 o'clock when mounted, and cutoff at just the right height.

u/realrube · 2 pointsr/mazda6

I just looked back through my history, this is what I ordered..
but it's no longer available in H11 (on the .CA site) but on .COM this seems to be available:

What I liked about these is that they were fan-less. They've been running for a year so far without issues or decrease in brightness.

u/hellfire1394 · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Not a mechanic. I've heard mixed opinions. Some say never convert to LED, some say projector housings are fine but not reflector housings. I don't even know what exactly is the conversion kit on top of the bulb itself.

I got this from Amazon on my 17 Mazda 3, they work great so far. My car may not have compatible bulb detection.

update: Please read the whole thread before making a decision.

u/thefinessekev · 2 pointsr/civic

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit I got these LEDs for my hatch and they work perfect.

u/Reeftor22 · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

It is a 14, got these for fogs,

and these are the low beams,

Also put Diode Dynamics LEDs on the inside and license plate, plus have them for the C-lights just waiting till it's nicer out to install them.

u/Masterleon · 2 pointsr/cars

I got these from Amazon and they are plug and play and work SO much better than the stock halogens. I've had them for about 2 years now and haven't had any issues, and there was no aiming required it was perfect when I installed them.

u/Iwillnit4getus · 2 pointsr/jetta

These are a perfect match for fogs. I have them on mine:

Philips Xtreme

u/delectric1 · 2 pointsr/fordfusion

Low beams are on only, you have a small bulb on at some time in headlight housing. I read alot of review on Led bulbs before selecting one. You have to take off your whole front end to change the bulbs, so didn't want to have in 6 months and have to change it again. Next month will be a year I had the bulbs in.

u/JeepXJinCo · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

That's really awesome that you say that I bought h4 stuff on Amazon and I'm gearing up to install.

Anyone have any experience? Is this a good setup? Tough to install?

HELLA 003427291 Vision Plus 190x132mm High/Low Beam 12V Halogen Conversion Headlamp
H4 100w Ceramic Fused PnP Heavy Duty Automotive Wiring Harness Headlight Foglight Booster Relay 12v
HELLA H4 12V 100/80W Halogen High Wattage Bulb Off Road Use

u/amongmany · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

Any notable difference between the one I linked above and this one for $30 less?

u/TheDehmer · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

I'd do the harness first, I bought the putco, but I haven't installed it yet, however I'm very unimpressed with the quality, almost considered returning them and getting others.

I did buy hella h4 conversion headlights (came with bulbs) and those are very cool. I would recommend, but the harness would make the main difference, it's still dim without it.

u/EThirtySicks · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

I bought some Hellas on amazon:

They have glass lenses and are DOT approved

u/Lectronherder · 1 pointr/Dualsport

You could swap in a lamp with a brighter high beam filament, supposing you can get it there. In the US 55/60 watts is legal and I replaced it with a 55/100. It would now be illegal for me to turn on my high beam, so I never will :-) Something like this. .

u/nothinginit · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

the autopal housings are great and take H4 bulbs. super easy refit, although you should also do a relay harness if you are going to overpower them because all the power goes through the headlight switch in the stock config.


Note that if you have fogs the highbeam cutoff circuit might malfunction if you install a relay harness. Some info here

TL;DR: Any h6054 housing will fit. Do a harness swap too.

Edit: the Autopal and some other housing brands are available with ECODE or DOT glass lenses, for LHD or RHD.
DOT means there is not as sharp a cutoff. This is used in the US because overhead road signs are not illuminated as they are in the EU. As another poster said, once you have the housing in with it's little stamp you pretty much have carte blanche for the bulbs

u/Dinahmoe · 1 pointr/classiccars

you can get hella bulbs with h4 replacements you can find them cheaper than amazon, I have them on my 122

u/rinzlerslist · 1 pointr/Jeep

Is it these?

u/simon_C · 1 pointr/Miata

Heres a cheaper option than the cibie, just as good quality. I can personally vouch for the quality of these.

u/SuperstarTinsanity · 1 pointr/Miata

Headlight went out, need to replace. Some information in my research is confusing:

  • What is the most basic way/product of replacing the headlights?
  • Are the housing and actual light bulb sold together or separate?

    Regarding upgrades:

  • Often the phrase "conversion" is used, how is installation different from replacing with OEM bulbs and/or housing?
  • Do lights like the Hella h4, Cibie have a shorter lifespan than the cheaper, dimmer, OEM lights?
  • Are the upgraded lights US legal?
  • I don't want to spend too much, I did a filter for '96 Miata, searched for Hella H4 and found this, is it the right part?

    Thank you.
u/stratosmacker · 1 pointr/w123
u/WhyAtlas · 1 pointr/Justrolledintotheshop

You're missing my point. A lamp can be compliant with the standards, be a poorly designed one, or the best one available, but if its not properly aimed, they can both cause a problem for other drivers. Its not necessarily a problem of design, but the implementation.

And your MG has 5.75" headlamps right? Upgrading your lighting absolutley is worth it, if you do a lot of night driving an like being able to see.

JW Speaker has some excellent 5.75" LED headlamps. They are prupose built, well designed and an absolutely massive upgrade from halogens available in that format. They are also compliant with SAE standards, and if you aim them properly, are going to let you see very well and also minimize glare for oncoming drivers.

If you have 7" round halogens, you have more options. Cheapest, but still very good is GE Nighthawk 7" sealed beams. They are the best 7" sealed beam available.

Better than that is Hella but you have to makr sure you're getting the correct ones for the US. Left Hand Traffic.

Better still, with a replaceable bulb option, would be to find a set of Cibie Z-Beams, which are unfortunately out if production.

Upgrading to LED can get you either the Gen2 Truck Lite 7" round LED lamp, which has a decent low beam and a very, very good high beam. Or a set of JW Speaker 8700/8700 Evolutions/8700 Evolution 2's. The Evo2's is their newest model, and by far the best LED headlamp in that format on the market, in terms of both high and low beams. Unfortunately, not cheap, but awesome lights, and fully compliant with all SAE standards.

u/Oldschool64bus · 1 pointr/CherokeeXJ

I really think this is what I'll end up doing. HELLA 003427811 190 x 132mm Series H4 High and Low Beam Headlamp Kit I absolutely HATE not being able to see very well at night especially since up here in Idaho we have LOTS of deer and elk up around where we go hotspringin.

u/hobooiknine · 1 pointr/E30
u/chickenmaster04 · 1 pointr/MINI

I have the Hella 500FF and they were VERY easy to install. You also need the brackets which can be bought directly from mini. The install is a breeze, as long as you don’t drop one (don’t ask) and they work great. The only non kit thing I’ve done is swapped the switch to a chrome one from Home Depot and wired in the switch power from the cigerette outlet so they turn off with the engine. If you need more help I’m always here!

u/BaconSnackFap · 1 pointr/SubaruForester

Congrats on the purchase! I picked mine up from amazon here. I'll throw in a link.

If you want any mounting info, I'd be glad to give it to you. I installed the second pair of these just yesterday and although it took a long time, they're worth it!!

The bar is also on amazon made for a 14 and 15 forester, 200 dollars. Annoying price tag but worth it for sure. look up SSD performance bar on amazon and you should find it.

u/FubarFreak · 1 pointr/alaska

Rally lights, off road lights, fog lights, whatever you want to call them. I got 4 of these: Link

Just have to find time to make a light bar for them

u/old_snake · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

Very kind of you. I’m replacing the stock ones in a 2008 Toyota Highlander. They have always been very yellow and not bright at all, which is why I was intrigued by LED but outside from all these fit issues I have noticed that they do not spread the light evenly or all that well.

My other car is a 2008 Prius with these Xenon HID bulbs and they are outstanding. They have totally spoiled me when I drive my wife’s car.

The size I am looking for is H4(9003). These are the halogens I had been considering before I rolled the dice on these LEDs.

I believe that these are the Phillips XVs that you were recommending elsewhere in the thread, correct? $22 is a pretty sweet deal.

I’m just looking for whatever will get me the closest to the HID experience I have on my Prius without having to change out the assembly and ballasts or spend $150-200 on bulbs.

I appreciate all your help.

u/ACDRetirementHome · 1 pointr/prius

You most likely have some sort of electrical fault.

However, keep in mind that what you're describing is exactly how HID bulbs fail - they turn on at first, and then randomly turn themselves off. It doesn't matter if you're moving or stationary.

If you bring it to the dealership, they might still want to try replacing the bulbs. I had my bulbs fail at ~65,000 miles, so you're about due. I don't remember the specifics anymore, but I remember the recall not covering my case (I think I had too many miles on the car). In case you don't want to pay and they insist on replacing the bulbs, I'll include some specifics:

The Toyota D4R bulbs are ~$130 each (and they usually charge ~$100 for labor), but I recently had to put in new bulbs and I just got the Sylvania D4R bulbs off Amazon (make sure you buy it directly from Amazon and not some other seller because there are a lot of real-looking fakes) for $44 each: If you prefer Toyota OEM ones direct from a Toyota dealership, I can give you a reference for some discounted parts (one of a few perks of being familiar with the "tuner" community).

You can do the bulb replacement without taking off the front (detailed here:, but I find it's much easier to do it the "right" way (detailed here: It's actually really easy, it's just undoing like 8 10mm bolts and unclipping the bumper cover. It took me about 40 minutes the first time because I was being careful, and like 20 minutes the second time.

u/FreydNot · 1 pointr/prius

For what it's worth, these are the ones for my 2008 (which I think is the same as your 2005, but I'm not sure).

Amazon has a thing where you tell it your car and it tells you if the parts are right. Give that a try.

u/Aurash91 · 1 pointr/prius

i have an '06. can you link me to the parts on amazon?


u/knucklebone · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

funny, i usually recommend these...

i find the truck-lite ones are pretty good, D.O.T. Approved, and have a warranty tht they will actually go good for.

also, check your grounds, and make sure they aren't screwed up or backfeeding. i've seen it happen too many times with LED lights

u/cr0ft · 1 pointr/Triumph

Looking good.

Although why you didn't upgrade to a LED reflector while doing it eludes me. You may actually see less light output with that than with dual 5.75 inch (or bug eyes).

Personally, I kind of like the older type with two 5.75 inch round ones. Put two JW Speaker adaptive LED reflectors in those and you'd have godly levels of light on the road. Also, a huge hole in your wallet, but just going with something like a pair of Vision X would be a huge upgrade.

Since that looks like a 7 inch bucket, you should really consider LED. If you don't like the look of the JW Speaker ones (multiple lenses) even though I think the black reflector variant of those looks killer and would suit your bike awesomely with all that black on there already:

...consider a cheap Truck-lite Phase 7. They look almost like a normal light but give out way more lumens. It's not the best but it's good and cheap.

u/flourandbutter · 1 pointr/motorcycles

If you're up for some tinkering, I've seen a few SV650s with the headlight swapped for a Truck Lite 7" LED headlight:

u/grem75 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Yes they do, but they aren't cheap:

u/skidude9678 · 1 pointr/Buell

This is a direct plug and play fit. Here is how it looks on my 2000 M2.

u/RowdyRan · 1 pointr/Miata

i LOVE them. i got the truck-lites. nice and bright and have a nice clean beam, which made aiming them super easy.

u/mashandal · 1 pointr/Miata

Yes! HID retrofits, first mod that I did within 48 hours of buying the car. Highly recommend, and it cost like $80 total

I followed this thread:

Granted there were some differences, for example I used a heat gun instead of my oven, but generally I followed that pretty closely.

These are the projectors I got:®-Mini-Bixenon-Projector-Lens/dp/B00B21R0TA/ref=cm_rdp_product

And here are the HIDs (6k I think):

I can post pictures from my own build a little later in the week if you remind me - I don't have them on this phone.

u/fifapro23 · 1 pointr/Miata

I bought this kit off amazon

So far the output looks great and I saw someone else on the Miata forums use this kit with success.

u/UrbanEngineer · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Here is the cheapest set of projectors I could find online. You still have to buy ballasts and bulb, and a relay wiring harness. It runs about $100.

You don't just drop in projectors typically. Usually there is some dremel modification required.

u/DracoAzuleAA · 1 pointr/Saturn_Cars

You may actually be able to find some pre-built projector housings for yours. I looked and looked and looked, and the only pre-built projector housings I could find for the Vue were for year models 07 and up. Mine's an 03.

So I had to build mine. And the parts I used were pretty cheap so you might save money just building your own anyways.

Here's the parts I used

Nilight 2.5" Mini HID Bixenon Projector Lens

2x 23inch Dual Color White-Amber Switchback Headlight LED Tube Strip Light DRL Daytime Running Light & Turn Signal Lamp For Audi-Style Headlight

RetroRubber OEM Grade Butyl Headlight Sealant, Black

Everbrightt 1-Pair White 70MM 60SMD COB LED Headlight Angel Eyes Bulb Halo Ring Lamp Light With Housing

2pcs 12V HID Xenon AC Car Ballast 55W HID Xenon Bulbs Lamp For Auto Headlights For H1/3/4/7/8/9/10/11 9005 9006

HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs - H1 8000K - Medium Blue (1 Pair)

The paint I used was just a can of Rustoleum semi gloss black I got at Walmart for a few bucks.

I also purchased a separate set of headlights to do all this with, as this was my first time. I wanted to be able to take as much time as I needed with it. I can also easily switch back to stock at any time for whatever reason. I would suggest you do the same, if you're planning on building them.

To get them apart, I preheated our kitchen oven to 220 degrees. I lined an old baking pan with a wet towel and set the headlight on it, then put it in the oven for 10 minutes. This will soften the sealant enough so that you can pry the light housing apart.

Then when you're done with all of your modifications, remove as much of the old sealant you can and then line the edges of the housing with the new sealant. Heat it up like before and compress it back together.

u/cdude · 1 pointr/Miata


I bought 3 sets for 3 cars, all came out pretty good.

u/LetsSeeTitties · 1 pointr/jetta

Hey try these! I think I have the same projector lights. Not a 100% DRL match but they aren’t yellow either

Philips X-treme Vision +130% Headlight Bulbs (Pack of 2) (H7 55W)

I have a 2011 MK6 2.5 SE

u/blkandblu · 1 pointr/Volkswagen

Good choice. I ended up doing the same for all of my VWs. After going through a lot of options I found the Philips X-treme Vision bulbs to give the best light output and last the longest for a pretty white light color.

u/westcoastroasting · 1 pointr/FocusST

Sure. Philips H11 X-tremeVision Upgraded Headlight Bulb with up to 100% More Vision, 2 Pack

u/mfcimmg · 1 pointr/mazda3

For plug and play:

I'm about to buy an HID kit for mine. I can't stand how dim it is on country roads at night.

u/nolonger_superman · 1 pointr/subaru

I just put these lights on my wife's 2010 Forester. The difference is astounding compared to stock. Especially when she's been driving around with one burnt out OEM light because I've been lazy. It jives with what you said because they are 3400K.

u/Stucardo · 1 pointr/Subaru_Outback

You can buy a lot of bulbs for the same cost as an upgraded kit

u/gijoe793 · 1 pointr/mazda

I purchased these for my 2014 6 touring to replace my low beams. I love them. All hardware needed was included.

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs

The owners manual has good install instructions. The whole install process took me about 30 minutes. I had to go through the wheel well to access the bulbs.

Hope this helps

u/RLupus · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

Led and hid replacements don't work nearly as well in a reflector lens, they do much better in a projector style housing. As in, they'll have bright and dark spots and blind oncoming traffic.

That said, these are what I put in my wife's Acadia (projector headlights) and I'm super happy with these, even though I had to massage the housing to fit.

OPT7 Fluxbeam H11 LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs - 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - 2 Yr Warranty

u/RapideGT · 1 pointr/Charger

Switching to LEDs would allow OP to remove all the complicated added circuits from the HIDs. Is it possible this is causing his problems? I believe it would help rule it out, at least.

Either way, I do recommend switching to LEDs if you can. You get rid of that extra wiring and LEDs are plug and play. I bought these and they are brighter than my OEM halogens but not as bright as most HIDs I have seen. They do spread a lot of light with the reflector housing, but I imagine your HIDs do the same thing anyway.

u/Zombiii · 1 pointr/ToyotaTacoma

I purchased and installed the Opt7 LEDs for my low beams and am very happy with them so far. My main reason for going with these is the thread on TacomaWorld with many users being happy with the results. I didn't like the yellow light of the stock halogens, especially when compared with the white LED DRLs on the headlights.

The Opt7 LEDs match very close with the DRLs. The light output is about the same as the stock halogens but looks so much better in my opinion.

I got them on Amazon but I think you can find them cheaper in eBay.

OPT7 LED Headlight Bulbs w/ Clear Arc-Beam Kit - H11 (H8, H9) - 60w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - 2 Yr Warranty

u/Bluechip9 · 1 pointr/electricvehicles

> high beams are halogens

Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap, quality LED replacements.

u/wintercast · 1 pointr/maryland

I did not have to re-aim the opt 7 at all. They have a good beam pattern. Depending on your car you may have to flip the ring on the bulb to adjust the spread. Im very happy. 15 minutes and done. I was going through about 4-5 packs of silverstars a year.


u/n3wb_gamer · 1 pointr/CarAV

Not sure if this helps but I did buy led lights for my car and I turn off my headlights and I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but once i turn my headlights off the fronts start working again

Not to sure if it's a coincidence or not

u/JackTheRippa · 1 pointr/cars

Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I think they want BMW's to be more affordable to people. They're nice, yeah, but now the $30,000 base models come with 4 cylinder engines, cloth seats, halogen headlights, etc. You gotta pay attention to all the packages available. You could always try a kit like this:

Take a look at the customer images to get an idea if the color temperature you'll get. Again, it'll look nicer... but, some people are gonna hate you for it.

u/UTDTX · 1 pointr/4Runner

I’ve had these for ~5 months and think they are great. Had to cut away some of the stock rubber covering but was super easy and all fits well.

OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Headlight Kit w/ Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs - H4 (9003) - 80w 7,000Lm 6K Cool White CREE - 2 Yr Warranty

u/MedCityMoto · 1 pointr/Triumph

My Street Triple R came with a Puig aftermarket LED tail light, so unsure on that one. I'll link you the ones I picked up for headlights.

Edit :

Puig tail tidy complaint - the license plate light LED unit is sealed, nonservicable, and died on me last week, $30 to replace. Tsk

Edit Edit - Nevermind, the LED tail light is stock on 2013+.

u/kellenh · 1 pointr/CivicSi

BEAMTECH 9005 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh HB3 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

u/shuaverde · 1 pointr/Hyundai

Thank you for the info, I ended up buying these BEAMTECH 9005 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh HB3 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

The parts matcher said they would fit and the reviews seem pretty solid. If they don't work, at least Amazon is easy on returns.

u/RedditWhileIWerk · 1 pointr/Vstrom

Heat is not a problem, in my experience. I've been using Beamtech H4 replacements since late last year. Specifically, these:

I like these particular units because they have no moving parts. No cooling fan, but rather a heatsink base. No fit problem - they are drop-in replacements for the stock lamps.

It's been routinely around 100°F in the afternoon, this summer. You'd think if there were a problem with the LEDs overheating, I'd have seen it by now. I haven't.

Beam pattern is comparable to stock H4 lamps. Maybe a little better to the side on the "low beam" setting.

That said, low-beam upper cutoff is not quite as sharp as it was with the stock H4's. But, I haven't had any indication that I'm blinding anyone. If I did, the headlamp aim could be adjusted.

A good way to work out aiming is to only change one bulb, then point the bike at a wall or garage door at night (or in your garage with the door closed, anywhere you can clearly see the pattern). Bike must be held upright, but not on a center stand, as that won't give an accurate picture. You'll quickly see whether the LED lamp is throwing a higher or lower pattern than the stock bulb, and can adjust accordingly.

I moved to LED headlamps to save power, because I needed it for heated gear.

u/satcomwilcox · 1 pointr/ToyotaTacoma

I did these:

BEAMTECH H4 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh (9003 Hi/Lo) CSP Chips Conversion Kit

I am very happy with them. I have a 2nd gen Taco. Not sure of your size/application but the brand and model I got I am happy with.

Edit:just saw op's h11 so edited.

u/Psychoelfx · 1 pointr/HondaElement

As stated, probably one of the side clips out of position. I installed these BEAMTECH H4 LED Headlight Bulb,... Bright, but not too bright (LUX meter). I had a problem with regular bulbs blowing from the bumpy roads here. It was an excersice in patience to get the clips around the heatsinks. I slit the boots just enough to stretch them over as well.

u/cubical_hell · 1 pointr/motorcycles
u/hashtaghamza · 1 pointr/Honda

I used to own a 9th gen sport and wanted to do the same upgrade as you. If you're willing to splice wires then you can purchase the touring headlights from college hills honda and do that for yourself. however, I'd recommend bulb swaps to all LED and keep the housing, any aftermarket housing imo looks cheap and ruins the aesthetic.


these are bulbs i'd recommend

u/xKingNothingx · 1 pointr/fordfusion

People are gonna warn you about LEDs in projector housings (or maybe I'm getting that confused with HIDs) but I think someone on here posted about switching to these

u/Whosa_Whatsit · 1 pointr/Motorrad

BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb, 50W 6500K 8000Lumens Extremely Brigh H8 H9 CSP Chips Conversion Kit

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/Motorrad

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:


^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/redbaren5 · 1 pointr/mazda

You can change the halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. I am not sure what lightbulbs the Mazda 2 has. I just purchased these headlights for my Mazda 3: LED Conversion Kit

I am sure you can find the right bulbs for your car. All it takes is a bit of research.

u/s0n1c7 · 1 pointr/mazda3

Same here but the buzzing noise bothered me a lot so I end up getting these.

u/ali693 · 1 pointr/mazda3

Yes they are plug and play. Never heard of the brand but I got them quick and they have good reviews.

u/alphaAlbert · 1 pointr/mazda3

These Bulbs are very good
Shark_and_kaya linked them above

u/Qlanger · 1 pointr/MechanicAdvice

You can just remove both and install regular H11 bulbs. Cheaper and less chance of a dud.

Like these...

Remember to never touch the glass part of the bulb, just the plastic base. Finding out as I get older most younger people don't know this anymore.

u/TroyMacClure · 1 pointr/prius

My OEMs lasted a good while, and I use them a lot because I head to work in the dark. After seeing how shockingly low the lifespans were for the bulbs in AutoZone, I replaced them with these, which apparently aren't really marketed much in the US. Perform like OEM, and had an longer expected life than anything else in aftermarket.

I guess I've had them for 2+ years now.

u/ac7ss · 1 pointr/prius

On my 12, I tried LED drop in replacements. They were OK for in city, but very lacking for rural driving. I went back to a long life bulb (Osram H11 LL) and am much happier.

I put about 5 hours a week on the bulbs and a bright bulb would only last half a year. These should last 1,000 hours. that would be a couple of years for me.

u/thecrimsoncoder · 0 pointsr/mitsubishi

This! the ones i was looking at have an adjustable cutoff so that you don't blind people because I'm not trying to be that person. Here are the ones for reference:

I have a 2010 Lancer ES