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u/deltarefund · 2 pointsr/popups

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Deluxe Folding Camping Trailer Cover, Fits 8' - 10' Trailers

It spent the winter under like 4 feet of snow and ice and held up well.

u/l84tahoe · 2 pointsr/TruckCampers

Fellow Sierra resident (South Lake Tahoe) and it will be my first winter storing the camper. My buddy has stored his camper up here for two winters now and has good luck with this cover. He then takes pallets and creates an A frame roof structure and covers with a heavy tarp to prevent snow build up. The Sierra gets wet and heavy snow so the baseline is 20lbs per ft^3 of snow. Inside he uses a bucket with moisture absorbent material.

u/keymonkey · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

It does.... quite a bit. That's what pushed me over to cheap cover in the end. Picked up. Camco 45761 8'-10' ULTRAGuard Pop-Up Camper Cover (46"H x 87"W)

u/Takoyaki_Freeride · 1 pointr/GoRVing

I've been using this cover off Amazon for the last two winters in southern New Hampshire: KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4-Ply

It has worked well, no issues with any kind of scuffing. I'm able to park next to my garage in our side yard.